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Por, today is your birthday and I want you to know that we still remember your special day.
You've gone too soon and too young, and we will sorely miss you.   
I'm sorry for not really get to know you until you played in a lakorn Dao Rueng with Yaya.    Thank you so much na ka Por for working and helping Yaya with the southern dialect and for making her more "Man Up" while playing Dao Rueng character.
Rest in peace na ka and make yourself comfortable up there.    Heaven has gained another angel.
" Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away. "

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sarNie Elites
The first time i ever saw p'por was with pat in likisit huajai. In fact, ghat was the first time i saw both of them. I had fallen out of lakorns for while...only watching random stuff here and there that i didnt even end up finishing. When I first watch likisit huajai, i remember thinking omg who are these people and y is tao sarocha no longer a nangek now?? Crazy! Then i realized, ohhh, if sarocha is in here, then it might be a fiesty one. Thank goodness i did bc i fell in love with por and pat! At the time, Im not gonna lie, i just thought their looks were so so, but omg when they get their acting on and their touchy feely on, it is sooo hot. And i felt more turned on by ppor as kept watching him in there! He was just radiating charisma so i started researching him and was glad to find that he was older than me...bc i hate having the hots for guys who are younger than me. Lol. Miss u p'por...i considered u one of my fantasy husbands...and now u have made me a widow.


sarNie Elites
Also, when the live shows were talking about p'pors bday, they kept saying he was going to be im assuming thatz more correct than whatz type up on the internet?? Happy bday p'por!! Miss u!!


The Dahlia Goddess
Happy birthday P'Por. My first Por lakorn was Roy Leh Sanae Luang and I have to say I was amazed with him for portraying two very different characters and falling for two different women. The lakorn literally gives you 2 pairs of a saucy and innocent characters. From there I watched Hua Jai Song Park, Taddao Bussaya, Mon Rak Look Toong, Tom Yum Lum Sing, DaoReung, Spinster vs Casanovas, and then Hua Jai Pathapee. Since his hospitalization, I was contemplating over Tard Rak, Phu Pha Prai Mai,and Phu Yai Lee Gub Nan that he's really gone, I really need to start looking those dramas up.
Por isn't the best looking p'ek put there but what makes him noticeable or stands out from the crowd, is his charms. From his bloopers from Buang Barp, everyone loves the dude. He's hilarious as heck. He isn't afraid of clowning with others. There are times when he messes up on scene and he makes them memorable. Such as licking a fly on his face. Like eww!!! But no, instead I laughed at him. He's so playful and corny yet so passionate in acting and sincere. If Big is that guy that played that one drama, sorry forgot what it's called, with Ploy's older sister...then boy he was good looking as heck and though I didn't know of his passing until I watched that drama and wanted more, I told myself, "Self, he's one of the good ones. Move on." I wasn't attached to Big but I think I understand what every Bigfan went through based on my experience with Por's passing. I want you ladies and gents to know that we're all here for each other. We will pull through this. We may have lost another great actor, but it's up to us to keep their memories alive.

I have to admit, when I heard Por passed, I thought it was FAKE. Then I came here and it was CONFIRMED REAL. Cried. Then to ease the pain I imagined this was all a ploy so the family could leave the industry and find peace in another haven. Of course it's not, Bow has already cried truckloads of tears. His friends and family have come to pay respect. The press and ignorant people have already shared pictures of his face to confirm his death to society...well I guess that ploy wasn't a ploy after all. P'Por is indeed resting well now in his new haven. RIP p'. Happy Birthday ka. Su su in your new haven.

Whew that's all. Lots to say but couldn't find the right words to describe my emotions.


sarNie Egg
So sad that he's only 36. That means he is even younger than what I had thought. Anyways, Happy 36th Birthday, Por. I'm feeling so sad as we are getting closer and closer to saying goodbye to you. I can't imagine how much pain your family and Bow must be feeling now. Miss you dearly <3


sarNie Hatchling
Happy Birthday P'Por. You left this world too soon. But Mali will grow up to know what a great and wonderful man her father was and the exceptional and selfless things he's done for others til the end.


sarNie Adult
Happy birthday P'Por, watching this bts video if you was such a fun one. Again thank you so much for making me and many others around you smile and laugh along with you. Mali really have your charms.


sarNie Egg
Thank you Mahalo for updating us with the pictures. So heartbreaking to know that Mali misses and talks about her father. Bow is such a strong woman to be holding back her tears. I don't even want to imagine the future, a future of longing for your loved ones. And a cremation setting like this is perfectly suited for such a special person like Por. By the looks of the number of attendees, there's no doubt Por was a well-loved and respected person.


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
This Thai news station said that they planned to have Por work with them "when" he recovered. Por would have work regardless of his condition plus all his other charities and income he has coming in. Unfortunately, that didn't happen...but they made a tribute of Por. Made me smile after all these tears since hearing of the sad news. May he now rest peacefully with more pain and suffering.

In loving memory of Por T. ❤


sarNie Egg
Guys, I'm so devastated! Even though I haven't watched a lot of his drama, I'm just so shocked and sadden over his death. Even time I see pictures of his wife and daughter, I cry for her. P'Por made a good choice, he chose the right woman to be his wife and mother to his child. Bow is such a strong person, she is also a loving mother too. I have a son that is Mali's age, same adorableness and chubby cheeks too. I cling to him just as much as he cling to me. I'm sure Mali is the same with her mother. In all their pictures, mother and daughter hold on to each other. You can see the love Bow has for her child, yet you can see the sadness and fear in her face. Sadness because she lost her life partner at such a young age, at the time their life together was just beginning. Fear, for an future full of uncertainty without him. I'm so sad for her, for Mali, his parents, his family.

On a side note, are her parents there? She looks mixed but I don't see anyone mixed around. I hope she has parents or siblings that she can lean on to during this difficult time. From his death to his funeral, her face has been under the watchful cameras of those disrespectful media that it looks like she hasn't properly grieve. I'm sure once the cremation is over and she is alone that it'll hit and she can grieve. I hope there will be people around to hold her and hug her. She will need it.

P'Por is truly loved by the people.


sarNie OldFart
Happy birthday P'Por. I am sad we have to celebrate your birthday this way. Today, I build up the courage to not cry for your big day. You'll always be in our hearts forever. You'll be missed dearly.

Not the best, but here goes something little for P'Por. Love you.

Aht glai gun kahm sen kaup fah
We might be as far as the horizon
Dtae wah hua jai rao glai gun
But our hearts are near
แค่หลับตาลงในความฝัน จะอยู่ไม่ไกล
Kae lup dtah long nai kwahm fun ja yoo mai glai
Just closing our eyes and dreaming, we wont be far"



sarNie Adult
Her parents are there I believe. If you saw the earlier picture if crying in the arms of an older man with white hair, that was her father. My heart keeps breaking for the family left behind.


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
@Mango12 Her parents were there. They were pointed out during the 1st day at the temple.