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Chapter 10
The sun shone through the window onto Mint’s puffy eyes waking her up. She felt Mark’s heavy arms still wrapped around her so she turned around to look at a half naked Mark. He was still sound asleep. Mint carefully peeled his arm off her and slowly got up so that she wouldn’t wake him up. She then walked into the bathroom to freshen up.
Mint: (Looking into the mirror still crying and touching her lips) He wasn’t kissing you, he was kissing Da. Don’t go day dreaming Mint, last night none of it was true.
As she was washing her face once more Mark was slowly waking up with a slight headache. Last night was a bit of a blur but he started to recall some things.
Mark: (Recalling seeing Da in his bed and kissing her) Da
But she was nowhere to be found. He quickly put his shirt back on to go see if she was outside when he heard something coming from the bathroom.
Mark: (Opening the door) Da…
To his surprise it wasn’t Da but a tearing Mint.
Mark: Mint…What are you doing in my room? (Mint silently still tearing) Or…(realizing what he had done) Mint I…
Mint: It’s ok…Nothing happen
Mint ran past a stunned Mark and ran as fast as she could to her room. She opened the door and locked it and crouched down with her back against the door. Mark coming back to his senses realized Mint had run off to her room he walked to her door and knocked on it.
Mark: Open the door Mint. I am sorry for what happened last night. Please open the door so we can talk about this.
Mint: (Covering her ears and shouting from behind the door) No. I don’t want to talk. I already told you nothing happened there is nothing you need to be sorry for.
Mark: (Calmly) Ok. I will let you calm yourself down for now and we will talk about it later.
Mark went to his room to have a shower and freshen up
It had been a week since Mint had been avoiding Mark. She would make breakfast, lunch and dinner early for Mark then eat hers in her room. Everywhere Mark was she avoided. Mark couldn’t take the silence anymore so he stood by her door until she open it. Mint slowly opens the door to see if Mark was outside or not so she could come out.
Mark: (Standing against the wall) Looking for me.
Mint was startled and tries to quickly close the door but Mark was too quick and strong for her and managed to push his way through the door.
Mint: Hey! Get out of my room, this is my personal space. I did not allow you to come in.
Mark: Calm down. I really just want to talk to you.
Mint: (Trying to push Mark out) No I don’t want to talk to you.
Mark was struggling with her and then she fell on the couch with Mark falling on top of her. Their eyes locked for a moment and then Mark was coming in closer to Mint.
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Chapter 10 cont...
Mint was backing more into the couch as Mark was still moving in closer & closer. Realising that was it she quickly closed her eyes & anticipated.
Mint’s phone went off. Mark ignored the phone and went in for the kiss. Mint moved to and fro struggling to get free. He was kissing her cheek and her neck and moved toward her mouth.
This time Mark’s phone went off. Mark stopped but still lay on top of her and blocked her mouth with his hand. He gabbed his phone out of his pocket with his free hand.
Mark: (Looking at his phone and answered) Hello dad…today…ok…yes sir…ok…see you soon. (Hanging up the phone and dropped his head)
Mint: (Got her mouth free from his hand and pushed him off her and got off the couch) Heading out?
Mark: (Serious face) Your parents are coming to stay for the weekend.
Mint: (Shocked face) Huh! (Starting to panic, walking back & forth) What are we going to do? What are we going to do?
Mark went to stop her as he was getting dizzy watching her.
Mark: Calm down! Calm down! Take a deep breath.
Mint took a deep breath.
Mark: Everything will be fine. We just have to move you things into my room & make sure we leave no trace of you here.
Mint lets out a big sigh.
Mark: Come on am I really that bad?
Mint: Really! At a time like this, why do they have to come now?
They started packing all of Mint’s belongings and Mark was going to open some draws in the wardrobe.
Mint: Don’t touch that draw.
Mark: Why? Is your lover in there?
Mint: OMG! It’s my underwear draw you idiot.
Mark: Well then why can’t I open it. It’s nothing new to me.
Mint: (Throwing something at him) Ew! Don’t you dare! That is my personal things and I don’t think your girlfriend would like you doing that neither.
Mark: (Lets out a big sigh) I think it’s over between us.
Mint: What? Why? What happened? You two were going well together. It’s not because of me is it?


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Chapter 11

Mark: No it wasn't you. She has found someone else to comfort her.
Mint:'ve seen them?

Mark was surprised.

Mark: Wait you knew about this and didn't tell me. Come on you're meant to be my friend.
Mint: Hey I only saw them briefly. So didn't think to much about it and even if I did tell you would you have believed me. Prob not, you would have thought that I was trying to break you two up. Am I right?
Mark: (looking down) I guess I am the fool then.

Mint couldn't help but feel sorry for Mark. She went over to comfort him.

Mint: Listen I know how you're feeling right now. Cheer up. There's plenty more fish in the sea.
Mark: I am sorry Mint.

Mint gave him a hug from behind and then Mark turned his face and their eyes met each others. Mint just froze at the closeness of their faces and Mark was lost in a daze moving closer and closer as their mouths touched. Lips were pressed against each other as Mark turned his body to face her and pulled her in closer and held her tight. Mint kept her mouth shut as Mark was pushing his tongue to try to part her lips. Mint struggled a bit but later started to relax and finally open her mouth for Mark to slip his tongue though. He picked her up and gently placed her on the bed still kissing her and his hand slid down to massage her breast which woke Mint up back to reality.

Mint: (Pushing Mark off) We shouldn't be doing this. It's not right you haven't even officially broken it off yet. Let's go I will make you lunch.
Mark: Ok. Let's go my dear wife.

Mint smacked him on the arm and they went out to have lunch.

Mint: So when are my parents coming?
Mark: Probably just before dinner.
Mint: Great gives us time to move all my stuff and for me to make dinner.

They had finally finished moving her belongings into Mark's room and Mint went down to start cooking dinner.

Mark: (Coming down the stairs) What are we having for dinner my dear wife.
Mint: Tom yum soup, lok lak, fried fish with ginger and black bean sauce and for dessert chocolate cake.
Mark: (Licking his lips) mmm...sounds good. What would you like me to do.

Ding Dong

Mint: Get the door.
Mark: Sure thing. (Opening the door) Come in mother, father.
Nadech: Thanks son. Such an honour.
Mark: Aye Nadech. Yaya what are you doing here?
Yaya: Honour. Really Mark do we look that old...
Mark: Sorry. I thought it was Mint's parents.
Yaya: We thought we would come drop by for a visit to see how the newly weds were going. Is it an inconvenient time for us to be here.
Mint: (Shouting out from the kitchen) It's fine the more the merrier. More hands mean that we can finish faster before my parents come.
Mint and Yaya were finishing off with the cooking while the boys went to set up the dining room.
Ding Dong
Mark went to open the door.
Mark: Hello Mum, Dad...Please come in.
Mr W: Thank you son. Sorry for coming here with such short notice.
Mint: Thats fine dad...don't be sorry, I missed you and mum so much (Pouts and goes to hug her parents)
Mrs W: We missed you too.
Mark: Let me put your bags in the guest room, dinner should be finished soon right honey?
Mint: Yes dear just needs to be set out on the table.
When dinner was set out they all sat down and started eating and talking about this and that. Finally it came to dessert and Mint brought out the cake and chocolate sauce and some coffee and tea.
Nadech: Wow Mint that looks so good.
Mark: All her food is good look at me all I've been doing is gaining weight ever since we got married.
Mint elbowed Mark on the side and then cut a piece for her parents and dizzled some chocolate sauce on the cake. Mint's mom took a bite on the cake.
Mint: How is it?
Mrs W: (Putting her thumb up) Delicious...
Mint and Mark smiled at each other. Then they all took a piece and ate it and drank their tea or coffee.
Mrs W: So when's your big day going to be Yaya.
Yaya: (Choked on her tea) Ohh...Not any time soon mother. Still to early yet.
Nadech: What are you talking about early. We agreed that we would get married tonight.
All: Huh
Yaya: No we're not he's only joking.
Nadech: That's right. Just joking, but that's why we came today was to tell you that we would be getting engaged at the end of the month. I asked her parents for her hand in marriage and her parents have given us their blessings. Then we plan to get married at the end of the year along with Kim and Alex.
Mint: Omg, Congratulations guys. I am so happy for you two.
Yaya: (Blushing) Thank you. I was wondering if you could be my matron of honour.
Mint: Are you kidding me ofcourse I will.

The two girls hug eachother.

Mrs W: Anyways back to you two. When are your father and I going to get a grandchild?

Mint who took a sip of her coffee started to choke.

Mark: (Tapping Mint's back) We are still trying mother. (Mint elbows him again) Oww...

They all start laughing. They went to sit on the couch to watch the Thai drama that was about to start on tv. Everyone was enjoying the drama.

Yaya: (Getting frustrated) Why does the girl always have to be so slow?
Mint: Come on Yaya. We've watched enough drama's to know that the main actress is going to be soft.
Yaya: I know...But sometimes I just want to slap some sense into them.

They all start laughing and continued to watch. It got to the kissing scene and it started to get uncomfortable for Mint as she was remembering what happened in her room earlier. She looked to the side and saw Mark licking his lips and he was looking towards her. She then shuffled more towards Yaya.

Mark: (Pulling her back) Where are you going? I am not going to do anything to you especially not in front of others. We will leave it behind closed doors. She elbowed him again which made him only hug her even more. When the drama finished Yaya and Nadech said their goodbyes and went home. Mint and Mark walked her parents to their room.

Mint: Goodnight mummy and daddy.
Mr W: Goodnight sweetie. Go get some sleep you must be tired from today.
Mark: We will. Goodnight mother and father.
Mrs W: Goodnight son.

They then walked into Mark's room.


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AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Such a short but steamy update!!!!!!! Thank you so much! MORE! Lol, jk take your time. I miss MTeam a lot so just gonna find FanFics of them to read.


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Prakaidao said:
AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Such a short but steamy update!!!!!!! Thank you so much! MORE! Lol, jk take your time. I miss MTeam a lot so just gonna find FanFics of them to read.
Sorry about that I was interrupted by something and then I went to sleep I will reedit the post bit later. Thanks for reading


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Ooohhhh girl!!!! You really know how to write your love scenes!!! Hehe can't wait for more interaction between them, when she has to sleep in his room. A www Yadech dropped by! So cute, susu!!!


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Too short , I read it while holding my breath HAHA ^^^ update soon , I love how u think ^^ *kisses*


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I am most intrigued by Pope being a player. hahaha. But otherwise, yes, I like the drama in this one. I hope Mint will get a final showdown with Da and put her on her place - or let Mark get it for liking such a frivolous woman. 


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Chapter 12

When they got into the bedroom Mint walked around cautiously. Mark walked closely behind her making her feel uncomfortable.

Mark: (Whispering close to her ear) Are you scared?
Mint: Why should I?
Mark: Good. You take the bed I will sleep on the floor.
Mint: But the floor is hard
Mark: Are you suggesting we sleep together then...
Mint: NO...I will take the bed then.
Mark: Settled...did you want to take a shower first?
Mint: Ok.
Mark: Don't take too long otherwise I might come I and join you.
Mint: Only in your dreams.

Mint grabbed a towel and a set of clothes from the wardrobe and went into the bathroom. She had her shower and then came out to see Mark in deep thought looking out the window.

Mint: Are you ok?
Mark: Hmm...I will be fine. I will go take a shower now you can go to sleep first.

Mark then went off to have a shower. Mint felt sorry for Mark having to find out like that but what could she do but stick by his side. She let out a big sigh and went on to the bed but didn't dare to sleep yet. As Mark got out of the shower with only his towel around his waist and one around his neck he saw that she was uncomfortable.

Mark: Oh didn't have to wait up for me. Or is it you feel a little naughty and want a little something, something...(playing with his waist towel pretending to take it off)
Mint: (Covering her face) Ahh...don't you dare come any closer.
Mark: (Laughing) Come on Mint I was only kidding. I won't touch you. Not yet anyway, until I sort things out with Da (moving closer to Mint's ear) then you definately can not escape from me.

Mark then went to put on some clothes and lay a pillow on the floor lucky there was carpet so it wasn't as hard. He lay there but couldn't fall asleep, so many things were going through his mind. Mint couldn't sleep neither she felt bad for taking over his bed, but on the other hand she couldn't let him sleep with her. All of a sudden they heard a knock on the door and Mark quickly jumped onto the bed and covered the both of them with the blanket. Mints dad walks in on them.

Mr W: Oh sorry guys did mean to intrude. Just checking up, you guys don't have to hurry. Take your time, I mean yes we want grandchildren but we don't want a whole army.
Mint: (blushing) Dad!
Mark: (Hugging Mint and smiling) We will keep trying father.
Mr W: (Smiling) I will leave you guys too it then.

Mint's father then left the room and they both sighed with relief.

Mark: That was close.
Mint: Agreed.
Mark: I think it's safer if we sleep on the same bed otherwise that may happen again. Don't worry, scouts honour that I will not do anything to you except maybe hug you.
Mint: Don't you even think about it. (Went to grab the sausage pillow out of the cupboard) This is the wall you are not to go over it. You got it.
Mark: Yes mam. (Secretly having his fingers crossed behind his back)

Mint then went to sleep on her side and Mark slept on his. Mark was still not sleeping but could hear soft breaths coming from Mint who was fast asleep. He gently pulled the sausage pillow out of the way and carefully went to sleep next to her trying not to wake her up.

Mark: My dear Mint. So beautiful and innocent. How could I have ever let you go before. What was I thinking? (Kissed her on the cheek) I promise I will cherish you for the rest of my life. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

He then fell asleep too.

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Chapter 13

The sun beamed through the open window onto Mark's face. He started to stir still with his eyes closed and moved his arm to feel the other side of the bed to find it was empty.

Mark: (Thinking to himself) Where did she get off to.

He smelt something good coming from outside and went to quickly have a shower and freshen up and went outside to find Mint and her parents at the dining table.

Mark: Sorry I woke up so late...
Mr W: Must of been late night yesterday huh Mint (elbowing her)
Mint: (Choking on her coffee) dad...
Mrs W: Come on dear we're all adults here. We know what happens behind closed doors. Also we are hoping for grandchildren soon we're not getting any younger. Come on son have a seat.

Mint just blushed as Mark went to sit beside her. They ate their breakfast and talked about this and that.

Mark: So what did you want to do today mother, father.
Mrs W: If it's alright with you guys we would just like to chill out at home. We hardly ever get to rest like this.
Mint: That's fine with us mother. That way I can finish with the housework.
Mrs W: Let me help you. That's alright mother, take your rest let me do it.

They continued eating and Mint felt something rubbing against her foot. She realised what it was and looked towards Mark smiling and giving him the stop it stare. They finished eating and Mint's parents retreated to the lounge room. Mr W was reading the daily newspaper and Mrs W was watching the morning soapies. Mint went to do the dishes and Mark went to the lounge room as well reading a book. Mint then went and did a load of washing and started sweeping and moping the floor.

Mark: (Coming out of the lounge room) Is there anything I can help you with?
Mint: If you can, can you put out the clothes while I prepare lunch.
Mark: Yes mam.

Mint prepared lunch and they went to the dinner table to eat. They had steamed rice with beef stir fry, and butter chicken for lunch today.

Mr W: How's work son?
Mark: It's going very well. We will be meeting with a big client I Monday so got to get ready for that.
Mr W: That's good. Sounds promising for the business. I bet your father is proud of you.
Mark: Thanks father. The only reason I can get through this is because I have so much support.
Mrs W: How are your studies going sweetie?
Mint: Not bad. Just in my last year of business. Very stressful.
Mr W: What do you plan to do afterwards?
Mint: Not sure yet.
Mrs W: Don't work yourself to hard and forget to look after yourselves.
Mark & Mint: We won't.
Mrs W: By the way your food is delicious.
Mint: Thanks mother, I learn from the best.

After they finished eating Mints mother and father went to the lounge room again and watched tv. Mint and Mark went into the study room. Mark went to lay on the sofa bed and kept reading his book. Mint was sitting at the study table finishing of her assignment due on Monday and revising for her test she had that week. Two hours later Mint was feeling tired and worked out she looked behind her to find Mark sleeping with the book on his chest. She quietly walked upto the bed and gently lay next to him not to wake him up and slowly put her head on his shoulder. In no time she fell asleep too.

Mrs W: I am going to check up on the lovebirds see what their doing. They seem a bit quiet.

Mrs W open the door to find them sleeping next to eachother looking all sweet. She took the opportunity to take a picture of the two on her phone and then quietly closed the door. Mint
woke up and still saw Mark with his eyes closed she gently sat up in the sofa bed only to be pulled back down again.

Mark: Where do you think you're going? Let me lay and hug you for a bit.
Mint: I have to go set up for dinner.
Mark: Nah...stay like this still have some time.
Mint: Ok...but only for a while.

She felt so warm wrapped up in his arms that she didn't want to move but then the thought of Da came into her mind.

Mint: I think I better go. It's almost time for dinner.
Mark: Ok dear wife...I will help you.
Mint: Thank you.

They set up for dinner and called her parents to come and eat. After dinner they went into the lounge room to have coffee and dessert which was the remainder of the cake from yesterday and icecream. Mint's parent went to bed and Mint went to sit outside to look at the stars. All of a sudden she saw a dangling gold elephant in front of her face.

Mark: (Taking a seat next to her) Surprise. It's a good luck charm keychain and also keep you safe from harm as well. Keep it with you at all times.
Mint: Thank you.

They sat there for a bit and looked at the stars together. Then after a while they went to bed.

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