Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)


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so sad next episode
but i think the end will be the sadest if bie will sing songs to his father (khon tee ter ruk) the meaning of this song is too sad but i love it =)
and i think his father can not see tawan and listen to the songs that tawan sing for because he´s at the hospital because his cancer
everythings too sad but love that lakorn


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Why doesn't Tawan and his dad want anyone to know who Tawan's dad is?

Man, I couldn't help but mention that Aff had a really cute top on when she was watching Bie practice, when she was bringing food for him...she wears the cutest stuff in this lakorn...

Bie's new album is like a soundtrack for this lakorn, they've played so many of his songs makes sense since he's a singer...I mean, if it wasn't for Grand's song, this would just be an all-Bie lakorn soundtrack...LOL

This lakorn is moving pretty quickly, which I love...but I swear, if they drag out the bad scenes, I just might have to murder someone. It's like they want it to end within a certain amount of episodes...I figured Fah and Tawan would've spent more time before he got in his accident. Tawan should've let Fah see Sasin with that chick...then Fah would've ended things then and there.

I'm glad next week Fah breaks up with Sasin, but Tawan will get amnesia...NOOOOOO!!!!
I don't want him to be a jerk already.


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You know what I have to mention something about this lakorn. Every time I watch this drama, no matter what scene it is, it always makes me appreciate my parents so much. Just seeing the beginning of the drama of what P'Off's character did for Tawan and what he had to go through even though Tawan is not his son is so admiring and sweet. I appreciate and love my parents for what they've done and have gone through just to get me this far in my life. I just hope that i can do something just as nice and meaningful for them before they leave me and this world (*knocks on wood that they live a long time*)


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You know, when Tawan lost his memory he tells everyone that he gets well and can remembers everybody. He comes to dissimulate his amnesia. He decieves Praifah and the other. It's because Oradee [Mam] tells him that if the others know that he lost his memory they all will cheat him becuz now he is a superstar. And just only Oradee [Mam] knows about his amnesia. She tells him that she is his mom and Aruk is a gay who crazy him and wants to be his father. Beside that she's also tells him that Tawan has an accident becuz Aruk. Then Tawan hates Aruk becuz Aruk made him lost his memory.


Tawan and Fah singing at the play was awsome, does anyone how where i can get the song of them too sing together??? hahaa...J/k

It was funny how Fah overreacted for just a kiss, but still i loved that ending where Tawan finally tells her he loves her. Yesterday's episode was great, i just love it, Fah started to fall for him already, but just to dumb to realize it. But gosh, I dislike Mam chacater, but they have to keep her in to stir up the drama.

So sad, Tawan's gonna loose his memory already, but just hoping they don't drag it, cuz i love the fast pace it has right now.


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i've cut and overlay this scene with the OFFICIAL MP3 to make it clearer :
i really love the lakorn atm -- feel so sorry for him each time i see him with aff TT those eyes sure find a way to hit my heart.

i notice that at the studio, Bie remind me so much of RAIN lol .. could be why i'm drawn to him in the first place --


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Okay...him getting amnesia next week doesn't make any's moving wayyy to quickly then. Cuz Fah hasn't really broken up with Sasin yet, and Tawan is supposed to be there to comfort her, and I thought that's how she'd really fall for him. I thought they'd build a deeper relationship before he loses his memory...because as of now, she's only caring about him because it's her job, or so she says...but basically she's not trying to show any feelings for him.

Then he's dumb with not letting Fah see that Sasin was cheating on her, after she insisted...he's dumb. Man, the p'eks this year are so dumb...especially with what I'm watching now...Wang Nam Karng's p'ek is stupid as heck. I was so pissed off at Tawan for taking Plaifah away from the cheating bastard…I wanted to kill him. I don’t think there is any logic behind it, that was one of those dumb lakorn moments. I guess if they can overreact to a little kiss, they can do something this dumb for this lakorn. I swear, there’s good moments, then ridiculously bad moments…

But, here’s the thing about Tawan being this squeaky clean goody-two-shoes…it’s either that or an unreasonable distrustful jerk…I’d take the lesser of two evils…I’d rather have his naive, nice attitude than to have him be such a jerk later…

He frustrates me because I’m a nice person, but dang, if I saw a girl cheating on the guy I liked, I’d be like, “Yep, that sure is your girlfriend cheating on you…” I’d walk him over there myself, shine my phone on their faces so he could see clearly…but then again, that’s me, not this lakorn.


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^Yeah she is.

But anyways I think I'm skipping this week's episode. I really am a big fan of Aff but I don't want to see Tawan mean to his dad and I hate his mom so bad so I'm just going to get back to this lakorn once he remembers his memory lol.