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Chapter 17.1:

Mark handed her a towel.
Mark: Here?
Mint: Towel?
Mark: Go take a shower first.
Mint: Mai...
Mark:-he grabs her hand and places it on her hand- I don't like to sleep with stinky girls.
Mint: Alai? Sleep? I won't. I'm going home. -she got up, and left to the door, but mark grabs her hand, and pulls her back in front of him- Ploy?
Mark: Where do you think your going? Huh? Take a shower, or else I'll use force against you. -Mint pushes him away-
Mint: I won't take a shower, and I won't sleep here with you? My dad was right. I shouldn't be with a man like you. If I've listen to father, I've would've left you behind already.
Mark: -he got furious, and grab her hands tightly- ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU DID? YOU LEFT ME, I WAS THE STUPID ONE WHO COULDN'T LET GO AND CAME BACK!!!!!
Mint: I DIDNT ASK FOR YOU TO COME BACK! -Mark got mad at what she told him. He turned her back on her-
Mark: I should've known this would happen. If I knew loving you was this hard, I've would've just stick with Kim. -That just made her whole world tumbled. Her heart was hurt, she couldn't believe. Did he just really say that. Her eyes were filled with tears, as she left the room. She cries outside the room, and makes her way out the hotel-
Early in the morning. Nadech woke up to the sound of his phone ringing loudly, the number was block. He answered it.
N: Hello?
B: Aye'Nadech.
N: Oh Bo--- -he tried to sit up, but Yaya was dead asleep on his chest, he decided to just lay down.- hey man, how you been.
B: Great man you, how's your wife.
N: I'm good with my marriage life.
B: You guy been married for almost a year? Any news? Like pregnancy. -Nadech thought about the word pregnancy. He wish she was pregnant so they can finally start a family. He looks at Yaya sleeping peacefully, and almost puts his hand on her stomach, but moved if away-
N: No not yet, but don't worry, I'll become a dad before I'm 30.
Yaya carefully opens her eyes, and listens to hi convo with his old friend boy. She looks at her stomach, and smiles.
N: When will you come back to Thailand?
B: I'm already here?
N: Really?
B: Ya man. Got here a month ago.
N: A month ago??? And you didn't tell me?
B: Well it's been awhile since I got back, so I wanted get use to it again, and just relax.
N: iight man? I feel you. I'll see you then. You know where I live?
B: Ya.
They Both hung up.
Y: Who was that? Boy!
N: Ya.
Yaya was at the hospital alone, just checking up on her pregnancy. Yaya was sitting on the chair waiting for them to call her name. And finally "Yaya" she smile, and grab her bag. As she left into the room. Matt took off her sunglasses.
M: Yaya going into the pregnancy room? Taamai?
-Mat followed Yaya ever since she left the house this morning-
She waited for Yaya to come out. After Yaya left, she went to the nurse, and ask what is wrong with Yaya.
Nurse:: I can't give private information to stranger.
M: I'm not a stranger.....I'm.....I'm her sister. I just followed her here because she looked suspicious today ka?
Nurse: Oh.....well if your sister, you sister is currently 2 and a half month pregnant. She wanted to check if the baby was alright.
M: Owww my sister is pregnant. Thank you. I'm gonna go congrats her. Thanks.
Matt walking out of the hospital. She takes of her sun glasses and screamed at the top of her lungs. People were looking at her crazily but Matt didnt care.
"Yaya........because of you everything is ruined. Because of YOU!!!!!! Dai!! If my baby can't have Nadech, yours won't either."
Yaya invited Mint over to help her set up the welcoming party of Nadexh's friend Boy.
Mint: So who's this Boy dude?
Y: One of Mark and Nadech's old friend from highschool.
Mint: I see -she pretends to smile when she heard his name, Mark.- I think I'll get going?
Y: I thought you said you were going to stay until the party is over.
Mint: I forgot my dad wanted me to do something ka. -She grabbed her bag and eased out the door, but Mark appeared before her eyes- Mark.
Y: P'Mark your here? -she walks over to Mark, and grabs his hand- Please tell Mint to stay? Na? -Yaya begged-
Mark: Why?
Y: She's leaving, but I want her to stay.
Mark: If she wants to go let her go. -Mark walks around her-
Y: Owww what's wrong with him. -she looks at Mint who was almost close to crying- Mint did something happen.
Mint: We.....broke up.
Y: What? But you two were -she takes her 2 pointing fingers am cross them-
Mint: -chuckles- thanks Yaya. I think we're done.
Y: Dont say that. -grabs her hand- Your words may say that, but heart wouldn't. Think about it na. Now, can you please stay?
Mint: Yaya I can't I ----
Mg: HEY!!!! -she came into the house with a cake-
Mint: Margie!!!! -mint ran to hug her.- how are you?
Mg: I'm good. Yaya girl.
Y: Hey -Yaya hugs mg-
Mg: so what are we gonna do!
Y: Idk, but Mint here is leaving!
Mg: What? No you must stay. We've never seen each other for 3 years now.
Mint: Well I didn't tell you to move to New Zealand with your parents and stay with me.
Mg: Please stay?
Y: Please?
Mint: -they begged and begged- Dai Ka. You guys are baby's. -they all laugh together, and Nadech walks into the house-
Y: Owww Nadech -she runs and hold his arm- this is my bestfriend Margie.
N: Owwww. Sawadee Krub.
Mg: Sawadee ka.
Nadech's then sees mark standing in the yard and walks out to Mark.
N: What are you doing here?
Mark: -Turns to face Nadech- I'm also one of Boy's friend. He told me you were bringing him over here.
N: mmmmm. -he answered mark-
Mark: Look man......I----
N: Dont bring up the past. You can't undo the past.
Mark: -Nadech turns his back almost walking inside- You know I didn't mean too. Everyday I think of that day wondering how I'll tell you.........I've always wish to go back to that day, and fix it. If I haven't rape her, it would be you, and Ki--
N: -Nadech turns around and blocks his mouth- No.
Mark: Alai wa?
N: -Nadech takes a step back- Even if I was heartbroken by her, and single ever since, I'm glad she choose you. If she didnt, we all 3 will carry this guilt that the friends girlfriend was rape, and she still choose to be with the one she loved, and kept it away from him even if she was his wife. I'm like you too. Sometimes I wish to go back to the past, and fix my feelings I had for her. And if it weren't for her to choose you, I would've met Yaya. -he smiled- she's my true love.
Mark: Wait hold up -he puts his arm around Nadexh- So your telling me thank you for raping one of your ex-crush because you met your true love 4 years later after the incident.
N: -he thinks about it- Yea.
Mark: But--- -Nadech walks away- But Kim, she was everything to you 8 years ago.
N: -he turns to mark, an smiled- 8 years ago, *sighs* I've decided to throw it away, and let go. Fire it, water it, air it, earth it. And you should to. -He gave Mark a thumbs up, and finally went inside.-
While Margie, and Mint were in the living just chatting, not far from Yaya (Remember the house Yadech is living in is the house KenAnne lived in in 365 Wun Haeng Ruk) Yaya was just preparing the cake, and snacks. Just as Nadech was walking towards her, she felt a bit dizzy.
N: Woah, are you ok -He held onto her-
Y: I'm fine.
N: Here, let me do the work. You go, and talk with you friends. -He kisses her cheek-
Y: Ka. Khob Jai na.
They all waited for Boy, and chat and ate snacks. Finally he was here. Nadech went to greet him along with Mark.
B: How have you guys been? Mark what happened to your face?
N: We're good.
Mark: Ya. I just got beat up by someone.
Y: Nadech did you----
Mark: It's fine Yaya. It's not his first time.
N: Ya. It's not like he ever fought me too. But Boy welcome. This is Mint.
Mint: Sawadee ka.
N: This is Margie.
B: Sawadee Krub. -he smiled right away when he saw Margie. She was original, Old fashion, thick bone, and perfect skin texture. Just what boy needed-
N: And finally....-he goes over to Yaya, and puts his arm around her waist.- my lovely bride and wife, Yaya.
B: Oh so your the long lost Cinderella. -Yay laughed-
Y: Cinderella?
B: That's what he said back in highschool. He gets Cinderella, I get Sleeping Beauty, and mark gets Bell.
N: Well what are we waiting for.... Lets get this party started huh?
B: Krub.
They all drunk some wine, and soda as usally. Yaya wasn't the girl who drunk wine or beer. So she drunk water the entire time. Margie, was a huge party animal, and drinker. Mint was half-half. She only drinks when it's givin to her.
B: For Margie, Nadech, Mark, Mint, and Ya---
Y: I'm fine. I don't drink wine.
B Come one, just one drink.
Y: No....
N: It's fine. Leave her be.
B: Krub!!! Now everyone drink up.
Everybody: KRUB/KA!
Everyone took ate sat 2-4 sips, but Mint gulped the entire cup.
N: Mint, that's your second cup already.
Mint: Second cup is nothing compared to 100 right? -look at Margie-
Mg: Why are you looking at me? -Mint Chukles-
Mint: So, Boy, what do you do in the U.S?
B: Not much, I'm thinking about going to medical school.
Mint: A doctor.
Margie: That's Nice. Setting a goal.
B: Oh yea, what's your.
Mg: I opened a chocolate shop, and it's going good.
B: You, Mint?
M: I'm planning to go open my very own design company in NY this year. -Mark looks right at her, thinking, New York, his heart just skipped a beat. She is really leaving.-
Y: Yea, it's always been a dream of hers. I'm helping her out. Since we've got the place already!
N: Wait your going too?
Y: No, I have my own design company here.
B: mmmmm.... You guys are doing great. In NY makes a lot of money for designers.
Mint: That's my agency calling. I'll be back.
B: Krub. -Mint got up, and left-
Mark: I need to go to the bathroom.
Mint: Sawadee ka?
A: Sawadee ka?
Mint: Did the income tax come yet for the building.
Agency: It did. It's $500 dollars. But If you buy the entire building its 55k for a total of 4 years.
Mint: 4 years is 55k?
A: Yes, but renting your place is $350 a month.
Mint: That's fine. So when will I get to see the place.
A: I've prepared a plane ticket for you. Your flight is next Thursday.
Mint: Ka. Thank you so much. -Mint hangs up with excitement. She then turns around seeing Mark, she walks around him, but he steps that way blocking- Move. -Goes the other way, but he stepped that way too- owwww move.
Mark: Are you trying to deceive my friend?
Mint: Alai na?
Mark: First you deceived me, and now my friend.
Mint: Who said I've ever deceived you, and your friend. You came to me first, I didn't ask for your love. -she walks around him, but he grabbed her hand behind, and pulled her back to face him-
Mark: That's right. I came to you didn't ask for my love that's fine, but I asked for your love.
Mint: Khun!
Mark all of a sudden pulls her in for a hug tightly. (Like how he did to her in PLR when they were alone in the woods) the room was dark, and bluish.
Mark: Don't go to NY? Please? -Mark unhugs her, but still kept both his hand on her waists.-
Mint: -she grabs both his hands an cuff them together inside her hands- Kor Tor na ka. -that word sorry just turned his world upside down. Did she just reject him- this has always been a dream of mines, and I'm not going to stop my dream because of love. -she drops his hands, and walks away from him. She quickly wipes her tears-
Y: How was it?
Mint: Good, they got a place, I'm gonna go check it out next week.
B: Great for you mint. -boy hugs her-
Mint: Well I have to go. My da just called me.
Y: Ka.
Mint went into her car, and just cried to herself. Thinking did she just really reject him....her heart wa in pain like never before. Mark on the other hand already left. He left to drink at another bar. He drunk cups after cups. He was half drunk. He finally paid his bill, an left. His eyelids were getting heavy, his eyesight was getting blurry, and blurrier. His head was about to explode while everything looked like black and white. His body tempature was hot. As he didnt see the crossing car in front of him he drove right Into it. Causing the other driver bleeding heavily, and unconscious, while mark hit his head hard against the window that crashed open. He knew it was his time to leave this world. He silently whispered the love of his life "Mint...." As he fadedly went unconscious.
B: -His phone was ringing. It came from Mark- Hello, Mark where are you?
P: this is the police sir'
B: Police -he looks at Nadech and them-
P: We saw you were his recent last person he called today.
B: Krub! What's wrong.
P: Your friend Mark is survily injured due to a car accident that just occurred at 11pm -He looks at his watch. It was only 11:30- he was drunk driving, and hit a female lady who is bleeding heavily. Please come to the hospital and meet him.
B: Krub.
N: What's wrong?
B: Mark......he is survily injured due to a car accident 30 minutes ago.
N: WHAT? LET'S GO. Girls please stay here?
Y/Mg: Ka.
N: Let's go.
As they arrived at the hospital. They saw that Mark was twitching heavily, and bleeding hardly. Nadech, and Boy were rushing along with them.
N: I'm gonna go call his parents.
As he turns around he saw Yaya and Margie running towards them.
N: Yaya what are you doing here?
Y: I have something to tell you?
N: What?
Y: The women he hit, it was-----
Right when she was going to tell Nadech who the other driver was, Mint was heading towards the E.R. Her head was bleeding she was conscious.
N: What? What about the other driver. -Since he didnt see mint passing by-
Y: The other passenger is over there.
Nadech turns around, and sees Mint rushing into the E.R. His eyes widen.
N: That's---That's Mint. You mean Mark drive into Mint.
Y: Ka.
They all waited patiently in the lobby. Yaya's arm wrapped around Nadech's left arm. She had this face that Nadech never seen before. It was so sad that he wanted to cry. Her cheek rested on his shoulder. He saw that tear that fell out. He wipes it away. Nadech then opens his left arm wrapping it around her back, and pulling he into his chest, where she sniffed a lot, and cried silently.
"Everything's going to be alright." He said to her. Rubbing her back.
N: Are you hungry, tired?
Y: No, I'm good..
N: Lemme see?
He lift up her head, and saw her years just wiping it away, and hear reddish eyes.
N: Look, you eyes are all red. I'll take you to the bathroom. Go wash your eyes, and face na.
Y: Ka.
Nadech held her hand and his other around her waist. Yaya goes into the bathroom. Tied her hair just washing her face. And blowing her nose.
She walks out looking more like herself.
N: Now that how my wife should look. -she Chukles-
As they were just walking nicely, all of a sudden Yaya faints into his arms.
N: Yaya, are you ok, Yaya. Nurse!
All the nurses rush to her, trying to see what was wrong.
Nurse: Please carry your wife this way please.
N: Krub.
He carried Yaya toward the direction where they nurse were leading. Yaya was heavier then usally. It seemed like she gains 20 pounds in 3 days. Please put her on the wheel chair they asked him. He sets her down, and watches them wheel her away.

(20 minutes later)

Nadech sees the nurses walking his way. He rush up to them.

N: Sorry, but how's my wife. Why did she faint all of a sudden, is she hungry? Tired? Hurt?---
The nurse laughed.
Nurse: Calm down. Your wife is fine. Nothing is wrong with her.
N: Krub.
Nurse: -she walks, but then she forgot to tell him something?- and congratulation.
N: Alai wa?
Nurse: Your wife, she's already 3 months pregnant.
N: What again? Pat Tong?
Nurse: Ka.
Nadech sighs, and filled with happiness inside. He just wanted to scream like a girl in the hospital. He was finally starting a family with Yaya. A baby coming on the way is so excited. He need to her? He couldn't wait anymore. He rushed into the room where Yaya was headed. Yaya was already awake.

N: Yaya! -he rushes over, and hold her hand- I am excited news.
Y: What?
N: You pregnant! Your really pregnant. I'm going to become a father soon. -she faked a smile, like she didnt look happy at all- why aren't you cheering with me?
Y: Chan Roo ka. I've known since the begginging?
N: What?
Y: I didn't want to tell you because of the whole Matt thing.
N: Ya, but she's not having my child nor did we ever slept. Why didnt you just tell me.
Y: I.....I don't know.....I guess I was scared too.
N: Why?
Y: Because you were always busy with work, exhausted, sad because Matt used you, and-----
N: No matter how angry,sad,happy I am. It's always a good time to tell....let me ask you......when were you planning To tell me?
Y: When it starts to show?
N: WHAT? You crazy -they both laughed-

17.2 preview:

N: The person you hit.....was mint..... She's injured hard in the head. She's currently in the ICU room.
Mark held onto her hands, and just sat there watching her in pain.
"Mint.....I'm so sorry." He cried heavily. Sobbing heavily. Like never before did his family or friends see him cry like that ever. Was this for real?
Y: Matt!
M: I know that your pregnant.
Y: What do you want?
M: What I want doesn't even want me anymore? So, I my child can't have him, yours can't either (Matt is already 5 months pregnant. She was pregnant before she planed to ruin Nadech)
Y: Please don't. AAAWWWHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mint: What are you going to do about Matt? Huh Pee?
N: She tried to kill my wife&baby. I'm going to report her.
Mark: Mint......I'll wait for you na.
Mint: Ka
~Kisses her~
Kim: Mark is just going to use you like how he used me?

P.S one of them will soon find out that they had a sibling they've never knew off when they were so close to each other.


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hi fantastic i absolutely love chap17.1 ! its long, detailed n da friendship is so wonderful, never left though they were separated ! feeling sad 4 mint, mark y must u tell her off during anger ! glad nadech move on over k, tats so cool n stick 2 his present love yaya ! hope mint will b out of danger, m-m r meant 2 b ! nadech is so happy 2 b a daddy n funny yaya intending 2 inform him only when showing ! evil matt ! love this ff v much, thank u 4 yr time fantastic, wif appreciation key ! O


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I try my best to update na, cause I have to catch up with korean drama "Master's Sun"? and do my book report b4 school starts in 2 days. Yes I do everything until the last minute. I'm a very lazy person. Lol.
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