[OneHD] Roy Leh Sanae Rai (EXACT)


sarNie Adult
ceda_lee said:
Haha! Tik & Aom were the perfect pair. She's petite & fits perfectly in his embrace. No "morning after scene" has ever come close to their's in RLSR. Tik's huge arms...drools.
Agree! I have yet to see another lakorn execute the morning after scene as great as Tik and Aom in RLSR. The new version's morning after scene looks quite promising as well...


sarNie Hatchling
LOOL sometimes I don't get this hahaha but if the girl have time to lay there and cries about being rape, why didn't she leave right after the deed loool instead of waiting til the morning after xD only in lakorns hahaha but it's okay cuz it gives us more intimate scene of the pranang


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Mae said:
Agree! I have yet to see another lakorn execute the morning after scene as great as Tik and Aom in RLSR. The new version's morning after scene looks quite promising as well...
And so...I am excited to see the one LOL


sarNie Adult
I think what I like about Tik's version of Kongpope was that by the time the wedding happened and his scheming was revealed- he finally realized (at that exact moment) that he liked Neung and it was too late then. So there was a bit of guilt there. I'm not seeing it in Push (he even looked mad when she slapped him) but he could get better in later episodes so I'll just wait and see.
I think Lily is okay. She's a bit better than Push. Her version of Neung is a lot softer than Aom's but I'm ok with that also. If Lily wasn't cast here, I think Min Peechaya or even Vill Wanarot could have played this role.
Also, is it just me but I like the idea of Yaya and Push in a lakorn together...but since Yaya is ch3 I don't think it's going to happen.


sarNie Hatchling
Lily did good on her part so far although she kinda lacking on some scene. I still like it and Push did okay too. I won't say he's better than Lily because for some reason I think he's sort of lost on portraying Kong's character. To as much as I lovr Tik and Aom as Kong and Neung, along with the lakorn. I thought this lakorn was too over exaggerated don't know why.


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ChloeRanida579 said:
@sarnN and @Ceda_Lee or maybe it wasn't just one round lol and so pek tired her out hahaha

Kids under age 18, please don't read this lol
oOo will jolt down note for future debate on reason why n'ek doesn't remove herself from the premise when the deed is complete upon arrival ^^^


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thatsouthernasianchick said:
I take it that basically...we're all just looking forward to see how well the newbies do the deed? LOL! 
Did you notice how ppl complain , complain , and complain but once the rscene is the upcoming eps everyone held out the candlelight and came out to see the action ?? HAHAHA I'm one of those cavewoman


sarNie Adult
Ok, I have come out of the cave also now that they are married and the kiss slap begins. But since we are picking bones here, I have another bone to pick on this new version. I don't like the fact that they fancy it up for Neung and her mom's salon. The old version gave off the impression of Neung and her mom being not dirt poor, but not rich enough also to have a nice modern day salon like this version. The salon in this version looks fancy and modern to the point where it's hard to believe that Neung is just an average person. The old version, the salon was not this upscale and the clothing on Aom and makeup matches their living standard, not dirt poor, but not fancy enoung to afford a nice modern salon like this version either. Bascially what I am trying to say is Lilly looks and dress like she lives in the Hills instead of Stockton in this lakorn. Also, on some part, everything looks so staged as if the actors are in a play vs on television. They need some backgroup music or noise to hype up the climax on certain scenes. Anyway, I'm going to continue watching it for the skinship.