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Episode 8

The light was slowly peeking into the room when Malisa opened her eyes. She had slept the whole night—almost too well, she thought in fear. Arun had continually made love to her until she remembered the feelings of love-making and exploded in ecstasy.

She blushed in shame. They were no longer married, yet he had taken her as if she was his. Was she an easy woman? A tear slipped down her face in shame.

His arm wrapped around her waist, and his chest was pressed against her back. She could feel his heavy breathing on her neck as he slept. She needed to get back to her house, she thought desperately. How could she had allowed him to do this to her when she hated him so much.

She wished they had never seen each other. She wished she had turned down his projects, even if her boss loss business…how could she had been so stupid to think that she could handle this? The emotions she had for him and his family were too painful. And now that she’d ruined Amy’s wedding, and he had forced himself on her, what was going to happen? Will he finally let her go or was he going to lash his anger at her as last night?

Afraid that it was going to be the latter, she quickly removed his arm around her waist and tried to leave the bed to find her clothes. But she didn’t get far, when a pair of strong arms came around her waist and he sat up to enfold her in his arms.

Arun kissed her shoulder.

“Where are you going, love?”

Malisa held the blanket tightly around her naked body, even though his arms were inside the blanket holding her naked waist tightly. His words made her tingle all over her body.

“Let me go, Arun. I don’t belong here…”

He chuckled and continually kissed her shoulder. Slowly, he pressed his lips to her back, and then came to her neck. She jerked away, afraid of the sensation it was causing her.

“Come back to bed, Malisa,” he whispered, brushing his lips against her naked back.

She felt his manhood hardened behind her and her heart beated quickly. When his hands moved to fondle her breast, she finally cried out, “You have no right to do this to me! I am not your wife no more!”

His hands stopped and he brought her in closer into his arms, as he placed his chin on her shoulder possessively.

“I am your husband and I have every right to have you whenever I want to,” he whispered possessively, making her heart beat faster. “You have no right to be in a hotel room with another naked man…do you know how angry I am because of that?!”

Malisa swallowed, feeling the pressure of his arms around her tightened.

“If you want to be in bed with a man, then be with me, for I am your husband,” Arun remarked as he started to fiercely kiss her neck and shoulder. His hand went back to fondle her breast possessively and she thought she was going to melt again if she didn’t stop him.

“And what if Rawit we had slept together–!”

Her words enraged him, and he turned her around and shook her angrily.

“Don’t say such a vile thing to me!” Arun remarked angrily. He heaved in anger as he looked at her tear-stained face.

“Would you had done this if you knew we had slept together?” Malisa mocked once more.

Arun contained his anger this time and retorted, “Don’t test my patience, Malisa. You have not seen the monster in me yet. Besides, I know you are not like that…else I wouldn’t have fallen for you.”

Malisa glared at him angrily.

Arun continued, “I know you have not laid with anyone for a while, else you wouldn’t feel so much pain when I entered you….”

Malisa pressed her lips together in anger, as Arun mocked her in satisfaction. He grinned, and she was more upset. She looked at the hands that held her arms tightly, almost painfully, and then turned to look at him.

“Since you already have what you want, will you let me go?” she demanded.

He lessened his hold on her arms.

“Come back to bed,” he began, “You are not going anywhere.”

He moved closer to her to caress her face with his lips, but she flinched back and instead he touched her hair instead. He smiled and continued caressing her hair with his lips. His manhood hardened and he moved in to kiss her. She pushed him away with her hands, but he crushed them between them as he brought her to him to caress her neck.

“I missed you so much, Malisa…” he began. “Last night…was very sweet…”

He kissed her face all over and came to rest on her lips. Malisa hesitated, hating herself that she was giving in so easily to him. But his warm lips made her tingled all over again.

Their kiss was soon interrupted by the knocking of the door.

It was one of Arun’s housekeeper. Her voice was loud outside the closed door.

“Mr Suriyakarn! Mrs Suriyakarn is on the phone for you! She’s been trying to contact you all last night?!”

Annoyed, Arun stood up, naked and all.

“Thank you, Bua. I’ll give her a call from my cell phone,” he remarked, and went to grab his phone from his pant pocket.

He had turned off the phone last night and now turning it on, he saw all the missed calls from his mother. Taking a look at Malisa’s unhappy face, he took a breath and then dialed his mother’s number.

“Hello, Arun!?”

“Mother, what is it?”

“Where are you?! Do you know the chaos we are in?! Amy has been crying all night–! Where are you?!” His mother’s voice was unhappy and demanding.

“I am taking a break at the moment…”

“Come home this instance! Amy has not stopped crying since last night!”

Arun frowned, “I’ve already told Amy not to marry Rawit when he is a playboy. He may be from a high-so family, but he is not a good man. She didn’t listen to me.”

His mother was not happy.

“Are you going to abandon your family during this time?! I’ve also told Theresa’s family we are coming today to ask for her hand in marriage…you need to come home this instance!”

Arun took another deep breath and moved to the window of the room to look at the peaceful waves outside. He didn’t notice Malisa fidgeting uncomfortably over his conversation.

“About the engagement with Theresa, give me a week to think about that…”

Malisa’s mouth opened in disbelief. Hurt, she stood up from the bed to look for her clothes.

“Are you with Malisa?! Arun, you are killing your mother!”


Arun turned in time to see Malisa dressed up and grabbing a chair to the door to unlock the top lock. Shocked, he quickly replied, “I’ve got to go, Mother! I’ll call you back!”

Arun quickly closed his phone and threw it to the counter and ran up to Malisa, who was about to unlock the top lock. He quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her down. She cried out in protest as he brought her back to the bed.

“Let me go, Arun!”

He fell on top of her and held her hands to her head.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Don’t you have an engagement to be with Theresa?!”

He looked at her pink lips, wanting to kiss them again.

“Why does that interest you? Are you jealous?!”

Malisa looked at him in disbelief.

“I am not your mistress, Arun! Nor am I a cheap woman to stay here with a man whose heart is not mine!”

Arun frowned.

“My heart has always been yours, Malisa…”

His words made her angrier.

“You forced yourself on me!? You call that love?!”

Arun smiled.

“You’re my wife? Why can’t a husband sleep with his wife?”

Malisa looked at him in disbelief.

“You cannot have a wife and a fiancée at the same time!” Malisa cried out in frustration.

“Yes, you’re right…” Arun began, then looked as if he was thinking. “Now what are we going to do about that?”

Malisa continued to look at him in disbelief. Did he think this was a small matter or did he think he could get away with something so wrong?

Before she could react, Arun gave her a peck on the lips and released her wrists. She quickly sat up from the bed and moved away from him. She looked embarrassingly away at his nakedness.

“I also have a job to go back to tomorrow…” Malisa began, looking away. “I need to go to the airport.”

Arun stood up casually to go to the closet.

“I’ll call Mr Suripok.”

Malisa looked at him in shock.

“What for?!”

Arun turned around and grinned.

“You’re not going anywhere until I say so…I’ll let Mr Suripok know where you are,” Arun remarked.

Malisa stood up in protest.

“You can’t do that!”

“And why not? All the projects you are working on are paid by me,” Arun mocked.

Malisa frowned.

“I am not rich like you to take so many vacations and still have a job to go back to.”

Arun touched her cheek fondly. “I’ll pay for your missing days of work…besides I am giving more to Mr Suripok then what was originally demanded?”

Arun went to grab his phone.

Malisa looked worried as he looked at his phone. Afraid for her job, she quickly went to hold his arm.

“Please, Arun. Don’t do this to me? I still want to keep my job and reputation—”

“Reputation—?!” Arun glared at her in surprised. He smiled and dialed Mr Suripok’s phone number.

“Hello, Mr Suripok. This is Arun Suriyakarn.”

Malisa’s eyes opened in disbelief. She held her breath as she listened to his conversation.

“I want Malisa to take the first flight tomorrow to Bangkok. I am there at the moment and want to show her my company there as well as my main house, so this can give her some ideas about the decorations.”

Malisa looked at him shocked and relief. When he hanged up the phone, he turned to look at her and smiled. She wanted to thank him, but his mischievousness stopped her.

“Mr Suripok should be giving you a call to tell you to come here…”

Instead of being glad, Malisa frowned.

Just as he finished speaking, her phone rang. She quickly went to retrieve it from her purse. Not to her surprise Mr Suripok was calling her.

Malisa answered the phone and not to her surprise it was the same message that Arun gave him. Malisa pretended to agree with her boss and hung up the phone, angry that Arun manipulated her situation. She placed her phone back in her purse and turned to look at him disapprovingly. He was giving her a smirk.

“I am not choosing to be here,” she remarked, looking at the closed door. “I would like to leave here if you can open the door for me.”

He came up to her and smiled.

“But you are here for work with me, love, so why would you leave?”

Malisa frowned at his mocking.

“We both know that that is a lie, will you open the door or do you want me to shout to your housekeeper to help me here…?”

Arun quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her to him.

“Shout and I’ll kiss you.”

Malisa glared at him in disbelief and tried to push him away, but he tightened his hold on her.

She quickly turned to cry out for help, and before she knew it, Arun grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. She quickly pushed him away and tried to hit him, but he grabbed her wrist, grinning and challenging her to fight him.

“Stop this, Arun! You have no right to keep me here!”

He smiled.

“You wanted us to talk to each other, didn’t you? Now is our chance.”

“But that was when we were married—!”

“We are still married!”


He quickly placed his lips on hers again, this time softly. She didn’t move this time, as she felt his gentleness. He slowly lifted his face to look at her.

“Let this be our week to just enjoy ourselves and be with each other, love,” he began. “I have so much to say to you but don’t know where I should begin…”


Malisa dugged her foot into the sand as she sat by the beach and listened to the sound of the ocean. She remembered coming to the beach when she was young with her mother to sell drinks. They were poor and scrambling to make a living, and life was hard on them. Her mother fell ill soon afterward and she had to go and live with her aunt, who had a better living then.

She had wanted to learn to swim, but never had the chance.

She didn’t hear Arun come by to sit next to her.

“What are you thinking about, love?” he softly asked.

Malisa turned to look at him. She wanted to cry because she had not had an easy life, or any family who would stay with her long. In truth, she was angry at him, because he had promised to be her best friend, and hadn’t been the best person in her life. She quickly turned away to hide her tears.

“I remembered when we were dating that you mentioned the beach,” Arun started. “And I wanted to take you to a beach house…”

Malisa’s eyes watered. She didn’t want to think about the bittersweet past.

“I bought this house, so that you can enjoy the beach every day,” Arun remarked.

“Why?” Malisa began, not wanting to cry. “We are no longer married…you don’t need to do anything for me anymore.”

He turned her to kiss her forehead.

“There is much that I wanted to do for you, but couldn’t back then…” Arun replied. “This is your home as well.”

Malisa quickly wiped a tear away from her face.

“Do you plan to keep me here as your mistress while you marry Theresa?” Malisa mocked.

Arun didn’t reply as he kissed her on the head.

Upset that he didn’t reply, she pushed his arms off her, and turned to face him.

“Just because I have no one to protect me now, doesn’t make it easy for you to do whatever you want with me…I am not willing to be here, nor need your affection,” Malisa spoked angrily.

She stood up to go, but Arun grabbed her arm.

“I promised your aunt that I would take care of you,” Arun replied. Malisa turned to look at him, shock that he mentioned her aunt after all this long time. “And I will keep that promise.”

Hurt and insulted by the memory of their bitter ending, Malisa raised her hand and slapped him across the face. She couldn’t stand anymore of his promises, nor stop the tears that came down her face.

“If you cared so much about your promise to my Aunt, you wouldn’t have hurted me so much back then! If you cared so much about your words, you wouldn’t have broken my heart or insulted our marriage back then and force me out of your house like a homeless orphan!”

Arun turned to look at her angry tear-stain face. He felt the sting on his cheek and the hatred in her words.

“I never wanted to see you anymore!” Malisa cried out angrily. “Wherever you go, or whoever you are with, I don’t want to know any more! I hate you that much–!”

She didn’t finish her words, before Arun grabbed her and pulled her into his arms.

Shock, she couldn’t move, as he held her tightly.

“I know I have done much in the past that hurted you,” Arun whispered. “But my heart only feels for you and I don’t want to give you up…just because of the difficulties that came into our lives.”

Tears swelled in her eyes at his words.

“I know you have gone through much, in life and with me, but I know that living without you made my life more incomplete than ever, Malisa,” Arun remarked as he came forward to kiss her forehead.

“Even if you can’t forgive me yet, at least know that I am still your husband who cares for you.”

He held her tightly, scared to lose her. Malisa only stood silently as tears came down her face.


Arun made dinner for them and they took strolls by the beach and he held her hand tightly, reminiscing their dating life. At night, he held her in bed, as they slept next to each other. She had wanted to remain cold and unmoving, but when he kissed her, she melted under his warmth, and soon she was allowing him to make love to her again.

As the week slowly moved by, Malisa felt more relaxed and loosen at being in his company. A part of her missed him, and she found herself at times holding him back, as if afraid to lose him. She’d return his love-making and at times fiercely. Would this all be a dream after the week ended? She was afraid to answer that question. And soon it was becoming clear.

It was near the end of the week, and Arun had gone to take a shower after their mid-day love making. Out of curiousity, Malisa took his phone and looked at it. Not to her surprise, his mother’s missed calls showed up the most, but also Theresa’s phone number was there. She placed it back and felt sad. How can she and Arun be together when so many people came between them?

Her heart ached when she thought of him. Why did her heart feel so much for him when it was not a good thing? Silently she quickly went to grab her luggage and packed up.


Arun was feeling very happy as he felt refreshed after the shower. Coming out with a towel over his lower body, he came out to see Malisa, only to find the room empty. It was only in the afternoon and Arun had wanted to take Malisa into town to shop, but she was nowhere to be found.

His heart suddenly felt a tinge of fear as he looked for her purse and belongings. They were nowhere to be found. He quickly put some clothes on and went outside to look for her. He went for a mile or so until he realized that she was not there.

He came back to the house to wait for her, knowing somehow in his heart that she had left him again.


Arun was scowling when he came back to the Suriyakarn mansion on a Monday morning. His mother met him first and scolded at him.

“How can you abandon us at this time, when your sister’s life is in ruined?!”

Arun silently went into his room and took out some clean clothes.

“Did you not hear me! Arun, you’re mother is speaking with you–!”

“Enough, Mother!” Arun almost shouted, and stopped as he saw his mother’s shock face. He continued, gentler, “I am sorry that Amy’s wedding was ruin…but perhaps it was for the better.”

“You don’t love your sister and me no more…” his mother started wailing, making him feel guilty.

“Mother, no matter how much I do for you and Amy, it seems like no one is ever happy…” he started to say, then sadly replied, “Have you both thought of my feelings at all?”

His mother looked at him in shock, as if those words should have never come out of her son’s mouth.

“How can you say such a thing! Everything I do is for you!”

Arun turned to go, tired of explaining himself.

“Arun! Why don’t you understand your mother at all?!”

“I understand, Mother, but maybe what you want for me is different from what I want in my life,” he quickly remarked and went into the shower room and closed the door, as if he didn’t know what more to say to his mother anymore.

His mother looked at the closed door in shock. She was beginning to lose her son again, and she was not going to take it.


Arun came out, dressed in a blue business suit. He was going to go to the Suriyakarn company today to check on the business there. He had gone to visit his sister in her room. She looked desperate.

“My life is ruin because of Malisa! I hate her!”

“Let Rawit go, Amy. He is not good for you.”

She shook her head desperately.

“No, Rawit and I talked. He was tricked!”

Arun shook his head. “Rawit is a grown man. When a grown man goes to a hotel room for a girl, he knows what he is doing, Amy, tricked or not.”

Amy shook her head desperately, not wanting to hear more.

“He loves me! She just tricked him…!”

Arun silently left the room unhappily. He didn’t know how to get to his sister as well, as he knew Rawit was not a good man, yet his sister was madly in love with him.

Adding to more of his troubles, the maid came by and told him that his mother was ill in bed and wanted to see him. Arun went into her bedroom and saw her looking unwell in bed. He went and held her hand.

“If you don’t love us no more, then you can leave…just like your father,” she remarked hurtfully.

“I’m not going to leave you, Mother. I’m your son…”

He kissed her hands and continued, “But I need you to love me too and accept the person I love.”

His mother abruptly took her hand away.

“Never! Our family has noble blood, we cannot marry commoners.”

Arun took her hands again gently.

“Look at what happened with Amy. You wanted her to marry a noble man, and he is not good at all. Malisa is my wife…and I am asking you to give her a chance…”

His mother glared at him in anger.

“She is no longer your wife! I can never accept a peasant to be my daughter-in-law…Theresa is a good woman, and is of noble blood. She will be a good wife for you.”

“And will you want our story to also end up like yours and father? Will you give Theresa a life like yours?” Arun looked into her mother’s hurtful face, “You said that you knew father never loved you, but you married him anyway…was it worth it? Marrying a noble man to live in misery like this every day?”

Anger showed on her face, but slowly waters welled in her eyes.

“I loved your father, but he had a wicked heart.”

“And I love you, Mother, but you are driving me away…because you can’t accept me for who I am…” Arun desperately remarked, “Even if I marry Theresa, I will not come home anymore.”

Arun sadly stood up to go.

His mother looked shock as he walked out of her room. Tears swelled in her eyes as she thought of her marriage life.


Malisa was sad as she went to work. To her relief, Arun did not call her or come to bother her at her work place. There was a lot on her mind, as she knew her heart was aching for him, but there were so many things that made it hard for her to allow her heart to follow what it wanted.

Alex and his friends invited her for dinner and she went just to take her mind of them. But it didn’t work. While they talk happily, she sadly sipped her drink and almost left early to be alone and think.

It was near dark, when returned back to her house, her mind lost in thought. Though she tried to not think about him, it was hard. She walked into the gate and locked it and when she turned, to her heart’s pain, Arun stood there at the door looking at her in a blue business suit.

She stopped in her track, not knowing what to do. Her heart wanted to run to him and hold him, but her mind stopped her. He was angry as he observed her stop in her track.

Slowly after a few minutes, he walked up to her.

“Why did you leave me?”

He continued walking towards her as she didn’t reply.

“Why do you run away from us?”

Malisa’s eyes watered. She wanted to cry to him and have him hugged her, but a part of her was wary of him.

“There is no us,” she quickly remarked, wiping a fallen tear from her face, and continued coolly, “I had work to come back to.”

Arun’s eyes narrowed upsettingly, as he stopped in his track at her words. He observed her quiet, almost rebellious, posture. Even though the gate light showed on her face, it hid a part of her eyes, and the tear that fell.

“I wanted to bring something to you…something that I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

Slowly, he took out some folded papers from his suit jack, and handed it to her.

Hesitantly, she took it and opened up the letter. Her eyes opened in shock as she saw what it was. It was their divorce paper that she had signed 6 years ago. But when she looked at the bottom of the page, his signature was missing.

“What is the meaning of this?” she remarked in shock.

Arun came up to her and embraced her in his arms.

“It means that I am still your husband…and you are still my wife, in law, and in heart” he whispered as he finally held her close in his arms. And to his contentment, she didn’t protest. He didn’t see the tears that came down her face, shock, but also joy in her heart at the knowledge.

After a moment of silence, Malisa pulled away and dried her tears once more. She did not like what was happening. How could he have kept this from her all this time? After all, wasn’t he the one who sought the divorce? So how could he not have submitted the papers into court?

“Please leave me alone,” Malisa remarked, the divorce papers dropping to the ground, as she pushed pass Arun to go to her house.

“Malisa, what are you afraid of?!” Arun cried out as she walked passed him.

Malisa finally stopped and turned to look at him.

“You can’t do this to me, Arun. You asked for the divorce and now you are telling me that we are not divorced?” she remarked, tears streaming down her face. “I am not a woman without feelings, who doesn’t feel hurt. I am not a woman to wait by the side of the street waiting for you to pick me back up whenever you have a change of mind!”

Arun went and held her as she tried to slip away again.

“Malisa…please listen to me…”

Malisa pulled away, but he kept bringing her back to him.

“I was wrong in the past…I didn’t love you as I should as a husband…Malisa…I’ve regretted it every day…” Arun remarked, holding her as tight as he can, as if she would leave him. “I searched for you everywhere after you left me…do you know how many dark nights I went through? I couldn’t even look at the divorce papers for years….and how could I when I missed you so much…”

Arun held her tightly, squeezing her as if he didn’t want to lose her again.

“You are the only one in my heart. Please don’t leave me anymore.”

Malisa cried into his arms. His words were bitter-sweet, it brought back all the pain and suffering she went through. Did he love her and she just didn’t understand it? Could she had left her happiness back there?

Her heart ached at all the thoughts in her head.

But she remembered the last time she saw him with Theresa, he had said they no longer loved each other. How can he come and declare this to her when she had heard his words.

Upsettingly, she pushed him away and walked away to her front door.


She dried her tears and swallowed away her hurt and pain. She won’t let him hurt her no more. And she won’t fall for anymore false affection.

“I have important work tomorrow that I need an early sleep,” Malisa slowly remarked, her back turned to him. “I hope that you will sign your name on that paper and submit it to court.”

With those words, she opened her front door and walked in, closing the door behind her…closing him away from her. Her heart was too numb to feel anything for now.

Arun stood out there looking at the closed door. His heart felt as if a knife had been placed there, and the blood was draining out. He turned to look at the divorce papers on the ground and he slowly picked it up.


sarNie Hatchling
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Malisa was feeling very sad, as she sat at her desk at work. The news that she and Arun were still married still shocked her, and now she wondered what the reality of her life would be now. Is she Arun’s wife? Or is she not being separated for almost 5 years?

She didn’t noticed a jolly Alex coming towards her with a rose. He slowly placed it on her desk. It took her awhile to realize it there and she turned to see a smiling Alex.

“What is this?”

“Don’t you remember? It’s the anniversary of our first meeting.”

Malisa looked at the rose, surprised that Alex remember their first meeting together. She picked it up, as her thoughts ran back to Arun and her first meeting. Hating where her mind was going, she wiped the thought away and smelled the rose.

She turned to thank Alex.

“I…I was thinking that I take you out for dinner tonight?”

Malisa looked at Alex’s smiling, kind face. She wondered why her heart did not feel anything for him? He had been a kind man, a supportive co-worker and an understanding friend. Not only that, Alex was attractive as well. Any girl would only be too happy to be his girlfriend. But Malisa’s heart was somewhere else.

Just as she was about to reply, she heard the voice that she dreaded.

“How is my love doing today?”

Shocked at his words, both Alex and her turned to find Arun walking towards them with a bouquet of roses in his arms. Arun saw the rose in her hand and frowned at Alex, but he quickly replaced it with a smile as he brought the bouquet for her and placed it in front of her, covering the rose that Alex bought.

“Love?” Alex remarked shocked as he looked at Arun and Malisa in confusion.

Arun smiled. “Yes…love.”

Malisa stood up angrily, pushing his bouquet aside. She gave him a deadly look, not believing that he would do this to her. What right did he have coming to her workplace and declaring his intimacy with her? Without another word, she took Alex’s arm, provoking him further, and remarked.

“I would love to have dinner with you tonight, Alex.”

She smiled sweetly at Alex, then turned to look at Arun challenging him, as he unhappily looked at her intimacy with Alex. Then without another word, she took her hands from Alex and walked away, smiling triumphantly as she dismissed Arun as if she want nothing to do with him.


Malisa walked into Mr Suripok’s office, flushed red, as Arun followed behind her unhappily.

“Mr Suripok, I wanted to tell you that the progress of the ARS Building is going as scheduled and should be done in a month,” Malisa remarked, ignoring Arun. “It doesn’t need my presence there to monitor it for now, so I hope you can give me another assignment.”

Mr Suripok smiled at her words, but he looked surprised at seeing Arun there as well.

“Mr Suriyakarn, you’ve heard Malisa’s word. You should be happy that you can prepare to move in next month,” Mr. Suripok mentioned happily, not seeing the pair’s emotional tension and Arun’s unhappy face.

‘’What about my love nest? My fiancée and I are anxiously awaiting that…” Arun remarked tersely, looking at her face that was avoiding him.

Mr. Suriyakarn’s love nest…is going as planned…” Malisa started. “I’ll have Alex—”

“I didn’t ask for Alex to work on this project!” Arun remarked cutting her off cruelly.

Malisa finally turned to look at him at his cold words. He looked at her challengingly, knowing Mr Suripok would agree with him and force her to not involve Alex for the project. Her face showed all kinds of thoughts, wondering how she can escape the project to hating him.

Mr Suripok looked surprised at Arun’s tone of voice, and suddenly felt something wasn’t right as they glared at other, either in hate or dislike, he couldn’t understand. He thought everything was going well with their relationship until now. Would his company lose Mr Suriyakarn’s business if Mr Suriyakarn didn’t like how Malisa was performing or was it Alex? Not understanding the situation, he slowly got up and walked over to Malisa’s side to face Arun.

“Of course, Mr Suriyakarn. Malisa is working hard on your love nest…” he began, and then looked even more surprised at Arun’s dissatisfied face. For some reason, Mr. Suriyakarn refused to look at him, but kept staring at Malisa. And Malisa also did not look away. She gave him a cold, angry stare and Mr Suripok suddenly felt scared, as the room seemed quiet and tense. Finally Malisa looked away, her chest heaving upsettingly.

Arun finally spoke then.

“I asked Malisa to work on my love nest only. If the contract has changed, and Alex is now working on it, I should have been told…!”

Mr Suripok shook his head nervously.

“No, no, Mr Suriyakarn. Malisa is still working on it, isn’t that right, Malisa?”

Malisa refused to answer. Even more nervous, Mr Suripok nudged her.


Taking a deep breath, Malisa finally remarked quickly, “The love nest is on schedule.”

“Then I want a report of it this evening!”

Malisa glared at him angrily. Her hand curled into a fist by her side as she struggled to not display her anger. Why was he making her life so hard? He finally smiled at her as he saw that he had the upper hand. She would have to be here tonight to present him the report. Satisfied, he turn to leave.

“I have plans this evening.”

Arun stopped in his track and stared at her. He was not going to let her go out with Alex tonight.

“If this is going to be a difficult task for you, Malisa, then I would ask for my money back from Mr Suripok.”

Mr Suripok opened his eyes in shock.

“Of course Malisa will have a report for you this evening!” He looked at Malisa as if she had gone mad.

“I expect it at 5pm then! I will come back here to review it!”

Arun quickly strolled out after his demand. He knew Malisa would be here then, and he would make sure she wouldn’t leave with Alex tonight.

Mr Suripok only stared confusingly at Arun’s exit and Malisa’s tense body language. He wondered what happen. Weren’t they working together just a couple weeks ago? He’d never seen Mr Suriyakarn that angry before…he wondered how Malisa was dealing with this…as he looked at her stern face, and closed fist.


Malisa begrudgedly sat at her desk and made an effort to create a report for Arun. She knew it was his excuse to keep her from going to dinner with Alex and control her move. How could she allow him to do this to her?

She was still shock to find out that they were still married legally. Will he tell Mr Suripok that he was her husband? With so many thoughts in her mind, she knew she had to resolve her situation with him else she would have to keep running again.


As Arun mentioned, he came back at 5pm to review her report. He requested a formal presentation, and Malisa begrudgedly set up her report on the smart board. Luckily Mr Suripok was in the conference room with them as Arun stood up next to her and tweaked her plans on the smart board and rewrote almost 75% of her process.

Malisa looked at her watch. It was near 7pm and she knew Alex was waiting for her. Mr Suripok was also getting weary as he looked at his phone. Just as 7pm came about, Mr Suripok excused himself to go and pick up some thing for his wife, and told Mr Suriyakarn that he would call him tomorrow morning when Malisa was finished with editing the new process.

Malisa hesitated as Mr Suripok turned to go out the room. She tried to stop him, but a strong hand held her arm back. When the door closed, Malisa tried to pull her arm away from him, but he jerked her towards him and held her in his arms. He smelled her scent and grinned.

“Let me go, Arun!”

He pulled back to look at her with the grin.

“Can’t a husband kiss his wife?”

Malisa quickly turned to look at the door to see if Mr Suripok would come back. When it was empty, she turned back to look at him coldly.

“Why haven’t you signed the divorce paper as you wanted to…once upon a time?”

“That was then…” he remarked. “Now is now. I don’t want to divorce you no more.”

Malisa looked at him unhappily.

“But I want to divorce you!”

He stopped and looked at her deeply. Her words hurted him.

“Why? So that you can start dating Alex?”

“I don’t need to divorce you to start dating Alex,” Malisa remarked, challenging him.

“Then what is it, Malisa? I am very rich now. Do you want half of my wealth then?”

She angrily pulled away from him.

Just then her cellphone rang. Arun grabbed it before she could and saw Alex’s caller id. He frowned.

“Give it to me!”

Arun swung the phone away from her as she tried to grab it. Then he grabbed her waist and backed her to the wall, covering her whole body with his.

“Will you tell him that you can’t see him tonight?”

Malisa looked at him as if he’d gone mad. She tried to push him off her. But he bent in to kiss her. She struggled and tried to push him away. But he was too strong for her. When he pulled away, she quickly wiped her lips, angering him further that he bent in to kiss her again.

The phone rang again, interrupting Arun. Annoyed, he remarked, “Will you tell him you won’t see him tonight…or do you want me to make love to you here?”

Malisa breathed deeply, gasping for air from his kiss.

“Give me the phone!”

He waved the phone in front of her, “Will you tell him or—”

He bent to kiss her again, but she cried, “I will tell him!”

Satisfied, he pulled back, and handed her the phone, his arms still around her as her back was pressed to the wall.

She answered the phone and nervously remarked, “I’m sorry, Alex, I have some work to do tonight. I can’t go with you.”

After a moment, she hanged up the phone and glared at him angrily.

“Are you happy?”

He smiled at her, satisfied. His eyes wavered down to her lips.

“Will you let me go?” she replied unhappily.

He grinned and softly replied, “You are my wife. You shouldn’t be going on dates with another man. For this, you need to make up to me.”

She looked at him in disbelief. If not for the grin on his face and the fact that her body was squeezed between him and the wall, she would slap him.

Before she could reply, he went in for another kiss.

She tried to stop him, but he was pressing in so hard as if their bodies were glued together. She could feel his whole body and his warmth and scent, as he kissed her deeply. Her heart slowly melted, as her body gave him. She suddenly remembered those nights with him and slowly she stopped struggling.

His kiss became deeper and his hold on her tightened, as he felt her returning his kiss. He wanted to make love to her, but he knew this was not the place. Pulling abruptly away from the kiss, he grabbed her hand to take her home.

But she didn’t move. He turned to look at her flushed face. Her lips were red from kissing.

“What is wrong?”

“Where are you taking me?”


Malisa pulled her hand away.

“What is wrong?” Arun asked gently.

Malisa looked at him coldly.

“I am not a wanton women,” she remarked coldly.

He grabbed her hand quickly as if afraid to lose the moment.

“You’re my wife,” he whispered, as he quickly kissed her hands. “Come, I want to take you home.”

She pulled away again.

“I can go home by myself. Have you forgotten that I’ve lived by myself for years?”

Arun shook his head. “No more. It was my fault for not being able to find you. But no more, Malisa. Come.”

Malisa hesitated. Her heart was betraying her as she allowed him to pull her out of the room to get her things. She even went into his car and allowed him to drive her home. Was she so desperate to be with him?

When they got back to her house, he slowly took her hand and walked them into the house, slowly, almost rhythmically. Her heart beated in excitement, as he locked the door and pulled her to the bedroom and sat her down.

“And Theresa, your fiancée? How are you going to explain to her if you don’t divorce me?” Malisa finally remarked, as if a part of her was trying to reason with herself to stop what they were going to do.

He slowly removed her shirt.

“Theresa is not my fiancée, nor is she important to me as you…my wife…” he softly remarked as he threw her shirt onto the bed and bent in to give her a kiss.

Then he slowly unbutton his shirt and threw it on the bed.

He kissed her again, soft and gently as his lips continued down to her neck.

“And your mother—!” Malisa exhaled, trying to deny her feelings. “Wouldn’t she be heart-broken if she found out that you are still married to me?”

Arun paused, his lips at the top of her collarbone.”

“I know my mother will be heart-broken…but I have already chosen my path…” he whispered, his breath hot on her skin. As if not wanting to think about it, he fiercely kissed her and laid her on the bed. She tried to protest, but he wouldn’t let her. His lips covered hers and his hands moved to undress her more.

Her heart betrayed her, as she allowed him to touch her again and make love to her as before. She exploded in ecstasy and they both laid exhausted in bed. His arms intertwined her waist as they both fell asleep, satisfied.


Malisa looked at Arun, sleeping infront of her. It was early in the morning, and Arun was still asleep. But she couldn’t fall asleep. There was much in her mind. She was still his wife legally, but after these nights of being with him, she knew her heart still belong to him.

She smiled, allowing her heart to win this time and let him into her life. She knew there was still much knots to untangle in their life, but she wanted this moment to last with him.

In two months, his love nest would be finish, and she would be free from his projects and his life. In two months, she would leave for the States and find a new job there.

For now, she will let her heart be satisfied and be his wife for two months.

Her hands touched his face and a sad tear fell from her eyes. Did he still love her as before? Or was this all lust and a past that needed closure?