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The Final Chapter
By Uniq
Vill as Malisa [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Sontichai[/SIZE]​
Toomtam as Arun [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Suriyakarn[/SIZE]​
[Author’s Note: Please feel free to use any actress/actor to play the role. My favorite right now is Vill and ToomTam, so they are the ones I will be portraying in here. I have finally decided on the title and it sounds so similar to Sud Sai Pan, but the storyline is very different, but I find that the title fits the storyline very much…so be patient and thank you all for your support. And as always, your comments are always welcome. Please give proper credit if redistributing. Thanks!]​
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa was very excited for her friend, Jenny, who had found a suitor. James, her new suitor was very nice and fond of Jenny, and they had decided to also bring Malisa along tonight for a blind date with one of James’s friend.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa frowned. She did not like blind dates, but the excitement in Jenny made her very happy for her friend and made her agreed to go along to make her friend happy. She’ll meet this guy and like all other guys she had met, she’ll just brush them off the next day.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The two women were dressed elegantly, Jenny in a sleek black dress, and Malisa, in a sky blue flowing dress.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Jenny drove them to a high-end restaurant that James had reserved for them. Both women got out and excitedly entered the restaurant.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]For a moment, Malisa was a little nervous, as Jenny smiled and waved at a young handsome man sitting at a table. He stood up and came forward to greet them.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Malisa, this is James,” Jenny quickly remarked excitedly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]James was a young man in his late twenties, dressed in a black suit. He smiled charmingly at her and beckoned them to the table. Another man sat there, with the back of his head turned to them.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I would like you ladies to meet my good friend…” James started as he brought them to the table.  [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The man turned his face to look at them and the colored drained from Malisa’s face. She couldn’t believe her eyes at who she was looking at. He was the one person she had thought she would never see again, the one person she had left behind completely. The one person, she had loved once and hated and finally had to let go.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]His face equaled hers in shock.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“This is Jenny, my girlfriend…and her friend Malisa…”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun quickly recovered from his shock at James’s words. Slowly he stood up and took Jenny’s hand and shook it, not realizing the excitement in Jenny’s face at James’s claim of her as his girlfriend. Then his hand went out for hers. And still shock, Malisa almost didn’t raise her hand for him. When she did, shaking a bit, he slowly took her hand in his and held it slowly. As if the touch hurted, Malisa quickly retracted her hand and took a breath, feeling faint and trying to recompose herself as she turned to her friend and smiled uncomfortably.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]James beckoned them to sit at the table. Jenny made her sit first across from Arun, as she sat across from James. Malisa’s face flushed with embarrassment. Could she sit here all night with this man? Her hands shook as she grabbed her drink and tried to be calm.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He observed her; her pulled up hair into an elegant bun, her light make-up and peach lips. She was still as attractive as before. He noticed her shaking hand too, and he finally chuckled lightly as he thought of something.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She glared at him icily annoyed that he was enjoying himself here while she was dreading being here. How did he get here, she wondered? She thought she had moved as far away as she could so that they would never have the chance to see each other again as today.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Arun is visiting here and we hope you can show him around here, Malisa,” James came in, interrupting her thoughts.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her mouth almost dropped as his words seeped into her mind, and she smiled uncomfortably at James. “I—I am quite busy these days…I—I don’t think I will have time,” Malisa quickly spoke, stuttering and quickly drinking from her glass as she tried to cover up her nervousness.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Jenny, not understanding the situation, chided Malisa, “Dear, you have the whole evening to show Arun around. James’s friend is new here and will be quite lonely without friends for awhile. I see you both have something in common.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun half-grinned for one moment as he observed Malisa’s fidgeting posture . “I think Malisa may have someone in her heart already that she will not be comfortable to be with another.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She glared at him coldly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Malisa is free,” Jenny interrupted gaily. “She has more evening to spare than necessary. Unless…”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun looked at Jenny, as she seemed to stop in her sentence.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Unless what?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Jenny looked at Malisa as if regretting what she had begun, as she did not want to bring back Malisa’s past love. So she quickly remarked, “Malisa only have guy friends, no one particular in her heart so I’m sure she can give you a tour some evenings, won’t you dear?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa almost dropped her glass of water as Jenny mentioned her guy friends and available evenings. She swallowed uncomfortably. She couldn’t bare to look at him but felt his piercing eyes. He had changed much, she felt. He no longer seemed to speak much and his eyes looked serious and weary.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Quickly, she excused herself to go into the bathroom.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She looked at herself in the mirror. She was no longer the twenty year naïve, gullible Malisa who had fell inlove with him. She was now 28 years old and a woman on her own. She was not afraid of anyone and least not someone she had let go years ago.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]It took her awhile to calm herself before she left the bathroom to go back to the table. The whole night, she ignored his eyes and avoided talking to him as much as she could. When they finished their dinner, and everyone was ready to leave, James whispered something into Jenny’s ears and she nodded her head back excitedly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]James took his keys out and handed them to Arun.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Jenny and I are going to go driving for the night. Can you take Malisa home?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa’s mouth almost dropped as she turned to see her friend’s smiling face. Jenny came to hold her arm and replied, “Have a conversation with Arun, Malisa. I know you are looking for a friend too. Arun is a nice guy.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa quickly shook her head.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I can take the taxi, Jenny. I don’t want to burden anyone.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Jenny chided her. “Don’t be silly. Arun is not going to hurt you. He is James’ friend.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Before Malisa could say more, James winked at Arun and left with Jenny out the door.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa turned to look at Arun in disbelief. He looked as surprised as she was. But before he could say anything, she quickly walked out of the restaurant. He quickly followed her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Where are you going?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa was walking in her heels in the night away from him. She did not want to be alone with him or to reminisce the past.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He quickly caught up to her and grabbed her arm to stop her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“It is dark out. Getting into a taxi alone at this time is not safe, Malisa…”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She faced him angrily. Her name on his lips seemed strange and heartbreaking.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am a grown woman and can take care of myself!” she remarked frustratingly. She couldn’t understand why this was happening…why did they meet again?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She pulled her arm away and continued walking on.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“That is not what I remembered before, Malisa!” He took her arms again, and turned her around to face him. “Have your heart found another man—and that is why you are afraid to look at me?!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Irritated at his words, she flung her arms away from him and turned to walk away again, ignoring his words. He quickly ran after her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Why are you running away from me?! What are you afraid of?!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun grabbed her arm again, and this time, pulled her into his arms and held her there tightly, so that she would not leave.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Let me go, Arun! We have no business in each others’ life anymore…!” she icily remarked, staring him straight in the eyes and trying to push him away.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Angry at her words, he glared at her cold face. Could she have been the same person he had once loved? Not believing it, his face came down and kissed her. Shocked, she tried to push him away, but he pulled her in even closer. She couldn’t believe that this was happening.  How can he take advantage of her, she thought. Frustrated, she pushed at him as hard as she could and got him to release her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am not the twenty year old Malisa anymore! How dare you do this to me?!” she cried.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa quickly wiped her lips, which infuriated Arun more.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You’ve always ran away from everything in your life! Even your own marriage!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa stared at him, hurt and now reminiscing the past. She finally slapped him with all the pain in her heart. A tear threatened to come out of her eyes.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am not a pitiful woman to leave something that is of [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]value[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] to me!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun looked at her, angry at her words. He quickly grabbed her back and shook her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You ran from your marriage! You ran from me and your family!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa tried to pull away from him, but couldn’t as he held her arms tightly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I gave you your [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]freedom [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]to marry Sallie, as you wished,” She coldly remarked. “As I remember, you were the one who wanted me out of your life!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun finally let her go, in disbelief at her words. He stared at her, wondering how they could have loved each other so much at one point or was it all a dream?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Leave me alone, Arun,” she finally spoke after awhile, “I already signed your divorce paper. I gave you back to your family. There is nothing in that life that I would want to return back to anymore.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa thought she felt a pain in her heart at her words, as she quickly turned and walked away, leaving Arun to look, in disbelief of her words. The tear finally slipped down her face, but she would not let him see her face.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]His heart was in pain as well, and he wanted to go after her, but he knew her words were true. He did want her out of his life. So why was he not happy to see her leave him again? Angry at the situation, he watched as she entered into a cab and left him standing there in the night.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The next day, Jenny called Malisa excitedly to see how her night was.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“It went the same way. I came home…,” Malisa remarked trying not to talk about it much.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Well Arun will be in town for a couple of weeks…so maybe you’ll have time to get to know him…” There was a pause at the end of the phone before Jenny continued, “He is very rich, Malisa!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa frowned.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“James told me that his family owns a very big company and they are worth more than $500 million.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa frowned again. After hanging up the phone, Malisa was worried. Arun was going to be in town for the next couple of weeks and she wondered why.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When Malisa got to work the next day, Alex, her co-worker, told her that there was a meeting, and that their boss wanted her in the conference room. She quickly went into the conference and met Mr. Suripok who was the owner of the Suripok Architecture Firm that she worked for.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Suripok introduced her to Mr Juripol who was interested in their firm’s work. Malisa, being the lead architect, showed Mr Juripol around their building, showcasing some of their work.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]After about 4 hours, Mr Juripol thanked her and requested her to come to see their site to survey their land. Malisa happily obliged.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Juripol worked for ARS International Sales and was looking to open a new building in town for over 500 employees. This would be a huge project that would give the Suripok Architecture Firm a lot of revenue.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Suripok was only happy to have Malisa work on this project as she was his most talented architect. So the contract was signed the next day to have Suripok Architecture Firm work on the new ARS International building.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa was ecstatic that Mr Juripol signed the contract right away. Not thinking about it much, Malisa was just too happy to put her mind to work as she did not want to think about him. So she was in a gay mood for two weeks working on sketches for the building when Mr Juripol called her up for the second project.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Second project?” Malisa asked Mr. Suripok. “I did not know that we signed up for two projects for Mr Juripol?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I approved of us working on the second project,” Mr Suripok remarked, “They have much admiration for your work with the Yuthana couple’s love nest, that when Mr Juripol mentioned the 2[/SIZE][SIZE=8.799999999999999px]nd[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] project, and requested you to work on it, I automatically approved. They are paying us a lot of money for these two projects.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa only smiled, happy that Suripok Architecture was getting a lot of work from Mr Juripol, but wondering how much work she would have to put in to lead these two projects.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Juripol had given Malisa the address to the second project location. So she rushed to the address with her camera and paperwork, excited that she was getting a lot of work in a way.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She was in a hurry and had forgotten to change her heels. So as she tried to get pass all the dirt on the site, she accidentally stumbled. Luckily a hand came out and caught her. Relief that she did not fall flat on the dirt, she turned to thank her savior, only to be in shock.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun smiled lightly as he looked at her. She was startled to see him here and suspicious as to why he was here, that she didn’t see Mr Juripol coming towards them.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Ahh…Ms Sontichai…thank you for coming here as soon as you can,” Mr Juripol remarked, bringing her back to the present.  She quickly slipped her hand away from Arun uncomfortably.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Juripol pulled out his hand to shake her hand, and turned to Arun.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I see you’ve met Mr Suriyakarn…he is the owner of these projects you are working on.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa almost fainted as she looked at Arun’s smiling face.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa pulled herself together and listened as Arun made his requirements known to her. After a while, she remarked, “I—I think I‘m not the right person for this job, Mr Suriyakarn.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun observed her, and smiled, “Is there a problem here, Ms Sontichai…may I call you Malisa?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Before she could object he continued, “I had a vision of this building a long time ago, and a very special person to me then, drew this building up. Now, I know you will be familiar with the design…Malisa.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her name on his lips wringed her heart. He gave her a sheet of paper and to her horror, it was the drawing she did years ago.  They had dreams and this had been their dream house.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa almost dropped the paper, as she shakily remarked, “This is an old concept…a concept that won’t work anymore…especially for this area here.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun smile, “That is what I once thought. But I believe this is the best concept and especially in this area.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She looked at him for a moment, wondering what he was implying. After a while, she remarked, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I’m sorry, but I can’t work on this concept.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She gave the paper back to him and turned to go, but Arun stopped her by saying. “Isn’t this your dream? To create this concept?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Feeling the uneasiness in the air and not understanding the relationship between them, Mr Juripol quickly stepped in and remarked, “I am sure you can do this, Ms Sontichai. After all, this is a wedding present Mr Suriyakarn is going to give to his future wife.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa turned and looked in horror at Arun. His face was blank and unemotional, as he looked back at her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am sure we can find another architect at the firm who can do this,” Malisa quickly remarked, covering up her shock. “I can give Mr Suripok the measurements and he can assign a better architect for this job.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her voice was distant as she spoke. It was hard for her to breath. Why?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“But our contract states that you will be our architect, Ms Sontichai,” Mr Juripol remarked.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked shocked at his words.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“If Mr Suripok thought you couldn’t do this project then we should have been notified,” Mr Juripol continued. “You created the Yuthana house, and that was a sensation, so I don’t see why this would be a problem for you.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa glared at Arun upsettingly, knowing Mr Juripol did not know their relationship. She wondered what he was planning having her create this concept for him.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“We have a lot of talented architects at the firm, Mr Juripol, I am sure Mr Suripok can recommend another architect and draw up another contract?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Juripol looked to Arun, and remarked, “That will be up to our President.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked at Arun, hoping he would not disagree; after all it was not right for them to see each other this much already.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun silently waved to Mr Juripol to leave them. When they were alone, Malisa remarked, “Why are you doing this?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun smiled and looked at the paper of the house she drew that he held in his hand.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am fulfilling your dreams to create this concept, Malisa,” he slowly remarked.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Why?!” Malisa almost cried out, frustrated at why he was bring back their past. “We no longer mean anything to each other. Why are you here doing this to us?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun looked as if he wanted to shake her again, but he composed himself and replied, “Well, you heard, Mr Juripol. This is my gift for my future wife.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her heart almost broke, she thought.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Then I request you work with another architect for this project,” she silently remarked.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He finally came up to her, so close that she could feel his breath. “Why?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She looked up to his face, upset that her heart was feeling pain. She could hear her heart beat very fast as she felt his close presence. She couldn’t answer him, because her heart was in pain and something else… Did he still mean something to her?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Tell me why, Malisa, and I will consider it.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She looked away, not knowing what explanation she would give him.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“If you can’t tell me why, then I will expect you to start on this project next week.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun stepped back from her, turning to go and finally giving her the space that she needed to breath.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I have [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]your[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] ARS International building to work on…I will not have time to accomplish this project as well,” she finally remarked.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun turned to look at her and grinned.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“There is no rush for this project, Malisa. I am giving you free range to work on it as you like for as long as you need it.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Frustrated, Malisa replied, “Why?! Why are you doing this, Arun?! Our story ended a long time ago! You know it is best if we don’t see each other anymore!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun didn’t look happy.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Perhaps fate has given us another chapter in our story…” he remarked silently, surprising her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She didn’t understand his words, so finally she remarked, “Our story ended a long time ago. So I request that you ask for another architect, for it is best if we stay on our own different path.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa turned and left silently. Her heart was beating so quickly, as she stepped back into the cab. How could this happen? How could she meet him again only to find out that he had moved on successfully well—unlike her? Who was his future wife? Her heart was breaking in two, even when she kept thinking that he no longer meant anything to her.[/SIZE]


Wow. I'm in love with this. It's such a nice beginning. I wonder what happened in their past. You're getting better sat writing too VillNan. :)


LOL. Yes I am waiting patiently for your updates. :) I really can't wait to find out what happens next. I feel like Arun is playing her. His future wife is no one but her. LOL. :)


sarNie OldFart
Bieluvr said:
LOL. Yes I am waiting patiently for your updates. :) I really can't wait to find out what happens next. I feel like Arun is playing her. His future wife is no one but her. LOL. :)
Awwwww do you want me to updates ep2 now? XD


If you could that would be awesome. Also I would like to say that I like this style of writing. :)


sarNie OldFart
Bieluvr said:
If you could that would be awesome. Also I would like to say that I like this style of writing. :)
Hehe I will post ep2 for you tonight! :)


sarNie OldFart
Episode 2
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa gave the specs to her boss, and sadly walked back to her desk. Why was she feeling sad? Shouldn’t she be happy for him after all she did give him up?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex quickly interrupted her thoughts and asked if she needed a ride home. She accepted, needing a friend to get her mind of him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex was about her age, handsome and gentle. He wore glasses and clothes that made him look like a neat, clean gentleman.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Mr Suripok tells me that I can assist you in the Suriyakarn projects?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa nodded. Her thoughts were far away.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Some of us are going dancing this weekend. Did you want to come along?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa turned to hear his words.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex had been more than a co-worker, he was also her friend.  Since they both shared passion in architecture, they had worked on many projects together. He lead some and she lead some. He had once asked her to go out, but they’ve just ended up being friends.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She wondered why she just didn’t go out with him? With that thought, she nodded her head.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex dropped her off at her place and she thanked him. She would enjoy her life while she can, and truly move on from her past. After all, if he was already moving on to a new wife, she should move on to a new love in her life too.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The weekend didn’t come as quickly as Malisa had hoped. The whole week, Malisa had thought about the design she had once drew up for her and Arun to live in. How can Arun think that she would create that concept for him and his new wife?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa sighed upsettingly and looked at herself in the mirror. She was dressed in a short skirt dress with one sleeve. Her long hair curled beautiful on her shoulder.  Jenny and James were also joining them for the night at the Club and Alex was also bringing his younger sister Malee and some other friends.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The night was young as they all sat in one area at the club, as the music played loudly behind them. Jenny had brought Malisa to the dance floor with James, and Malisa started to dance to forget her thoughts, and by the time they came back to sit down again, her friend was looking at her as if she had changed from a mouse to a tiger.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You’re becoming so wild, Malisa!” Jenny teased her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa sipped her non-alcoholic drink and laugh.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You only live once, dear Jenny!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Jenny laughed and as they continued talking Alex and his group came back from the dance floor too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Malisa, you need to dance with me!” Alex remarked, as the music turned to a slow dance.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa shook her head, suddenly feeling moody. “I’m going to rest for awhile.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I’ll go get more drinks then.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa nodded and watched as Alex left and Jenny and James lovingly held each others’ hands and went back to the dance floor. Jenny stared into space and remembered her first song with [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]him[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] as she sat alone.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She was so inlove with him and he had declared his love to her. It seemed like only yesterday that they had loved each other. How could so much had happened?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Can I have this dance?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa glanced to see Arun giving his hand to her. Was she dreaming? Or was he really here? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The music faded in the background as she looked into Arun’s eyes. Why did he lie to her? Why did he break his promise to love her forever? And why didn’t he trust her?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Feeling sad, a tear dropped from her eyes. Shocked, she quickly turned away and brushed the tear aside. He quickly pulled out a handkerchief and sat beside her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Why are you crying?” His voice was soft and gentle she thought she heard, as he tried to wiped her face with the handkerchief.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She quickly moved away from his touch finally realized that he was really here. A part of her heart was actually happy, but her painful thoughts made her get up to leave him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex was coming back with some drinks and she quickly grabbed his arms.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I want to dance now.” She quickly put up a smile, surprising Alex at her request. He nodded and placed the drinks on the table and not seeing Arun, as he allowed Malisa to lead him to the dance floor.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun was unhappy as he watched Malisa hold onto Alex’s arms and walked to the dance floor. He watched as she held him and smiled at him. He turned his head away unhappily.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa did not want the song to end, as she did not want to go back to see him. How did he get here, she wondered? Why was it that now he was appearing again in her life, when she was trying to move on with her life.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Too soon, the music ended and Alex lead her back to the seat. Jenny and James were already there and Jenny looked excitedly at her, as James talked with Arun.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Malisa, guess who is here!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa sat across from Jenny, and Alex came and sat beside her. She tried to ignore him, as Alex greeted Arun.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I hope you don’t mind that I invited Arun, Malisa,” James remarked.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa gave him an uncomfortable smile and looked away from Arun’s eyes. She quickly beckoned the waitor and asked for a martini. She needed something strong to forget.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I didn’t know you drink, Malisa,” Jenny remarked, looking at her sip her drink quickly. “I thought you didn’t like alcohol.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun frowned as she coughed on her first sipped.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Perhaps Malisa is trying to forget somethings in her life,” Arun remarked unhappily.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked at him coldly, and took another sip, then replied, “I am trying to get rid of bad memories. Perhaps a stronger drink will help with that?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa beckoned the waiter to come with a vodka and Alex and Jenny looked concern.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“If you’ve never had a drink before, you’re going to not feel very well. Perhaps you may want to take it slow?” Alex replied, looking concern, and making Arun unhappy at his closeness to Malisa.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa drank down the vodka, and started to feel very sick. She was starting to feel dizzy, and [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex touched her arms to steady her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Unhappy, Arun quickly stood up. “How about a dance, Malisa?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Before anyone could say anything, Arun bent and took Malisa by the hand and pulled her up to go to the dance floor with him. She struggled to free her hand, but it seemed limp. Before she knew it, he placed his arms around her waist tightly and pulled her in his chest.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You know, you have no right to touch me anymore,” she struggled to say, feeling light-headed and daze.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He gazed at where Alex sat, and cruelly remarked, “If I didn’t know better, I think you were trying to get laid by Alex…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Angry, she tried to push away from him, but it seemed so hard for her to move.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“And if I was…? Why would that affect you?!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He shook her angrily.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“This is not you, Malisa. You don’t drink, nor are you a loose woman…unless…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He cruelly twisted his lips and continued, “You missed me…and want me to make love to you again.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Angry, Malisa pushed him with all her might, and finally, put some space between them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I hate you, Arun, and I wished I never see you again!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She tried to walk back, but felt very sick. Feeling that she was going to throw up, she quickly walked to the women’s room, with Arun following her in concern.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She knew she shouldn’t have drank and her first time as well. She did not feel well at all as she threw up in the ladies room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]It seemed awhile before she came out wobbily. She was very very dizzy and needed to lay down. Arun stood by the door and when he saw her, he took her by the arms and pulled her to the exit.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Where are you taking me?” Malisa remarked trying to pull her arms away unsuccessfully. She needed to lie down, because she was not seeing things correctly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I’m taking you home.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa tried to struggle as Arun lead her outside to his car and opened the door and sat her in.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I don’t want to go home.” Malisa replied almost childishly, as she was getting more and more drunk.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun fastened the seatbelt on her and closed the door. When her head hit the seat, she relaxed and started to close her eyes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun came into the driver’s seat and looked at her, drunk and unconscious. He wondered why she was treating herself so cruelly just because she didn’t want to see him again. Or did she?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He quickly opened her purse that Jenny had given him while Malisa went to the bathroom. He had told them that he was going to take Malisa home as she wasn’t feeling well. He felt triumphant at seeing Alex’s disappointed face. Jenny only seemed too happy to have him take her friend home.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa had her driver’s license and home address there as well as her house keys. Taking another glance at her sleeping in his car, he shook his head and drove the car away from the club.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun carried Malisa and placed her on her bed. Slowly he took her shoes off and turned to look at her clothes. He took a deep breath, unsure if he wanted to take her dress off. After awhile, he covered her with her blanket and sat beside her on the bed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He wanted to kiss her, and even more hold her in his arms. Why did he miss her so much when they had an unpleasant marriage that lead to their separation?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He thought of when he first met her at summer camp. She had tried to pick a water lily from an abandoned bridge and slip and fell. Luckily, he came by and pulled her up from the bridge. She was frightened and scared as she did not know how to swim. Since then, they had become best friends slowly leading to lovers.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun smiled, thinking of the innocent past, and he brushed a strand of hair from her face. She was sleeping soundly, as he came with some water to wash her of the stench of alcohol, then he took her dress off, slowly trying not look at her nakedness.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When he was done, he covered her up warmly and turned to look at her house. Malisa lived in a medium wooden house fill with reminiscent of the past. It was nicely decorated with old woods that Malisa had once iterated that she liked the traditional look of houses.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She had shelves of books and breathtaking oil paintings of beautiful sceneries on the wall. Curiously, Arun slipped into her office and observed her taste. He smiled. She had not changed much in taste, as she still liked the traditional color and woods.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He saw a pile of architectural poster drawings leaning on the floor and he filed through them, until he came to the last poster, and it shocked him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]It was the poster that they had painted at camp, where they sat on the bank of the river gazing at the sun at the horizon with the abandoned bridge nearby.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun had hired a student painter to paint them that day, because it was the last day of camp and he wanted to remember it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He pulled it off the wall and looked at it clearer. How could she still have the painting? He had forgotten about it for awhile.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Slowly, he smiled, and turned and looked toward her bedroom. Was he still in her heart?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa was feeling very light headed and dizzy as she woke up to see herself on her bed. Shock that she was almost naked, she wondered who dropped her off and took off her dress. She quickly tried to get up, but swayed, feeling so much pressure on her head.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She quickly grabbed her robe and tried to find out how she got back home. To her surprise there was noise in her kitchen. She quickly went to check who was there to only find a memory from her past.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He was cooking by the stove as she happily got up to see him. He turned around and smiled excitedly and came over and kissed her on the forehead.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The picture in her mind slowly faded to have her see Arun by the kitchen cooking, and when he turned to look at her, he smiled. Tears swelled in her eyes at the memories. But he didn’t come to kiss her forehead; instead he took some lemon water by the counter and came up to her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“How are you feeling this morning?” he asked softly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When she didn’t reply, but kept looking at him to see if this was real or a dream, he handed her the glass of lemon water.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“This will help with your hangover.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She finally came back to reality and looked at the glass of lemon water. Slowly, she took it and drank it, squinting at the sourness. Her heart was disappointed that the present wasn’t like the past at all.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun stopped the urge to hold her, as he saw her in her robe. Did he really miss her too? Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to go back to the stove and remarked, “I cooked some chicken congee for you. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll serve it to you.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Why are you here?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He turned to look at her, surprised that she finally spoke.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I brought you home yesterday because you were sick.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa thoughts went to her naked body.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Did you take my dress off?!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun nodded, ignoring her horrified look. He continued stirring the pot and took out some bowls.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Shock that he took the issue lightly and seem to be navigating in her home so easily, she confronted him upsettingly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You have no right to do that! How can you take advantage of me knowing—knowing that we are no longer intimate?!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun finally turned to look at her and smile. She looked uncomfortable at the last thing she said.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Well, if you don’t want another man to [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]take advantage[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] of you, then you shouldn’t be drinking as you did last night…besides…, ” he smiled with a wink and looked at her body up and down, “What part of you have I not seen before?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her mouth opened in shocked as she brought her arms up to cover her chest as if it was naked.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“How dare you?! Please leave!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He ignored her. She stared shocked at him, seeming so at ease in her house, as he put two bowls of congee on the kitchen island.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I think after helping you last night, I deserve some hospitality from you. I even cook you some breakfast,” he remarked, beckoning her to come and sit with him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She looked at him suspiciously, and thought about it. Then slowly, she came and sat down on the island and looked at the congee he had made.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Feeling very hungry herself, she tried it and to her surprise, it tasted very good. And it seemed just in a short time before she empty the bowl, not noticing that he was observing her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“No one must have cooked for you for a long time, is that true, Malisa?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She looked up to see him smirking at her, and she frowned.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Will you leave now?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I’m not even done with my food…” he remarked slyly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She frowned as she watched him turn to eat.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She tried to leave her seat, and almost tripped as she realized she was still feeling unwell. Arun quickly came and held her up. Frustrated that he was touching her, she tried to push him away, only to sway to the other side.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Finally, she allowed him to lead her back to her bedroom.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Please leave,” she remarked again, as she sat down on her bed, frustrated that he refuse to go and uncomfortable that he knew where she lived.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“What are you afraid of?” Arun whispered as she turned to face him frustratingly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She couldn’t answer him, because there were still so much hurt and pain in her. She thought she had let go of her past, but seeing him again was bringing back so many hurtful memories.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She swallowed. “I left you for a reason…” she began, “and the reason was because I no longer wanted to see you again.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun’s happy face slowly turned to a frown.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Is it because you found another love?” Arun cruelly remarked, shocking Malisa.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am not the one building a love nest for my future spouse,” Malisa replied, challenging his words. “Have your cheating ways not stopped with me?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun tightened his jaws angrily, as he sat down and grabbed both of her arms and shook her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am not the one who broke the trust of the person they claim to love…! I am not the one who stole for my own pleasure or lied that others were making things up when the proof is there!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He roughly threw her aside, and rose up angrily.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa glared at him angrily and stood up, “I did not lie to you! I told you everything and only truths, but you are the one who refuse to believe me!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He glared at her angrily, wanting to shake her, but instead he grabbed her wrist and brought her forcefully toward him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You created so much trouble in my life, Malisa…and even I wonder what fate has planned to have us meet each other again? What chapter will we be in now?! Your lovers? Are we in the chapter where I find out about your lovers…!?” Arun remarked angrily and looked down to where her robe wrapped around her body. “After what I saw of you yesterday, I would not be surprised to see other men bringing you home, drunk and—and naked!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]As if angry at his thoughts, he quickly remarked. “How many men have you had since you left me, Malisa?! How many men?!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Angry, tears threatened to come down her face, as Malisa pulled her arm roughly away. Feeling insulted and before she could stop herself, her hand came out to slap him in the face.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]There was  a moment of silence, before Malisa cried out, “I am not a low moral woman like you and your family! Even when I was married to you, I was not the one who already had plans to marry another!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun slowly turned to face her, as he felt the sting on his cheek.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Tears streamed down her face, as she continued, “If I do have lovers, I have every right now, [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun Suriyakarn[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px], since I am no longer a married woman!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her words stung his heart more than her slap. And without another word, he captured her into his arms and forced his lips on her. She cried and struggled to push him away, but he only brought her back in and kissed her deeply.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Before long, she stopped struggling and he loosened his hold on her. It seemed a long time that she had felt his lips, it seemed, and she could still remember the touch. Fearful of the thought, she turned her face to the side.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]His lips touched her hair and he breathed in her scent.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I can still remember your scent, love…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]His words gave her more pain as tears continued streaming down her face. She couldn’t bare to look at him now that she could remember his touch.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Tell me that you are sorry for the past, and I’ll forgive you, Malisa,” Arun whispered into her hair.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When she didn’t reply, he lifted his head up to look at her face, turned away from him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Tell me, Malisa!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She finally looked at him, shielding her heart.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I did not lie to you, so I cannot be sorry for the past… she remarked, and pulled away from his touch. “You have no right to be here…in my home…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun tightened his jaw angrily as she turned away from him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“How much do you want then?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Shocked at his question, she faced him, “What are you talking about?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He sneered. “Isn’t that why you married me? For my money, Malisa?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He roughly took her wrist again.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“How much do you want for a night?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Disbelief at his words, she flung her hand out to slap him again, but he captured it and brought her into his arms.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You took $10 million from me and when I couldn’t give you more, you left,” he accused her. Her eyes looked at him in disbelief as he continued, “Since I will be in town for awhile and be very lonely at night, how much do you want for a night?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He roughly released her hand and took his wallet out.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Since I spent a night here, let me pay you then.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He took out some cash and took her hand roughly and slapped the money on her hand.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]A tear dropped from her eyes from his insult.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I’ve become very wealthy since you left, Malisa, so I can pay you now.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She flung her hand away and threw the cash back at him.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Get out!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He tightened his jaws angrily and observed her quivering lips and tears. Slowly, he turned and walked out of the bedroom. As he walked toward the front door, he stopped and turned around to look at her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I expect you to create the same house you dreamt about once upon a time for me and my future wife.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa glared at him angrily, “I am not working on your love nest, Mr Suriyakarn. I am declining that project.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun grinned cruelly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“If you do, then you will violate our contract…” he remarked almost in pleasure, “And your company will lose much…including their reputation…and you will lose your job and reputation…and then who will hire you? How will you make your living, when you have no family to go to…and no one to hire you…?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun grinned deeply as if enjoying the scenario he painted for her as he walked toward her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“…Except to sell your body?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked at him angrily as he stopped closely in front of her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You are an evil man…” Malisa whispered hurtfully.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun sneered.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You made me an evil man, Malisa…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The back of his hand came out to caress her cheek, and she turned away as if it burned. Pain shoot to his heart, but he composed himself well, and turned to leave.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I shall see you tomorrow morning then…Malisa…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa turned her face to see him open the door and walked out. With every fiber in her body, she rushed to the door and shut it, turning her back to the door and looking devastated. How could she still work on this project when she hated him so?[/SIZE]



sarNie OldFart
Episode 3
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]    [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]    [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]5 years ago[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun’s mother never liked Malisa because she came from a poor family with no parents, except a poor aunt. His mother had already prepared him to marry Theresa, who came from a very wealthy family.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]But Arun had married her secretly without his mother’s approval, and his mother had been so upset that she became ill in bed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun’s father had had an affair with a younger woman and left the family wealth in shamble, but Malisa did not know about the financial trouble.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She was astonished with the wealth that Arun was surrounded by, because Arun never told her who his family was, so she never knew he came from wealth and luxury.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When Arun’s father left his mother, his mother called him back to take care of her family’s company which was crumbling. And she was so unkind to Malisa.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa wanted Mrs Suriyakarn to like her so much, that she went and bought the necklace that Arun’s mother wanted. Arun had entrusted her with the checks and credit cards to buy household supplies.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Even though it was worth $10 million, she thought Arun would understand that she was trying her best to win his mother’s love.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]But when she gave Mrs Suriyakarn the necklace, the old woman did not even smile at her or thank her, instead she looked extremely happy and quickly put it away.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She thought life would be better from now on that she was pleasing her mother-in-law, but instead it got worse.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun came home and scolded her for using up $10 million, finally revealing to her that his company was in trouble and near bankruptcy. He demanded she returned the necklace or he would lose the company.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When she went to ask Mrs Suriyakarn for the necklace back because Arun had requested her to return it, her mother-in-law played dumb and pretended she never received anything from her. Even when Malisa pleaded with her to save the company, Mrs Suriyakarn turned cold and unmoving.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa was in shock. When Arun asked her why she hadn’t returned the necklace, she told him the truth, and he went to ask his mother about the necklace, but she continued to play dumb. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Instead she accused Malisa of taking the money to a secret lover and blaming his poor mother of being involved with her money laundering.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun’s sister, Amy, was there too, and backed her mother up, claiming that she witness Malisa with a man, and that Arun better be careful because Malisa may steal money from him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun was very upset and stressed out with the company situation that he didn’t have time to listen to her explanation but only demanded she return the necklace. This in turn, made Malisa upset with the lies of her in-laws and that Arun did not believe her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]This was the event that started their bitter journey and their endless arguments and distrust. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa’s name was on the check, and why would she buy such an expensive jewelry without his approval. His mother did like expensive jewelry, but how could his mother hide $10 million from him, when the company is hers to begin with, Arun thought upsettingly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa couldn’t get Mrs Suriyakarn to return the necklace, and she didn’t have $10 million to give to Arun. He became very stressed out and upset with her as he tried to look for other money to save his company. And their distance slowly started.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]His mother wanted him to ask Theresa for the money, and when he was going to lose the company, he finally did.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa dreaded going to work and as she expected, he was there early in the morning in Mr Suripok’s office. She was quickly asked to go into her boss’s office to face the one man she was dreading to see.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Mr Suriyakarn brought a sketch of the house he would like us to work on,” Mr Suripok spoked, not feeling the tense atmosphere between them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa already knew what sketch he meant before she took the sheet of paper from Mr Suripok. She avoided his eyes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I informed Mr Suriyakarn that this is a concept that cannot be done in the plot of land he bought,” she remarked coldly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Suripok looked at her as if she had gone mad.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“The land here are very lush and should be easily implemented, Malisa,” Mr Suripok remarked, looking stunned and embarrassed as he glanced at Arun’s frown. “I’ve checked the land and the drawing and we should be able to work on this…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am willing to offer 3 times more than what you are charging me to have this house built for me,” Arun chimed in, looking at her fully.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Of course, that is very generous of you, Mr Surykarn…and I know Malisa will do an excellent job with it.” Mr Suripok looked at Malisa unhappily as she looked away rudely.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun smiled, and stood up.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I know Malisa will do a good job that is why I am paying well for this project.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She finally looked at him. There was a twinkle in his eyes as he observed her with a slight grin on his face. It made her unhappy.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I shall request a status of the project every Friday afternoon. I know the ARS International building will take up most of Malisa’s time, but I am expecting some status every week on this project.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Mr Suripok nodded his head quickly, kindly trying to make up for Malisa’s rudeness.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When Arun left the office, Mr Suripok scolded her. Malisa quickly made an excuse that she wasn’t feeling well this morning. Concerned, Mr Suripok allowed her to leave, knowing how much money she was bringing into his company and not wanting to over-stress her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked at the drawing in her hand. It was a copy of the one she drew for them years ago surrounded by banana trees and other natural plants and flowers.  It seemed like only yesterday when they were still young and in love…was it all a dream?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She couldn’t understand why he wanted them to be in each other’s lives again, nor why he would want something from the past that had ended bitterly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She sighed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]If Arun wanted her to implement her design, then she would do it and show him what she her dreams had been. Feeling better, she quickly got out a huge white drawing sheet out and started drawing.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa was very upset when she found Arun spending more and more time with Theresa. But he mentioned that Theresa was only helping him regain the company back.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her mother-in-law had repeatedly verbally abused her, forcing her to leave the house and let him marry Theresa because Theresa fitted Arun as a wife more, and if she refused to leave Arun, then one day Arun would leave her as she was a low-class woman who knows nothing about high-class culture.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa became very worried. And as Arun ignored her more and more, Malisa started feeling more and more insecure that when they saw each other, they argued and argued until Arun slept in his own room and hardly came home for dinner.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When Arun refused to come home for dinner, Malisa felt more fearful, as his mother kept repeating that she was preparing Arun and Theresa’s wedding when Malisa finally leave as Arun no longer loves her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She waited for him and demanded to know if he was planning to marry Theresa…and they argued and argued for days until Arun said yes and mentioned that it would be best that they divorce.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Feeling hopeless, Malisa ran to her aunt and cried. Her aunt was also ill and coughing a lot lately.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Do you love him, child?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa nodded her head. She couldn’t understand why the more she asked of him to be with her, the further it drove him away.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Then do good to him,” her kind aunt replied, stroking her hair. “You must be patient with your husband. He must be stressed with work, and you must be the good wife and support him. Bring him dinner at work if he can’t come home for dinner. Do all the good things that will make him see your goodness and love. And if he doesn’t want you anymore, then let him go to his happiness, for that is your love for him…to see him happy.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]That day, Malisa dried her tears and went back to the Suriyakarn mansion. The next day, she cooked him lunch and brought it to his office. He was surprised to see her there and with food. But he was still distrustful of her and distant. He was worried that they would argued again, but he only found her quiet as she gave him his food with blessing and left him to work in peace.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa reported to Mr Juripol on the ARS International building, but to her surprise, her creativity expanded as she worked on the house that he asked for. It had been a long time that she focused on something she wanted, and to create the house she dreamt made her very happy.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]But when it was time for her to meet him on Friday afternoon, she frowned. Mr Suripok had given her an address to Arun’s meeting place and when Malisa got there, she found out that it was a high-end condo.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She requested at the front desk to see Mr Suriyakarn, and the front desk attendant gave her the room# and told her to take the elevator to the top floor.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Not liking where she was going, Malisa was surprised, after knocking on the door and Arun opening the door, to find him in a fresh white shirt, with his sleeves pulled up and his shirt unbutton to show his chest. Malisa swallowed and thought of the warmth she used to have when she touched him there.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]As if sensing her thoughts, Arun grinned and opened the door wide for her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Come in.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa swallowed and moved her eyes away from his chest.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I would prefer if we talk somewhere else.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He observed her in a peach dress, looking very pretty with a scarf tied on her head like a headband.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“What’s wrong? Are you afraid to be alone with me?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa took a deep breath. In truth, she was…but she didn’t want him to know that.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Why should I be afraid? This is business.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun grinned and opened the door wider for her, raising his hand to beckon and challenge her to come in. Against her better judgment, Malisa slowly step into his condo and saw how elegant it was.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]There was a beautiful kitchen to her left and a living room in front of her with windows that reached from the ceiling to the ground that seem to see the whole city below. To her left was an office space, and a door that was opened and showed his bed. She swallowed as she saw the bedroom, and quickly turned to try to leave, but Arun had quickly shut the door behind her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He beckoned her to sit down in front of his office desk, as he went to the kitchen to get her a drink. Malisa nervously sat down on the chair and stared at the bed through the door, as she sat her drawings down.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun came back and sat a glass of water in front of her, and then he sat down comfortably and looked at her charmingly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Do you like my place?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa fidgeted in her seat, trying to avoid looking at the bedroom.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“It is nice,” she quickly remarked, and reached down to grab her drawings and laid them out on his desk.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun observed her nervousness and grinned, and then he turned to look at the drawings. It pleased him to see her drawings and he smiled.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“It is a good start. Of course, you will be responsible for the landscaping and interior decorating…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked at him in surprise.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I am an architect, not a landscaper or interior decorator…”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun grinned.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I’ve seen your place and I know who you are, Malisa. That is why I am paying 3 times your company’s asking price…so that you can finish this project from start to finish.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa didn’t look happy.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I don’t know how you want me to do your landscaping…or…or…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He grinned and stood up and walked over to the open window to look down at the city.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I want you to see something here.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa slowly rosed and walked over to the window to where he was and saw the beautiful city full of trees and plants and flowers…it was so different from the capital where there were traffics and smogs. For one moment, seeing the whole small city infront of her gave her awe.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“It is beautiful…” she started.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun looked at her, and at her lovely face lightly smiling at the sight, and he came slowly closer to her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I want you to add a pond…and a bridge…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa turned to look at him and held her breath as he looked at her with something in his eyes that melted her heart, that she didn’t noticed that he was slowly easing toward her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I want a bridge that looks like the bridge…where I first met a girl…” he slowly remarked as he came up so close to her that she could feel his breath,“…who I fell in love with.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her heart beated quickly as she looked into his eyes and for one split second a part of her heart yearned for the past. A tear threatened to come down her eyes, as her heart remembered the bittersweet ending between them. And she turned to go, afraid to stay and show him that part of her heart.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]But he quickly stopped her and wrapped his arms around her from behind.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Tell me that I am still in your heart, Malisa…” Arun softly spoke.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The tear finally came down her eye.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Tell me that you never left…that you still love me….”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]A sob escaped her mouth, as he slowly turned her around to face him. He gently wiped the tear from her face and before she reacted, he bent down and kissed her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Her heart fluttered like a flower that first bloom and all her memories of their love returned, that she allowed him to kiss her and she kissed him back.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]And before long, he wanted more, and his kiss grew stronger. And when he picked her up from the ground, he didn’t even break their kiss, as he carried her to the bed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Before she could protest, he laid her on the bed, still kissing her. She tried to push him off her as she knew where they were going would only end up with her in pain. But try as she might to push him off, he continued kissing her aggressively as if he couldn’t get enough of her. He took her scarf off from her hair and laid it on the bed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Then his hand went under her shirt to touch her skin, Malisa breathed deeply, feeling the warmth and her need for his touch grew. She knew it was wrong, as his hand continued to explore her, until it came to her breast, and it snapped her back to reality, and she quickly pushed his hand away, and tried to rise.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun pushed her back to the bed and continued to kiss her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“No…stop…I am no longer your wife…!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun stopped and looked at her angrily.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“You are still my wife, Malisa!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He tried to kiss her again, but she pushed him away.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Stop, Arun! This is wrong…we are no longer husband and wife!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He looked at her, and observed her and then shook her angrily.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“No, because you want me to pay you, isn’t that what you should say instead?!”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]A sob escaped her throat at his cruel words, and her hand came out to slap him. He looked at [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]her half-crazed and kissed her ferociously, trying to unbutton her shirt, as she tried to stop him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I hate you, Arun! I hate you!” she cried, and before she could stop herself, she uttered the words, “I no longer love you!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun stopped and looked at her angrily, his heart etched with pain. With all the power in him, he finally stood up and allowed her to sit up and quickly button her shirt. Tears were streaming down her face at what had happened and she quickly got up and ran out of the bedroom.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She quickly collected her things by his desk, and quickly put her shoes on and opened the door and left as quickly as she could.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun breathed deeply, hearing the sound of the front door closing. When he looked at the bed, he saw her scarf that he had taken of her. His heart felt the pain as he took the scarf in his hand and felt its softness.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]There were days when he went to lunch with Theresa for business purposes, and Malisa still dropped of the food for him, even though her heart was in pain that he was with Theresa.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun knew his mother wanted him to marry Theresa, and somehow he felt his mother may be involved in staging his relationship with Theresa with the company failing, but he didn’t have time to investigate because he was busy trying to bring the company back.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He also knew Theresa liked him a lot and she was trying to win his affection too. And with Malisa and him always arguing, he began to be closer to Theresa. In fact, he enjoyed being in the company of Theresa more than his wife, and he knew this made Malisa more angry.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa sat in her car and cried. She didn’t know whether she was sad because he insulted her or whether because she couldn’t be with him like before.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When she got back to the office, Alex asked her where her scarf was.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Forgetting that she left it at his place, she quickly made the excuse that she took it off in the car.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa kept herself busy working with Mr Juripol on the ARS International building. But when [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Friday came around, this time she requested Alex to go with her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun had requested that they meet at a restaurant this time, and to her surprise he seemed cool, as if nothing happened between them last week. But he didn’t seem please that Alex was with her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]She showed him the new drawings and he smiled and made some requests.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When the food came, Arun was particularly unhappy to see Alex giving her some food, as if they were lovers.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When Malisa excused herself to use the ladies’ room, Arun questioned Alex.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Do you have a girlfriend?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“No,” Alex innocently replied shyly. “The closest to that is probably Malisa…but we are very close friends.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun frowned. He didn’t like Alex being close to Malisa.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Does Malisa have a boyfriend?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex shook his head. “I’ve never seen her with another guy, so I don’t believe so…”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun smiled.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“So why haven’t you asked her out?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Alex chuckled lightly, “I did once but if you know Malisa, she is a very hard-worker. I think her job comes before any relationship.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Arun only smiled.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When Malisa came back, Arun quickly changed the topic.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“I approved of the changes and will be excited to see it in your drawing next week,” he replied nonchalantly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa looked at Alex’s blushing face and wondered what they were talking about. She looked at Arun’s lukewarm face and frowned. She knew something was up. But Alex only smiled at her gently.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When the meeting was over and they left the table, Alex went to the men’s room and left her there with him. She tried to leave the restaurant, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her to look at him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“Don’t you think you should leave Alex out of our relationship?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Malisa pulled her arms away from his hold.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“We have no relationship, Mr Suriyakarn, except this business of yours,” she replied coolly.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]He grinned and moved up close to her and placed his face very close to her as he remarked, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]“We shall see what relationship we will have, Malisa. For I know your heart as much as you know mine. And I know those words you mentioned last week is not true.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]With those words, he took his leave and walked out of the restaurant, leaving her stun and breathless. When Alex came out, she almost didn’t notice when he spoke to her. She had to recompose herself as his words had made her flush red.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]    [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]    [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]    [/SIZE]


Oh. Thank you so much for giving flashbacks to the past. I was wondering what happened in their past. LOL. Arun is such a pra ek, always trusting and believing the bad guys and hurting nang ek all the time. Alex seems really nice. Right now I'm seeing Ruj the star as Alex. Hahaha. Is Alex going to stay good forever? Because if not, I don't want to imagine Ruj as Alex. :)


sarNie Adult
Thank you so much for updating!!!! Arun is such a meanie but at the same time dammmmnnnn the scenes between them is just, just ahhhhhh.
Will Theresa be the nang rai?
Can't wait for more and you are doing amazing :)


sarNie Adult
OOOOH! I love the fight in Chapter 2! That was really explosive! I love how Arun is evil but he still obviously loves Malisa. The necklace thing reminded me of Mint and Andrew's Lakorn though I can't remember exactly what the issue with the necklace was... or was that wanida? I can't remember anymore hahaha. Anyway,  I love the fic! I can't wait for the showdown between the mother-in-law and Malisa someday! I hope the mother in law gets punished! She's so wicked!


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Falada said:
Thanks for the update.
Is Theresa a main character too? Is she going to be the nang rai?
She will be in this present time as well so of course she's nang rai..


sarNie OldFart
lol I can't tell you yet he will be good or bad in the future hah
Bieluvr said:
Oh. Thank you so much for giving flashbacks to the past. I was wondering what happened in their past. LOL. Arun is such a pra ek, always trusting and believing the bad guys and hurting nang ek all the time. Alex seems really nice. Right now I'm seeing Ruj the star as Alex. Hahaha. Is Alex going to stay good forever? Because if not, I don't want to imagine Ruj as Alex. :)
Thank you and glad to heard feedback from you guys!
nklue1 said:
Thank you so much for updating!!!! Arun is such a meanie but at the same time dammmmnnnn the scenes between them is just, just ahhhhhh.
Will Theresa be the nang rai?
Can't wait for more and you are doing amazing :)
IKR he really still love her <3 lol I don't know what are you talking about since I haven't watched none of those lakorns
040156 said:
OOOOH! I love the fight in Chapter 2! That was really explosive! I love how Arun is evil but he still obviously loves Malisa. The necklace thing reminded me of Mint and Andrew's Lakorn though I can't remember exactly what the issue with the necklace was... or was that wanida? I can't remember anymore hahaha. Anyway,  I love the fic! I can't wait for the showdown between the mother-in-law and Malisa someday! I hope the mother in law gets punished! She's so wicked!