Painful Love (MTeam) RATED R Chapter 42


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Chapter 23
It was the day that kids go back to school and adults going back to Uni. The girls woke up extra early today and got ready for school/Uni. They were downstairs eating breakfast, Lin was her uniforms as for the other girls they just wore casual clothes.
"Lin can u go wake up Tawan" Yaya said
"ka" Lin got of the chair and ran upstairs.

Lin open the door and walk in. She climb up on the bed and started jumping
"ahhhh get out, 5 more minutes" Tawan said
"Mai ka wake up now or u will be late" Lin said and pull Tawan up and out of bed into the bathroom then walked out.

Lin walked down and sat back down
"p'Tawan is awake now" Lin said and continue eating
"u know sometimes I feel like Lin is older the Tawan" Gie said
"chai ka, Lin seems older" Gib said
"girls why ur up so early" Mint N said as she walk down the stairs
"today is the first day of our last year of Uni so we going to get there early ka" Mint said
"well ok"
Later when everyone finished eating the girls left to Uni. Lin and Tawan doesn't go to school tell 8am.

When the girls got there, they saw Ja, Sie, Wa, Eye and Kat straight away since Kat and Ja stands out the most, Kat with the most fashion clothes ever and Ja with her weird clothes. The girls walk to them and greet them. While they were catching up on things someone came up to them. They turn and saw Mike.
"P'Mike" they all said in reunion
"girls, how are u girls" Mike asked as each girls give him a hug
"we are good" They said
Mike put his arm around Mints shoulder and continuing talking to the girls.
From afar there were the guys apart from Mark since he has a full time job at his fathers company. They were all talking when Grate spotted the girls and Mike with his arm around Mints shoulder
"hey hey hey guys isnt that the girls and that Mike guys" he said. The guys turn and looked at the direction Grate is pointing at.
"chai and he has his arms around Marks wife" Phet said
"Hey should be go separate them" Top said
Grate and the guys walk over to the girls and Grate butt in betweMen Mint and Mike.
"excuse me do u know that the girl that u have ur arm around is married" Grate said
"chai, she is taken by our bestfriend Mark" Top said
"chai M.A.R.K (spelling It) Mark" Film said
"chai ta u ja jeeb n'Mint, nai bai lery" Louis said
"chai so u got not chance at all" Phet said
"chai" all the guys said and hi 5 each other 
"so stay away from her" Grate said and push Mike away from Mint more and put his arms around Mints shoulder
"hmmmm AE GRATE, what are u doing, let go now" Eye yelled and pull his ear
"wait wait, ummm I hiu na, I already bought food, lets go, daew I sear dow na(I'm hungry, I already brought, let's go, or I'll lose my body)" Louis said
"HA" everyone said
"Hey ae falung it dung (money) not dow" Film Sadi and shook his head
"not until we solved this" Grate said
"Mike is our friend who just came back from Japan" Eye said
"so is it wrong for guys to put his arms around a girls shoulder" Wa asked
"Yes if that girl is married" Top said
"and n'Mint is married" Louis said
They continue talking and the Guys were still standing there making sure Mike stays away from Mint. Later school began and everyone was sitting down talking to each other waiting in the hall for the teachers.
"Ah took khon krub, I decided to be nice and invite everyone to the pub tonight to celebrate our first and last year of Uni" Alex said
"wowwww we're going for sure" the students scream
"alright 6pm till 12am people at Suda Pub (made up name)" Alex said
Everyone clap and Alex walked to the girls hi girls haven't seen u girls for a while and u to Mike, last time I saw u guys was at Mints wedding" Alex said
"chai ka/krub" they said
"ok so u are have to come tonight got it or u are all dead" Alex said and walked off.
The girls and Mike smile and all agree to go.


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Welcome Keylargo. Here's chapter 24 will update chapter 25 in a few minutes. Enjoy

Chapter 24
Mark woke up from his alarm clock he got up and turn to the other side of the bed to see no one there. He walk into the bathroom to have his shower. When he got out he walk to the cupboard to get change, he already saw his work suit prepare for him and there was a note. Mark pick up the note
On the note it said
Goodmorning ka khun Mark. Ur clothes are all prepare for today. Uni starts today so I'm already at Uni. Have a good day.
From Mint

Mark srunch up the note and open the cupboard to grab a new pair of clothes. He walk down stairs to have his breakfast and left to work. No one was home apart from the maids.

Later when Uni finished Alex remind everyone about the party especially Mint and everyone went home to get ready

When the girls including Ja, Eye, Sie, Wa and Kat got home they went upstairs straight away to Yaya's room to have their shower and get ready. While the girls were putting on make-up Kat was trying to up some on Wa but she would just run away. Everyone had dress that are above the kneel apart from Mint and Wa had on t-shirt and short. Mint had on a dress kneel length.
"Wa and Mint ur not going to wear that are u" Kat said
"whats wrong with it" Wa asked
"hello we are going to a pub, I need u to a lease wear a shirt" Kat said
"Kat just leave Wa u know she doesn't like wearing dresses" Yaya said
"fine then Mint..." before Kat could finished Mint butt in
"Im married Kat" Mint said
"so come on pleaseeeeee" Kat said and did her puppy eyes
Mint sigh and said ok and went to get change
"wow Kat bossing everyone around hey" Gie said
"p'Gie I want everyone to be prefect for tonight ka" Kat said
Everyone shook their heads and waited for Mint to come out. When Mint came out everyone went downstairs to eat before going because they know when they get there they will only be drinking and partying.
Lin and Tawan were the first to come home, following them were Ann, Aff, Ken, Aum and Mr and Mrs S. Yaya told them that they have a party and won't be back till midnight.

When the girls got there. The place was already full of people and loud music. Alex can up to them with the drinks
"THANKS" they yelled back
"OK" Alex said and took them to away from the music.
They sat down at a table takes is away from the music but u could still hear it a bit.
"so how are u Mint" Alex asked
"I'm good thanks what about u" Mint asked
"I'm good thanks" Alex said and smile
"ahem... Im good too" Gie said
"p'Alex what about us" Sie asked
"oh so how are u girls"
"we good" they said
"Mint" Alex said and grab her a glass of wine "drink"
"Mai ka" Mint said
"ahem what about us" Gib said
"u guys already have a drink" Alex said and point to the drinks in their hand
"oh I knew that" Gib said and continue drinking

GUYS TABLE (Louis and the others)
The guys were drinking an enjoying their time until Grate spotted the girls with Alex.
"hey hey hey isn't that the girls and Alex" Grate said
"yeah.. oh no his going for n'Mint" Film said
"his giving her a drink, noooo there must be something in the drink" Top said
"ae Phet and Film call ae Mark and convince him to come here" Louis said
"me, Top and Louis are going to take care of this" Grate said
They got up and walk to the table. When they got there Grate grab the drink out of Mints hand. Louis pull Alex away from Mint and Top sat next to Mint
"what is this" Grate said and smell the wine
"ae nor (u idiot) what does it look like ha it's wine" Eye said
"oh wine, n'Mint u don't drink so I'll drink it for u" Grate said

Phet was on the phone waiting for Mark to pick up, finally he pick up

"What" Mark said
"wow wow wow is that how u greet ur friend ae Mark" Phet said
"hello khun Phet why did u call" Mark said in a girl voice
"that's more like it but don't use the girls voice" Phet said
"yeah yeah so why did u call me its 8" Mark said
"well I would like to inform u that ur wife is at the pub and there is a guy name Alex next to her giving her a drink but don't worry ae Grate, ae Falung and ae Top is taking care of it right now" Phet said
Film snatch the phone of Phet and said "and, dude there is a guy giving her a drink and is flirting with her and all u say is and"
"I don't care" Mark said
"what u don't care, what if he put something in the drink and rapes her" Film said
"I'm going" Mark and was about to hang up
"I'm not coming"
"yes u are, or I will guarantee u that ur wife will get rape tonight" Phet said
"I don't care" Mark said and hung up
"HEY AE MARK, how dare u hang up on me" Film said
"let's forget it and go to the girls table" Phet said
Film nod and they walk to the table. Straight away Kat pull Film to sit next to her
"p'Film I haven't seen u like forever" Kat said
"Kat u saw him this morning" Wa said
"well that's like forever to me" Kat said
"well" Louis said and looked at Phet and Film. They shook their heads
"he doesn't care" Phet said
The guys apart from Alex shook they heads.

Mark was on the bed think if he should go or not.
"I don't need to go, she can sleep with anyone I don't care" Mark said and lay there thinking of what Film and Phet said 'what if he put something in the drink and rapes her, i will gurantee u that ur wife will get rape tonight if u dont come' it kept repeating in his head. Mintues later Mark got up and grab his jacket and ran out into his car and left.


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Hi nklue1 thanks again for another long n fun chap! girls date out is fun esp getting ready. the guys r funny, v protective of mint n loyal to mark n finally mark is getting worried for mint! Thank u for ur time nklue1, v appreciative im, key.


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Thanks again for the comments. Here is chapter 25. Was suppose to update in a few mintues turn to hours. Sorry. Took a while to write this scene since i was watching tv and couldn't help but to watch it. Ok this chapter is super rated but it's near the end and I put it in caps to warn u guys. Its a willing scene. Well enjoy

Chapter 25
When mark got there it was already 9:25pm. He ran in and looked for Mint.

Everyone was sitting down at the table drinking and talking. Kat was eating ice-cream and admiring Fiim while he was talking. 'his soooo CUTE' Kat thought 'I could kiss u ahhhh'
*Kats imagination*
 Kat was eating ice cream and got some on the side of her lips. Film was talking and turn to Kat, he saw ice cream on the side of her lips
"n'Kat u have ice cream on the side of ur lips" Film said
"oh" Kat grab the napkin and was about to wipe it off when Film grab her hand to stop her. Kat looked up and saw that Film was coming closer to her and kiss her lips
*End of Imagination*
Kat sat there smiling like an idiot and did a kiss face.
"Kat.. Kat.. KAT" Wa scream
"ahhh" Kat snap out of her daydream "why did u yelled u could have just call my name don't have to yelled" Kat said
"I did, what was with the kissy face" Wa said
"p'Kat was daydreaming about p'Film kissing her" Sie said
"n'Sie!!!!, I was not" Kat said
"and guest what I took a picture of it, see" Gib said and show Kat the picture
"ahahahahahaha" everyone apart from Kat laugh
"it's not funny, delete it now" Kat said and try to grab Gib's camera
"no way" Gib said
Then a slow song came on. Alex looked at Mint and got up and put out his hand
"would u like to dance" Alex asked Mint
"ka" Mint said and took Alex's hand and went to the dance floor. Grate was about to get up and stop them when Eye pull him back down
"Sit" she said
"but, but"
"no buts, Mark should be the one doing all this not u, u have no rights to stop her" Eye said
"but but"
"shut up" Eye said
Kat was looking at Film waiting for him to asked her for a dance. Film turn and saw Kat looking at him and smile and pull her out onto the dance floor. Kat blush and smile.
On the dance floor was Mint and Alex, Kat and Film, Sie and Phet, Ja and Louis. Eye, Wa, Gib, Grate and Top were sitting there doing nothing but talking to each other.
On the other side Mark was still looking around for Mint when he spotted Grate and Top and ran to them.
"where is she" Mark said
Grate, Top, Wa, Gib and Eye turn and saw Mark.
"ae Mark u came" Grate said
"p'Mark what are u doing here" Gib asked
"Why can't I be here" Mark said and sat down
"oh Mints over there dancing with ae Alex" Top said
Mark turn and saw Alex hand around Mints waist and Mints arms around Alex neck, they were talking and laughing. 'I came here thinking that u would actually get rape then finding out that ur flirting with him, what's wrong with u' Mark thought and ball his hand into a fist. "AE WIT" Mark yelled
At the bar Wit recognize the voice and grab a bottle of vodka. "here and down gulp it down quickly, drink it slowly" Wit said as Mark started drink it. Wit turn to the others and asked if they want anything. Eye, Gib and Wa asked for wine and Grate and Top asked for red wine. Wit nod and left.
"oh and ae Mark did u know that this morning ae Mike was talking to the girls and he had his arms around Mints waist" Grate said
"AE GRATE" Eye yelled and hit his head
Mark was boiling inside and gulp down the bottle of vodka
"hey hey hey, ae Mark don't drink that fast" Top said and try to stop Mark.
Mark put down the empty bottle and got up and walk to the dance floor. Everyone at the table looked at the empty bottle, Wit came over with the drinks and saw the empty bottle of vodka and shook his head. Mark walk up to Alex and tap on his shoulder. Alex turn and saw Mark. Alex smile and let go of Mint
"she's all urs" Alex said and walked away
Mark grab Mints hands and put them over his shoulder then grab her waist. Mint looked at Mark and knew he was drinking she could smell the alcohol and his forehead was sweating.
"khun Mark ur sweating" Mint said and wipe Marks forehead with the edge of her sleeve smiling (Mint is wearing a jumper since it was starting to get cold). Mark breathe in and smell Mint. He was relief knowing that he didn't smell any alcohol on her apart from the vodka from him 'good she didn't drink any alcohol' Mark thought. Mark looked at Mint smiling and put her hands back around his neck.
"khun Mark were u drinking, I smell vodka" Mint asked
"chai" Mark reply
"khun Mark u know vodka is really strong and u can't handle it well, why are u drinking it" Mint said
Mark didn't answer and pull Mint closer. Mark begin to feel very hot and his breathing were beginning to become heavy.
"khun Mark are u ok, ur sweating more, do u need to" before Mint could finished Mark kiss her not like how he use to kiss her, he is kissing her passionately for once. Mark grab Mints cheek gently. Mint smile and a tear came down 'p'Mark is finally kissing me like he use to' Mint thought and kiss Mark back.
From afar they didnt know someone or more than one person was watching them in pain.
"wa look at them" Kat said "if Mark was more nicer then I would except him"
"even though his an ass but he is still nice and friendly... At times" Film said.
Kat laugh at Film and said "at times" Film nodded and smile

At the table everyone saw and smile.
"why does Mint have to be so nice" Wa said
"right I hate seeing her in pain" Eye said
"I'm agreeing with u girls, Mint is too nice" Top said
"Mark doesn't deserve Mints heart, I can believe I'm saying this" Grate said
There was silence they saw flashes but ignore it thinking it was from the disco lights, they saw it again and turn to see Gib with her camera taking photos and the camera is pointing at the dance floor
"what are u doing Gib" Eye asked
"taking pictures of p'Mark and Mint, u don't see this often, so I'm taking pictures of them and also everyone else" Gib said and continue taking pictures.

Mark finally pull away from Mint and look at her "we're going home" Mark said and drag Mint out of the pub and into his car and left.
The song finished and the others went to sit down.
"did u guys see them kiss I did" Sie said
"n'Sie everyone saw, they were in the middle of the dance floor kissing" Kat said
"and I got pictures of them" Gib said
"really" Ja said
"I even got pictures of Kat and Film dancing and Kat blushing for some reason" Gib said
"what I was not blushing I was... Was..." Kat said
"was what" Wa asked
"ahh forget it" Kat said
"hey guys let's play spin the bottle" Grate said and grab the empty bottle and place it down
"I'm in" Top said
"ok" everyone else said
Later on Wa and Top were drunk and wasted. They had to have a drinking competition and Wa won, Wa manage to drink 47 bottles of beer while Top only drunk 45 bottles and black out. Well actually everyone at the pub was drunk and sleeping everywhere, some on top of each other, next to each other and some were hugging each other.

When Mark and Mint got home it was around 11:30pm. Mark ran straight to his room into the bathroom vomiting. Mint shook her head and grab a bottle of water, mini towel and a bowl of cold water and walk up stairs to Marks room and close the door, Mint put the bowl and towel on the nightstand and walked into the bathroom and rub Marks back. When Mark finished vomiting he rinse his mouth and wash his face.
"here is a bottle of water" Mint said and hand Mark the water, he took it and drunk some.

When Mark had enough to drink Mint walked him to the bed and lay him down and grab the towel and rinse it and wipe Marks face. While wiping Marks face, Mark grab Mints hand. Mint smile at Mark and remove Marks hand and continue wiping Marks face. Mark grab Mints hand again and this time pulling her down face to face. They stare at each other for a while. Mint made the first move and kiss Mark, mintues later the kiss got hotter and hotter their tongue were playing around with each other. Mark quickly roll Mint over so he was on top and took his jacket and t-shirt off. Mint knew what was going to happen and unzip her dress. In a second they were both naked and Mint sitting in front of Mark, her legs between his waist, on her knee with her arms around Marks neck as Mark was sucking on her left breast and massaging her right breast then he swap to the other one and did the same treatment when he was done, he went for her neck and started biting and sucking on it leaving marks. Mint felt something poking her and knew what it was. Mark couldn't wait and while he was sucking on her neck he grab his thing and put it at Mints entrance, waiting for Mint to slide down. Mint took a deep breath and slide down, Mint was wet but wasn't wet enough so it hurt a bit, Mint wanted to wait until she is adjust to Marks size but knew Mark didn't want to wait and started moving, Mark was still biting her neck then went down to her chest and started leaving marks there. Mint was moving up and down and a moan came out of her mouth then more moan came out. Mark went to kiss Mint passionately and could feel that Mint was slowing down so he push Mint down gently and started thrust in and out of Mint. He was still kissing Mint and could hear the moans. Later he felt his stomach tighten and Mints wall tighten as well and knew they were about to come so pace became faster and faster and they came at the same time. Mark was spilling his hot seeds into Mint. Mark smile and look at Mint, she was smiling as well. Mark didn't want to stop there and kiss her again, he wanted to make love to her as many times as he can tonight. Mint was tired but she didn't want to stop either because she know that tomorrow everything will go back to normal so she is going to spend this time as valuable as she can also becuase she doesn't know if Mark is going to ever be as gently as he is right now again. Mint kiss Mark back and with his thing still in her Mark started moving and Mint wrap her legs around Mark letting him thrust in further. As mintues past their love making was going wild, the bed to the floor on the carpet, back to the bed, then the headboard, then Mark was standing on the bed and kissing Mint and push her against the wall and started move in and out. They were moaning each others name and some swear words were coming out of Marks mouth, both were sweating but didn't stop. The alcohol had already kicked in hours ago so that made Mark go a bit more wild but he made sure he doesnt hurt Mint. Mark was banging Mint on the wall again and again. Not knowing that they have woke someone up.

Ann woke up from something banging on the wall. She turn the table light on and heard banging again. It was coming from Mark and Mints room, Ann got up and put her ear on the wall, her eyes widen when she heard moaning, Mark call Mints name also adding some swear words, Mint moaning Marks name and skin slapping. Ann turn to the clock and it was 2:57am.
"what are they think making love at this time, I'll have to talk to Mark about this tomorrow" Ann said and lay back down and turn off the light.

Mark and Mint were back on the bed laying down with Mark on top still thrusting in and out of Mint continuously and in a second he came for the 7th time and thrust a few more to make sure Mint got all of his seeds. Mark drop dead on the bed and turn to Mint and pull the blanket over them and hug Mint.

Mark kiss her forehead to her cheeks both sides then her chin, nose and lastly on the lips. Mark close his eyes and felt Mint hug him back. Mint hug Mark back and a few minutes later she said
"Mark, I Love You Very Much" Mint waited for Mark to reply but got nothing  and look up to see Mark already asleep. Mint smile and said "sweet dreams my prince, my tee rak and my everything" Mint close her eyes and fell asleep.


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Thank u nklue1! we're really in for a treat with two v long updates! kat is cute and funny with her daydream kiss. u've written very well a v hot scene thank u! appreciate ur time and efforts, with appreciation, key.


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i was kinda blushing too and also thinking. How on earth am i writing this. Also it was going to be the 10th time but i decided to change it.
Thanks for the comments.
I'll try and update after i finished writing Chapter 4 of Mafia's Mistress.


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Hi everyone, sorry that I havent update for a while I had work and I'm quiet sick so I couldn't update. I realize I didn't meantion Mint N in the last chapter, oops, have too many cast that I forgot some. Anyways enjoy chapter 26

Chapter 26

The sun shine into Marks room viewing 2 people hugging each other. Mint slowly open her eyes, waking up from the light shining on her. Mint look and saw that she was sleeping on Marks naked chest, Mint blushed remembering what happen last night, how Mark said her name over and over again, it has been years since she heard Mark say her, she was happy. She remembered how wild Mark was and how he took her so many times, he may have been a bit rough but he was also caring and gentle, also how she made those really weird sounds and said things she never thought she would ever say. Mint looked at the clock and saw that it was time to get up, Mint try to takes Mark hands off her but only made him pull her closer to him. Mint looked up and said "khun Mark ka I need to get ready na ka"
Mark groan and pull Mint even closer. Mint decided to stay in bed for a few more minutes, Mint rest her head on Marks chest and closed her eyes cuddling herself against Mark.

At the pub everyone was still sleeping. Yaya started to wake up. Yaya stretch and look around and realize this wasn't her room there was a disco light and some toilet paper around it. Yaya sat up quickly and saw that everyone was sleeping on each other and some where sleeping upside down. Yaya looked at the time and it was 20 to 9 her eyes widen and she look to the side and wake Gib and Margie up
"Gib, P'Gie wake up, school starts in 20minutes" Yaya said
"ha owwww" Gib said and touch her head
"what a hangover" Gie said
"did u hear what I said, school starts in 20minutes" Yaya said
"HA IN 20 MINUTES" both Gib and Gie yelled and stood up
"chai" Yaya said and got up and said "everyone wake up" she wait to see if anyone got up but no one did so she said it again "everyone wake up" still no one got up and she decided to yell "EVERYONE WAKE UP SCHOOL STARTS IN 20 MINUTES". And right away some people started waking up and looked at the clock and started waking everyone else up and in no time everyone was running around, so were still drunk and was walking in a zig zag, luckily they come here often and the pub owners are nice and has rooms for them with some of their clothes so whenever they come here they can just go and get change without having to go home.
"look at u guys, come on go get ready" Sara the pub owner said
"kob kon na khun Sara" Ja said
"mai ben rai ja" Sara reply "aw aw aw dek dek be careful" she said and went to help the drunk boy to the guys room
"owwwwwwww, jeb makkkkkkkkk" Wa said and touch her head
"come on guys hurry upppppp" Eye said and pull Wa with her
Some were already dress and head out while some were still getting ready.

Mint was dress and ready for school, it took her 5-8 mintues trying to get out of bed without Mark having to pull her back in. She walk to the cupboard and grab a suit for Mark to wear and set in down on the cupboard door knob then walk to the bed and sat on the edge and looked at Mark and was thinking of something.
"ja mee krai hen mai, mai mun (will anyone see, probably no)" Mint said and bend over and kiss Mark on the lips. Mint pull away smiling and giggle and grab her bag and went to school.
On the way to school she realize that Yaya, Gie, Gib and Mint N didn't come home since she walked past their bed rooms and the door was still opened, Mint quickly went through her bag and grab her phone and call Mint N
"hello n'Mint" Mint N said
"p'Mint where are you guys" Mint asked
"we are still at the pub getting change ja" Mint N said
"well I'll come over and pick you guys up ok"
"ja hurry na"
They hung up and Mint asked the driver Pong to drive to the pub to pick up the girls. When the girls got on Wa and Kat was still a little drunk and unconscious so they open all the windows, they were about to drive off when Mint saw the guys and told Pong to stop.
"p Louis" Mint yelled
"n'Mint" Louis and the guys said
"do you guys want a ride" Mint asked
"YES PLEASE" Grate and Top yelled and ran to the car and got in with the others.
Pong took off straight away
"I can't beleive you guys slept there for the whole night" Mint said
"me neither" Ja said
"Yaya don't let p'Nadech find out that you were drink and was drunk" Mint said
"ha, owww ya bok na, p'Nadech will kill me" Yaya said
"Looks like someone has a boyfriend" Top said
"chai, wait until he finds out" Grate said
"yood na ae'Grate" Eye said and point at Grate
"ok ok"
"HEY, yood na ae poo ying bahh, p'Filmmmm ben kon chunnn" Kat said out of no where and point her finger. Everyone turn to her and was like what the hell, Film was smiling and everyone broke into laughter. Luckily luck was on there side and they didn't go pass any red light it was green till they got to Uni.

Mark stir and move his hand to the other side and felt nothing he looked and saw no one, Mark got up but his head hurt so he sat back down and realize he was naked, then he remembered what happen last night
*FLASHBACK* *A little bit rated*
Mark turn and saw Alex hand around Mints waist and Mints arms around Alex neck, they were talking and laughing.
"oh and ae Mark did u know that this morning ae Mike was talking to the girls and he had his arms around Mints waist" Grate said
"AE GRATE" Eye yelled and hit his head
Mark was boiling inside and gulp down the bottle of vodka
"hey hey hey, ae Mark don't drink that fast" Top said and try to stop Mark.
before Mint could finished Mark kiss her not like how he use to kiss her, he is kissing her passionately for once. Mark grab Mints cheek gently.
Mint made the first move and kiss Mark, mintues later the kiss got hotter and hotter their tongue were playing around with each other. Mark quickly roll Mint over so he was on top and took his jacket and t-shirt off.
Mark was sucking on Mints neck while Mint move up and down and moaning.
"ah ah ah fas... Faster" Mint moan as Mark obey and thrust in faster earning loud moans from Mint
"ah Mint your so tight" Mark moan and kiss her lips, Mint wrap her arms around Marks neck.
Mark was standing on the bed and Mint had her back against the wall, arms wrap around Mark neck and legs wrap around Marks waist tight. Mark was banging her against the wall.
"ah fuck Mint why are you still tight but it feels good" Mark moan
"don't say that" Mint said and blushed
Mark kiss Mint and continue thrusting in faster and harder and asking Mint every once and a while if it hurts
Mark kiss her forehead to her cheeks both sides then her chin, nose and lastly on the lips. Mark close his eyes and felt Mint hug him back.
*END OF FLASHBACK* *End of rated*
He shook his head and smile a bit and got up and went into the shower, once he got out he saw a suit already prepare for him and a note, he grab it and read it
On the note
Good morning ka khun Mark, I prepare your clothes for today, I also got pa Pat to give you come pills for your headache, anyways have a good day na ka
Love Mint C :)
Mark smile and grab the suit and put it on the walked downstairs and saw Ann at the table reading.
"n'Mark" Ann said once she saw him
"come sit down"
Mark walked to Ann and sat down next to her
"p'Ann you look like you didn't sleep well last night"
"I got quiet enough sleep BUT someone was making love to their wife and was banging her against the wall and it woke me up" Ann said and looked at Mark
"Mark I don't mind if you and Mint have sex but if your going to have sex at what 3 in the morning it's a no no" Ann said and put up her finger and wave it left to right
"we were just have a morning sex" Mark said
"well then don't go banging her against the wall that is connecting to my room" Ann said
"ok ok I'm going to eat now and head to work" Mark said and got up and a maid brought a bowl of porridge and 2 panadol tablets. Ann got up and join Mark and soon everyone came downstairs and got ready for work. Lin and Tawan already left for school. Mark had a smile on his face while eating the porridge, remembering last night activities.


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Wow Is Mark have felling on Mint ? Wow please more


sarNie Adult
Coca said:
Wow Is Mark have felling on Mint ? Wow please more
Mark has always loved Mint but because of the past he denys and let hate come in the way.
Thank you for reading Coca


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Chalidaluvprin said:
It's so good!!! Ann is very funny!!!!!
Thanks Chalidaluvprin
I try to make some cast funny since i dont want them all to be boring
Thanks for reading and i hope you stay tune for the next Chapter, which Ill try and update tonight after work
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Chapter 27

Aff saw Mark smile and asked "n'Mark ben arai, why are you smiling and look so happy"
"mai mee arai krub" Mark said and continue eating
"come on something happen, what is it" Ken asked
"nothing" Mark said and took the pills and grab his jacket "bye" Mark said and walked out
Everyone turn and looked at each other, Mark never says bye or hello to them and this just surprised them.
Ken saw Ann smile and laugh "Ann why are you laughing" Ken asked
"this means you know what made Mark so happy" Mr S said and got up "as your father I command you to tell me" he said
Ann laugh but didn't say anything
"Ann tell us" Aff said
"mai bok"
"Annnnnnnnn" Aum said
"ok ok, well... I was sleeping last night and woke up from someone making love to their wife"
Everyone was quite until Mr S said "so they did it"
"yes dad" Ann reply
"oh that means I will get more grandchildren's" Mr S said and clap his hands
"I wouldn't accept anything from that slut, you never know if she has been sleeping with anyone else" Mrs S said
"khun mae how many times have I told you not to call Mint a slut" Ann said raising her voice a bit
"I can call her what ever I want" Mrs S said and got up and left
"why is mae so... So mean" Aff asked
"I don't know but she is starting to annoy me" Ann said
"alright lets eat and go to work" Aum said
Everyone continue eating and went to work when they finished.

They got to Uni just on time and ran to class. The teachers notice that some students were sleepy and drunk.
"I guest you guys went to the pub again right" Mrs Sutri asked
"ka/krub" the students said
"alright since I love you guys, I'll let you off this time, go get the pillows and sleep and tomorrow you are all getting extra work ok" Mrs Sutri
"thank you Mrs Sutri" everyone said and went to sleep on the floor, luckily Mrs Sutri classes have soft carpets. Everyone was asleep in a split second. Mrs Sutri smile and turn around and saw Mint still sitting at her desk writing notes down from the text book she gave them
"Mint dare aren't you going to join them" Mrs Sutri asked
"Mai ka, I need to write down some notes and finished reading the book" Mint said
"but you look tired dare" Mrs Sutri said and sat down infront of Mint and looked at her write down some notes then notice something on Mints neck. She lean to her left a little and got a better view
'love marks, does that mean that..... Her and her husband did it already but that's not good for Mints, she is still young and could get pregnant' Mrs Sutri thought and continue looking at Mint and got up and pat her head and went to her desk preparing some extra work for tomorrow.

Mrs S was in her room reading over some contracts and signing them until she got a phone call
"hello khun mae, it's Toey na ka, do you mind if I come see you" Toey said
"noo Toey, I haven't heard from you for a while, you may come see me dare anytime ja" Mrs S said and smile
"ka I'm coming right now na ka" Toey said and hung up

"I gave you enough time Chalida, now I want my share" Toey said and laugh "I can't let Mark love you again, I want him to love me, me only" Toey look over at the picture of Mark and said "let the game begin"

In Mark office he wasn't working all he was doing was laying back on chair looking at the view of the city and drifting into his own world, should he stop? Should he love her back? Or should he just continue being mean and hate her for what she did? He wants to love her back but when he saw her in bed with someone else he couldn't take it, seeing the person he loved most cheating behind his back.
Mark was think about this for the whole day until he made a decision and smile and pick up his phone and call someone.

Uni was finished for the day and 20% of the seniors did work but the other 80% was out cold. Some students were better already but some were still a bit drunk. The girls was walking to the front gate and saw Nadech and Boy standing at the front gate waving to them. Yaya quickly turn to the girls "oh no p'Nadech and p'Boy are here, don't say anything about me drinking ok or else I'll kill you all" Yaya said and point her finger at them.
"hey I'm the youngest so don't say anything as well" Sie said
When the girls got to them. Mint hug both Nadech and Boy "you guys came to see me" Mint said
"ummmmm" Nadech begin but nod at Boy to tell her
"ummmmm" Boy couldn't say it either
Mint pull away and fold her arms "you guys didn't come here to see me did you" Mint asked and the boys shook their heads. Mint open her mouth "guys I haven't seen you guys for ages and when you come you come to see Yaya and Gie, not fair" Mint walked to Yaya and Gie and pushed them to Nadech and Boy. "here they are, now you guys go and have fun and don't care about this little girl who is heartbroken because her brothers don't even care about her" Mint said
Everyone laugh and shook their head. Boy walked to Mint and hug her "we miss you so much so does mum and dad" Boy said and kiss Mints cheek. Mint smile and said "you need to shave p'Boy"
Boy laugh and whisper something to Mint, Mint nod and smile, Boy pat her head and turn to Nadech and nod.
"well I was wondering if you guys want to hang out tonight we are going to the movies and then have dinner and play on the game room" Nadech asked
"I want to go home and rest ka" Mint said
"I have to go to work ka" Gib said
"I'm helping Gib today ka" Mint said
"what movie are we seeing" Ja asked
"Pee Mak Phra Khanong" Nadech answer
"I always wanted to see that movie lets go" Gib said
"is it scary" Sie asked
"no it's really funny" Wa said
"Mint are you sure you don't want to come" Boy asked
"mai ka" Mint said and wave
"girls why are some of the students walking in zig zag like they are drunk or something" Nadech asked
"mai mee arai ka" Yaya said and pull Nadech away
"hey fatty how are you" Boy started talking to Margie
"ae bah, I feel like crap" Margie said and walked away
"hey come back I was joking" Boy said and walked to Margie
Everyone left and Mint walk to the car, Mint was about to get in when someone called her name, Mint turn around and saw Mike. "Miky" Mint said and hug Mike
"how are you feeling" Mint asked
"a bit better" Mike answer "do you want to go to the park with me"
"umm sure" Mint said and turn Pong "khun Pong ka I'm going to the park so you can go home, I won't be long ka"
"krub" Pong said and drove off
"let's go" Mint said and they walked to the park together talking and laughing. But Mike couldn't help but think through the whole time what Mark and Mint did last night, he drag her out of the pub when they finished kissing, he couldn't help up think if they did it or not.

Mrs S and Toey were sitting in the living talking
"khun mae ka, I'm not going to wait anymore na ka, the more I wait the more that slut is going to get closer to Mark" Toey said
"ja I can tell he is going to fall for her, he was smiling this morning and Ann said that that's because he and Mint had sex last night" Mrs S said and shook her head in disgust
"WHAT, they alread had sex" Toey asked
Toey wanted to explode but kept her calm and pretend to cry. Mrs S hug Toey and told her its okey and that she will make Mark hate her so much today. Toey smile evilly and was laughing inside.