Song Sanaeha(CH 7)


Noy I see what you mean

I just saw the preview and Aum's not bad at singing her voice is pretty cute...and this lakorn looks really interesting. I'm downloading it now I'll watch it later this week...


sarNie Adult
is this kinda like so sanae ha?? aum has a funny role right?? can someone post the summary. thanks :p


thanks for sharing the pictures...they look so cute! just watch epi 15....i hate deun so much! pee got hit by the car from saving her and she just stood there doing nothing! can't wait for the last episode...i guess pee will not make it...


finally i finish with the lakorn...i think deun deserve to die..she did alot of bad stuff..and even the last episode she pretend to be Pi and attend the wedding.....but glad that walit found out....aump and vee do make a cute couple too....


Yunho's GF~*
I downloaded the two 1st epi but didn't watch them yet...
Because i dun want to do the same mistake as i did lol i didn't watch Pleun Payu and i regret now :(

can u guys tell me what kind of lakorn it is ??
comedy, action, romantic... ??


sarNie Egg
hey do u noe the movie called song sanaeha by aum and vee in the engagement part who song is dat i want to noe who sing dat and wat is dat song caleld thank u if some1 noes and tells me it will appecite it alot


sarNie Egg
do any1 noe da movie song sanaeha by aum and vee in da engagment part da song i really like it i want to noe who sing it and wat is da name of dat song