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dude this lakorn is so weak sauce........ the preview that someone had up looked so good but once i began to watch it, it's so blah........ i'm so too say WEAK SAUCE............ stefan needs to be mean and kob needs to stop being so naive looking


sarNie Adult
This is not the typical revenge type drama that everyone is used to seeing this year. It’s kinda sweet and tender, so you won’t be seeing much pushing or shoving between na'ek and pra'ek. Those who loves mean pra’ek, I suggest you don’t watch this lakorn, lol.

Back to the lakorn...
It's so typical, pra'ek can't get na'rai off his tail. There was so many time Pee let Sonya kissed him on the cheek, even when he made it clear who he liked/loved, he can't even utter "don't kiss me..." This is how you know you're watching a thai lakorn...haha...

Some scenes to look forward to:



sarNie Oldmaid
i agree...the lakorns wit the mean pra'ek or nang'ek is a fun 2 watch....but i tink lakorns like this one is nice for a change...like Ann T. & Num Sornram's Tae Pang Korn...it wuz juz sweet & tender.....i like these kinda lakorn because it seem like they both have so much respect for each other...and appriciate each ohter...it's cute...

nancy...thanks for the screen caps...can't wait foe tose scenes...stefan looks good in tat blue shirt...


sarNie Oldmaid
I like this lakorn..It doesn't drag and it has suspense in it..Which is good because lakorn now adays are always focusing on like I want to kill the nang aek's dad for his property/money and so forth...


I admit this lakorn is good.. but for some odd reason I miss sai lo hid when I watch this hahah I think num is a better boran character with kob.. it's like more believeable..


sarNie Juvenile
This lakorn is great! It moves at a natural pace where everything is carefully examined and explained... Plus, the love between n'ek and p'ek is not raging but beautiful and soft like water and flowers...


sarNie Hatchling
ive only seen episode 1, im not really into watching boran lakorns, but i';l give this one a shot, coz all the comments you guys are making seems like its a good lakorn.=)


this lakorn is not all boran it's like boran/modern haha .. comeon episode 7.. come out already.. lolz I wanna see the sweet scenes..


Lakorn Obsesser
Stefan and Kob looks really cute in this lakorn.I love their wardrobe and story line better than long ngow jun^^.


SarNie Adult
so far i liked this lakorn too...based on the fact that kob and stephen are so cute in here....the sweetness between them....


sarNie Adult
I just like Kob and Stefan in this lakorn as Kob and Stefan. They are so cute and adorable. I don't like both characters that they potrait in PSFS. The characters are too weak...they don't fight for each other.....especially n'eng. I would not say this lakorn's going to be another hit for them like LGJ. I'm hoping to see their next new lakorn.


One Of Kob Big Fan
I admit this lakorn is good.. but for some odd reason I miss sai lo hid when I watch this hahah I think num is a better boran character with kob.. it's like more believeable..
Same here, I miss SaiLoHid when I watch this lakorn too. Yeah P'Num is better than Stephan cuz Stephan is not Thai and not look like Thai.

Anyway I still like this lakorn and they both make a cute couple too.


sarNie Adult
Youa remember even though he doesn’t have the look in boran clothing, he fits the luk kreung character in PSFS. At least they have a reason why they cast Stefan.

Moilee, why would Kob’s character fight for Stefan when she knows she is engaged and doesn’t know YET … the reason why she’ll be fighting for Stefan. They’re both not even sure about their past.


sarNie Adult
First hug was in episode four. Sarn, I'll let you know when hug or kiss scene comes by.

The screencaps above is from episode 6 ending credit.


This lakorn is boring.
I stopped watching it after episode 3,but after episode 1 i just forward to the part where they dress in boran clothing.I just watn to see the boran part.


sarNie Adult
I wouldn't say this lakorn is boring....I have seen others too. I didn't stop watching this...I love seeing Kob and Stefan in this lakorn. I just don't like the characters they potrait in PSFS. And I think there's too many characters in this lakorns. Anyways, the reason I said why Kob's character doesn't fight for pr'eng ...I'm not talking about if they knew their past life....for example, on tape 4 where the n'rai told n'eng about her relationship to pr'eng (a lie). She got mad (a little jealous) and threaten to go back home because her father got shut as she claimed. Everybody knows it...that was the only reason why she wanted to go back home.....even her grandmother knew that it was something else too.