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"I fell in love with him at the age of 13. I know it's young, but I knew he was the one."

"I fell in love with her at the age of 15. I know it's young, but I knew she was the one."

"But fate was cruel, it was always cruel to us and that is the real sorrow"

Coming soon.....​

I'm going to make this a short story, since I still have Teardrops of Pain to work on. I just had this storyline in my head so I had to write it before i forget it.


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Aww! A teenager into adult love story. Phew, they were that young to know l.o.v.e! I wonder who are your stars!!!


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who will it be i wonder a short story i can go for that...sounds sad i'm expecting...awaiting your post


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Noon Woranuch
Aff Takasorn
Daniel Henney

Chapter 1:

"When I first met him, I was only 8 years old. He had move to ChiangMai with his mom from the city. He came to live with my parents and I on the farm that we own, Tawan Farm. All I knew than was that his mom was full Thai while his father was a mixture of English/Korean/Thai. His mom was best friends with my mom. The only name that I knew him by was Dennis Teppitak. As weeks went by Dennis was a quiet boy and kept to himself. I don't know what happened to make him that way, but I was sure I wanted to find out. I was determined to make that frown of his into a smile. Though he wanted to be alone, I followed him everywhere. Through our happiness and our sorrow, I was there for him as he was there for me...And this is our story...."

Panith Teppitak was Dennis's mother, the day that they came back to ChiangMai, it was a rainy day. She had ran away from his father to come back to her hometown. She has seeked help from Soriya Wongsawan who along with her husband, Tawan Wongsawan owned the Tawan Farm. Panith informed Soriya that the parents of Dennis's father had kicked her out, all because of her poor background. His parents wanted to keep Dennis for he would be that one that would bear the family's name, for he was their only heir. In fright, she sneaked away one night with Dennis and hopped on the bus bound to ChiangMai, the last place that she knew they would not come in search for them. Soriya never questioned who the man was or how her dear friend came to be in the situation she is in now. All she knew was that her friend needed help and she was going to help her in the best way that she can. Even though Soriya came from a family that was well known in ChiangMai, never once had she judged Panith because of her background. They met in high school and have been friends ever since. Soriya looked at the little boy who had such sorrow in his eyes, something that a boy that age should have never had experience. As Panith and Soriya was chatting with each other, a little girl with pig tails who was holding onto a doll walked in.

"Mommy, who's that?" She asked sweetly.

"That's Aunt Panith, mommy's sister and her son, Dennis. Go wai your Aunt, Nong Nuch for she will be living with us from now on" Soriya said to her daughter.

Nong Nuch did as she was told and after she tried to go talk to Dennis, but he would not say anything back to her. Even when she pulled him to go play with her, he would not budge. Panith told Dennis to go play with Nong Nuch, but all he could do was hug her, refusing to go anywhere. Soriya then asked Nong Nuch to just go and play with the nanny and let Dennis rest. For the next week, everytime Nong Nuch tried to talk or play with Dennis he would not do anything. She was getting pretty frustrated with him, but she was determine to make him play with her.

"Play with me" Nong Nuch said...nothing

"Come on, I got lots of toys and candies, Mmmmm candies, do you like candies, cause I sure do!" Nong Nuch said in her sweetest tone....and...she got nothing...

Dennis just sat there and looked at the weird girl that was always bothering him. He wonders why it was that she would not leave him alone. Has he not made it obvious that he does not want to associate with anyone, especially one that is annoying as her. Everyday that he saw her, she was either playing with her doll or eating some sort of candy. Though she had always offered him some, he always refused. To him, she was such an annoying girl, but pretty amusing though. He tried to ignore her because he did not want to get to know anyone because he knew that in no time, they will be separate just like how he was separated from his father. Dennis sat under the orange tree in the middle of the Tawan Farm, he had discover this one tree that was in the middle of the field, thinking that no one will find him here. It became his place of comfort. Under his tree, he dazed off into his own world where he family was complete and loving until he was pulled out of it from a voice he knew all too familar.

"P' Dennis Ka....have some lollipop, I saved this flavor for you" Nong Nuch said as she extented her arm with the lollipop in her hand in front of his face.

Annoyed by Nong Nuch pulling him out of his wonderful world, he slapped the lollipop from Nong Nuch's hand and pushed her hard causing her to fall on her butt. Nong Nuch sat there crying while Dennis looked at her. He had started then to feel bad for what he had just done for his mother had taught him never to hurt any female with such force. "I'm sorry" he finally said to her. The first word that came out of his mouth to her. Nong Nuch abruptly stopped crying and smiled at him. "Why are you smiling?" He asked then.

Nong Nuch started to giggle with joy that he had finally talked to her, "I knew that you would talk to me sooner or later....wanna play with me?"


"Why not? Don't you want to be my friend"


"But I'm nice, I have candies...yummy candies and I can share it with you" Nong Nuch said sweetly.

Unable to resist her charm, Dennis finally gave into this little girl with pigtails and smiled back at her. He knew that she wouldn't leave him alone anyways.

"Friends..." Nong Nuch said as Dennis nodded, Nong Nuch went to hug her newly found friend.

As weeks, months, years went by Nong Nuch and Dennis were inseparable. They have became closer and closer together. They would always play under the orange tree in which they called it their "Friendship Tree" They were so happy until Nong Nuch was 11 years old, her mother suddenly died of an illness that was not known to her. Her father refused to tell her why her mother had died, but in the years before, her mother became so fragile and pale and she was in so much pain. Her father kept her from all the pain that her mother was going through. Dennis was there everytime her mother was rushed to to hospital, he was there to comfort her because her father would always tell her to stay home. The tears that Dennis wipe from her eyes were countless. And Dennis was there when her mother finally pass, he stayed her with when Nong Nuch at such a young age cried herself to sleep every night. He was by her bedside to make sure she was okay.

Another tragedy hit, the year after, Nong Nuch was 12 and Dennis was 14 years old. Panith, too got really sick and was put on bed rest. Dennis did not cry, but it was Nong Nuch who did all the crying for him since she too love Aunt Panith like her own mother. Panith had taken care of Nong Nuch after Soriya had passed away and now she too was not her death bed. The day Panith said her last goodbye, it was such a rainy day, Dennis came home from school with Nong Nuch when Tawan, Nong Nuch's father told him that his mom wanted to talk to him, he knew then that something was wrong.

"Dennis honey. I love you very much. Take care of yourself" Panith said as she slowly died. Dennis never knew why or how his mother got so sick, but he knew that she had always been heartbroken because of his father so he knew that she had died because of a heartache. Dennis hugged his mother's lifeless body as Nong Nuch was there by his side, she cried for him. The funeral was quick, he just wanted it to be over, everyone was coming to him and asking him all these questions that he did not want to answer. As people was starting to leave, Nong Nuch looked around for Dennis, but he was nowhere to be found. She went to their friendship tree and there he was, under the shade, sitting her with his head on his knees. She went to sit next to him, "cry if you want, there's no one here but us" she told him as he began to cry the tears that he had been holding in. Nong Nuch hugged him as he did so and cried with him. Just like when her mother died, she too was there beside him all the way.

One year later, Nong Nuch was 13 years old and Dennis was 15 years, they had just came back from the farm field when they saw that there was an unfamilar car parked outside Nong Nuch's house. The man in the black suit standing by the car looked at the two of them as they walked into the house hand in hand, wondering who it could be. As they walked nearer and nearer to the living room, all the heard was echos of Tawan's voice and another voice that was unfamilar to them.


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it's Kob and Dennis :D Awww both were hit by tragic events. I really liked their first encounter ^^ gasp, is Dennis' father coming back to get him


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wow.. love it so far. Now you've got me anticipating the identity of the unfamiliar voice. I hope it's not someone coming to take Dennis away!!! They only got eachother..

I love how they have a friendship tree... it's so sweet. Do continue!!!


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ok i'm trying to make this story less than 10 chapters, but i don't think that is going to but i'll try, if anything there'll be more chapters added...


Awwies, I love the friendship between Kob and Dennis. There for each other. Side by side. Hope it's not Dennis's dad coming for him. He can't leave Kob! :(


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Chapter 2:

"When I first met her, I was 10 years old. I had always thought that she was such an odd ball. My mom had went to her best friend's farm for help and when I saw her, she had on the ugliest pink dress and pigtails. I did not want to talk to anybody, but for some reason she did not leave me alone. She did not get the clue, she was always trying to play with me and offer me some of her candies, oh how she loves to eat candies, I was quite surprised that she has not even lost any teeth yet by now. But eventually I knew I had to give in because she was so stubborn and would not leave me alone. But it was good because we became such good friend, everytime I'm with her, I am happy and my heart beats faster. When she cries, my heart cries. And through our happiness and our sorrow, I was there for her as she was there for me...And this is our story...."

As Nong Nuch and Dennis walked closer to the living room area, they saw that Tawan was sitting on the couch talking to a man in a black suit. They couldn't tell who it was because his back was to them, but his voice was not of someone they knew. Their hearts beats faster as they finally entered the room, Nong Nuch looked at her father who had his eyes on Dennis. By the look on her father's face, she knew that something was wrong. "Dennis, come and sit near me. You too Nong Nuch" Tawan said as the two did what was told. The two came face to face with a man that they have never seen before, he was someone in his early 40s.

"Dennis, this is Mr. Kim and he is your father's family lawyer. He had came to bring you back to your father." Tawan said as Nong Nuch's face changed to a sad expression.

"Young Master, unfortunately, your father could not come himself to get you, so he had sent me instead. I plan on taking you back to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon" Mr. Kim said.

" life here" Dennis protested.

"I'm sorry Dennis, I love you as my own son, but I think its in the best interest that you go back to your father, he's your only family now. We will always be here if you want to visit" Tawan said.

Dennis looked at Nong Nuch who already had tear in her eyes, "I will go with you Mr. Kim, but I will sleep here tonight, come back tomorrow at 1pm and I'll be sure I'm all packed and ready to go" Dennis told him.

"Very well then Young Master " Mr. Kim said as he got up to shake Tawan's hand and excused himself.

Once Mr. Kim left, Nong Nuch ran to their friendship tree and cried. Dennis came running after her and sat next to her. He put on arm around her and pulled her in. The next morning, Nong Nuch went to school while Dennis stayed to pack the belongings that he had. In class, Nong Nuch kept looking at the clock to make sure that the time was right, she knew that she would not make it to say her last goodbye to Dennis if she did not do something. So after lunch, she rushed out early and made a pit stop on the way.

Dennis waited with Mr. Kim in front of the house for any sight of Nong Nuch, but she was nowhere to be seen. "She must be mad at me" He thought to himself. Mr. Kim was urging him that they should leave because it was already 1:00 but Dennis wanted to wait a bit longer just in case Nong Nuch was stuck doing something and was late. 1:15pm Mr. Kim told Dennis that they cannot stay any longer because they will be late for their flight if they did so. Dennis gave his uncle Tawan a hug before Mr. Kim led him to the awaiting car. Before entering the back seat, Dennis glance once more at the road to see if Nong Nuch might just come running, but there was nothing.

Nong Nuch was running as fast as she could, she had ran into a bit of a problem because her bike suddenly broke so now she was on foot trying to make it back to her house to see Dennis before he leaves. As she saw her top of her house, she began to fasten her pace. As she ran into her driveway, the car, Dennis, and Mr. Kim was nowhere to be found. She ran out to the road and all she saw was the backlight of the black car miles away. She tried to run after, but she was already out of breath and tripped over a rock and fell. She sat there crying, "Dennis. Come back. Dennis" she said, "I'm here, why did you leave without saying goodbye to me"

Nong Nuch sat underneath the friendship tree, memories of them here together flooded her. Endless tears were falling down her cheeks. SHe put her head on her knees and cried, "why did you leave without seeing me first" she kept saying until she felt an arm around her, Nong Nuch looked up to see Dennis's smiling at her, that irresistable smile. An estatic Nong Nuch hugged Dennis tightly.

"I thought you were gone" She said

"No silly, I wouldn't leave unless I see you. What took you so long?"

"I had to sneak out of school and my bike broke so I had to run. I saw your car driving away"

"I told the driver to turn around when I saw you on the ground. I couldn't leave until I gave you this" Dennis said as he took something out of his pocket abd handed it to Nong Nuch.

"What is this?"

"It's a symbol of our love, I am giving you this to lock our love. I will come back in 5 years and meet you again under our friendship tree. Every 5 years on this date June 21st, I will come and wait for you here, and when the time is right, we will never have to separate ever again. I will lock my heart because you have it."

"I have something for you too. I had a pit stop on the way back for it" Nong Nuch said and took out the same necklace that Dennis had given her, Dennis gave out a chuckle, "Great minds think alike I guess. But I will lock my heart also for you have it." Nong Nuch said as she reach over to put the necklace on for him as he took the one in her hands and put it on for her.

"I love you my little pigtail girl" Dennis said.

"I love you my quiet boy" Nong Nuch said back as they gave each other a tight hug.

Dennis finally got up and they walked hand in hand to where the awaiting car was waiting. Slowly, Dennis let go of Nong Nuch's hand and walked to the car, he gave her one last smile, that irresistable smile and one last glance before entering the car. As they drove off, Nong Nuch stood there with her hand touching the necklace with tears. Dennis too was sitting in the car touching the necklace with tears in his eyes, "we will meet again my love" he thought to himself, "No matter what." As they drove to the airport, Mr. Kim informed Dennis that his father wanted him to continue his education in the city for 5 years before he will sent him abroad to Korea. "WHAT!" Dennis yelled.


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OMG i thought he was going to leave before Kob got a chance to say bye. Awww the necklaces are soooo cute. <3 WHAT?! Dennis is going to Korea, but I hope he comes back still loving Kob <3


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“That day that he left, I was so devastated, but I knew he will come back for me just as he had promised. He never breaks his promise. I will lock my heart for him. I feel in love with him at the age of 13. I know it’s young, but I knew he was the one….”

Dennis could not believe what he was hearing, the promise that he made with Nong Nuch that he will come back to see her again in 5 years now seems impossible. Even though, he vowed that he will make sure that the promise made between the two of them stands, no matter how difficult the situation was, he will come back to their friendship tree where they will be reunited once again.

5 years later…..

Nong Nuch was now at the age of 18, everyday she only dreamed of the day that she will meet her love, Dennis once again. She still wears the necklace that he gave her and hopes that he too is wearing the same necklace that she had given him. Nong Nuch had finished high school and was now about to enter the life of a college student. She had received a scholarship to study abroad in New York, even though she knew that she is going far away from her hometown, her life, she remembers the promised that Dennis had made with her. She was determined to make sure that that day come and she will go to their friendship tree and wait for him there. The orange tree still looks the same from when they first discovered it and form a friendship there and form their love there. To her it is more then a friendship tree, it was their tree of love. A friendship and blossoms into love.

June 21st

Who would have known that today was also the day that Nong Nuch had to leave for New York. She woke up bright early in the morning and was set on waiting for Dennis. Nong Nuch sat under the tree and waited from morning to the afternoon, she kept glancing at her watch to check the time, and she wanted to see him before she set out on her journey. As the afternoon sun began to change, the feeling of excitement that she had had changed. Tears started to fall down as she held the charm of her necklace in her hand wishing that he will come soon. 1:00 p.m. Dennis was nowhere to be found, “has he broken his promise? Did he forget about me?” was all that Nong Nuch could think about. 1:15pm, fifteen minutes later, still no sign of the boy that she love and waited 5 years to see. She had locked her heart from every guy that wanted to be with her because she had only loved Dennis, but now, he was not here like he said he would. Her heart sank and tears fells. She sat there waiting….and waiting until her father came to tell her that it was time that she had to leave for the airport. A heartbroken Nong Nuch got up and stared at the tree that were a symbol of their friendship and their love, she went to the other side of the stump and with a pocket knife; she carved “Nong Nuch Loves Dennis.” With a final goodbye, she left the place that they were supposed to meet once again.

In the airport entrance, Nong Nuch gave her father a big hug before heading inside the building. Her father had refused to go inside because he did not want Nong Nuch to see him cry, for she was the only family that he had and she too was leaving him, not for forever, but for now. As Nong Nuch walked into the sliding door, another figured walked out at the same time, they accidently bumped each other’s shoulder, but in rush, they merely just said sorry and left their separate ways. Without even looking at each other. Once she was finally seated in the plane, Nong Nuch looked out the window and cried. Tears of pain that Dennis had forgotten about her. “I will come back and I will wait until we are reunited once again” Nong Nuch said to herself. No matter how difficult the situation is, she vowed that she will wait under their friendship tree.

The figure of a man in a suit that walked out of the sliding door entered the back passenger of a black car. He told his driver to go to the Tawan Farm, “Yes Young Master” the driver said. Without seeing anyone, since there was no one there at the house, Dennis made his way to their friendship tree. He knew he was late, but it was difficult for him to get a plane to ChiangMai in such a short notice. But he never forgot his promised; he made sure that he was able to come back no matter how difficult it was for him. Against Mr. Kim’s orders, the orders that was given by his father, Dennis sneaked away anyways to go met the love that he had left behind 5 years ago. Dennis looked at the tree; he looked at how much the tree still looked the same as he once left it. Dennis sat under the tree and waited to see if Nong Nuch will come, “she must be mad that I didn’t come on time” he said. But there was no one there, no workers or any sight of Uncle Tawan. Though he wondered where everyone went too, there was no one that he could have asked. 3:00pm, still no sign of Nong Nuch, Dennis was beginning to wonder if she had forgotten the promise or if she was mad at him for coming so late. 6:00pm, the sun was beginning to set and Dennis was still there alone. Tears began to slowly fall down his cheeks as he stared at the necklace Nong Nuch had given him. Unable to stay there any longer, he got up went to the left side of the stump of the tree, with a pocket knife, he carved Dennis loves Nong Nuch. With that he brokenheartedly left, “I will come back again in 5 years, I will come back my love…until then we will meet again.”

Mr. Kim had found him when he went back to the car; he had gone against his father’s orders. Mr. Kim looked at the Young Master who had the saddest expression ever; it was the same sad expression that he got when he first left this same farm, “Young Master, your father is furious. You were supposed to be on the plane to Korea.”

“I know, but I had to come back here, I cannot break my promise” Dennis answered.

“So did you meet the Young Mistress again?”

“No, I waited but she didn’t come. I don’t know if it’s because she forgot the promise or if she is mad at me for coming late, but no one is here, even at this time. I don’t know where everyone went. It’s usually not this quiet, but things change as time changes.”

“I see Young Master, but we have to get going. The private jet is waiting for you. Your father is waiting for you in Korea” Mr. Kim said as they both entered the car.

Dennis looked back and stared at the farm until it was out of sight. He doesn’t know what happen to everyone, but he was so sad that he did not get to see Nong Nuch like he wanted to. He wanted to ask her to go with him to Korea, he knew that she would have went and that Uncle would have let her for there were many good universities in Korea. And the best part was that she will be with him where he can treat her like a princess…no more like his queen for she was the only one that will ever have his heart. Like promised, time can never change his heart for he had locked it away 5 years ago for her.

5 years later….

Nong Nuch had never forgotten that she did not get to see Dennis at that last meeting schedule. She can only hope that he will come again, he will come back for her even if it’s been another 5 years. She had made it through school and now was heading back to the Tawan Farm and has been waiting anxiously for the day to come once again. She sat in the plane dreaming and wishing that when she gets to the tree, he will be there waiting for her like she had once done, even if he did not show then, she wanted him to be there now.

June 21st…

Dennis had come extra early to wait under their friendship tree. He had quietly sneaked into the farm without anyone knowing that he was there. He wanted to surprise Nong Nuch first before he meets Uncle Tawan. He still wore the necklace that Nong Nuch gave him, he sat there rubbing the necklace and waited. From morning to afternoon, Nong Nuch was nowhere to be found. As he waited, he wanted to wait till night falls or until she came to him. His phone rang and it read Mr. Kim.

“Anyo-sayo Mr. Kim” Dennis said.

“Young Master, you must come back quickly, your father needs to see you now” Mr. Kim said urgently.

“But…I haven’t”

“There is no time left Young Master, come back before he’s gone”

With that Dennis had no choice but to leave, even though it would cost him greatly, he could not wait any longer. His father was sick and he had to go back to see him before his last breath. Dennis touches the tree, so many memories flooded him, but he cannot fulfill his promise this time. He had tried, but now it just seems impossible for them to be together. Maybe it was faith. It was cruel; it was always cruel to us. As Dennis rushed to the airport, he walked through the sliding entrance door and bumped into someone that was walking out, “Sorry” he said quickly and continued to walk in as the other person said the same and continued to walk out.

“ChiangMai! I am back” Nong Nuch said as she stood by the curbside of the airport. She got on the next taxi and headed back home and straight to their friendship tree. “This time, I hope that you will show up.” She waited at afternoon till night, but once again Dennis was nowhere to be seen, “you lied to me! You didn’t come back for me!” Nong Nuch said as endless tears fell once again. “Why, why is faith so cruel to me?” Nong Nuch said as she slowly got on her feet to walk back to her house when she felt lightheaded, the world was spinning on her, and there under their friendship tree, Nong Nuch passed out and in her hand was the necklace Dennis had given her, broken at the chain because of the force put on it when she fell while holding onto the necklace.


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OMG............. :(

so sad....... wahh wah.... I want to cry now. Twice and they did not meet eachother!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why couldn't they notice eachother at the airport!!!!!!!!! Now I know what you mean when you wrote fate is cruel to them.


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I know Lome, I feel the same way. I'm soooooo sad right now, they bumped into each other the first time, but went their separate ways, and then the second time, Dennis' dad was sick :( You left on a cliff hanger too, what's going to happen????


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can u guys visualize them walking past each other at the airport door, cause that was what i was going for..that slow motion walk by without realizing each