Painful Love (MTeam) RATED R Chapter 42


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mm were such a loving sweet couple hope they'll find their way back but its all up to mark. Thank u nklue1 for a long update.


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The truth will come out. With Mint being sick yes she is sick.
I decided to change Mint N to Marks cousin. Since I don't want to write her has a bad person in this one.
Here is chapter 13 enjoy.

Chapter 13

Mark was watching tv when Mint came in with a bowl
"khun Mark ka since u didn't eat breakfast and ur properly hungry I made fruit salad" Mint said and sat the fruit salad down on the table in front of the tv and walked away. When Mint left Mark grab the fruit salad and look at it. It had strawberries, bananas, apples, grapes, blueberries, watermelon and lastly ice-cream on the side. It's also how Mark likes it, he prefers the ice cream on the side. Mark grab the spoon and started eating. When Mark finished eating he brought the bowl to the kitchen but stop when he saw Mint on the phone
"don't tell me it's Mike again" Mark whispered

"ka, it's lots of fun here at the beach ka" Mint said
"what about Mark how is he" Mrs W asked
"khun Mark is fine ka"
"has he done anything to u"
"mai ka mae, khun Mark has been really nice to me, his taking me out for a swim today ka, don't worry ka mae"
Mark looked up and turn to Mint 'what are u saying' Mark thought
"oh ok ja"
"mae.. Mae let me talked to Mint" Mint could heard Nadeh and Boy yelling at Mrs W. "Mint Mint, how are u? Has aie Mark done anything to u, if he has I'll be there in a second and bash the hell out of him" Nadech said
"NADECH" Mrs W yelled and hit him
"ah, mae jeb na krub" Nadech said
"jeb see" Mrs W said
"Mint.. Mint are u having fun, have u taken ur med" Boy said
"ka I took it and I'm having lots and lots of fun" Mint said to Boy
"here give me the phone" Mr W said
"Mint.. Make sure u enjoy urself and ill c u soon"
"ka por"
"Mint ja we are going to let u go now so bye" said Mrs W
"ka mae, sawatdee ka" Mint laugh and could here her dad and brothers yelling out no and that they still want to talk to her.
"its only been one day and u guys are going crazy" Mint said and turn around and saw Mark
"khun Mark"
Mark shook out of his thought and walk into the kitchen and put the bowl down.
"pack ur bags we are leaving" Mark said
"where are we going" Mint asked
"home where else" Mark said and walked upstairs
Mint look at Mark walked away and wash the bowl and spoon then went upstairs to pack.

Mark called Som and told her that he and Mint were leaving now. When they finished packing they got in the car and left. Mint took one last looked at the Beach house not knowing if she is going to ever see it again.

Aff and Aum just came back from their date and walked tocthe backyard where everyone is but the only people who were not there was Mint, Mark, Mrs S and Mr S.
Ann and Ken are playing hide and seek with Tawan and Lin.  Ann was counting. Ken was trying to hide and looks like he was having trouble finding a place to hide. Lin and Tawan were doing fine but kept fighting with each other on who is going to hide where.
"p'Tawan, I want to hide there" Lin said
"but I found it first" Tawan said
"but I'm ur little sister and u have to give in to me"
"no I don't"
"hey hey guys, calm, dad will solve ur problem" Ken said
"how" Lin and Tawan asked
Ken got into the hiding spot Lin and Tawan were fighting for and said "there problem solve, so Tawan and Lin u go two go find another place to hide"
"ha por" Lin said
"46, 47, 48" Ann counted
"kids run" Ken said
Right away Lin and Tawan ran away to find a place to hid.
Gib was taking a video of the family playing the game since she is a photographer and makes video. She got so addicted that she started to film the family. She then turn to Mint N video here then Yaya and Margie.
Mint N was cutting some roses with the maids, she was mostly cutting the pink ones because they are her favorites, Yaya and Margie were swimming in the swimming pool splashing and jumping on each other. All u could hear from them where screaming and laughing.


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Chapter 14

2hrs later Mint and Mark finally arrived back just in time when Mr S came back from work. The maids came out and grab their suitcases. Mr S saw Mark and Mint and walk to them.
"why aren't u at the beach house " Mr S asked
"we are back from our honeymoon dad" Mark answer
"but I said a week which means come back in 7 days"
"dad one day of honeymoon is enough"
"no it's not now get back in ur car and go back now"
"khun por ka, there was nothing to do there, so we decided to come back"
"come on dad it's just a stupid honeymoon and I don't want to spend anymore time with this slut"
"MARK" Mr S yelled and slap Mark " don't u call Mint that again"
Mark look up at his dad then Mint
"it all ur fault u slut" Mark said and got in his car and zoom out
"Mark, u... son with no respect"
"khun por ka, mai ben rai ka" Mint said, looking at Mr S "let's go inside now" Mint said, Mr S nodded and they both walk inside.
"p Mint ur back" Gib said
"and why are u back so early Mint" Ann said
"oh the beach was boring so we decided to come back"
"oh, did u take some pictures n'Mint" Mint N asked
"umm no was I suppose to"
"yes, everyone who goes on their honeymoon has to take pictures so we can hang it up" Margie said
"oh I guess I was to busy having fun and forgot about it"
"oh thats ok" Gib said and walk to Mint and hug her. Gib pull Mint away "p'Mint why are u so hot" Gib said asked she feels Mints head
"oh nothing don't worry"
"here let me see" Yaya said as she got up and feels Mints head "Mint do u have a cold, ur body is hot"
"oh it's nothing" Mint said and was about to walk away but fainted
"Mint, Yaya go tell Dao to call the family doctor now" Margie said
"Ken.. Ken.. KEN" Ann yelled
Ken ran in with Aum, Tawan and Lin all wet "krub tee rak"
"come help me carry Mint up stairs to her room"
"ok" Ken said and pick Mint up and carry her upstairs

Ken put Mint down to the bed and put the cover over her.
"thanks Ken and go have ur shower same for u three"
"ok tee rak" Ken said and kiss Ann on the cheek and left
"ka/krub" Lin, Tawan and Aum left as well
"awwwww" Yaya said
"Yaya yood" Ann said
"when will the doctor arrived" Mint N asked
"in 20 mintues ka, I also called Nadech and told him and he said he will be here in 20 as well"
"ok, Yaya go get me a bowl of cold water and a towel so I can cool down Mint body temperature" Ann said
"ka" Yaya said and went downstairs

Mark was sitting at the bar and ordered his 9th glass of wine.
"hey ae Mark I think that enough, ur going get drunk if u drink anymore" Wit said serving him the drink (Wit is Marks friend from high school, as u see he works at the pub serving drinks)
"no.. That bitch, it's all her fault, I'm going to crush her tonight" Mark said. Wit look at Mark and saw that has already finished his glass and was already drunk.


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Poor mint feel sorry for her. The fam is nice to her, hope she gets well. Thank u nklue1.


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Chapter 15

Soon the family doctor, Nadech and Boy arrived. The maids greet them and took them upstairs. Nadech and Boy came barging in and ran to Mint
"is she ok" Boy asked
"yes she is, that's why she is lying there unconscious on the bed" Margie said and slap Boy's head
"owww I just asked don't have to hit me" Boy said and poke Margie's head
"enough to two and get out if ur going to make noise, shoo" Aff said
"what happen" Nadech asked
"not sure she came back from her honeymoon with Mark today and fainted" Yaya said
"Hello girls" the doctor said as he walked in
"hello p'Pong" the girls said
"ahem" Nadech pretended cough letting him know that there are guys in here to.
"oh and guys"
"hello Pong"
"can everyone please go wait outside" Pong said
"ok" everyone wait outside. Aum and Ken are downstairs with Lin and Tawan watching tv.
Minutes later Pong came out.
"how is she" Aff asked
"she is ok, she just got a cold and did u know that she has"
"hey Pong we need to talk to u" Boy butt in
"chai" Nadech said
"ok but first make sure she takes these pills after her meals until she is feeling better, just 2 pills and she will be better in 2-3 days"
"ka" Ann and the girls went inside Mints room but Aff went to join the guys and Ann's kids.
Nadech and Boy drag Pong out to the backyard and talk. Not knowing that someone was listening to their conversation.
When they finished talking, Pong left and Nadech and Boy went upstairs. Ann was wiping Mints face. Nadech and Boy walked.
"p'Ann krub I can do that. U already done enough, u should go sit down." Nadech said
"Mai ben rai ja, we're a family now and I'm the elders so I have to take care of everyone" Ann said and left.
It was just Margie, Yaya, Nadech, Boy and Mint. Nadech started to wipe Mints face and neck. He stop and saw something red on her neck. He move Mints hair out of the way and saw some more. He started unbutting her shirt and was hoping that it wasn't what he think it is.
"Nadech what are u doing" Margie asked and walk to Nadech. Nadech open her shirt and saw red marks everywhere and some bruises. Nadech balled up his hand into a fist and looked away. Boy walked over to see what's wrong and saw it, he too balled up is hand. Margie and Yaya walked over
"are they.. Love marks" Yaya asked
"yes" Margie answer
"that means" Yaya started but stop and looked over at Nadech and Boy. Yaya walked over to Nadech hug him
"p'Nadech ka, it's ok, it's normal" Yaya said. Nadech got up
"So it's normal hey, normal to have bruises when u do it, normal to get bruise when ur husband fucks u" Nadech yelled
"p'Nadech calm down please" Yaya said and got up
Margie turn to Boy and hug him. Thank god Boy was more calmer then Nadech, or else she would have a headache.
"calm down. Calm down I can't do that when that bastard hurt my sister" Nadech said and storm out of the room. Yaya ran out and block his path.
"Yaya move"
"p'Nadech yood na ka, Yaya ja mai hai p'Nadech tum rai p'Mark" (Nadech stop, I won't let u do anything to Mark)
"Yaya I'm going to asked u one more time, move"
Nadech tried to push Yaya away gently but she wouldn't move. Nadech was getting madder and madder and push Yaya away roughly. Yaya fell on the floor. Everyone ran upstairs and saw Yaya on the floor.
"Yaya" Ann said and looked over at Nadech
"Nadech that's enough" Boy said
"not until I kill him" Nadech yelled
"kill who" Mr S and Mrs S asked
"mae, por, Lin and Tawan, u can go back downstairs, I can take care of this" Ann said. Mr and Mrs S went back downstairs with Lin and Tawan behind them.
"Nadech calm down na, I know ur mad of what Mark did to Mint but please look at u, u hurt Yaya" Ann said
Nadech looked at Yaya and saw a tear come down. It calm him down and he walked over to her and hug her
"I'm sorry Yaya, I didn't mean to hurt u, I was mad" Nadech said
"mai ben rai ka, but please don't do it again" Yaya said
"ok" Nadech wipe Yaya's tears and looked at everyone.
"thank u na krub p'Ann" Nadech said
"if i was in ur position Nadech, I would have done the same thing as u, but just try and keep more calm ok" Ken said
"and u'll hurt the people around u like Yaya just then" Aum said
"now get back in there and take care of Mint but of u cant take it, I'll do it for u" Ann said
"or I'll do it" Gib said
"ah, P'Ann or Gib can one of u guys do it"
"ok, p'Ann ka, I'll do it" Gib said and went into Mints room
"ok, everyone downstairs"
"Yaya, let's make dinner it's already 6pm, come on" Nadech said and grab Yaya's hand and ran downstairs. Nadech couldn't believe he had just hurt the person he loved and he promise that he will never hurt her again.


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When mark arrive ? And I want to know that Nadech , Boy what they talk to Pong ? I want to know


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Thank u nklue1 i love da story with drama going on. da bro r sure v protective of mint v admirable. Like how nadech felt bad in being rough to yaya n his tlc after. I look forward to next update.


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Thank u for commenting and here is chapter 16, was hoping that I could update this morning but didn't have time. Had to go to work. Well enjoy chapter 16 and warning it's Rated.

Chapter 16

It was already 2am and Mark was still not home. Mint still asleep. A car pull over in front of the house and a guy came out, it was Wit. He walk over to the gate and saw that all the lights are off. He walk over and rang the bell and waited. He saw a light from the maids house turn on and saw pa Pat walking towards him.
"krai ka"
"Wit krub pa Pat, I came here to drop Mark off krub"
"oh Wit, I'll open the gate for u" pa Pat said and went to type the code in
"krub" Wit went back in the car and waited for pa Pat to open the gate. When the gate open Wit drive in and park the car.
"kob kon krub pa Pat" Wit said as he got mark out of the car
"ka, khun Wit its already late u should stay"
"I'll go prepare u a room"
"krub" Wit said as pa Pat went to prepare him a room
"heyyy ae WIT, let me go" Mark said
"I can't or u will fall"
Mark push Wit away from him and walk but zig zag not straight
"ae Mark let me take u too ur room"
"no, I'll go myself and find that stupid slut" Mark said and burp
"ha, ok then" Wit said as he watch Mark struggle to go to his room then walked away to his room that he will stay in.


Mark walked in the dark room and saw a body laying on the bed. He smirk knowing that it Mint and walk towards the bed taking his clothes off one by one and once he reach the bed he was naked. He looked at the body sleeping peacefully. He grab the blanket and pull it roughly away from Mint. Mint felt the blanket leave her body and move her hand around trying to find it. Mark saw Mints hand move around. He climb in bed and put his hand on Mints leg and and move it up feeling her leg and went up her nightgown and when he reach her undies he pull it down roughly waking up Mint. He then pull her body towards him. Mint felt herself being pulled up. It was dark but the light from the moon was light enough for her to see that it was Mark and he saw naked. Mints hands was on his chest. Mint felt something hot, hard and big touching her below part and looked down, her eyes widen when she saw what it was and quickly look up and saw Mark smirk
"khun Mark ploy Mint daew nee" Mint cried
"no way, not until I finished with u" Mark said then started kissing her neck. Mint struggle and scream at Mark to stop. Marks hands ram around Mints body as he kiss her chest. Soon Mint gave up fighting and stay still letting Mark do what he wants to do. Mark felt Mint stop struggling and smirk. Mintues later Mark push Mint down onto the bed and thrust in her. Mint gasp and grab onto the bed sheets as Mark kept thrusting in and out. Mark pull his lip away from Mints and looked at her. Her lips are swollen and bleeding from him biting her. Mark felt himself about to come and his stomached tightened. His pace became faster and harder as Mint grip on the bed tighten and soon Mark came, releasing his hot seeds in her, he thrust a few more times making sure he release everything. Mark then drop down beside Mint, both breathing heavily. Mint turn and saw that Mark pulled the blanket over him and turned the other way not facing her. Tears started coming down. He didnt even bother to see how she was and how she feels. Its not like she expected Mark to kiss her softly and hug her. But maybe a little respect from him would make her life a little better and a little respect every time they do it. Mint turn and faced Mark. She looked at him, his back facing her. Mint then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

*End of rated*


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Thank u nklue1 for ur time! cant help but dislike mark sm ! zero love zero respect but a brute! poor mint! u wrote the scene v well nklue1. i look forward to further updates whenever ure ready, wif appreciation, key.


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Chan Gliat Mark in this FF!!!! He has no respect when ever he wants her he does it!!!! I hope there we at least be a willing scene and a scene of mark apologizing to Mint, I think mint will get pregnant soon?


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I knew u guys were going to hate Mark in this ff
but in the next few chapters he will be a little bit more nicer
and there will be a willing scene without force or anything just a loving, caring and gentle scene.
Mint will be pregant.
Please dont hate my ff. Not ur sure if u guys do.
Will update tomorrow. Thank u.


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I love it nklue1 ! it means u wrote so well tat i couldn't stand mark. Looking to their sweetness, take ur time. Thank u nklue1.


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Oh thank god, I was thinking, ok does that mean, I'm writing my story good or bad?. But thank, since it is my first story I was worried. Here is chapter 17. Sorry i post it so late. Enjoy!!

Chapter 17

Aff, Gib, Ann and Yaya were awake sitting down in the living room watching tv.
"tum mai Mint yun mai lon ma" (why isnt Mint down here yet) Aff said
"mai roo ka, hai Gib bai doo mai" (I don't know, do u want me to go see) Gib asked
"ok" Aff said
Gib went upstairs and the girls continue to talk and watch tv.

Gib walk to Marks room and knock on the door. No answer so she knock again.
"p'Mint, p'Mark are u guys awake yet" Gib said. Gib knock again and again. Then Gib decided to open the door and found it unlock.
"that's weird, Mark always lock his door" Gib said. Gib then open the door and walked inside
"p'Ma....." Gib stop as she looked at the floor and saw clothes everywhere. She bend down and pick up a bra and looked up at the bed and saw Mark shirtless. Gib cover her mouth and quietly ran out and close the door and ran downstairs. The girls looked up at Gib.
"Gib ben arai"Aff asked
"and is Mint and Mark awake yet" Yaya asked
"ummm, p'Mark and p'Mint are still sleeping ka" Gib answer
"and why did u run for" Yaya asked
"ummmmm, aaah, umm"
"what is it n'Gib" Ann said
"come on n'Gib" Aff said
"kue... p'Markandp'Mintdiditlastnightandtheirclothesarealloverthefloorandtheirbothnakeka" Gib said quickly
"ha... Gib can u say it again but slowly please" Yaya said
Gib took a breath and said "kue, p'Mark and p'Mint did it last night and their clothes are all over the floor and their both nake ka"
Yaya look up shock apart from Ann and Aff.
"p'Mark and p'Mint did it last night" Yaya said "ahhhhh ya bok p'Nadech na ka or else p'Mark dai na" Yaya screamed
"Chai ya bok Nadech na and don't tell anyone else ok" Ann said
"ka" Gib said.

Minutes later Lin came downstairs rubbing her eyes with her hands.
"Lin sweetie why are u up so early" Ann said
"chai it's only 7" Aff said
"Mai roo ka" Lin went up to Ann and hug her and hug the other girls.
"morning na ka mae and p,p" Lin said
"morning ja Lin/n'Lin" they said
"ah, I woke up too early I think I should go back to sleep" Yaya said and got up and wave.
"Aff come back to bed please, I want to hug u" Aum said and carried Aff upstairs
"Aum ploy na, Aff mai bai na" Aff said as she hit Aum.
"umm.. p'Gib ka.. I want to talk to mae privately ka" Lin said
"oh ok ka, I'll go take some pictures of the sunrise"
"kob kon ka"
After everyone was gone. Lin looked at Ann and started talking to Ann.