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What... to be continued? Season 2? Don’t do this to me :risas3: : I am still on chpt 7 - I am now afraid to continued because I cannot do heartache :(

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I am done! OMG OMG OMG! I am SO EMBARASSED ( :thumbup::aaaaa:) I couldn't turned the pages ( I copied and printed it out to read) because both my hands were busy covering my mouth:risas3::risas3:.

For sure rated MATURED! lol - we asked for it...willing|willing|willing|
What? you printed it? Omg, now if you misplaced that copy somewhere.... :risas3:
I was kind of hesitating posting too after rereading but just get on with it. Should I tone it down next time :naughty2::risas3:


sarNie Oldmaid
What? you printed it? Omg, now if you misplaced that copy somewhere.... :risas3:
I was kind of hesitating posting too after rereading but just get on with it. Should I tone it down next time :naughty2::risas3:
Oh no, it's safe with me and I threw it out ( pinky promised).

Nah, don't tone it done - this is not Channel 3 Thai lakorn! :risas3:


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So trying to connect the dots:

Yaya should have never sent him the package. I like to see the look on his face after 5 years and then seeing Yaya walking with little mini nadech and him having the shock of his life because of miscommunication or no communications. Serves him right! Yes I am all about revenge/slap kiss drama :risas3:

ETA: or did he received it...:confused12::naughty2:


sarNie Hatchling
So trying to connect the dots:

Yaya should have never sent him the package. I like to see the look on his face after 5 years and then seeing Yaya walking with little mini nadech and him having the shock of his life because of miscommunication or no communications. Serves him right! Yes I am all about revenge/slap kiss drama :risas3:

ETA: or did he received it...:confused12::naughty2:
We'll see :risas3:
The reason why I cut into season 2 is because I want to focus this time on family time.


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I thought you already post the new chapther.. im really excited..:)
Was planning too after it reached 2k in views but sadly, it wasn't done yet. Later in the evening, I promise.


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Ikr! The huge difference when you're reading on paper and on phone.

P.S. I wonder though how you hide your reaction and kept your straight face upon reading chapter 10
Luckily I didn't get to chpt 10 until I got home but it would have been interesting because I started reading while on the train.


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A/N: Thank you guys for reading and supporting! Even though I feel like we're just five here :risas3::risas3::risas3: @bbie_NY @Alichgo, @Juying_ny, @Kiaraloveny.

Additional cast:

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cr. to the rightful owner
Kirk Schiller (Dja & seer in LLSR )

cr. to the rightful owner
Gubgib (Dja & TNKK)

Season 2


Chapter 13 - Her man

After 5 years...

"So did you guys found it?" Yaya asked her coworkers as she ate her sandwich at the back of her car, sighing upon looking at her wrist watch. At this rate they were going, they won't be able to make it back home today as planned because they havent even reach their destination yet.

Which she can't let happen as tomorrow is a very special day for her, she wont miss it for the world.

They should have been inspecting the villa to be renovated as a small hotel in Chiang Rai if they had stayed on track.

"Not exactly" Kirk, her gay friend and employee/ coworker scratched the back of his head then playfully hit Gubgib who's sitting at the passenger side, "This is all your fault!"

"Why me? You were the one who stuttered at the man" Gubgib whined at Kirk, "He must have thought we're just fooling around that's why he didn't answer us"

Yaya surpressed the urge to scold the two, reminding herself that they were still the two of her most skilled employees.

Since she've left Bangkok 5 years ago, she used all her earnings from her modelling stint to make a small design and build firm. Thankfully, her business is doing good even when she had limited time because of this two reliable employees.

"Can you blame me? Oh my god Yaya! Why did you not come down with us? You lost the opportunity on meeting the most handsome guy in his brooding glory!" Kirk sighed dreamily.

Yaya's brows furrowed at the two, so the reason why they didn't got information is just because of a handsome guy? Those guys were really the bane of her existence.

"I know right! He's had this thick eyebrows, eyes with lashes longer than mine, pointed nose and his jawline! Oh my God!" Gubgib giggled, "He's a little rude and looks rough but it's okay, it actually made him more dreamy"

Yaya's eyebrows furrowed even further, 'Thick eyebrows? Long Lashes? Pointed nose? That sounds familiar', she thought, remembering the cause of her heartbreaks. Why is his shadow following her even in the mountains?

"A little? He didn't even look at you twice while you're asking directions" Kirk sighed exaggerately as he started the car's engine "I bet if Yaya came with us, we would already have the information we needed by now. "

"Did you forget? Ya isn't into handsome guys or any guys at all even when she had almost half of the male population in the town asking for her hand" Gubgib stated in a matter of fact manner, "She always said one man is enough for her"

"Besides, it's not like anyone can get pass through her babe" Kirk agreed with Gubgib probably for the first time in the evening.

"I'm here you know." She just 'tsked' at the two's antics as she's already used to them, "Can we guys focus at the situation?"

"Damn, is this area not updated or something?" Kirk, pressed alternative locations in the gps, finding nothing.

"Why would anyone put a hotel in a remote area in the first place?" Gubgib muttered as she too looked at the map.

She had to agree at their sentiment, they have been at it after the dawn breaks and it's already lunch time but still no luck at finding the damn place. If she just knew it would be like this, she wouldn't accept the project no matter how good it pays. She knew there must be a catch somewhere as the price is just too good to be true.

"What happened?" Yaya asked her co workers as their car suddenly come into a halt.

"The engine wont start!" Kirk exclaimed, trying again with no such luck.

"No way! We can't stay here" Gubgib panicked as she look around the area.

They were stuck in the middle of the road.

"Gubgib, why don't you push the car while I try to start the engine?" Kirk suggested sarcastically at her friend.

"Why me?!"

"Okay, I'll do it" Sighing, Yaya got down the car to inspect the engine.

"I said we, we're gonna push the car" Kirk muttered half heartedly as he too got off and handed her the keys, pushing Gubgib out of the car. "Let the boss drive"

They had tried several times when she heard a jeep wrangler came to a stop beside hers.

"What's happening here?" she heard a voice asked among Kirk and Gubgib's relieved and excited voices.

"Our car won't start" Gubgib started but Kirk interrupted saying,

"Can we ride you - I mean your car instead?"

Silence followed Kirk's statement and the next thing she knew, the guy had opened the hood of her car, effectively hiding him from her view as he inspects the engine.

"Try again starting it" his voice called out as Yaya rolled her eyes at his bossy tone, starting it again with no such luck.

Her cell phone suddenly rang amidst his intructions and she struggled to get it at the back of the car as she recognized the ring tone for her special and only guy.

"Hello babe?" she answered as soon as she had gotten her hands on it, half of her body were still leaning at the back of the car but got distracted when the hood of her car slammed shut forcefully.

"I am not wasting my time on this" she heard him muttered before the door of her car opened.

"I'll call you la-" she started as she turn back on her seat only to come face to face with the man she had been trying to forget for the past 5 years.

It was none other than Nadech Kugimiya but in different light as he looked rather rugged in his unkempt hair, mustache and faded denim jacket.

"Ya?" Nadech asked her, surprised, his tone turning considerably gentle before his eyes lit up in happiness as he proceed to hug her to death. "I miss you so much! Where have you been? I was looking for you every-"

It took a while before she got her bearings back

"Stop it!" She finally struggled from his tight embrace, vehemently pushing him off her, "Get off me!"

Succeeding only after slapping him on the face, she then gathered her things and shooed him away as she got down from the car, choosing to walk away instead.

She didn't need his help. Not now, not ever. She had survived 5 years without him by her side when she needed him the most. Now that she's gotten back on her feet he'll come back just like that?

"Yaya!" He didn't back down though as he caught up her arm and offered close to begging, "You can come and hitch a ride with me"

"Stay away from me!" Yaya hissed, shoving his hand away and walking away from him as far as possible. She thought she had move on but upon seeing him again, all her bottled up anger came to surface. "I don't know what lakorn you are playing but just stop okay?!"

"Ya" he called her like a lost puppy who had found its owner.

'Puppy?' she thought incredulously, he didn't even fit the look as right now, he is the vision of ruggedness.

Taking a deep breath, she had to keep her temper in check. She doesn't have time for this.

"He was the guy I was telling you about earlier!" Kirk, her gay friend and co worker giggled as he and Gubgib hi five.

"Erm-you guys know each other?"


They said in unison, her friends looked at them back and forth amusedly.

"You know" Gubgib moved towards Nadech to inspect his face, "you kind of remind me of someone. I just can't remember who"

"His face is just common" Yaya quickly intervened before the situation goes out of hand, hurrying her friends away. "He looks like one of the laborer in one of our project"

"Which project?!" Kirk exclaimed, clapping his hands excitedly, "Oh my God, I'm gonna do a site inspection there everyday"

Rolling her eyes at her friend, she had continued walking along the path.

She had worked so hard to be able to move on and be where she is right now. No way is she gonna bring herself back to his mess.

"Erm Yaya" Kirk and Gubgib attached themselves in each of her arm as they were walking for quite some time now, "I think we should have taken his offer"

He and Gubgib nodded their head as they looked back, she too followed them to find Nadech got down from his car as he followed them.

cr. to the rightful owner

To her annoyance, he smiled that dimpled smile and waved at her upon seeing her looking, earning a squeal from the two.

'God why are you doing this to me?' she thought after glaring at Nadech.

"He smiled at me!" Gubgib giggled earning a smack from Kirk.

"Keep dreaming, he didn't even bat an eye when you showed him your cleavage to get us a free ride" Kirk stated savagely.

Sighing, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves as she couldn't think properly.

It was freaking cold out here and she was about to lose her head in annoyance with Nadech yet these two are not helping her at all.

"Good thing we had our muse here, his attitude had turn 360 degrees just by seeing her face"

"What's good with that when she didn't even make use of his offer? Its freezing out here in the north!" Gubgib shivered as she rubbed her palms together.

Yaya silently agreed at her friends statement as she hugged herself after a cold breeze, feeling her cheeks turn red from the cold. Maybe she should have set aside her pride this time because it is not just her but wouldn't that giving in to him too soon?

Before she could protest or even struggle, Nadech had pulled her away from her friends, got her bag as he made her wear his denim jacket and hold her hands to his face as he blow some air into it.

For a moment, she had forgotten the past as she stared at her Nadech, the one who always cared for her and would never dare hurt her.

But that moment didn't last as the word hurt crossed her mind. 'No way would she back down just because of this' she thought as she pulled her hands away from his grasp.

Nadech's brows furrowed and he took hold of her arm and started dragging her back to where they came from.

He's at it with his dragging her again everywhere. She's tired of his dominating ways.

"What is wrong with you?" Yaya exclaimed after she got away, massaging her hands who had gotten red marks at his strong hold.

"Sorry" Nadech's eyes turned gentle as he saw the redness, taking a deep breath he started, "Would you please get onto my car, you might caught cold and got sick here while we're in the middle of nowhere"

"I'm not-" before she could finish, Kirk interrupted her, pulling Gubgib towards the direction they came from. She can even hear Gubgib grumbled, "I was the one complaining about the cold"

Left with no choice, she followed them as the Gubgib attempted to sit on passenger side but Kirk pulled her hair and dragged her towards the back seat, leaving her no choice but to sit on the passenger side as Nadech opened the door for her. She rolled her eyes at finding him smiling at her as he entered the drivers side.

'What is he so happy about?' she thought bitterly, 'Lucky him'

"Thank goodness it is so cold outside" Kirk sighed exaggerately as he sits comfortably. "Thank you again mr?"

"Nadech" He answered Kirk while looking at her face as if he's afraid she'll disappear if he took his eyes off her even for a second. "Nadech Kugimiya"

"Come to think of it" Gubgib pressed herself at the space between the two of them, "Your name sounds familiar too!"

Nadech just nodded at Gubgib as he started the engine, "So I already called for a towing service for your car, now where are we going?"

She cringe upon seeing him looking at her intently again as she handed him the map and brochure of the villa.

"Why do you have this?" He asked her, his brows furrowed as he turn the pages, "This is one of the hidden sanctuary of the place"

"You know where it is?" Kirk clapped his hands, looking so relieved, "You are heaven sent, we've been looking for it everywhere"

"It's actually the other way around" Nadech muttered softly, only she could hear as he smiled at her again and stared at her like he can't believe she's in front of him.

"Eyes on the road" she snapped, finding his stares uncomfortable as it brought out feelings she didn't want to dwell on.

Nadech cleared his throat and glanced at the brochure instead, embarassed as his ears turn red. "This is where I'm staying"

'Great' she thought sarcastically at just how small their world is. She had left Bangkok and decided to live at Chiang Mai to avoid crossing paths with him and yet at the least she expected, they met again at the road to Chiang Rai.

It was already afternoon when they've reached the destination and the 2 hour travel had been spent on silence, at least on her part as she tuned down Gubgib and Kirk's interview on Nadech, who, to their dismay only nod or shake his head.

"So where are you working Mr. Nadech?" Gubgib asked him

"I don't" she stared at Nadech at this as he finally answered after quite some time, scratching his chin awkwardly.

She glared at him when he look at his direction as if to say 'stop lying'

"What? I am really unemployed for quite some time now" Nadech told her rather defensively. "I was having my getaway"

'Lucky him' she thought, 'he must be
having the time of his life right now'

"Are you still available for relationship?" Kirk giggled like a little girl.

"No" Nadech answered without any hesitation, "I already belong to someone"

Yaya had to look away as he said this, she can't believe the hurt she still felt even though she had long accepted the truth.

"Good" Gubgib laughed awkwardly as they must have sensed the tension between them, "For a second we thought you like our Yaya here"

"You don't have any chance on her as she is already contented with her man, her only babe" Kirk said as a matter of fact earning a smile from her as Nadech cleared his throat and concentrated on driving, his brows furrowed.

"So this is us right here" he spoke in a low tone after entering a clearing into an old traditional villa.

"Finally" she sighed after getting out of the car as it came to a stop.

She had immediately gathered her things and fled away as fast as possible, entering the villa. Having renewed determination to finish the project the soonest as she couldn't stand being near him again.


Upon meeting with the owner, Sam and her husband had welcomed her with open arms as they talk on their mini cafe about what they wanted to change and retain as she let Gubgib and Kirk scan the area.

Things have been considerably good until Nadech just had to sit on the table in front of them, she don't want to assume or anything but she's sure he's been looking at her since he'd came as she can feel his eyes on her.

Thankfully, the husband and wife didn't let on if they noticed as they only exchange knowing glances with each other.

"It's already 6 pm, you should eat here and stay for the night" Sam told her as their exchange came into wrap.

'Oh no' she thought as she look around, she had been so caught up with her design that she forgot her promise

As much as she hate to admit but the woman is quite right as its already starting to get dark outside and the road they traveled is not exactly smooth as they passed many zigzag roads on their way here.

"I need to go home today-" she politely declined, gathering her things as she wanted to stay true to her promise, no matter what. Before she could move, a platter of different delicious food is serve into their table, in front of her to be exact.

Looking up, she was surprised to find it was actually Nadech who brought the food and he pull out the chair beside her as he mixed her favorite pasta dish.

"I really need to go home today, Kirk and Gubgib can stay here to finish the inspection-" she stubbornly tried to get up but Nadech is faster as he gently holds her arm and pull her back down.

"Eat first" Nadech 'tsked' her when she tried again to stand up, "I promise I'll drive you home myself"

"No!" she replied rather vehemently as the three people stared at her in surprise.

"I mean I'll just call a cab here or something, no need to disturb you"

"You might want to take his offer as there's no cab here at this hour." Sam told her kindly as her husband nodds in agreement, "There's no one we trust better than our boy here"

'They don't know how dangerous he really is'

"It's okay" Nadech said, sensing her hesitancy, "Let me send you at least to the terminal instead"

She do not have time to protest anymore as Sam and her husband stared at her rather expectantly. Left with no choice, she just sighed and nod her head as she started eating. "At least, she'll be able to go home"


"How are you?" Nadech asked her, breaking the silence, "I'm sorry about, you know, what happened-"

"It's okay. It's on the past" Yaya lied just to cut him off.

After all, there is no point in reviving the past as it only brought out painful memories. Besides, she doesn't plan on meeting him again so there's really no point.

"But still I just want to explain-" Nadech tried to push but she once again cut him off.

"I've already forgotten it" she sighed exasperately, she need to cut him off before she lose all her control and lash out on him. "Look, I'm already tired and worn out so if you don't mind, can I please sleep for a while?"

Nadech grumbled but still, he brought out a pillow and blanket from the back seat of his car and handed it to her.

When she didn't accept, he stopped on the side of the road and wrap the blanket around her himself, thrusting her the pillow that smells like him.

Her phone rang again in the middle of silence and for a moment, she hesitated on answering as she glance at Nadech before she finally picked it up.

~Babe?~ she mutterred, closing her eyes, ignoring Nadech who suddenly choked.

'How can he choke when he's not even drinking?' she thought he was being dramatic again.

~Where are you? You said you're going home early~ the whining voice of her caller made her smile as she could imagine his face right now, pouting cutely.

~I'm sorry, I'll be there before you wake up. I promise~ she sighed, holding the blanket close to her. She love her job very much but there were just time like this when she thought it was not that worth it as it get in the way with her priorities.

~Pinky promise?~ he repeated yawning, looking at her watch, she thought he should have been asleep by now. 'He must have been waiting for me' she thought guiltily.

Sighing again, she promise ~Sleep now my baby~

~I love you babe ~ the sweetness of his voice and he calling her babe never fail to make her smile as she responded,

~I love you too~

For the nth time the evening, she sighed again as she take a look at her phone's wallpaper. She traces his smiling face as she missed him already even when she was just with him this morning.

Sneaking a glance at Nadech who was back on his grumpy mood as he pouted, she turned bitterly at the window and dropped her phone at her jacket instead.


It was already past midnight when she awoke to find that they where pass the terminal and were actually nearing her town.

"Why did you not wake me?" she asked him, slightly panicking as she struggled to get her bearings, "You can drop me off here and I'll get a ride"

"Don't worry" Nadech muttered bitterly, "I promise I wont cause you trouble with your lover or babe, whoever he is."

His response made her brows furrow in confusion, 'Lover?' Oh right, her babe.

Wait- how did he know where I live? she thought as his jeep made a stop exactly at her front yard.

"I asked Kirk and Gubgib where you live and he gave me your address" He added upon seeing her bewildered face.

'Damn Kirk' she rolled her eyes at her friends desperate attempt to match her up as she removed his blanket and jacket, 'Why would he gave around my address to a stranger'

"Thank you, but I can't invite you inside" she said feeling slightly guilty because he drive her all the way, but to her astonishment, he nodded understandingly.

"So... you're babe" he began, "You really love him?"

She nodded her head wondering where this is going as he sighed dramatically and for a moment, she thought she even saw a tear drop from his eye.

She must have seen wrong as he turn to her with a smile and wave as she goes down the jeep and walk towards her gate.

She nodded at him while openning the gate, feeling a little bit weird as she felt sad at seeing him saying goodbye.

'This is a prime example why bestfriends can never turn into lovers'

Before she could step inside, she heard him got down the car first and felt him pull her towards him as he cupped her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers.

She would have thought it was all in her imagination as it happen so fast if not for the tingling sensation it left on her lips as the next second, he was walking back to his car and started the engine.

"I'm sorry. Be happy now" Nadech told her before he drove away leaving her flabbergasted.

She stood frozen for quite a few seconds before common sense caught up with her as she entered her home for the past 5 years, going straight to the only man in her life's room to find him sleeping soundly.

'It's unfair just how much they look alike' she thought to herself as she traces his face when he suddenly reached out to hold her hand as he called her in his sleep, "Mommy"

His call made her smile more widely as she bent down to kiss her sons forehead as he rarely used the word mom or mommy to her. She didn't know why but eversince he learn the word babe or honey, he never calls her mom again.

Smoothing his hair, she stared sadly at his face as the boy's striking resemblance with his father made her felt slightly guilty upon not letting her son meet her father.

'Today is his birthday, would he like to know his father?'

Sometimes she worry for her son as he only asked about his father once when he was just three years old and he never brought that up again after she told him his father was already dead.

'Is she being a bad mother?' she asked herself for a while before shaking her head, 'He didn't chose us remember?' she thought as she remembered the package she sent him before he called to say sorry.

It was the ultra sound and sonogram of their son which he chose to ignore.

Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to be strong. It was only the two of them but still they strived to be happy as she struggled to be a good mother and father to her son. She would do anything for her son, her only family.


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