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Chapter 7 - Dont say it out loud, Never out loud...

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Me still out here crossing thy fingers though...


"What the heck?!" Astraea heard Theo exclaimed, making her look up from her phone only to see him battle with a neck tie.

"How do you put this damn thing on?"

Her brows furrow, watching Theo struggle, his hair messy and frustration evident on his face.


This is the first time that she saw him like this, so unlike his usual overflowing self confidence.

He must be really nervous eh?

"Let me", sighing, she stood up close to him, taking hold of his tie as she began on knotting it for him.

With a slight pause, she too proceed on buttoning his suit vest for him before she straighten his collar.

"There", she said, gently patting his shoulder when she's satisfied with her work, looking up only to find him staring at her with a tender smile on his face.

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Astraea almost took a step back at being greeted with such a sight up close. Thank god she caught herself just in time and forced a smiled back instead, praying for her heart to calm down.

"I'm sorry about the room", Theo apologized while scanning the room with his eyes, "Didn't know I'll have companion for this trip, so I only got to book one"

"It's okay", she replied, watching him fidget in his clothes, combing his hair rather distractedly.

Looks like he really is quite anxious eh?

Must be because of the meeting he was telling her about earlier.

Theo told her that the place they are staying right now is where he and his cousin were planning to start their business.

He said he was actually on his way here when he heard about her situation and he thought that maybe he could help and hitch her since this place is quite far and hidden.

He's been wanting to buy the villa from the old couple who's gonna migrate soon but they wouldnt quite agree, he had to go personally to try and convinced them.

"Hey", Astraea sighed, taking pity of his predicament that she gently cupped his face and turned it to her, asking, "You nervous?"

"Hmm?", he only hummed with an uneasy smile, unable to meet her eyes, "A little"

"Look at me", she whispered with a slight caress on his face that he slowly looked at her, worry now evident on his eyes that she smiled at him with encouragement saying, "You can do this okay? I know you can"

Silence filled the air as they exchange glances, him staring straight and deep into her eyes as if he is looking for her sincerity before he sighed and close his eyes, holding her hand on his face softly.

"O-kay?", he said, breathing out his worries before he began smiling that charming smile he often wore, she knew he is back to his old self, "Right! Of course I am Theodore Levant Andrews after all"

Astraea only rolled her eyes at him, smiling at his antics as she took a step back, tipping her head towards the door, saying, "Go get them"

Before he left though, he stop at the door and turn to her, saying, "Thank you", sincerity laced on his voice to which she only nod her head and smiled back.

With another dimpled smile and a wink, he had left her alone, closing the door softly.

So... where to go now?

*An hour later...

Astraea walk around the pool side, settling down on the far end where the benches were as she looked at the pictures she'd taken.

'Theo is right.', she couldnt help but agree with his sentiments about the place.

This place is a paradise.

A hidden gem in the mountains.

Now she really cant blame him for wanting to buy this place. In fact, she thinks it is one good hella investment.


"No!" she heard a kid of, maybe five year old threw a tantrum, pushing the tray of food the waiter brought as the old but elegant woman that must be his guardian tried to pacify him with no avail, wailing, "Dont want!" All over again.

Astraea tried not to intervene and looked anywhere else cause she didnt know if the grandma would appreciate a stranger's help but hearing the kids loud sob while shouting, "Choco Chaud! Chaud! Chaud!", she could not ignore the toddlers cry anymore.

"Erm- excuse me", she started, smiling awkwardly at the look she got from the old woman who thought she's just disturbing them at the first place, "Did he ever visited france?"

"Now is not the time for that young lady", the grandma shot her a look of frustration, thinking that she's speaking nonsense.

"I just thought that he is asking for a hot chocolate", she said with a shrug, "Cause chocolat chaud in france means hot chocolate"

"Oh?", the grandma looked at her for a moment before she nodd at the nearby waiter saying, "You heard that?"

At once, the waiter bows and scrambled towards the direction of the kitchen. In just a few minutes, the waiter came back holding a cup of what seemed like a hot chocolate, hurriedly made with instant mix.

Astraea had to raise her eyebrows at the cup, not even surprised when the kid pushed it and began wailing again.

"No!", the kid screamed again at the top of his lungs, "Want Choco chaud!"

"I thought you said hot chocolate?", the grandma glared at her.

Astraea could only sigh out loud and stop herself from rolling her eyes. This is what you get for trying to help. Drat.

Calmly standing up, she went near the two and kneel down in front of the weeping kid,
"Do you want chocolat chaud?", she asked the kiddo sweetly, brushing his hair away from his face as she wipe his tears with the back of her hand.

To everyone's surprise, the kid instantly calm down and nodd quietly. Astraea looked up at grandma with a shrug as if to say, 'I told you so'

"Okay they'll make one for you", she said to the young boy but before she could stand up though, the kiddo quickly hug her tight and wouldnt let go.

"Erm- I can make it for him if you want?", she volunteered.

"And what do you want in return?", the old woman stared at her with a hard piercing gaze as if testing her intentions.

"A smile from the young boy?", Astraea seriously think that the old lady must have been through a lot to ask that to her, she decide not to take things seriously.

At her answer though, a beginning of a smile formed on grandma's lips as she finally gave in saying, "Fine"


"Choco chaud!", the young boy excitedly taps the counter top saying, "Choco chaud" Repeatedly.

"Sorry", Grandma gave her a small smile, shaking her head, "His mother and father are in vacation right now so we are left in charge of my grandson... Didnt thought he'd be this handful though"

Astraea didnt know what happened but the old lady's attitutede towards her turned 360 degree, warming up to her now as she busy herself with the kitchen.

The grandma must be a VIP here though, to have an access in this place cause she was even given a nod to use anything she need.

"Still a cutie", Astraea smiled at the two and began explaining what was wrong with the hot choco from before, "The secret in a hot chocolate, aside from the best quality cocoa is in the milk", she said while mixing the content with a low boil.

"So you must be a chef then?", The grandma asked after a short while, watching her move around the kitchen which made Astraea chuckle and waver her hands no.

"Im afraid that I am a frustrated chef rather...", she said with a sad smile, "Never got to finish my cullinary degree"

"Sorry to hear that dear", the old lady symphatized, "You just look completely natural in the kitchen."

"No worries", she answered nonchalantly, smiling when she finished her work as she pour the contents in the cup, placing it in front of the young boy.

"Here it is! A cup of chocolat chaud"

The kid instantly clap his hands and sweetly leap towards her and gave her a kiss on her cheek which made gradma and her laugh.

"He likes you", grandma told her.

"Aw. I like him too", Astraea smiled and pinched the kiddo's cheeks at his cuteness especially when the young boy leans down to smell the hot choco.

She didnt know how she knew though but at that moment, she felt that tingling sensation she often got when someone's watching her.

Must be due to being surrounded by body guards all the time.

And she couldnt be more wrong though for she glanced around the area only to find Theo standing a few meters from her and watching her with... awe and tenderness?

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That is before he saw that she caught him looking as he immediately looked down rather shyly, smiling to himself.

cr: Ch3Thailand LR on YT

Damn. Is she imagining things now?

"Excuse me?", An unfamiliar voice suddenly called and she turn to the side to see a handsome man beside her, grandma only raised an eyebrow at her teasingly and smile while shaking her head, having also witnessed the exchange between her and Theo just earlier.

"Can I help you?", she asked, taking off her apron and walking to sit over on one of the stool instead, beside the little boy.

"I couldnt help but notice you from afar since earlier", the guy, who's looking quite cute by the way, smiled at her boyishly asking, "Are you alo-"

"Mr. Javier? Fancy seeing you here but-", she felt a hand wrap around her waist before she heard an all too familiar voice that could only belong to one man, "She's with me"


"Yes baby?", he automatically said with a smile that she couldnt even protest, leaving her speechless.

"So are you and Mr. Andrews together?", the cute guy asked them, looking at her and Theo back and forth as the two of them exchange glances.

Now what do they say here?

"Selene and I are-", Theo began speaking but stopped midsentence, his confident stance dropping, turning suddenly pale after seeing the grandma, "Erm- Mrs. Lin?!"

"Mr. Andrews", grandma gave Theo a curt nodd.

So... Do they know each other?


A loud booming voice suddenly filled the air and they all turned towards the old but strong looking man, walking towards them.

"You're all here"

"Grandpa!", the young boy she's talking to earlier run and jumped at the old man's arms.

It couldn't be...

"This here is Mr. Daniel", The old man pertain to the guy beside him, "You could all choose to stay and tomorrow let's see who's still up for the challenge.

With that, the old man offered his hand to grandma who accepts it at once as they began walking towards the staircase.

But not before grandma looked back at her and threw her a smile.

"Hi", Mr. Daniel greeted all of them, his eyes lingering on her that she felt Theo pulled her even closer to his side saying, "Not you too! Damn. Lets go back to our room"

With that, Theo grabbed her hand and pulled her towards their room, she could only roll her eyes.

This guy is really quite possessive eh? And they werent even an item at that rate... Now she pity the one he'll marry.

Oh wait.

She better worry about him instead cause his fiance's attitude is something... well, that is, if their marriage ever pushed through.

At that thought, she felt a pinch on her heart that she immediately took a step back, pulling her hand away after realizing that he was still holding it.

"Hey", Theo called, looking at her with concern, "Is everything okay?"

"Y-Yeah", Astraea breathed out slowly, "I think?"


She could only hope so.


*The next day

"No!", Astraea hid her smile at Theo's frustrated shout, watching from her spot behind the counter as Theo runs back and forth just to catch Mrs. Lin's naughty grandson.

At the back of her mind, she could still remember how happy he is this morning when he said that Mr. Lin had assigned him to take care of his grandson today instead of their usual routine. Said he could do with some rest but, with the way things look like, it is very far from it.

As it turns out, Mr. Lin was quite serious in the challenge thing for he really made the three young man work. Like that second day, the boys go out and gather the woods, chopping it to little pieces for the furnace all afternoon. Then the next day, they went ahead to clean the villa and Theo was assigned at the pool were he had to scrub the tiles off. Easy? Not. Cause the size of the pool is no damn joke.

Today, they were supposed to go deliver some fruits from the orchard but Mr. Lin asked him to stay instead.

Turns out that he has the hardest task cause the other two would probably just sit at the back of the car and then carry all those fruits at the station but Theo had been running all day after the kid who seemed to never ran out of energy.

She would have to applaud him for his patience.

"You doing okay there?" Astraea asked Theo as she mixed the flour in the counter.

"Yeah just-", A crashing sound comes behind them and she could see the kid pushed one of the ancient vase before running away.


"Fudge!", Theo is now close to pulling his hair, "Come back here!"

With that, he ran away again towards the direction of the kid to stop him from doing anymore damage.

"Miss Selene", one of the staff called her, "There's two orders of your chocolat chaud, one café au lait and three orders of Baguette with Jam"

If Theo's days here were presumably unkind, the same could not be said to her for so far... she had been enjoying the days living her dream to become a chef, even if it is only by name as she replaced the pastry chef who resigned the post immediately after knowing that there is another chef around, according to her, she had to "Grab the chance to work in the city"

"Okay noted, thank you", Astraea smiled and nodded at the girl before she began gathering the ingredients she needed after writing the orders down, "Erm- Is there anything more?"

She had to ask at the weird look the girl is giving her but she only smiled at her and said, "Just couldnt believe that someone like you is the replacement of the old pastry chef here"

"What? Why?", Astraea asked in confusion.

What does she mean with someone like her?

At her question, the girl sighed out loud and sit down at the stool in front of her saying, "The old chef here was awful who likes to boss us around thinking that she's gods gift to us cause she's the only pastry chef around but then you came here, looking every bit of an angel and answering our prayers"


Astraea forced a smile at the girl who looks at her with admiration before she busies herself with preparation of the food.

"Thank you?", her brows furrow in slight confusion as she doesnt know how to react in this kind of situations, "That was erm- very kind of you"

"Mr. Andrews is sure one lucky guy to have you", the girl said before she stood up and went back to work.

So... what was that all about? Astraea shake her head at the weird conversation.

"So how are you doing?", A voice speak next to her and she was honestly surprised out of her wits, when she saw grandma suddenly standing next to her, she had to put a hand on her heart to try and calm it down.


Why are people here so weird?

"I see you're managing eh?", the old lady read the orders and began helping her with pouring the chocolat chaud she had already prepared at the cups.

"Hopefully", she answered with a small smile as silence fell on them as they work around the kitchen that she was quite surprised when the old lady began laughing.

"That naughty little kiddo"

And there she saw the high and mighty Mr. Andrews falling on the ground repeatedly as the little kid keeps on throwing his marbles everytime the guy made a move.

"Did you know? We all thought Mr. Andrews would be the first to give up on the challenge but he keeps on proving us wrong", the old woman told her softly like it was supposed to be a secret.

Ironically, she already had a hint at what was happening, having been observed the treatment he had been given compared to the other two but she says nothing cause she do not want to discourage him.

"Thats why he was always given the hardest task", Astraea said absentmindedly while carefully putting the bread inside the oven.

"You knew?", the old woman looked at her strangely proud.

"I guessed", she said with a shrug as if it was no big deal.

"My husband insists that it'll only be a matter of time before he gave in", grandma told her that Astraea begin to wonder why she is telling her all this, "Between you and me though, I dont think he would"

At her look of confusion, the old lady continued with a smile, saying, "Why he's smart enough to bring his secret weapon"

"Weapon?" Astraea had to ask, "What weapon?"

Did the old woman heard of something again that she didnt?!

"Silly. Its you of course", the old lady rolled her eyes at her like that was the most obvious thing in the world.

"M-me?", she asked again just to make sure if she is hearing things now.

"Yes. You", the grandma sighed out loud in frustration before she began pushing her out the kitchen, "Now go help your man. I'll take it from here"

With a shrug and pout, she turn and began walking towards the duo's direction. Her brows furrowing in confusion at the turn of events cause for the life of her, she just dont get what her grandma was trying to say...

"Careful!", she heard someone shouted before she felt herself slip, Astraea automatically close her eyes at the feeling of falling, thankfully, on something soft instead of the hard ground.

"You okay?", Theo asked her as she slowly opened her eyes to find him underneath her, his face filled with concern before he turn to the kid, red in the face with controlled anger, "Now you've done it", he said while helping her up.

The kid slowly back away scared, looking like he was about to cry at the sudden change in Theo's demeanor that she took hold of his arm and hissed, "Stop it"

"Raphael is a good boy right?", Astraea asked, kneeling in front of the boy, "Now what will you say?", she said while combing his hair as the boy nodded slowly, trying to stop crying.

"Sorry", the kid said softly, quickly wiping the tear that falls from his eyes.

"Hurting others is bad you know", Theo intervened,walking towards them that the kid, who thought he was still angry began crying, burying his face on her shoulders and hugging her tight.

"See what you did?", She glared at Theo who looked back at her innocently as she stood up and began walking towards the benches instead.

"Wait", Theo called them, following their steps, "Why am I the bad guy now?"

Astraea coupd only roll her eyes at him.


She forgot there's also another kid here.

Remind her... why did she agree again on her exile from the kitchen?


*Later that evening...

Astraea sat on the floor in front of the coffee table, glimpsing at Theo who's sleeping a few meters across from her on the sofa with the kid, Raphael, as she carefully typed down the words she was planning to send to Kiara.

She had been doing this report secretly since day one here on Chiang Mai and as days passed by, she always find new things to add that in fact, the note now goes longer than she expected.

He wont hate her right? She really hope he wouldnt.

"What are you doing?" A sleepy voice that could only belong to Theo suddenly called to her that almost made her jump in fright as she quickly turn her phone off. Looking up to see Theo sat in front of her while rubbing his eyes with a yawn, "Damn. Did I fell asleep?"

Thank God for the beeping sound of the oven indicating the cake she was baking was now finished that she quickly scramble to get up saying, "Good! You're awake."

The sweet aroma that greeted her the moment she opened the oven was enough to made her forget all her worries as she excitedly transfered the chocolate cheesecake to a container and cut a piece.

"Here", she said, putting down the plate before him while taking a seat just beside the guy, waiting and anticipating for him to take a bite.

When he only stared at her, she had to roll her eyes and took the initiative, grabbing the scoop herself before she placed it right in front of his mouth, saying, "Open up"

Theo followed her commands and opens his mouth, his intense gaze never faltering from her face as he chew it slowly, a smudge of chocolate just beside his lips that Astraea looked rather distractedly, licking her lips absent mindedly.

"So erm-"

Astraea tried to speak and form a coherent sentence without success.

What is she trying to say again?

Oh right.

The taste.

How his lips tast- Erm- the chocolate!

Damn. It is the taste of the chocolate Astraea Selene Leblanc!

"H-how was it?", she managed to blurt out.

Before Astraea knew what she was doing, her hand already reached over and wipe the smear with her thumb.


Blame it on the chocolate.

She felt him gasp immediately when she accidentally grazes his lips, her hand instantly caught in his as he grasp it tight.

His eyes boring a hole into her soul, seemingly conveying her something he couldnt speak.

"Did you know?", Theo finally whisper so dangerously low, her heart began thundering at his intensity, "Waking up like this is all I ever wanted in my whole life"

With that, he began on leaning close. So close she can almost feel his breath touch her face that she closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss that never came...

cr: Ch3Thailand LR in YT

Astraea had to open her eyes to be faced with Theo's deep blazing look, his eyes staring at her like he was looking for something. She knew then what he is doing and she quite understood him.


Cause this is quite different from that 'drunk' kiss he thought she didnt knew.

This time, doing this would mean they cant go back to the way they were before now.

And she isnt sure if thats a good thing.

Or if she can even handle that.

But something in her wants to try and give it a chance. Maybe they might just find the happiness they were looking for...

This might be one of the most stupid decision in her life but damn, its not like she had anything more to lose now anyway so with that, she slowly broke into a smile, encouraging him to kiss her, effectively earning a smile from him as he started to lean close again.

"We're back!", The loud voice of Mr. Lin suddenly interrupted them, springing them apart and making them both stood up to greet the elder.

"Erm- are we interrupting something?", Mr. Javier asked just as Theo and her exchange glances before they both blurted out their different answers.

"No", she said just as Theo exclaimed, "Yes!", his voice laced with irritation.

"Dont mind us then. We'll just go ahead.", Mr. Daniel nodded at them before he pulled Mr. Javier with him upstairs just as Mr. Lin went over to get the sleeping Raphael.

"Goodnight kids", the old man said heading straight to staircase befor he paused and looked back at them, saying, "Dont do anything I wont do"

His loud chuckle was the last thing they heard before they were once again left alone.

"So where were we?", Theo asked, placing his arms around her and pulling her down the sofa as they laid side by side.

Astraea didnt know what happened but she suddenly felt scared. She was so ready then.

Now she isnt quite sure as thoughts kept popping in her mind, she couldnt even meet his eyes.

Theo threw her one look before he sighed out loud, taking hold of her hand and placing it on his chest as he tucked her head on his shoulder caressing her hair as if to say, 'Its okay'.

"So what's up with the cake?", he said trying to lighten up the mood.

"A gift", she whispered absent mindedly, "Remember the promise we made on the island? The meal we never seem to have..."

Astraea shrugged, reminding him of that unfulfilled pact cause their timelines werent quite aligned even when they're just near as Mr. Lin's challenge left Theo very exhausted or if not, they finish very late at night that she often ate dinner with Mrs. Lin and Raphael instead.

Silenced fell over them as he caress her hair, she honestly would have fallen asleep if he did not speak, whispering softly "Are you happy?"

Even then, his hand on her hair and the soft beating of his heart felt like a lullaby that she could only manage to murmur, "Very happy"

"Then you dont have to give me anything", He breathed out and she didnt know if she just imagined it but she felt something brush her hand before she heard, "Sleep now my baby", as she finally succumbed into the darkness and fell asleep.
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*A/N: What is going on here? Didnt Selene already like Theo? But why in the world is she still doing the report she's going to send to Kiara? Now thats tricky eh?

Stay tuned if you want to find out.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Who wants Theo's POV?

Unfortunately, I think I'm gonna write this the same way I wrote Silverlining so... :naughty2:
those who read knew the gist.

***Additional cast

Ronadech Wongsaroj as Mr. Javier
a.k.a the guy who played Preuk in Duang Jai Akkanee


Panomkorn Tungtatsawat as Mr. Daniel
a.k.a the guy who played the baddie KraiPop in Duang Jai Akkanee
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Looming events even if you give us chaper 8. Hahahahhaa my heart. I just hope (and im praying that this is the twist) that Theo wont get mad at her when he finds out because he’ll know she just wants him to be happy. It’s not some sort if bad-intentioned mission but actually a mission for him to be happy. So I really think he wont be a Saichon-turned-Charles. Or maybe, Theo already knew about the mission and fell for her because he knew her good intention?

Theo’s POV. I cant say im not waiting but...i know it’ll be a long wait but willing to wait.


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Chapter 8 - Dont You Ever Say Goodbye

A/N: One of my fave song from their new album. I think its perfect for this chapter.


"Is this all you need Ms. Selene?"

One of the workers from the hotel asked her as they loaded her small bag filled with clothes at the back of the pick up truck.

"Just a few more..." Astraea sighed out loud, staring longingly at the large villa in front of her that had been her home for the past month.

The only home where she felt truly comfortable to be just who she is.

No pretensions.

No expectations.

Just her in her pure being.

It almost feels like, she's been living in someone else's life... the life she wanted the most.

If she could, she'd like to stay here longer... if only forever permits.

"Are you sure about this?" Grandma asked her as she came forward and enveloped her in a warm hug. "You can still stay here you know"

"No one's pushing you away", Grandpa said, trying to make a point, tipping his head towards the other staffs who's looking at her with sadness as if they dont want her to go before the old man added in a hesitant voice, "What about Levant?"

At the mention of the name, Astraea stiffened and felt her smile drop, she had to take a deep breath and force a smile out just to assure the old couple that everything's okay.

Maybe not now- but she will be alright... eventually.

"He'll be fine", she answered before she looked at her watch, seeing that it'll be dark soon if she didnt hurry up, "I-I'll just go and get my film upstairs before I go"

The old lady smiled, seeming to understand her intentions that she had to smile gratefully at her.

Cause truthfully, Astraea deliberately 'forgot' her camera upstairs earlier to have a reason to take one last look in the room she had been familiar with.

Pathetic, she knew... but would it be so wrong to try and etch every details in her memory so she'd have something to remember him.

"Saving some pride and dignity eh?", Astraea was suddenly stopped in her tracks right before she entered the villa by a hand on her wrist. "Good choice"

"Mr. Daniel?", she asked, trying to push the offending hand away to no avail. "What are you doing?!"

"I see you've been acquainted with the Andrews eh?", he asked, moving too close for comfort, "You can thank me later"

"It's y-you?!" Her eyes widening at his admission as she try to push him away. So all of this is because of him? Damn. "Let go of me! Fils de pute" (Son of a b*tch)

"She said let go you motherf*cker!"

Astraea heard a voice bellows before Mr. Daniel was suddenly thrown to the ground.

Everything happened too fast that the next thing she knew, Mr. Daniel was lying bloodily on the ground and Theo's standing at her side, clutching her face, checking if she's hurt somewhere.

"You okay?", he asked with worry.

She felt her heart constrict at the look on his face, she had to look away.

"So touching", Mr. Daniel who looks like he hadnt had enough beating, look at them with a smirk saying, "Well, I guess you gotta make the most of it now, seeing that it'll probably be your last meeting"

"What do you mean?" Theo asked the guy, his brows furrowing.

Astraea had to take a deep breath as she try and ready herself, knowing what is coming next.

"You didn't know?", Mr. Daniel enjoy Theo's attention and speak deliberately slow, laughing again, like he had just hit the jackpot, "Well what can I say? Guess you cant have it all cause... she's leaving you" he said, pointing at the pick up from a distance where the couple and few others were waiting.

"What? No!", Theo exclaimed in disbelief, looking at the guy with pure contempt before his eyes laid on her, his confidence dropping every second at seeing her stance, "You're not- leaving me right?"

"I'm sorry", she whispered, eyes down as she bolts and run upstairs quickly to get her things, before she lose her nerve and give in to him.


*Earlier that day.....

"Girls come on- pick it up please"

Astraea walks back and forth on the pergola as she tried- for the nth time that morning, to dial her friends number only to be greeted by the customer service again.


Even Malia is not answering!

What the heck is going on?!

Why are they not responding to her messages and calls?!

She honestly didnt know whats happening out there right now especially with Theo gone for the moment at the villa cause he's been called back home for emergency and she really desperately want news...

Should she be worried?

Just before Theo left, Mr. Lin already announced who he's selling the land to and to her and Theo's utter delight, they are selling it to him.

It was all fun, happiness and celebration then but now-

Now that it sink in to her whats gonna happen next, she is truly lost, especially with him back at the city with not even one text nor call.

Truth is, she really is conflicted... cause Astraea realized that the fast beating of her heart whenever he's near doesnt come from an underlying heart disease.

His intense eyes whenever he looks at her direction that she often couldnt meet.

His silly jokes that only she seems to get.

His charming dimpled smile that is contagious, she couldnt help but smile back every single time.

Merlin! Even his scent that she had been quite familiar with makes her feel things, knowing that he's near.

And when he wraps his arms around her, it felt like she's being enveloped by some sort of safety net, she is sure, no one could ever harm her.


Now she sounded like a sappy inlove teenager but damn. For the first time in her life, someone made her feel things she only read in romance novels and the thought honestly scared her.

She's starting to like him too much, she isnt sure if thats a good thing. Or if she could even handle it...

Cause having him stay, by her side, would only mean he has to give up everything.

His inheritance.

His dreams.

His future.

And damn her but she dont want that.

She dont want to be the one who holds him back.

That is also one of the reason why she keeps on calling the two cause she already sent them the flashdrive and the details she promised before but it was met with no response.

Now she's really worried if they received it or not, cause she promised to herself that it would be the last time she'll ever talk about the agreement they had. And she wanted to clear it to them once and for all if only one of them would answer.

"Merde!" (Shit)

Va savoir pourquoi ! (God know's why) But the duo just pick this time to be MIA...

Astraea seriously wanted to hit her head on the pergola when her calls were once again met by the service provider.

To think that she thought her situation back home is quite complicated, now she really get what she's asking for.

For the first time since she got here, she felt quite alone.

"You know?"

Someone suddenly speak beside her making her jump, she had to clutch her heart to try and calm her heart when she turn to see grandma beside her, watering the plants.

What is it with grandma and her habit to appear randomly everywhere?

"Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness", granny said to her before she shake her head and smiled at her, "But then again, I think you are already for having the guts to stay with Levant"

"Erm- Thank you?", she answered, her brows furrows in thinking if that was a compliment when grandma chuckled at her response that she had to defend herself and ask, "Why what's wrong with Theo?"

Grandma shrugged and gave her one of the watering pots as she at once began on helping the old lady.

"Dont look at me like that", the old woman waved her hand at her nonchalantly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, silly her for even asking, "We all heard about Levants reputation and its not all, dare I say, good perhaps"

"I think there's actually more to him than his scandalous reputation" Astraea retorted at once, feeling quite protective at the person who's managed to wove his way in her life so deep, she didnt know when but he already became a significant part in her life, "He is portrayed to be that uncaring playboy millionare who loves trouble but underneath all that..."

Her words trailed off as she distractedly watered the plants, remembering the honest, brave and good yet insecure person she discovered he is hiding under all his layers, "He is just one misunderstood guy filled with overflowing passion doing the things he loves, unafraid and uncaring of what the world will say... He's someone who, I believe could do anything he wants as long as he put his mind into."

With a smile on her face, she turned to the granny saying, "People should try sometimes and give him a chance to prove himself."

Grandma raised an eyebrow on her, her eyes filled with curiousity and wonder, "You think people misunderstood him?"


Right on point.

"Should we give him a chance then?"



Finally, the old grandma got her point.

"So do you love him?"

Does she even have to ask?

"Of cour- W-what?", Astraea caught herself just in time and turn to grandma with her eyes wide open who only looked back at her knowingly as she stutters her answer, "I umm err-"

"You dont have to say anything", Grandma chuckled at her blush, seems like she is enjoying every moment of teasing her, "I can see it in your eyes"

"Excuse me Mrs. Lin", Thank goodness for small mercies, one of the staff suddenly came towards them and interrupt the old lady, "Someone's looking for Ms. Selene"

Or maybe not.

Astraea's heart thunders at the panicked look on the staff's face. Her face pale as sheet, sweat dripping on her forehead, she wont be surprised if the girl will faint any minute from now.

And she could only think of one thing that could cause that reaction...

Her palms began to sweat and panic starts to rise on her as thoughts of being finally found out by her family consumed her.

"Is this the girl?"

To her surprise, the person that greeted her is the one person she least expected.

Cause there stood an elegant and beautiful elder looking woman, staring at her with a stern look on her face, as she scan her from head to toe.

"Hello mam may I help you?", she tried to ask as politely as she could.

She knew that face of course. The one that she got to see in a photo frame back at Theo's haunted looking cabin.

But that isnt the one that striked her.

There was something about this lady she couldnt point at- something about her eyes...

"Therese?", grandma asked the other, surprising her.

They knew each other?

What is going on?

Astraea's starting to honestly think that this is probably worse than being caught by her family.

"What are you doing here?", grandma stood quite protectively in front of her, Astraea silently thank the older lady cause that look from Theo's mom is sending her shivers to the core.

"Someone thankfully told me something that you seemed to forgot to mention the last time we talked", Therese answered coldly, not even once taking off her eyes on Astraea that if it were others she was talking to, she's sure that they would already run for cover, judging by the staffs beside hers shaking hand.

Turning to her, the woman asked her in a tone that says she dont have any choice but to follow, "Hello dear, can I talk to you for a second?"

"I dont think-", Grandma tried to intercept but Therese's quickly cut her off saying,
"I dont want to be rude but this is a family matter. I would appreciate if you dont interfer", Theo's mom turned to her before she started walking, gesturing her to follow.

"Be easy on her, she is a good kid", grandma called out to them that had Theo's mom halt and looked at her for a second with raise eyebrows before she finally sighed and gave a curt nodd to the old lady.

Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best as granny tapped her hand encouragingly, she plastered a smile on her face and follows Theo's mom.


"Do you know that my son, Theo, is already in an arranged marriage?", Therese asked her the moment they reached the gazebo where no one could hear them.


Theo's mom do not beat around the bush eh?

Astraea almost back away at look of intensity on her eyes but she chose to stay and stood her ground.


No one prepared her at randomly meeting her potential boyfriends mother eh? Not when they werent even official...

Good thing she knew how to hold on her own on this kind of situations cause she is not a Leblanc for nothing.

Throwing all cautions on the wind, she decided that maybe, Honesty is the best policy here.

"Yes mam", Astraea answered at once, looking at her straight in the eye, she almost gasp in surprise at finding the same familiar almond shape eyes, only it wasnt as light brown as Theo's.

She's finding it quite impossible to look away.

"Then why in the world would you force yourself in a man who's already been promised?" Therese's asked her incredulously.

"I-I - care for h-him ", Astraea tried to defend herself softly as she come to realize that deep inside that in a way, she actually did force herself in his life, didnt she?

"Is it about the money?", Theo's mom asked her coldly, her eyes boring a hole in her as if shes looking for the truth, "Dont you know that by doing this, he would get nothing of his inheritance?"

Theo's mom reminded her like a slap on her face, Astraea could only looked down, ashamed of herself.

"Then all of this." His mom continued, pointing out the vast expanse of the lot they were standing with an edge on her voice, "His hard work would be all for nothing"

"Y-you knew?", She had to ask in a small voice.

"Of course I knew! I'm his mother! Did you think I didnt know any of my sons plans?", his mother bit back a sob as she took deep breaths, trying to calm herself before she speak again, "Thats why I came here. To make sure that nothing would distract him of his goal."

And I am one of the distraction?

She didnt realize she had spoken the words out loud until Theo's mom sighed and answered her something that hit right where it hurts,
"Well if you're truly important to him, then he should have already cancelled the engagement long ago."

Astraea took a step back at this, feeling all the strength and confidence she had drained away.

In truth, she knew that deep inside, there is that selfish part of her waiting for Theo, hoping that after all this, he'll come back and choose to stay by her side.

Cause she must have meant something to him...

She isnt just one of his passing fancy right?

All those smiles, touches and moments surely made him feel something... and yet he never said anything.

Damn! It is all her fault.

How can she forget and start thinking the possibility of the two of them together?

"Look. I only want the best for my son", Therese's continued speaking to her with a silent plea on her voice as she took a step closer, holding her hands in hers, "If you truly care for him like you said you do, then don't make it any harder for him."

Astraea swallowed thickly, fighting back her tears, trying hard not to meet her eyes cause it only reminded her of Theo and she couldnt answer his mother anything when every time her thoughts turn to him, her insides would always be filled with this strong emotion that made her want to hold on and trust him. He wont let her down now right?

"You look like a decent person", Therese's said, rubbing the back of her hand as if she is trying to convey her pain and Astraea couldnt hold her emotions anymore, she felt her tears started to drop just as the lady asked, "You understand me right?"

Truthfully, she didnt know anymore. His mother obviously knows that he is only after his inheritance and she's still letting him marry that obnoxious girl.

But who is she to talk when she, herself, couldnt promise Theo anything?

Heck she isnt even sure if he is considering her in the first place. For all she knew, she could just be one of those assuming girls that fell victim in his smiles.

Everything is getting out of control now that she just wanted to chose where it would less hurt.

Cause no matter how hard she looks in every angle, she will just always end up hurt one way or another.

If Theo will choose to marry the girl, then she'll be heartbroken but if he'll choose her, she doesnt know if her conscience would take it knowing that she is the cause of his lost.

And she's not that selfish.

She cant be that selfish.

And so after a deep breath and long sigh, Astraea slowly nodded her head and whispers softly,

"Y-yes. I- I understand"

*Back to the present

"You're leaving?"

Astraea murmured a small yes, hearing Theo's voice from the door as she hurriedly took her camera and the notebook planner that she almost forgot. Damn.

Good thing she went back or this will be lost...

"B-But where?", Theo asked her like a lost kid, confused with whatever happening around him and she turn around at the loud thump that followed his question only to find out that he had brought back her bag with him.


Astraea had to roll her eyes at him as she picked up her bag and began to move towards the door, ignoring his look of disbelief, "Just somewhere..."

She was almost near when the door suddenly shut and Theo placed his body right in front of it, his arms crossed in front of his chest asking, "Why?"

In other times, she might have found him adorable but now- she honestly dont have time for his childish antics. She had to get away, far from him as fast as possible before she lost it all and forget again.

"Theo!", she called out to him, trying to push him away but he wouldnt budge.

"Tell me why?", Theo looked at her with disappointment in his eyes, his mouth forming a deep frown as he spoke in a dangerously low voice, she wouldnt have heard if shes not this near, "Cause you cant just leave me like that"

Astraea instantly stopped moving, her breath hitched upon looking up and meeting his intense eyes, like he is trying to find the reason in her eyes.

She had to look away hurriedly or he might just find something she cant afford him to see.

"Why not?", she asked, masking her real emotions with anger instead, glaring at him as she put down her bag and began to really push him away.

Theo must have not expected her sudden mood change cause with just one push, she had him away from the door, uttering, "I thought-",

Her triumph is short lived though for Theo's demeanor also changed, giving her that one hard look before he cursed, "Damn it!"

To her surprise, Theo grabbed her bag and walked towards the living area. And by the time she had her senses back and followed him inside, he had already gone straight to their bathroom and poured out her clothes on the bath tub after turning the faucet on.

"What is your problem?!" Astraea almost screamed at once, dropping her camera on the counter and quickly kneeling down beside the tub, gathering her clothes while trying to salvage whatever she can only succeeding on making even the one that she's wearing wet.

"I should be the one asking you that", Theo stood beside her, placing everything she gathered back to the bath tub, ignoring the splashes it creates as he too is now quite wet.

"No! Damn it Theo!" Astraea cried out loud in frustration, trying to get everything away from his reach, "You dont understand!"

"Then make me!" He yelled back at her her, holding on tight to the cloth that she is trying to get and with one strong pull, he had her close in his arms, cupping her face with his hands, "Make me understand please"

Astraea shake her head, quickly closing her eyes to block his face from her view and biting back her sob as she try to push him away cause merlin knows how weak she is when it comes to him but no, he wont let her.

Gently caressing her cheeks, he rested his forehead on top of hers, his breath fanning her face. She honestly isnt sure how much longer she could try and keep up this pretense when her emotions are almost bubbling at the surface now, tears were starting to drop from her eyes.

cr: Ch3Thailand GRGR in YT

"Why are you leaving me?", he asked softly, pulling back to look at her in the eye as his thumb stroke the side of her face, before he kissed the top of her head and whispers, "Werent we still happier before I left?"

cr: Ch3Thailand GRGR in YT

"Stop it", she tried to hush him by placing her finger on top of his mouth but he only hold her hand close and continued speaking like she never interrupted,
"I thought we already understood each othe-"

"No!", Astraea shakes her head, hoping he would do them a favor and stop speaking cause her thread of resistance is seriously thin now, "Dont go there"

But no, he isnt her Theo if he is the one who listens to whatever people tell him cause he only leans even closer, she could felt his hot breath on her face as he speak, as if he is willing her to open her eyes, "I thought you and I felt the same-"

"Damn it Theo!", she opened her eyes slowly to try and stop his words only to meet his fierce and intense gaze, his eyes looking at her like she'd done him wrong, she couldnt help the tears from falling knowing that he is probably right, "We werent supposed to feel this way in the first place! This thing- whatever we had- is probably just because of pure curiousity! A- an illusion because we're always togethe-"

"Are you kidding me?" Theo cut her monologue off by pulling her even closer and pressing his lips on hers quite aggressively like he is trying to make a point, "Did you forget how I avoided you like mad before at the island?! But No! It didnt work! Nothing works. I cant get you off my mind. No matter what I do or how hard I run away, I always somehow find my way back"

Astraea stared weakly at his eyes that is reflecting his sincerity, her one hand clutched tightly on the collar of his shirt as if it is the only remaining grip to her sanity while the other is enclosed on his.

"I like you - I like you so much", he whispered, sending her shivers all over, "I think I might even lo-"

Astraea automatically closed her eyes, she do not even attempt to cover her tears anymore the moment he said the dreaded words, her mind screaming 'Dont say it' and hoping it was all just a dream but no.

He seems to be quite proud and repeated it the moment she opened her eyes, his gaze looking straight at her like he was conveying his truth with the words, "I love you"

Then he is kissing her like his life depended on it, and before she knew it, she is responding with equal ferocity, opening her mouth and tasting him again and again.

How come it felt so right when everything is far from it?

"No. Damn!", Astraea pulled back at once after gathering her senses, standing up quickly as she successfully managed to get away from him, his face laced with confusion, "This is all wrong." She mutters repeatedly like a mantra, making her way towards the door.

Theo followed her quickly, grabbing her hand and spunning her around as he kissed her again deeply like he just cant get enough, lifting her up on her waist and she couldnt resist him anymore, she had to kiss him back all the while wrapping her legs around his waist.

"We're not doing anything wrong", he whispers, pulling away from her for a moment to speak before he pushed her against the wall and devoured her again, she could only wrap her arms around him as she let her senses take over.

cr: to the rightful owner (A/N: Permission to use please)

Cause truthfully, if she would just be honest with herself, she really wanted to be selfish even just this once- but no!

She cant do this to him.

Once again, Astraea pulled away, laying a finger on his lips that tried to follow hers, "We really cant do this", she murmurs with a shake of her head, "You're already in an arrange marriage remember? and I- I will probably be married off the moment they fou-"

She never got to finish off what she's saying though cause he quickly cuts her off with a kiss, saying afterwards, "My engagement is off, if thats what you're worrying about and I wont let you get married with anyone unless its m-"

Wait- What?

Astraea didnt hear anything else beyond the word engagement and off that she looked at him with surprise and horror, exclaiming, "You cant do that!"

But he seems like he isnt taking her words seriously cause he just began chuckling and make a move to try and kiss her again but even as she successfully dodge it, he will always seem to find a way cause he now latched himself on her neck, spreading small kisses just below her ear she couldnt help but moan.

"What about your dream?", Astraea felt quite proud of herself at managing to ask him a coherent question at this time, when all her senses is filled by him, "Your inheritance?"

"Does it still matter?", he asked and started to get busy with her neck again but upon her lack of response, he groaned and put her down as he walk back towards the table where he dropped his briefcase earlier in haste.

Sparing her a glimpse, he sent her a wink while rummaging through his bag before he pulled out a paper, presenting it proudly in front of her like it held the answer to all of her questions.

And she think he actually had... Her eyes widen, realizing what it is exactly that she's holding, her hands almost shook in her utter surprise.

"I have everything I wanted and needed right here, in front of me", he whispered, brushing the stray hair on her face before he pressed a kiss on her lips.

She didnt even had time to resist, still quite overwhelmed by the situation until she finally managed to ask, "H-how?"

Cause the paper here in her hands is the title of the land where they are right now and the name of the owner is none other than Theo himself, Astraea could only stare at the paper in utter amazement as she traced his name before she looked back up at him again with awe.

Theo only shrugged and smiled back at her rather sheepishly saying, "I'm broke and quite poor now...", he said before he handed her his bank account and she didnt even had to look to know what he's trying to say.

"C-can you still take me?", he asked her softly with a hint of hesitation on his voice, "I- I promise I'll be good"

And she'll be dammed if she say no now.

Throwing his bank account on the table without even looking at it, she tilted her head and leans closer towards him, giving him a searing kiss that he eagerly responded, lifting her again in his arms as he carried her towards the direction of the bedroom.

cr: to the rightful owner (A/N: Permission to use please)

What happen next is a flurry of clothes, between knocking lampshades and tripping over misplaced briefcase, they eventually ended up on their bed.

"Are you sure about this?", Theo asked her while tracing kisses from the sensitive part of her neck, down towards her collar bone, Astraea could only moan in response, her hands entangled on his hair, tilting her head to give him more access.

"Selene?", he called, stopping his movement just before he reached her chest, gazing at her like he is asking for her permission, she is almost amazed at his control cause she could see the beads of sweat on his forehead as he tried to hold his moan, burying his head on her neck when the evident of his arousal accidentally brush her thighs.

"Yes", Astraea breathed out, her heart thundering in a mixture of nervousness and anticipation but its not like they could stop now...

At her response, Theo quickly looked into her eyes, searching for a hint of hesitation to which she only smiled and caressed his handsome face.

His earlier words echoing on her ears cause like he said... Right here, in front of her, is everything she wanted and needed in life.
cr: Ch3Thailand GRGR on YT

The smile that broke out from his face the moment he found her answers made her heart leap, Astraea knew then and there that she made the right choice, closing her eyes to savor the feeling as he pressed a soft kiss on her forehead like he is conveying her sincerity, loyalty and respect for her.

With a gentle caress on the side of her face, his lips trailed down and found hers again in what seemed like a kiss full of want, full of heat and desire, she honestly never wanted to stop.

Everything happened so fast in pure bliss.
It almost felt like heaven right here on earth as pleasure overwhelm her senses that she was honestly surprised at the pain she felt upon his sudden entrance, her breath hitched just as her nails dig in his skin so deep, she's sure it's gonna leave a scar.

Theo stopped moving at once, his eyes widening at the realization that he is her first, she could feel his intense gaze on her face before she felt his finger brush away the tear that fell from her eyes, whispering, "O-kay?", his voice almost stuttering with awe and wonder.

Astraea had to open her eyes to find him looking at her with a tender smile on his face, she felt her heart melted at the sight and she almost smiled back when she felt another pain shot through her the moment she felt him moved closer, she had to stop herself from crying as she bit his shoulders.

"Aw sorry", Theo growled out loud before he sighed and rested his head on her neck all the while caressing her hair, seemingly letting her just release her frustrations on his shoulders, murmuring the words, "I-I'll be gentle"

She didnt know what he did though but the feeling of his hot breath on her neck, the way he nibble her skin feeling her pulse underneath his touch as his hands moved and reached over places she never allowed anyone else to touch.

Her skin starts to flush and she couldnt resist moaning out loud at the onslaught of pleasure he's giving her that she almost forgot the pain and started on moving against him instead, feeling the sensation overpower anything else.

"Sh*t!", was his only response when she wrap her legs around him before he seem to lost it all and lunged at her in a frenzy manner, kissing her all over, loving the taste and the feeling as they make love for the first time.

It want surprising that they reached climax too soon, she found herself enclosed in his arms tight like he never wanted to let her go.

"Selene?", he called her name over, holding her hand right on top of his heart that she could feel its fast beating, she had to looked up and meet his eyes when he intertwined their fingers together, lifting it to his face and pressing a kiss on the back of her hand, her brows almost furrow feeling like it was a deja vu. Did it happen before?
cr: Ch3Thailand GRGR on YT

"I love you", he said with a gentle caress on her face and a cheeky smile, "And Im not saying it just because I want you again"

Whatever Astraea was thinking before surely left her the moment he uttered the three words, she could honestly only stare at him in surprise.

Did he really mean it?

Cause if he does, then...

"I- I ", She closed her eyes for a moment before she continued, "I lo-"

Before she could finish her statement though, someone suddenly knocked loudly on their door and they could hear fainst sound of Mr. and Mrs. Lin's frantic voice outside that with one look at each other, they quickly scrambled to their feet as Theo stood up, letting her have the sheets.

Astraea felt herself blush at seeing his behind proud on display when he got up to get something from his closet.

"I know I'm sexy", She heard Theo chuckled out loud, turning to wink at her. She swore her face burnt up red at the thought of getting caught looking as the guy only laugh again, wearing shirt and boxer shorts before he moved over to her side.

"Arms up", he said while trying to take the blanket off her, she had to look at him in confusion as she held on tight when another rounds of knock came again. This time, it has a threat of breaking in if they do not open the door any time soon that she had to glare at Theo when he insisted on taking off her sheets.

What the heck now?

At her bewildered look, Theo sighed and raise his large sweater above her head, whispering, "Put this on?"


Is that what he's trying to say?

Astraea could only bit her lip and look at him with tender smile, he really is a gentleman huh?

"Keep looking at me like that", he told her as he kneels in front of her, helping her slip on one of his boxer shorts. Although she's not sure if he really is helping her, judging by the way his hands slide up and down from her legs and that naughty smile from his face when he chance a glimpse at her, his eyes shining brightly like he was thinking of some mischief, he started saying, "And we'll never get to leave this room", before he made a move to kiss her again.

Thankfully, she comes prepared now for she quickly placed a hand in front of her mouth, effectively stopping him, "And then they will probably caught us and scar them for life with images they cant unsee"

Standing up and making sure she and Theo looked decent enough, she opened the door to be greeted by a surprised face of Mr. and Mrs. Lin, Mr. Javier and other staffs who looked like they were about to barge in.

"Hello", she says rather consciously, combing her hair and feeling herself blush at the scrutinizing gaze from the people just as Theo stands behind her and pulled her closer to his chest, asking them, "Can we help you?"

"Everything's okay then?", Mr. Lin asked the two of them with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"Yes", Theo smiled at the them before he turn to look at her saying, "I hope so"

Astraea almost groan in embarrassment feeling all the eyes on her now. Damn, can the land please swallow her now?

Thankfully, Mrs. Lin piped up happily saying, "Good!" clapping her hands in delight while wrapping her arms around her husbands arms and began to drag him away along with the other people, saying, "Lets leave them alone now dear"

She mouthed a Thank you towards the old lady just as the other winked at her before she felt a hand encircled her waist and the next thing she knew, she is being pulled on inside as he closed the door behind her, locking it for a good measure.

"Now where are we again?"

Astraea could only roll her eyes and laughs at Theo who removes his shirt at once, exposing his tone eight pack abs again before he carried her back towards the bed in bridal style.

"You are insatiable Mister", she shake her head at him when she felt him kissed her hungrily all over.

Astraea almost pulled on his hair at the sudden rush of pleasure as his lips graces the sensitive skin on her neck, just below her ear, she couldnt stop her moan even if she wanted to...

But then again, she already accepts the fact that she is weak when it comes to him.

So with a sigh and another moan, she wrap her arms around him and let pleasure once again take over her senses.

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Chapter 9 - You Showed Me Something I Cant Live Without

A/N: This song really grew on me. The one song you play on repeat until you got sick but really- There's no words to describe how perfect the lyrics is. I believe this song define the feelings between Theo and Selene.

Warning: Prepare for a sickly sweet chapter.


"One batch of scones..."

Astraea smiled to herself in satisfaction, closing her eyes as she smell the freshly baked goodies after she take it off from the oven.

Now that is perfect.

But that is not just the thing that is perfect.
In fact, everything about the past few days gave her the feeling of happiness and contentment, she sometimes even pinch herself just to make sure she isnt dreaming.

Cause it all seems to be too good to be true...

Like right now.

At the corner of her eyes, Astraea saw Theo sitting at the far end corner of the room, talking with other guys, but his gaze never seems to leave her.

It was almost unfair how he could function properly when she felt conscious all over, especially when he look so good, smiling that dimpled smile at her every time his eyes caught hers.

"Erm-Ms. Selene?", the staff from before, Gemma, who had already became a friend and assistant tap the table loudly, waking her up from trance for she honestly hadnt noticed that the girl had been calling her for quite some time now.

"Oh", she started, her brows furrowing in attempt to look busy and hide the fact that she was ogling her boyfriend, "Y-yeah?"


Astraea had to surpress her giggle at the thought.

Yes. After all the fighting and the ruckus they caused, they are officially together now and everything is going great.

One thing thats boggling her though is the thing about her friends, cause try as she might, she just couldnt contact them and when she asked Theo about his sister's whereabouts, he said that her friend also left the island right after they did, saying it was for a short trip.

So now they are MIA and their unfinished business is still lying there dormant.

They couldn't have waited for a better timing eh?

"Two orders of chocolat chaud and one scone from table 9", Gemma repeated in a sing song voice, looking quite amused at her, tracing her gaze to Theo before the girl shake her head saying, "Love is in the air huh? I can smell it miles from here"

Astraea could only roll her eyes, fixing the order before she put it on a tray and laid it in front of the girl, saying, "Or it could just be the scones you're smelling"

She honestly didnt know if it is a good thing that she's close with her staff cause they now seem to always tease her and Theo at every opportunity.

And yes.

It was also her staff now because Theo had made her officially in charge of the kitchen while he's the one who manage the villa in its entirety.

After their confession and the finalization of transfer of land deeds about a month ago, the old couple, Mr and Mrs Lin decided it was time for them to migrate and leave when they are assured that it will be in good hands.

As it turn out, it was also the reason why the old lady wasnt nice to her that first day, cause she thought Theo and her had connived and is up to no good but they proved her wrong and gained the couple's trust and respect instead.

Since then, Theo and her had been working constantly on developing the property for the better, in fact, they had been talking about expansion and she's pretty sure he is discussing with the guys just what they talked about.

Astraea's eyes automatically looked up, at the thought of Theo, her eyes that were almost trained on finding him widen when he seemingly disappear from his previous spot, her brows furrowing in confusion.

To her surprise, she suddenly felt a kiss press on her lips, she doesnt even have to look to find out the culprit, recognizing his familiar scent and warmth.

"Are you looking for me?", he said before he made a move to pepper her face with kisses as she raised her hands to his shoulder in an attempt to stop him, laughing all over his crazy antics.

cr: Naya Lovely House RS2 on YT and ch3Thailand RS on YT (A/N: Permission to use please)

"Honestly", she heard Gemma sighed out loud rather problematically that Theo and her stopped fooling around for a moment, turning to the girl when she says, "Can you two, I dunno- Find a corner or get a room? Take a pity on single loveless people here."

Theo raised an eyebrow at her before he buried his head on Astraea's neck, hugging her from behind. She could feel the vibrations of his laughter on her shoulders, sending her shivers that she had to pinch Theo in the arms to stop him.

Cause she sure knew that he knew exactly what he is doing to her.

That insatiable man.

"Guys I'm still here you know"

Astraea only rolled her eyes, before she pointed at the plate saying, "Table 9", with a deliberate glare, effectively making the girl shuffle before she hurriedly went away.

"You scared her", Theo whispers on her ears, pulling her close, she felt her back pressed on his chest.

"Trust me she's not-"

Before she could finish speaking, one of the guests who was sitting on the stool near them suddenly gushed, "Aw. Arent they adorable?", she said all the while hitting the arm repeatedly of the poor guy beside her who only smiled, a rather painful one, adding, "How long are you two married?"

At the question, Theo and her exchanged looks for a second, both startled and caught unprepared, she had to look away to hide her blush, stuttering, "W-we're not erm- w- we haven't-"

Theo though, seems to have a different confident answer for he said, "Hopefully sooner than later" before pressing a kiss on her shoulder.

Their eyes meeting again for a second but this time, his eyes were conveying her something different, she could swore he is looking at her with a promise.

But he couldnt possibly be thinking about it this early...

"Uhm- I don't want to be rude or anything", One of the guys Theo were talking to earlier, interrupted them, his hands scratching the back of his head awkwardly, "But we really have to go now Levant"

Theo only sighed, his eyes settling on hers while he brushed off the stray hair off her face saying, "Me and the boys need to go to survey the riverbank area for... you know"

"Okay" Astraea nodded her head with a tender smile on her face, showing her support knowing perfectly just what it is that he is talking about, whispering, "Take care"

For a moment, Theo seemed to only blankly stare at her, gently caressing the side of her face.

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"Erm- arent you supposed to go somewhere?", she whispered, pushing him away softly.

"Oh! Right"

Thankfully, he regained back his senses and made a move to back away but not before he stole another kiss on her cheeks.

cr: ch3Thailand TNKK on YT

"Dont take it personally", Astraea heard Gemma's voice again making her look up at the girl, wondering at what could be her problem now?

"They just have the habit of forgetting everyone else when they're together", her staff sighed smiling sympathetically at the couple sitting nearby that Astraea felt her cheeks blush red again.


She wish she could say no but Gemma actually got it right, her only defense is to glare at the girl to try and mask her emotions but the girl only brushed her off with a rather cheeky smile, raising a paper on her hand saying, "Another order of coffee and brioche"

This method never really work on her eh?

Now she wonder if Gemma's really the same girl who's gushing about her goodwill when she first stayed here. Damn. She was such an angel back then.

Rolling her eyes at the girl, she turned towards the entrance feeling someone's eyes on her only of course, to find Theo's eyes trained on hers just as a wide smile broke out on his face the moment their gaze met, like he was just waiting for her to look at him before he made a move towards the door again.

Unfortunately, the door was already shut behind the guys he was walking prior with, thinking that he was still with them, Theo's head bump straight into the door.


Astraea grimaced at the scene, that must have hurt eh?

Beside her, she heard someone snickers and she turn around to find a few staffs and the couple who witnessed the event let out a smile or chuckle but the loudest one was Gemma's laughter, she had to subtly threw the napkin at the girl's face to try and stop her, feeling Theo's eyes on them again.

She mouthed, "Okay?" at him when he looked at her while rubbing his forehead to which he could only raised his thumbs up and nodded smiling rather shyly before he hurriedly got out.

"That was so funny! He really didn't see -"

"Shut it", Astraea glared at Gemma before she turn and hid a small smile at the thought, thinking it was actually sweet but she wont say that and gave them any more reason to tease her now eh?

"So... when is the wedding?", the couple beside them just had to ask, she knew that she'll never hear the end of it just by hearing another round of Gemma's loud laughter again.


*Later that evening...

"Ms. Selene! Ms. Selene!"

Astraea's brows furrow at the frantic voice that started calling her, she had to drop the inventory she was doing and proceed to go outside the stock room to find the guy Theo was with earlier looking quite panicked, her heart immediately thundered.

"S-something happe-"

"What?", she asked, her tone rising a notch as she instantly handed the inventory to Gemma before she removed her apron, preparing to follow, "Where is he?"

The guy did not waste any time and led the way towards the back garden of Theo and hers private quarters, one of the perks of being the official owner of the villa, leaving her just outside the gates.

Her brows furrow in confusion at whats happening. Werent there supposed to be an emergency or something?

Not that she is asking for one but... why is it so quiet? Thank god there were lanterns around or she wont be able to see a thing.


Since when did lanterns light up the path here? As far as she knew, there were just lights...

Following the lighted path brought her towards the gazebo, she had to surpress her gasp upon finding Theo with his back turned to her, lighting up the candles in front of a carefully arranged table, she couldnt help but call out his name, muttering, "Theo?"

Upon hearing her voice, he immediately turn around and with a rather shy smile on his face, he stood up slowly to meet her halfway.

"Uhm- surprise?", he said, rubbing the back of his head, even the time of the day couldnt hide the visible redness of his ear or the blush on his cheeks as the lanterns above them iluminate his face. Astraea could only stare and smile back at him, her heart being filled with warmth.

cr: ch3Thailand GRGR in YT

"Erm - It's been a month since we... you know", Theo started speaking the moment they sat down, gesturing towards the food in front of them shyly, "I- I thought we might celebrate and I remember the dinner we promised in the island"

Oh. Damn. Werent she supposed to be the one to cook him a meal?

"Sorry I-", Astraea began speaking when Theo hold her hand immediately hushing her, his thumb rubbing her palm as if to reassure her, saying the words, "Its okay... we we're both busy anyway"

And it was of course the truth, with all their new responsibility suddenly thrusted into them, it was almost impossible to find spare time for leisure if not for stolen moments like this.

But when he is being this sweet, his rough hands that was holding hers filled with small scrapes that he thought she didnt notice as he put on a smile before he made a move, placing food on her plate all the while saying, "Sorry if this might not taste as nice as your cooking but hey- I tried my be-"

Astraea felt her chest constricted, she had to bit back the sob at the thousands of emotions he is making her feel; happiness, fulfillment, love... and guilt.

Damn it.

Before she could stop herself, she already took hold of his hand and brought it closer to her face to examine it all the while ignoring his protests when he tried to take it away.

She knew all too well that he still hadnt had those scrapes earlier, judging by the redness and the blisters, she think she knew where it came from and her heart seriously melted at the thought.

Gently, she lifted it and blowed air softly on the cuts before she placed his palm on her face whispering, "Thank you" and "This is the best dinner I ever had in my whole life", with all the sincerity she could muster while looking straight in his eyes.

The eyes that was previously filled with embarassment suddenly lit up in pure joy, he leaned over her at once and pressed a kiss on her lips, saying, "Anything for you"

The sweet moment was interrupted though when Theo laughed out loud in merriment, shrugging, "I would really like to take that as a compliment from a chef but you hadnt even taken a single bite"

Astraea could only shake her head and laugh along with him, before she finally made a move to eat.

"You do know right?", Theo said in the moment of silence that follows, tugging the hand that he still hold tight in his.

"Know what?", she asked, thinking nothing of his question that she was honestly surprised at finding the intensity of his eyes, her breath hitched and she couldnt look away.

"That...", he drawled in a low voice, lifting her hand and pressing it on the side of his face, whispering, "You are the best thing in my life"

Astraea couldnt stop the smile that break out from her face at his words even if she wanted to, before she knew what she's doing, she had already pulled his face closer towards her, kissing him with all the love she's feeling, loving the taste of him.

She didnt know when they stopped though but the food had already turned rather cold when they finally took the first bite.


"Thank you for the wonderful dinner"
Astraea sighed smiling to herself, basking in the perfection of the evening as Theo and her take a walk around the large garden of the villa. Loving the warmth and comfort their entwined hands is giving her against the cold breeze of the night.

She never thought her heart could ever feel at peace and honestly, she couldnt ask for more.

"Stop it. You've already been saying that since earlier", Theo chuckled at her, swinging their hands before he pulled her closer with a naughty smile on his face, saying, "Although maybe there are other ways-"

Astraea only tsked at Theo, knowing his one track mind must have gone somewhere again, she started on pinching him everywhere.

"Aw. Ouch", he exclaimed, trying to dodge her hands, "Just kidding"

Seriously, do guys only think of that?!

With a tsk, she started on moving away from him when he suddenly tugged on her hands, making her stop and turn to face him again, she was almost ready to retort when what she saw effectively shuts her up...

It was of course Theo, only he wasnt her usual jolly Theo but the one looking at her with a bashful smile on his face, holding a small box on his hands.

Astraea's breath hitched almost immediately, feeling her heart skipped a beat. But she wasnt sure if that was a good thing- or if it was even normal to feel scared during this kind of situations.

Cause surely he couldn't be...
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"Happy First Monthsary", he started, fumbling over the box while rubbing the back of his neck, hiding his nervousness with a chuckle when she only stood still and stared back at him in shock.

"Hey dont look so excited", he added, rolling his eyes, his voice laced with sarcasm upon chancing a glance at her, "It wasnt a wedding ring yet"

"Oh", she finally breathed out in relief. For a second there she thought...

"Really?", he pouted at her response, "You know its a good thing I couldnt afford to buy you the ring right now... so you better be prepared next time cause I wont accept no"

She hope next time wont be any sooner though cause she really wanted to finish her business with her friends. That particular favor had been hanging around nagging her conscience for quite some time now, she sometimes think she is being unfair with him. Then there was still the thing about her family...

She really should start on solving her matters first before she started on making lifetime commitments.

"Hey!", Astraea's thoughts trailed off upon taking a closer inspection of the necklace, smacking him in the arm after he placed it around her neck cause she knew a genuine authentic diamond when she saw one, "I thought you said you're broke?"

"Well I couldnt resist cause it reminded me of you...", he said slowly, staring at the necklace and gently holding it before he leans close, pressing a kiss on the moon pendant, "Selene the goddess of the Moon", he whispered, gazing at her with a tender smile on his face, "I really wanted to give you something to remember me by always whenever and wherever you go"
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"You dont have to worry about that", Astraea slowly took his hand, placing his palm right above where her heart is, hoping that he could feel the love that she is trying to convey, whispering, "Cause you're already here... And I dont think anyone could ever take your place"

Theo's eyes immediately lit up at her response, pulling her close and hugging her so tight she almost couldn't breathe but hey, she's not gonna complain cause right here, being enveloped in his arms feels like she was being surrounded by his love and warmth, she never wanted to let go.

"You really mean that?", he whispered, pulling back a little to look at her in the eye, his voice laced with a hint of fear as he gazed at her in the eye, checking for any hint of hesitation that she could only smile back and nodd.

At her confirmation, Theo smiled that dimpled smile again which never failed to make her heart thunder and her knees weak especially now that he whispers, "I love you too" before he leaned in closer to press another kiss on her lips.
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Sighing, Astraea promised to herself to go and have that talk to her friends soon by hook or by crook before she met him halfway in a deep and searing kiss.

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