Silver Lining [Yadech] Ch17.2 UPDATED 12.9.13


Chapter 17.2

The sun was shining bright up in the air, through the shining window. Her eyes opened, blinking rapidly. She moved her pinky finger, then her foot, then her other pinky. Her head hurts like shit. She couldn't even move. Her neck was in pain. She can feel the pain in her legs that was wrap up in a warm towel to keep it from being swollen. She looks from left to right and sees a nurse, wearing a blue outfit holding a clip board.

"Khun, are you awake?" She said leaning into Mint checking her eyes.
"Chan Yu Tee Nai?"
"Hospital, you got in an accident 2 weeks ago."

A sudden flash comes back to her sense. She then remembers.

"I was in here for 2 weeks."
"Ka. Your condition was very serious. One Minute your heart slows down and them it beats to fast and back to normal. We still had to keep you in the ICU room. But let's see how your doing for a day and if your done then u can go rest in a room na Ka."
"Ka, KoB Khun Mak na."
"It's ok. I'll go contact your family."
N: Krub, thank you so much for informing us. Will be on our way. Thank you.

He hangs up the phone, and calls Yaya down to the living room. Yaya came down.

Y: Alai ka?
N: Mint....she's awake.
Y: Really? We should go see her.
N: Yea, I'll go get packing for her.
Y; Ok.


Y: Is Mint Ok?
Doctor: Yes, she's currently resting in rom 2020.
Y: thank you. Nadech I'll be going to her.
N: Ka.

As Yaya left, Nadech was standing alone. As he was about to make his way out he sees his father walking out from no where?

N: Owwww Mrs.Chalida. Are you here to see Mint? She's fine now.
Ms.Chalida: yea I got the call? Where's Yaya?
N: she went to see Mint already?
Ms.Chalida: Awwwhhhh I see so----

Before she can even confront nurses and doctors were rushing to the left direction. Yaya came out from the room scaredly covered in blood, as mint was rushed through everyone into the E.R. Her mother was traumatized as she sees her daughter covered in blood an rushed to the E.R!

N: Yaya what's wrong?!!! (He held both her hands that were covered with blood)
Y: I don't was fine then she starred to pucker up blood on me.
Ms.Chalida: My daughter!!!!! My daughter!!!!!!

Mrs.Chalida was going crazy! She cried harder again. What did her daughter do wrong to be in this state of mind. What bad sins did her daughter do to deserve this? Yaya walked to her and hugged her, telling her that everything is all right! God won't hurt and pure and innocent women like Mint. The doctors came out loudly.

Mrs.Chalida: My daughter, how is she?
Doctor: Something went wrong in her previous surgery, it seems like her kidney has exploded inside and caused her to have an internal bleeding inside? Is there any siblings to donate blood to her ASAP!

Mrs.Chalida opened her eyes widely and finally knew this day would come. She had no other choice. It's her daughter in there and she has no choice but to bleed the long secret ever! She looks at Nadech!.

Mrs.Chalida: Nadech Ka (she holds his arm) please.....please save my daughter. Please?
N: Poom? Poom Mai dee pee-nong gub Khun mint krub, Mae Chalida.
Ms.Chalida: Please, no time for explaining. Just Gi save her.
N: Mae Chalida nia jai la? That my blood will match hers.
Mrs.Chalida: I garuantee it.

Nadech enters the door to the ER room, as Yaya and mints mom wait outside for the both of them!

Y: Taamai Ka? Taamai Nadech gub seua Mint.? Kwan Jing alai Ka??? Mae Chalida???

(3 hours later)
Yaya and Nadech were sitting together as mrs.chalida pasted back n' forth. The doctor came out.

MM: how's my daughter.
D: she's fine now. We just need to keep her in the ICU room again to check her state.
MM: Ka.
D: you did a really great Job to Nadech. Your blood was the same as Mint.
N: Alai Krub? The exact same.
D: Krub? 100%
N: What do you mean? We have the same blood type 100% how's that possible she's not even my sister!
D: as we see the result? You two are siblings. That's why the blood matched up so quickly.
N: Mae Chalida. Please explain to me what this is all about? It isn't true right? (His eyes were getting fiercer.)
MM: It's true?
N: So your my dad's mistress?
MM: Nadech?

Nadech walks away. His tears flow down his cheek. Yaya followed him behind.
She Yells for Nadech to stop as he made his way out of the hospital.....

[20 years ago]
"Dad I'm home" Nadech ask he walks into the house. He was about 8 years old. As he sees his dad making out with a women. His mother walks by.
"Nadech." She pulls him away. "What are you doing home so early."
"Mom why is dad--"
"It's nothing honey." She starts to cry a bit "That women is also daddy's wife. You'll be having a sister/brother."
"But I don't want to have a sibling."
"Just promise me that you won't ever have another woman Na." She hugs him.
[end of flashback]

"Nadech." Yaya saids. She stood behind him and puts her hand around his arm.
"What a crazy life right...(he laughed) Mint..........." He paused for a second "Mint, my sister.....I've never thought that the person I've hated so much is actually the person I love so much." His tears were falling down like rocky rocks falling and rumbling down the mountain sides. He falls to the ground and grand around yayas legs just crying.
Nadech looks at Mint through the window door. Thoughts going through his mind. After all this time his sister went through tough time with The Baster friend of his, Mark. He ran out the door as a ranging bull!

He sees Mark getting out his car as he throws a punch onto Mark.
"What the fuck dude?" Mark said conceding his one sided punched lip.
"Stay away from her." Nadech said "don't ever lay a finger on my sister."
"Sister? What sister.?" Mark was curious, but Nadecg walked away!

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