Painful Love (MTeam) RATED R Chapter 42


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Hi everyone. This is my first ever ff, so please support me, if u can. I love Mint and Mark so much so I want my first ff to be about them. This ff is also Rated.
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Painful Love
Mint Chalida
Mark Parin
Yaya Urassaya
Nadech Kugimiya
Margie Rasri
Boy Pakorn
Mint Natwara
Alex Rendell
Gubgib Sumonthip
Mike Pirath
Toey Jarinpon
Ploy Cherman
Ann Thongprasom
Ken Theeradeth
Aff Taksaorn
Aum Atichart
Ja Jittapa
Eye Kamolned
Krissie Kritsri
Kat Nicharat
Wawaa Nichri
Louis Scott
Grate Warintorn
Phet Thakrit
Top Jaron
Film Rattapoom
Mrs & Mr Surparat
Mrs & Mr Wijiwongtong
Genre: slap-kiss/romance/drama/rape/comedy/violence


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Thank u everyone. @thatsouthernasianchick I know, I mainly watch ch3 so I don't really know channel 5 and 7 actors and actresses.

Mint: Chalida known as Mint, 19 years old, sweet, nice, caring, gorgeous, has a beautiful heart and love Mark with all her heart, is willing to let Mark do anything to her, loves painting, roses (planting) and making sweets, loves kids
Mark: Parin known as Mark, 22 years old, cruel, heartless, horny, cold to Mint only, torture and abuse Mint very bad, hates Mint because of what happened in high school, soft around kids, his family, mostly his sisters and friends
Yaya: Urassaya known as Yaya, 19 years old, sweet, caring, nice, likes Nadech, Marks little sister, protect Mint from Mark & her mum, loves cooking and making sweets
Nadech: Nadech known as Barry, 22 years old, nice, funny and adorable, loves Yaya, Mints older brother, hate Mark, loves making sweets with Yaya
Margie: Rasri known as Margie or Gie, 20 years old, nice, funny, likes Boy, Marks older sister, protect Mint from Mark & her mum, loves shopping and cleaning
Boy: Pakorn known as Boy, 24 years old, funny, nice, loves Margie, Mints eldest brother, hate Mark, likes to exercise

Toey (20) and Ploy (22): jealousy, mean, torture Mint, loves Mark
Alex (20) : loves Mints. Mints bestfriend, kind, caring, nice

Gubgib: Sumonthip known as Gubgib or Gib, 17-18 years old, photographer, nice, funny, caring, Marks youngest sister, protect Mint from Mark & her mum
Mike: Pirath known as Mike or Miky, 21 years old, likes Mint, nice, friendly
Mint N: Natwara known as Mint, 21 years old, she is Yaya, Margie and Marks cousin, she is sweet, friendly and very nice and likes Mint C a lot.

Ann & Ken: married, 2 kids name Tawan and Lin, loving couple of the family
Ann: Thongprasom known as Ann, 27 years old, sweet, nice, love kids, Marks oldest sister
Ken: Theeradeth known as Ken, 28 years old, nice, funny, Marks brother in law, love kids
Tawan: Tawanchai known as Tawan, 8 years old, nice, sweet and adorable
Lin: Walin known as Lin, 7 years old, sweet and adorable
Aff & Aum: engage-married, loving couple
Aff: Taksaorn known as Aff, 26 years old, sweet, gorgeous, Marks sister in law, love kids
Aum: Atichart known as Aum, 29 years old, nice, funny, cute, Marks brother, loves kids

Ja, Jae (23)/ Eye (20)/ Krissie, Sie (18)/ Kat (20)/ Wawaa (20): Mint, Yaya and Margie's friends, sticks up for each other, likes to party

Louis,Falung (24)/Grate (20)/Phet (19)/Aon, mod Aon (23)/Film (22) Top (22): Marks friends also Nadech and Boy friends, perverts, friendly, nice, cool and likes to party

All the girls and guys except Ann, Aff, Ken, Aum, Mark the bad girls and guys are in Uni


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Mint and Mark - During high school Mark and Mint were sweethearts and loved each other very much. But one day Mint got tricked into taking some sleeping drugs. Waking up the next morning with a guy by her side and Mark was there. In a split second it was all over. He left her and never even look at her ever again. But Mint was still a virgin. Mark hated Mint after that day onwards. But Mint loved Mark. She wanted to stop but she can't. Soon she except the fact that she loves Mark and no one else. Suddenly being force to married each other well mainly Mark was the unwilling one that deny the marriage. The two didn't live happily like other couples. Mark hating Mint to the fullest treats her like trash and abuses her badly. But on the other hand Mint loves Mark to the fullest treats Mark like a prince, listen to everything he says. Mark would ignore her and never respect her a bit would soon realize that he loved her and needed her very much but when he came back he was too late. Where did Mint go? What happen to Mint? Will Mark forgive himself for not realizing that he loved her earlier? 

Yaya and Nadech - being the best of friends ever since young, they mainly hang around each other everyday and cook food for everyone. Both loves each other but would always chicken out of confessing to one and another. But what happen when a mistake happen and change their lives to not even talking, seeing and loving each other anymore. What is that mistake? Will they ever fix that mistake and be the same again or move on?

Margie and Boy - being the best friends that always argue and fight isn't fun but would spend 24/7 with each other. Boy loves Margie and would always try to confess to her but would always get interrupted. Margie deny that she loves Boy and would always say that they can only be best friends but what happen when an accident happen. What is that accident? Would it change Margie's mind and realize how much she loves Boy? Will Boy still be there for Margie or not? 


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Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope u like the first chapter. Please comment if u can. (it will made me so happy). Thank u and Have a lovely Christmas.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful morning the sun was rising up showing a beautiful view of the sea and there sat a girl watching the sun rise and writing something down. Her hair flow with the wind and there she wrote in her diary
Dear Diary
I always dream of marrying him, the person who everyone see as cold and heartless and its true but I always loved him... Mark Parin the man that I love, the one that used to love me so much but now is the one that hates me but i still love him and do you know what I'm going to get to marry him this weekend... And while I'm still alive I promise god that I will be the best wife, no matter how hard it is, no matter how bad he treats me and hurts me... I will be the best wife as I could, before my time is up to live.
I truly love u Mark

Mint Chalida
Mint than look up into the ocean and smile, slowly closing her diary

"Dad pa Pat said you need to talk to me" said Mark coming into his dad's study room
"yes son, have a sit first"
Mark sat down in front of his dad
"Mark..... you are getting married to my friends daughter" said mr.S
"What.. Dad no, I don't want to marry some girl I don't know" said Mark
"you are going to marry her this weekend on Saturday and she is coming over to try the wedding dresses and plan everything tommorrow"
"no dad she is probably a gold digger and a total slut, whor" Mark didn't finish his sentence, mr S but in
"MARK... She is not that type of girl, she is noo Mint Chalida Wijivongtong and you are going to marry her and it's final" with that he walk out of the room
"why her??"
"because you never even lay a hand on any girls for what 2years. Your mother and I want grandkids but with your lack of work, we would probably have to wait another 8-10 years, your mother also wants you to marry this Toey girl but your not because by the looks of it, she is useless and is a spoil brat. That is it, I'm going to work now" Mr Suparat said and left for work
"Mint... Ha you must have planed this. Fine! You ruin my life, I'll ruin yours" Mark said and walk out of the room

"mae ja, por ja"
"ja Mint"
"mae... por... What happen if one day I left the world and never come back what would you do?" Mint asked
"well dear, I would cry myself to sleep and visit you everyday at your grave"
"why ask such a question Mint" ask her dad
"chai" said Boy walking into the room with Nadech
"no matter what, I will do everything to keep you alive" said Nadech
"thank you ka p chai" Mint said and smile
Nadech and Boy nod and hug Mint. The 2 brothers look at each other and sigh knowing the reason why Mint ask that type of questions.

"Barry, what's wrong" ask Yaya
"Yaya, my sister is going to marry your heartless bastard brother that broke her heart, what do you think I feel like"
"I'm sorry, but hey he is my brother, don't call him that" yelled Yaya and smack Nadech's head
"Yaya u know that is impossible and u know how much I hate ur brother"
"ka p'Nadech"
Yaya smile and elbow Nadech. Nadech smile back and the two continue to eat their food.

"Gie" said Boy walking into her room and seeing her cleaning like always
"hmm" answer Margie
"cleaning again"
"what can't I clean"
"you can but you do this everyday isn't it annoying"
"well you exercise everyday isn't it annoying"
"well I'm fit"
"kaaaaa khun Chai, so what do you want"
"can you come to the mall with me.. To buy clothes for Mint"
"um sure, when?"
"in 5 mins"
Boy than walk out of the room leaving Margie running around trying to get ready on time
Sitting in the car Boy looked at his watch and started counting down
"5 4 3 2"
"I'm here" yelled Margie running towards the car and jump into the car out of breath
"on time" Boy smile and started the engine

"p'Mark wake up p'Mint is here" Gubgib said jumping on his bed
"Gib" yawn Mark
"get up"
"ok ok"
Mark got up and went into the bathroom

Gib walk down stairs smiling
"Gib, is Mark awake" ask Mr S
"ka por"
"thanks you ja"
Gib than came and sat down next to Mint and started talk to her
15 minutes later Mark finally came down and walk to the living room where everyone was.
"p Mark your finally here" said Gib which made everyone look up at Mark
"Mark, son come here and sit next to noo Mint" Mr S said and look at Mint who smile back. Mark walk and sat next to Mint and look at her
"Mark this is noo Mint Cha..."
"Por we already know each other krub"
"oh in that case skip the introducing eachother and start planning"
"Sawadee ka khun Mark" Mint said and wai to Mark who just ignore her again.
"dad where's mae"
"she is out for business"
"now let's discuss about the wedding" said Mr S
1 hour past after finished discussing the wedding they went to the wedding dress and tuxedo store and started to try on some dresses and tux's.


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Merry Christmas nklue1. Thank u for writing this ff. i like how close da siblings r. Poor min suffering unrequited love. I look forward to read further coz its interesting, thank u. wif appreciation key


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Chapter 2

" p Mint you look beautiful in all the dresses, which one are you going to choose" said Gib
"mai roo ja n'Gib"
"how about the strapless dress with flowers on them, over there" Ja pointed at it
"I'll try it on"
"wait try these as well, umm, oh this one and this one and this one and" before Kat could finish Wawaa stopped her
"that's enough princess, go try them Mint" Wawaa said
"ja" Mint then walk into the changing room
"but... But I'm not finish yet" Kat said
"too bad" Wawaa said
"P'P ka, her dream came true" said Krissie
"yea and if that bastard hurts her... man I swear I will kill him.. sorry Gib, Yaya and Gie" said Wawaa
"no problem.. You have my permission to kill him...ish" said Gib
"same for me Gib, I will brake his head off if he hurts my poor Minty" said Eye cracking her knuckle's 
"Gie... How has Mark been after the 'incident'... Can you tell us" said Kat
"guys what do you think" Mint said walking out. All the girls froze in how gorgeous Mint was the sparkly dress
"beautiful" said Yaya
"gorgeous" said Gie
"amazing" said Kat
"wonderful" said Eye and Ja
"suay mak ka p Mint" said Krissie
"that dress makes you shine like a star" Wawaa said and put her hands together and smile sweetly. Everyone turn to Waa and did the "what the??" face

Mark who wasn't paying much attention or caring about the tux
"Mark, I think u should wear white tux because Mint is wearing a white dress" said Aon
"I don't care"
"hey don't talk like that to me Mr Parin"
"ok khun mod Aon" said Mark
"Mark what r going to do to Mint when you marry her" asked Top
"if I was you Mark, I would do it with her everyday, I mean look who wouldn't want to do a hot chick" said Gate and lick his lips
"AIE'GRATE" Eye yelled kicking down the door and punch him
"that hot chick that u would do everyday is my bestfriend" Eye than grab Grat you neck and started strangling him
"p Eye stop" Krissie said and pull Eye away from Grate
"kor tod na ka p Grate" Krissie said and pull Eye back
"mai ben rai krub, ok so u were listening to our conversation Eye??"
"chai, If I wasn't then how the heck would I know that you would... would... Ahhhhhh my poor Minty girl"
"p'Eye ka should we go back now please na ka p' Eye" asked Krissie. Eye nod her head but before she left she went up to Grate and kick him on the bellow part and storm out
"ahhhh Eye I'm gonna get u back"
"kor tod na ka p' Grate" Krissie said before leaving and chase after Eye
"Mai ben ray krub n'Sie"
"ahahahahahahaha" Everyone started laughing at Grate
"sucks to be you" said Film
"man I hate her"
"hahahahahahaha suck in man you just had to say that didn't you" laugh Phet
"aie'Phet... If you dont shut up then your head would be on my wall..."
"krubbbbb khun chai"
"anyway as I was saying what are you going to do with her when u guys get married" said Phet
Mark didn't reply and just sat there. Out of no we're Louis got up  went to check himself in the mirror and did a sexy spin while everyone looked at him weirdly and shook their heads

"Tum Mai n'Sie, why did you apologies to aie'Grate" Eye asked
"Ben arai ka p'Eye" Mint ask
"well I was walking past the guys room with n'Sie and I heard"
"you mean ea       on them" Sie correct her
"ok I decided to ears-drop on them and heard Grate said that if he was Mark he would do n'Mint everyday, then said  'I mean who wouldn't do a hot chick"
"Aie'Grate!!!" Wawaa got up but Ja pull her back down
"let me go... I'm going to kill him" Wawaa try to get out of her grip
"Wawaa calm down" Yaya said
"how can I, ahhhh I'm going to kill him..." Wawaa scream

"khun mae ka, I won't let Mark get married" cried Toey
"I have to... but I will not let her live happily noo Toey ... I will make her suffer"
"Kob khun ka khun mae" said Toey than pretend to cry
'u r mine Mark... I won't let u be anyones else' Toey thought

They finished and walk separate ways. But before that Wawaa and Eye were chasing after Grate and beating him up with their bags. While the rest of the girls and guys apart from Mark try to stop them. Poor Grate ended up with bursts and had to go to the hospital with Phet and Louis. Film had to go film an upcoming lakorn. Aon had to go back to work (police station). Kat and Sie went shopping. Ja and Wawaa, Eye went to a Chinese restaurant. Nadech and Boy took Mint home. Yaya, Gie, Gib and Mark went home. While walking Mint turn back and look at Marks back walking away 'Mark ka.... I miss you' she turn back and continue walking.

(roo arai lu plow wa mee kai eg khun fow morn, morn hai tur lea ruk teh tur sod hua jai, Chun takorn chur tur hai mun.....)
"sawatdee ka Mint speaker" Mint said tiredly
"Minty Minty still asleep" said a males voice on the other line
"Mikey, why did you call me so early"
"I'm just seeng how my baby sis is doing"
"Mikey when are you coming back, I'm getting married soon so please come back before Sunday"
"i know sis l'll come back soon"
"is that soon gonna be before my wedding day?"
"yes I promise"
"ok ka"
"Mint wake up someone is here to see you" yelled Mrs W
"Mikey I'm going now, talk to you soon"
"bye cupcake"
Mint hung up and quickly had a shower and dress for the day and walk down stair
"ah, not surprise that its you guys, what are you guys doing here"
"shopping day" Kat said and hug Mint
"mmmmm Mint you smell so... Minty like" said Wawaa and laugh
"ummm, thanks I guess"
"well today is half price day and Kat woke us all up so early to go with her and your coming as well" said Ja
"but didn't you go yesterday"
"Yes we (we as in her and Kat) did but today is" Sie didn't finish as Mint butt in
"half price yah yah I know let's go"
"mae ka we are taking Mint out" said Ja
"ja have fun"
"Kob Kon ka"

"yum yum yum" said Wawaa stuffing food in her mouth 
"Wa you are a fat ass do you know that" said Kat
"it's call hungry barbie"
"hey who's barbie tomboy"
"you are barbie"
"quiet you two" said Mint
"Kat why do you need so many things look at you" said Ja
"this is not much at all Jae" answer Kat
"Kat, I only have 3 bags, Sie has 20 bags, Wa has 2, Yaya has 7, Gie has 4, Gib has um well 4, 6, 7... 23, Mint has 12 and you have ummmm, 35 bags
"35 is only a bit Jae"
"A bit, yeah thats not a bit Kat... anyway n'Mint are you excited your gonna be a marry woman in 2 days" ask Gie
"is that all u say Minty" said Wa with food in her mouth
"ewwwwww close ur mouth Wa ewwww have some manners"
"like this" Wa open her mouth and show Kat the food in her mouth
"ewwwwww stop it Wa"
"here we go again"
While Wa and Kat started fighting again, Mint thought to herself
'I am excited p'Gie I love Mark, I just hope the time I spent with him is happiness and fill with laughter'


Mint woke up at 6 in the morning with a beautiful smile on her face. Mint got up and went to wash her face and shower and went downstairs
"hey beautiful ready for your special day" said Boy
"ka p'Boy I'm ready" reply Mint
"there is my beautiful Minty, good morning gorgeous" Nadech said and kiss her forehead
"good morning"
"hey Mint" Kat and Sie said walking in with the other girls
"good morning girls"

"Gib go wake Mark up please, he needs to get ready for his wedding" said Mr S
"wedding how wonderful" Mrs S said annoyed
"mae ka please be happy" said Yaya
"no why can't Mark just marry Toey she is perfect for Mark" Mrs S yelled
"mae don't yelled at Yaya" said Margie
"I do what I want to beca.."
"ENOUGH" Mark yelled walking down stairs
"p Mark" Yaya got up and hug Mark
"good morning" Mark said and kiss Yaya's forehead
"ready for your big day" Margie ask and hug Mark
"hehehe looks like someone is unhappy" Gib said
"who would be happy" Mark said annoyed
"me" said Grate walking in with the rest of the gang
"well... marry her than"
"you serious ok man I'm going"
"Grate stop right there" said Mr S
"but uncle"
"no one is going to steal Mint from my family, if you want her fight me" Mr S said and got into a fighting position
"daddy would you do that if it was me" asked Yaya
"KHUN POR" Yaya than pretend to be upset and walk over to Grate ignoring her father
"Yaya por kor tod na"
"mai" Yaya kept ignoring her father as everyone except Mark laugh

Mint was at the wedding ordering where to put everything and walk around making sure everything is perfect. Normally the groom would do this but this time Mint did it, she wants this to be the best memories in her life.
"p ka can u please move the flower over there and make sure there is nothing broken around here"
"krup" the guy said and did as Mint ordered
"kob kon ka"
What Mint didnt know was Mark was already there and was looking at her every action
"don't think I will pity you slut" Mark said and walk off
Mint smile looking around the beautiful beach and took pictures of everything there
'This is the most beautiful day of my life' Mint thought and keep taking pictures