Painful Love (MTeam) RATED R Chapter 42


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This Chapter is about Yadech and Bargie, no Mteam in this one.

Chapter 8

After Mint and Mark left everyone went back inside. Nadech decided to take Yaya to the park as an apology. 

Yaya and Nadech were on the swing eating ice-cream.
"do u forgive me now?" Nadech asked Yaya
"yes but don't do it again. It hurts" Yaya reply and touch her forehead.
"let me have a look" Nadech said as he got of the swing. He bend down and touch Yaya's forehead.
"ah... Jeb na" Yaya scream
"ha.. Kor tood na(sorry)" Nadech laugh. Yaya hit Nadech
"why are u laughing?" Yaya did a serious face
"nothing... Here let me blow on it" Nadech said and held onto her chin and blew on her forehead. While Nadech was blowing on Yaya's forehead he didn't realize that they were moving closer to each other soon they were face to face just and inch and their lips would touch.
"Yaya..." Nadech began
"pom?" Yaya thought 'please be what I want it to be'
"pom.. Pom kor tood"
"oh... It's ok" Yaya said and looked down
Nadech got up and started to swing Yaya
"p'Nadech" Yaya smiled as Nadech kept swinging her.
'Nadech u idiot u can't even confess to her, when r u going to stop chickening out' Nadech thought and swing Yaya higher.

Margie and Boy were sitting outside enjoying the weather.
"Boy, Mark and Mint r married now... Can u try and stop hating him" Margie said
"Margie, he broke her heart it took us (Nadech and Boy) months to get her back to normal. U weren't there, u didnt see how much Mint suffered" Boy said
"Boy I understand it also took u guys months for her to final laugh, smiled and eat again, i saw i understand I know how u feel but it's the past"
"Margie I can't... Please"
"fine but promise u won't hurt him"
"I can't promise that.. Because if he does something to her I will kill him"
"ok..." Margie said and turn to watch the birds
Boy turn to look at Margie 'Im sorry Margie, I know his ur brother but Mint is my sister and if anyone does something to her, I will kill them, I need to protect her' Boy thought. Boy kept looking at Margie he looked at her eyes, down to her downs and lips
"P'MARGIE, P'BOY" Lin and Tawan yelled (They r Ann and Ken's kids)
 Boy and Margie turn to see Lin and Tawan run up to them. Soon they were sitting down next to them.
"p'Margie ka mum told that she needs some roses because the roses in the house her dead now so she asked me to asked u to cut some ur not busy" Lin said
"ok ja, come on Lin, u help me too"
Margie and Lin got up and went to cut some roses.
"P'Boy krub" Tawan started
"hm" Boy turn to Tawan
"can we play soccer again pleaseeee" Tawan said
"ok.. Come on"
Boy and Tawan got up and started playing soccer
'Man why do I always get inturrupted when I tryed to confess to her' Boy thought as he continue playing soccer.


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Thank u nklue1 love this chap of yadech n bargie. they're so sweet trying to confess love to their girls. I look forward to read further on their love road progress, how brave they'll be to fess up. with appreciation, key.


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Chapter 9

2hrs later Mint and Mark arrived at the Beach house. Som the housemaid came out to greet them.
"sawatdee ka khun Mark and n'Mint"
"bring the things in" Mark said and walked away
"sawatdee ka p'Som" Mint greet her

Mint used to come to the beach house with Mark, when they were dating. They used to go there every week and spend the weekend there, during those times Mint and Som became good friends. But after Mark walked out of Mints life. They didn't see eachother again.

"I haven't seen u for a long time, I thought I would never see u again" Som said and hug Mint
"me too, I miss u so much" Mint said
"we have a lot to catch up on n'Mint"
"ka, but first I think we should take the suitcase inside first"
"ok ja" Som said and grab the suitcases. Mint grab her bags and they went inside the house.
The minute Mint walk in she looked around and saw that everything was still in the same place since she last came here but the only things that was missing was pictures of her and Mark that used to be next to the TV and on the walls.
"p'Som take my bags to my room please"
"ah P'Som ka where am I sleeping"
"oh in khun Marks room ja"
"no put her in one of the guest rooms"
"but it is an order from ur dad ka"
"it's ok ka p'Som" Mint said and grab her things
"okay ka"
Mark walked into the living and sat down and turn on the TV.
When Mint finished unpacking, she decided to go to the beach for a walk with Som.
"khun Mark ka is it ok if I walk around the beach with p'Som" Mint asked
"do whatever u want I don't care" Mark said and continue watching TV.

"So how have u been Mint" Som asked
"I've been doing fine what about u p'Som"
"I'm fine, just busy trying to handle Kaew"
"oh Kaew, how is she, oh I miss her so much, how old is she now"
"she is 4 years old now, she is becoming so much like her father now so noisy, always asking me questions and she is too smart for her age"
"I can imagine that"
Mint and Som continue talking and walking along the beach.

Mark got bored of watching TV so he decided to go outside to get some fresh air.

Mints phone started to ring while she was talking to Som
"it's ok go talk I need to go clean the house anyway"
"thank u ka"
Som walked back to the beach house. Mint picked up
"sawatdee ka Mint speaking"
"Mint how r u"
"p'Mike, I'm good thank u, what about u"
"I'm good, where r u, do u want to hang out"
"oh I'm sorry I can't I'm on my honeymoon"
"oh that's ok. Is it ok if I talk to u though"

Mark was walking and saw Mint on the phone talking to someone and she seems to be very happy, so he decided to go listen.

"P'Mike ka it's not funny, why didn't u do anything about it" Mint said as she continue to laugh, hearing news that Eye beat Grate up again because he call her an aunt, an old lady, ugly and no one would ever go on a date with her.
"well I tried but I ended up getting hurt myself Mint"
"ahahaha p'Mike, poor u... I hop" someone suddenly snatch the phone off Mint before she could finished talking.


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Chapter 10

Mint turn around and saw Mark holding onto her phone and look at her phone.
"Mike" Mark said and looked up at Mint. "hello Mike, this is Mark, sorry but Mint has to go now so please don't call her again"
"krub" Mike answer and hung up
Mark turn and looked at Mint. "I thought u were talking to p'Som, who's this" Mark almost yelled as he show Mint the screen on the phone "Mike Pirath, not Som"
"khun Ma"
"I don't care what u have to say but u need to stop ur slutty self. U r using my family name so don't ruin my name with ur slutty actions"
"Khun Mark I was" Mint didn't finished because Mark interrupt
"lets go back to my house" Mark said and drag Mint with him. When they got there Som left a message on the table saying that she needed to home for an emergency and will be back in 2-3 days.
"oh that's good, while Som is gone lets have some fun together" Mark said and walked towards Mint, Mint started walk backwards  "I need to give u ur punishment for lieing to me" Mark said and grab Mint pulling her outside. The sun was already setting. Mark grab a rope and tie them to Mints hands really tight
"ahhh khun Mark what are u doing, please stop that it hurts" Mint said as Mark tie her to the pole next to the pool (like Sawan Biang). "this is going to be where u sleep tonight, have a good sleep slut" Mark said and walked away
"khun Mark please don't leave me out here"
Too late Mark has already closed the door and went to grab the food that Som made and sat down in front of the TV and started eating.

Mark was watching the news and saw there was going to be a storm tonight and the reporter asked everyone to be inside.
"ha not everyone is going to be inside tonight" Mark said and turn to Mint who was sitting there looking around. Soon the storm started to coming.

Mint was looking around and felt something wet drop onto her skin, Mint looked up and saw gray clouds coming and the wind was getting stronger.
"oh no, why tonight, ahh go away" Mint said and looked up again then it started to rain.

Mark was inside enjoying his coffee and walk towards the glass door and look at Mint sitting there helplessly and smiled. Soon lightening started coming. It got louder and louder. Mark decided to do to bed and turn off the TV. He walk to the glass door and took one looked at Mint before going inside.

Mint saw Mark at the glass door looking at her and walked away. Mint sat there. Her clothes were all drench, she was shaking because it was cold and windy, Mint lean her head on the pole and sat there wishing that the storm will go away soon but looks like luck wasnt on her side because the storm went through all night until morning.

Marks alarm went off. Waking him up. He stretch and got up. He them remember that Mint was still outside and went to wash up before going downstairs. Outside Mint was asleep until the was a splash of water on her. Mint looked up and saw Mark standing there with a bucket in his hand.
"waky waky, did u sleep well last night because I did" Mark said and started to untie Mint. When Mark finished I untieing Mint.


Mint got up and slap Mark.
"why did u leave me out here, don't u remember I hate storms" Mint yelled and slap Mark again and again. Mark grab hold of Mints hands and kiss her hard and rough sticking his tough in her mouth. Mint was struggling, trying to brake free. Mark move to her neck. Mint the. Realize what Mark was going to do to her
"no stop. Ploy, khun Mark"
Mark then lift Mint up and took her to his room and drop her on his bed and took off his shirt. Mint move backwards until she hit the headboard. Mark climb on the bed and grab Mints legs pulling her towards him. When she was under him he took of all her clothes and started kissing her neck going down to her breast he looked at them and took one in his mouth and the other he started to message it then he swap to the other and did the same thing. When he was done he took off his pants and boxers and took Mint. Mint was still struggling, she was in pain, tears started rolling down her faces. Mark pull out them thrust back in. He was enjoying it. Mark started thrusting in faster everytime he pull out. Mintues later he could feel that he was about to come and thrust in faster and harder
"ah, ah, please stop, please not too hard" Mint cried
"ohh god so tight" Mark said and went even faster and kiss Mints neck finally he came and lay there on top of Mint breathing heavily with his thing still in Mint.

*End of Rate*


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Thank u nklue1 for two wonderful chaps. Mark is so rude, selfish n childish, so rough to poor mint, hes a total brat ! mint suffered so much.


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Chapter 11

Mark finally got up and pull his thing out of Mint. He then walk to the cupboard and put on his jogging clothes and walked out leaving Mint laying there on the bed naked. A few minutes later Mint got up from the bed and saw clothes everywhere. She walked into the shower and had a shower before cleaning up.

Mark was jogging listening to music. He couldn't get it out of his head. Why did he snatch the phone of Mint? Why was he was mad when he knew it was Mike? And mostly that sentence Mint.


Mint got up and slap Mark.
"why did u leave me out here, don't u remember I hate storms" Mint yelled

*end of flaskback*

Not course he remembers, he wanted Mint to suffer, he wanted her to suffer a lot. But there was this feeling of guilt in him. But he shook of of and continue to run.

Back at the Beach House Mint has just finished  cleaning up Marks room putting new bed sheets because it was wet from Mints clothes and decided to go downstairs to make breakfast for Mark. Mint opened the fridge and and grab some sausages, bacons, eggs and bread. She was making what Mark loves to eat for breakfast also coffee a cappuccino not too hot and not too cold just right and chocolate on top with 2 marshmallows on the side. She knows exactly what Marks likes to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner even if it's Thai food, Australian food, Spanish food and all. She stills remember how he likes it. Flashbacks started to come back when they were still dating. Right here in this very spot that she is standing right now.


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Chapter 12

Flashbacks started to come back when they were still dating. Right here in this very spot that she is standing right now.
*End of recap*

Mark was trying to cook for the first time for Mint to eat. He was trying to cook crispy chicken and pork fried rice. But he was having some trouble putting the chicken on the hot oil. He threw the chicken in and the oils splash everywhere
"ahhhhh, ah, ah, ahh it hurts" Mark cried and heard laughing behind him. He turn around and found Mint standing there laughing
"Mint don't laugh it hurts, how can u cook this if the oils keep splashing everywhere" Mark said and walked to Mint and hug her snuggling against her like a baby
"ahh p'Mark" Mint laugh "here u do it like this" Mint said and pull Mark with her. Mint carefully put the chicken in the oil while Mark stand behind her like a little kid. Mint laugh and got Mark to do it and told him to put it on carefully. After the chicken was cooked Mark was cutting the vegetables. Mint walked up to Mark and hug him from behind and look at what he was doing and her eyes widen
"AH P'Mark what are u doing" Mint said and slap his hand
"I'm cutting the vegetables see" Mark said
"ahhh p'Mark, look at it" Mint picked up the cut veg's and show Mark "This is too big, this is too small, it's not even, u have to make it even ka" Mint said and grab Marks hands and put hers on top and started cutting the veg's.
"ohhh ok" Mark said and kiss Mints cheek and Mint blush.
*End of flashback*
*Another flaskback*
Mint was cutting the vegetables to make porridge for Mark and Som. While cutting the vegetables she felt someone hug her.
"P'Mark ka, please let go, I'm making lunch" Mint said and turn her head around a little to face Mark.
"noooooo, I want to hug u, ur so huggable, so warm and u smell like strawberry my favorite, I can eat u right now" Mark said and kiss Mints cheek
"now lets not argue and cook, here let me help u" Mark said and grab Mints hands and started cutting the vegetables while hugging Mint, Mint blush and smile.
"awwww wow, look at these two love birds, showering love everywhere u go" Som said as she walked in the kitchen seeing the lovers.
"krub" Mark smiled confidently
"p'Som, p'Mark mai ploy Mint ka, Mint ja tum aharn ka" (p'Som, p'Mark won't let me go, I'm trying to cook) Mint said
"but I want to help my tee rak"
"hahaha khun Mark, ma I'll help as well" Som said and went to help out.
Mark kept stealing kisses from Mint as Som kept teasing them and Mint was all red. The room was filled with laughter and loved.
*End of flashback*

Tears started falling down Mints face. Remember the times she had with Mark and wishing that it's still that way. Some drop onto her hand. Mint looked down at her hand and saw red liquid on her hand, it was blood, blood was dripping down from her nose. Mint got some tissue and wipe her nose clean. 'Why is there blood coming from my nose it's too early' Mint thought. Mint went upstairs and grab 2 pills and water and put it in her mouth and swallow it down and walk back downstairs. Mint looked at the time while cooking. 'Mark should be back soon, he goes out and jog for at least an hour, so he would be back soon.' Mint finished cooking and set the food out nicely and went to make the cappuccino. A few minutes later Mark came back and smiles bacon, eggs, toast, sausages and lastly his favorite coffee a cap (short for cappuccino, to lazy to write the whole word, it's too long haha.) Mark walked inside just in time when Mint walked out with the cap.
"khun Mark ur back, I'll go get u a new towel and some water" Mint set the cap down and walk over to get the towel and water from the fridge and walked back to Mark. "here" Mint said as she gave him the towel and water and smile. Mark looked at Mint and walked away grabbing a towel from the cupboard and walked to the fridge and a bottle of water and drunk some. Mint looked down and walk to put the towel and drink away.
"oh. I made u breakfast, ur favorite, bacon, eggs, toast, sausages and cappuccino with 2 marshmallows ka" Mint said with a smile "why don't u go have a shower first then come eat ka" Mint said
Mark looked at Mint and walked to her and grab her chin
"don't ever tell me what to do" Mark said and let go of her
Mark walked over to the table and grab the knife and fork and cut the egg and ate it then the bacon, sauages and toast then the cap. Mint smiled but soon fade when Mark stand up and said
"what is this, the bacon isn't cooked properly, egg is still soft (Mark like his egg yolk hard as in not runny), the sauages and toast are burnt and the cap is too sweet, throw it out, I don't want to eat it" Mark said and walked upstairs. Mint walk to the table and looked at the food and grab it and walked to the bin and threw it out. 'Was Mark lying, because I never cooked his food wrong' Mint thought.

Mark was in the shower. Was he lying about the food not being good? Yes he was. The food was cooked exactly how he likes it but he didn't want to admit it at all. Mark miss it, only Mint could cooked his food the way he likes like only her, no one else could not even the best chef in the world could. Mark turn off the tape and got change and walk down stairs. He walk past the kitchen and saw Mint washing up the dishes. Mint felt like someone was looking at her and looked up and saw Mark. Mint smiled and continue washing up. Mark walk to the living room and turn on the TV.

Mint finished washing up and decided to make fruit salad for Mark since he didn't eat the breakfast she made, so something simple and easy should do. Mint open the fridge and grab some fruits out, wash then and started cutting them.