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[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai come out of her room. She went straight back [/SIZE]to kitchen, and asked the maid “where is everyone?” since she didn’t see anyone in living room. The maid answered, They all went outside after she went upstairs to rest.
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai come outside to have some fresh air. Suddenly  her back felt strange, she felt someone’s looking at her so she turned her head and looked. She saw a young man, looking at her with emotionless eyes. However his eyes were changed  unexpectedly, When he saw her face. He noticed how beauty she was, he almost forget to breathed.[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]When Toe Toe saw him, who’s staring at Kai.[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She nodded her head and smiled.[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mr. Yint, you’re already home?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He didn’t answer her question, instead [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint: Who’s she?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Toe Toe: She’s Ms.Kai.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint: Kai?? not only her name even she looks strange[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai: What’s so strange about my name?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Nothing, ohh my name is Ayint Yaung. Let’s bumping to each other since we’re gonna live in the same house.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She saw his cool eyes and his mocking smiled. She didn't like it at all. She didn't like how bossy he was. She looked at him in disbelief, he just got home  and now he went out again..Did he ever stay at home? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]At night Kai was clearing some status near [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] room. She over heard what the two sisters are talking..[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]They were checking [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]  E-Mail[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“What is written? tell me”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] the older sister asked anxiously[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“From Sue for Yint to elope her. She might be already right there now”..[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“It seems Yint haven’t known about this letter yet. He hasn’t come back yet”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Even if he known about this he would never elope her”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“We can’t let mom know about this”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Shall we go and solve?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“How’ll you solve?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Here is the place she appointed, we should go there and tell her that he won’t come..”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Let’s go there!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai looked at them in concerned [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]In the morning, they were eating breakfast [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Sister:[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] “Yint, we have a business trip, stay at home and don’t cause any trouble”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]This time you won't have anyone to solve for you as we are not here, don't give any headache to mom” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]you know, we become bad women[/SIZE] who don’t have any sympathy for others women just

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]because of you.. Why do you date them, if you’re not sincere with them“ [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]she was mad about what they had done last night for him.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint: You guys talked like I’m a troublemaker. There is nothing good about me humm?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]you should know sister[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px], [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I just filled their wishes. I had done nothing  wrong. They want to dated and wanted to close with[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]me because I’m  handsome and rich! They are just minor, all of women are the same they only wanna caught wealthy man[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]nd sister: [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint don’t forget that you have sister[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]s. [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We are women![/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Sister:[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] “Stop mom is coming”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom: “What are you guys talking about?”  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Sister: We were talking about our business trip mom..[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom: Ohh really?” [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]not believing them[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]. “Where’s Kai’s?” mom continued[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’m here” run out from kitchen [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: Come and eat breakfast with us, daughter [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She wanted to refused but she didn’t know how to, She didn’t want to sit with that guy who’s full of himself and now she knew what he thought of women. If she sit and eats with them, what would he think of her? Would she become one of his minor woman.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom: [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Daughter, what are thinking come and sit here.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She point a seat next to Yint. [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Yes, aunt”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] before she sat she gave him a looked who was looking at her strangely  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom: [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Daughter can you two not go to business trip?, my dreams were not good [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom,  it was just a dream, we really have to attend this meeting also this is one of big project we had wait for a long time. We’ll be back soon so don’t worry. Right now we have Kai’s in our home. I’ll ask her to take care of you in or place[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]. [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai you’ll take care of mom right.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: Yes, sisters don't worry about mom[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Since the day his sisters were not at home. Yint come home late every nights than before. Toe Toe waited for him every night.  [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai met so many women come to find him at home and they all were his ex and girlfriend. They all were beautiful like movie actresses[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]. [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Sometime they were messed up her as his new girlfriend. Aunt had to talks them “[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Do you ladies think she would dated a guy like my son? She is not his girlfriend or anything”..[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]One day, Kai and mom were planting flowers in the garden[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Hello mom[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom: [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Ohh Su, what do you need? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Su[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: Do you know where is Yint at, mom?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: He might probably at his friend house, if you need him go find at his friends house. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Su mad at mom answered but she tried not to show her madness, when she saw Kai who was next to mom[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Su[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: Who’s she, mom??[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: You don't need to know[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Su looking at Kai[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]   [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Su[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: I hope, you won’t mess with my boyfriend [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Su[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: Goodbye mom[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]: Goodbye, goodbye  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]One night Kai waiting for Yint with Toe Toe as her requested although she didn’t want to  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Toe Toe”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Yes. Kai?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“May I ask you somethi[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]ng”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Sure, why not?”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Do you exactly know why my uncle is in prison” [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai asked Toe Toe[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]bravely [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“At that night Mr. Yint’s got into a fight so uncle was trying to stopped them, Accidently a man got stabbed, uncle’s said it was him who did it. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Toe Toe didn't noticed Kai watery eyes and face who was about to cried. She excused herself to bed and asked Kai to wait for Yint instead of her if she didn’t minded since she has to wake up early this morning . [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai didn’t know that Toe Toe had let her alone and went to sleep [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]In her thought[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] “No, it’s not true. Uncle is not the type of person, he didn't even killed an ant or hurt. No, it wasn't him”  it could be”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Hey, what are you doing here? Are you waiting for me? Where is Toe Toe? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She was shocked when she heard his voice.[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“She went to sleep just now[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“How about you? Are you waiting for me?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’m not waiting for you“ I’m going now to sleep now”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]It’s time to sleep not playing around” [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“So you’re saying I’m playing around?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Who knows?”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] she shrugged her shoulder and leave but he grabbed her hand [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]  [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai: “Let go off my hand”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint: “I’m not. What’s wrong with your behavior? Do you think you’re the owner of this house or what? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai: “I never thought of that way, Let go off my hand” Do you think doing this’ll make me scared of you?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He didn't understand why she hated him and they met just not longer ago. She acted so cool toward him. Every girls he had met was alway talks sweet to him. Why only her? he was so curious. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He released her hand and  walked closer to her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Next time behavior yourself. If not, I’m going to teach you how to behavior yourself at someone else's home”    [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He looked into her eyes[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Yint: Did you trying to get my attention by doing this?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Unexpectedly, her heart was started to beats as he got closer to her[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kai[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]:“Keep dreaming , you should k[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]now I’m the only woman who didn’t want your attention[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]”. [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She gave him a half smile and leave..[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]she couldn't believe it. Why her heart was beating so fast? Is she falling for him? She just met him not long ago and how could she?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He was the reason why uncle was in prison and while uncle is in prison he had fun time out here, not felt sorry a bit for uncle’s, most importantly he’s a player. She couldn't like him. She keep on saying “I didn’t like him” even in her dream. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]In the other hand, he couldn’t figure out why “[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]she’s so different than any women she had met?[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] why she didn't like him? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]If you hated or didn’t like me or whatever I’ll make you fall for me just wait and see. Some day, I’ll make you lose your pride in front of me.[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]


Yint is such a jerk. I wonder what really happened during the fight. Who was the murderer? Can't wait to find out. :)


sarNie OldFart
One month later
The phone rang
Toe Toe: Kai, please pick up the phone for me, I'm busy here
Hello, this is Kai
Hello Kai, it's me, sister
Kai: Ohh! hello sister, how are you?
Sister: We're good, tell mom's  and Yint we'll be back home tomorrow afternoon
See you soon!

At night Kai told mom that her two daughters will be back home as expected Yint wasn't at home so she didn't get a chance to tells him. Mom was so happy, and out of happiness her eyes were watery, she has had nightmares about them since the day they had left for the trip.
In the morning, they were waiting for them. After time passed Aunt seems more worried than ever. She kept looking at the clock. Kai was also worried, they told Kai that they would be back at noon time, but they were still not even their shadows.

The phone rang so Kai quickly picked up, and thought it was from them.
Kai: Hello?? WHAT??
Kai body was in shocked
Mom: What happened daughter? Are you okay?
she asked Kai worriedly as she saw her shocking. When Kai didn't answer her. She grabbed the phone from Kai, Kai's didn't notice like she was  losing life. Only when she heard Toe Toe voice, as she looked, she saw Aunt's in unconscious.
Kai: Aunt,aunt!
she called her name and cried

“Toe Toe, call ambulance and your Mr.Yint, tell him to come hospital”
Toe Toe: Yes, Ye...ss Kai
At hospital
Mom: where's Yint
Kai: He's on his way to here.
Kai answer her quickly as she comes to sit beside.
Yint: Mom, mom what happened to you?
He asked anxiously as he rushed into hospital room.
She cried, when she saw his son
Yint come here. I have something to tell you
Yint went toward to his mom.
Mom: Starting from tomorrow you have you to go work and learns.
Yint: Why mom? How about sisters?
She looked at Kai and then Yint upset face.

Yint: Mom, what do you mean I don’t get it, why would I have to go work tomorrow?
Mom: Your sisters….
She stopped and cried
Yint: Tell me quickly mom, what happens?
Mom: Your sisters were…... passed away in a car accident
Yint: WHAT?? It’s not true. He  shocked his head in disbelief
It’s not true right mom? Why would they have to die?
He knelt down and cried in his mom’s arms. Kai was also cried with them because she knew the feeling really well, of losing someone we love.  

The family doctor recommended her to hospitalized for two weeks as they worried about her health.
It’ve been one week already since Yint starting to works. One day his mom called to the company, and asked how was he doing.
The secretary answered he was doing good more than what they had expected.  Mom was happy with the new she heard.

After her two daughters passed away she never wanted to stay at home so she decided to entered a temple. However she worried for Kai, she know Yint didn’t like Kai. She have to do something before she go, she thought about it all day and night.
After she got off from hospital she called her lawyer’s to meet, and told her plans to him.

At night, she called Kai and Yint to living room.
Mom: Kai and Yint I have something to tell you two? tomorrow I’ll enter temple
she told them as they sit down on sofa.
At the same time, Yint and Kai looked at her with disbelief eyes
Yint: Then how about me, who I’m going to stay with?
She didn’t answer him
Mom: Kai, you have to stay here with Yint until your uncle’s release.
Kai: I don’t want to stay here Aunt, If you’re not here also
It’s inappropriate for me to stay here with a man.

Although she knew what Kai meant but she didn’t want Kai to stay alone as she was worried.

Yint: Do you think, I want to stay with under the same roof as you.  
Since the day you come to this home, we always had bad luck. Everything had happened because of you only. As you saw, I lost my  two sisters already.

Kai looked at him angrily

Mom: Yint, enough! go to bed now, You’ll know everything tomorrow!
“Yes mom” He answered upsetly

In the morning, Yint woke up early and looking for his mom. Unfortunately, he couldn't find her so he went to kitchen and asked Toe Toe who was cooking.

Yint: Toe To, do you know where is mom? I’ve been looking her for so long. Where is she?
Toe Toe, surprised that Yint didn’t know where his mom went

Toe Toe: She already left early this morning, you didn’t know? She told me that you already know. she also told me to tell you today family lawyer will come.

Yint: Family lawyer? For what?
Toe Toe: I don’t know, he’ll come in short time, I’ll go get Kai. She also need to be here.
Toe Toe walked to upstairs as she called Kai’s name
Yint: Why she need to be here? He told himself.
Toe Toe: Kai, Kai open the door for me
Kai: Do you need anything, Toe Toe.
She asked her as she opened the door for her
Toe Toe: Yes, we need you, come downstairs for a moment. What are you doing in the room?
She looked around the room and saw Kai’s luggage and beside there were some clothes
Toe Toe: Are you going somewhere?
Kai: Yes, I’m going to live with my friend, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to stay here, and you too. You should leave this house.

Toe Toe: I don’t think we can, anyway come downstairs, Mr. Yint is waiting for us.
She smiled at Kai and walked away
Kai looked at her and sighed

Yint was waiting for them in the living room, he wanted to knows why would the family lawyer’s will be here and for what? How about mom? did she really leave him alone in this house.  He was thinking too much about it and didn’t noticed when was the lawyer came in and Kai was sitting in front of him until Toe Toe called his name.
Yint: Oh! you guys are already here
As he looked at them

Lawyer: There is nothing much I have to say since you’ll  inherit everything belong to this family
but not now, after Kai’s uncle release.  
Yint: It doesn’t make sense
Kai: Yes, it doesn’t make sense, also why I have to be here, in
the conversation?  

lawyer: I know, it doesn’t make sense, but this is what your mom wants, she told me that their was an agreement between your uncle and her and you must stay here, that’s all.
Yint, you won’t get anything if Ms. Kai left this home. Your mom will  be back after one year. and I’ll also.

Kai wanted to know what is the agreement but she’s not gonna stay with him whatever is that agreement.

she called Yint, who was still sitting in the sofa with disappointed
Kai: Yint, I have something to tell you..
Yint: What do you need?
He gave her a cold looked
Kai: You don’t want me to stay here right? how about let me go and I’ll stay with my friends?
Yint: You can’t

Kai: I know, you don’t like me and don’t want to stay here but why?
He was silenced for a moment, not knowing what to answer. He knew he didn’t likes her. If she leave this house his plans would fail so instead he remarked
Yint: Because I won’t get anything, if you leave now, so you must stay here until your uncle is free.
I have to go work now, If you need anything ask Toe Toe or call me.

Kai was finding a way to get out from this home. She knew she would be in deep trouble, if she staying here.
But she couldn’t finds a way to out.


Awe. I feel so sad for Yint and his mom. I wonder f there is something behind Yint's mom's doings. :)


LOL you've watched/read enough lakorns/FF keke
LOL. Yes i have, but not all of them follow the same storyline. So I can only guess. It's really up to you to decide what happens. Haha. Just want to say, I'm interested and waiting for every update. :)


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sarN said:
I was gone for nearly 3 weeks, this is all the update I get lol ? Girl, more ^^^
lol I'll tomorrow, I already have ch4 i[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]n my document. I was so lazy to write hahah[/SIZE]


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Forgot haha I cha[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]nged my writing style [/SIZE]


sarNie OldFart
The next day, Su comes  home and looking for Yint,
Su: Toe Toe, do you know where is Yint?
Toe Toe: He might probably at work.
Toe Toe's answer her.
Toe Toe: Why don't you call him. You're his girlfriend, he might pick up.
Su: Of course I called him.
She replied with a worried face
Su: But he didn't pick up my calls.
Toe Toe laughed because she knew what's her Mr. Yint was up to.
Kai was cooking in the kitchen and she saw Toe Toe coming into kitchen with some pictures in her hand.
Kai: What are those photos? Is that actresses photos? She asked as she took the pictures from Toe Toe, and looked.
Toe Toe: These are Mr. Yint girlfriends
Kai looked at Toe Toe with disbelieve eyes.
Kai: Then why do you have? You might get yell.
Toe Toe shacking  her head
Toe Toe: I got this from Mr. Yint trash can
Kai: Trash can?
Toe Toe nodded her head
Toe Toe: Yes, while I was cleaning his room.
Kai: That's a lot
Toe Toe: As you see Kai, he doesn't worry anything about his future. Always played with women hearts. He never loved  sincerely and always dumped them when he doesn't want them anymore.  
Kai was sitting in front of mirror in her bedroom, thinking about what Toe Toe had said to her this evening as she looked at herself in mirror. She knew what kind of person he is, nevertheless it hurt her heart so much and she couldn't figure out why.

Surprisingly, today, Yint comes back home early, when he entered the house and didn't see Kai. He asked Toe Toe
Yint: Where's she?
Toe Toe: Kai went outside. She said she has class today.

Toe Toe and answered him frighteningly as she saw his angry face.
Yint looked at the watched and walked up to his room. After two hours had passed Kai wasn't show up and he didn't know he has to worry or mad. He was scared of she might run away.
It was late at night when Kai come back and Yint was still awake and waiting for her. Kai didn't see, Yint was sitting in the living room, so she kept on walking through until when she heard his voice.
Yint: Where have you been? He hide his anger and asked calmly.
Kai: At my friend's house. She replied as she turned and looked him
Kai: Are you waiting for me? Do you have anything to talk me?
Yint: I'm not. I was just reading some books here? I'm going to sleep now.
He lied although he wanted to ask more question, he just pretended he didn't care care about her.
He walked to up stairs, but stopped on halfway as he forgot to say something
Yint: Next time, don't be too late. I’m warning you.
Kai looked confused as she looked at his back. Who is going to read at this time? Is he's crazy? She thought herself.
Kai was busy looking for an apartment. She didn't tell Yint about it. She knew he won't allow her to move out. Every morning she would good outside and looking for it and come back late, luckily Yint's always late so she didn't have to worry much.
She needed money and she doesn't want to ask from Yint, she will never ask money from him. He would more view her as a gold digger, so she went to sell her mother's gold earring that she inherits at the shop. She has issued with believing people, she didn't know that she got fool by the shop owner.  
The price of the earning was $2000, but she only got only $1500 for it. The $1500  is still large sum of money for her. She didn't ask further questions she just took money and returned home and went straight to her room.
At night she was almost fallen asleep,  she heard someone knocks so she woke up and was wondered who was it? It couldn't be Toe Toe. She told her that she might sleep early and not coming get her for dinner. She opened the door and it was Yint. She looked at him with heavy-eyes. “What do you need?” she asked him. “I won't eat dinner tonight, I have somewhere to go early morning.”
He glanced at her, without saying a word, he grabbed her hand and put $500. “You seem really sleepy, go sleep”
She just nodded her head and had no idea what he put in her hand. She went to sleep.
He shut the door and walked back to his room, he thought why  she went to sell the earring? Did she need money? Why did she not ask me? When he reached his room. He pulled out a box from his pocket. He opened and looked at a beautiful gold flower earring and threw into his save.
She woke up and found herself beside the bed. She looked confusing, there was $500 in her hand. She didn't think further about how this money got into her hand. She looked at the watch and grabbed a towel and went into washroom.

“Where is Kai?” Yint's  asked Toe Toe as he sat on chair.
"She went out just now, she told me she would be late tonight. She has some business". Toe Toe replied Yint as she prepared food for him.  
Yint's went to works, but his mind was on Kai. He couldn't do his works properly, so he called his friend and request to meet with him at his home.

“Come sit here, Akara”
Akara smiled “Just tell me what do you need” he remarked as he sat.
“I want you to find out about someone for me”
“Who?” Akara asked
“Someone who lives at this house. There she's coming” Yint pointing at Kai who walking toward to the house.
Akara looked at the direction where Yint's point. He turned back to Yint and smiled. “I didn't know it was Kai, who lives at your home.”
“Do you know her?” He asked surprisingly
“Of course that face I have never forgot even next life.
Yint's  suspected at Akara words and he had no ideas what Akara's was talking about.
“Do you remember me?” Akara's asked with a serious voice before Kai passing through the living room.
Kai stopped and wondered she had heard this voice before, exactly who could that be, she turned back to behind her with curious. When she saw him. “Oh, what are you doing here?”

“Yint's one of my best friends just like I used to be with you. He replied with a sweet smiled. “Can I be your friend again? He continued.

She gave Yint a cool looked and smiled to Akara. “Why not? The past is past.
Yint looked at both of them curiously, he still had no idea of what were these two talking about.
“Then, I'll be going to my room now” Kai excuse herself

“Do you know her? Yint asked Akara again.
not  response from Akara, Which made Yint more mad.
“I’m asking you, do you know her? This time he asked a little bit louder.

Akara seems to caught himself. He answered quickly
“We went to the same High School. I used to like her, but she rejected me”. He looked sad.
“Oh wait, what do you want to know about her? And why she is here? He changed his face back to normal and asked Yint.

“I didn’t know why she’s here, only my mother would know. I want to know about what she has been doing this day.”’
“ Then, I’ll call you, tomorrow afternoon.

“That’s fast, do you think you can get it by tomorrow?” Yint asked his disbelievingly
“I'm pretty sure, she is still hang out  with her old friends. I'll just call them and ask”.  He replied
“Then I'll be waiting for you, just call my office number”.

Yint was waiting for the call friend his friend, he wants to know what she has been doing and scared she might find a lover because if she finds a lover his plans would become ceased and he would have to let her go, his thoughts are deeper and deeper.
“Boss, Boss” his secretary called him “phone for you”  
He just nodded his head and picked up the phone. “Hello”
“Hello, Yint it's me Akara”.

“Toe Toe” He shouted out.
The  maid ran out from kitchen and wondered, what was wrong with him again?
“What you need Mr. Yint” she asked frighteningly as she looked at his angry face.
“Here take money and go buy something”
What? I don't need anything. We got everything in the kitchen. She remarked
I told you to go buy something, don't ask me anything, go buy anything you want.  He yelled and continued “Where's Kai?”

“She is up--stairs” she answered anxiously.
“Okay you can go now”.
Toe Toe still standing there
“I said go now” He shouted
Yes, Yes!  
He knocked the door harder.
Kai opened the door. He tried to enter to the room, but she won't let him instead they spoke at the doorway.

“What do you need?” She asked

I heard you're looking for an apartment”
Kai looked at him with her eyes wide opened. “How do you know?”
Is that why you went to  sold your earring?   
She looked at him again with her disbelief eyes. “How do you know?”
“I was there at that time and you know that you got fooled by those people””
Fool? She uttered herself
Yes, fool, you got fool by those cities people's and yet you want to live by yourself.  He continued.
She observation his face. “Why are you angry?”
Angry at her question, he shouted” I told you to stay here until your uncle free, didn't I? You don't even care about agreement between your uncle and my mom, seems like you've found a husband.
Shocked at his words, her hand unexpectedly slapped him harder, hers tears stream down on her cheeks. She didn't tell anything and control her anger as she pushed him and shut the door.

She was crying and crying, her tears were uncontrolled and her pillow was beginning to wet as she thought of him and what he had  said to her, how could he be so disgusting and ungentlemanly to say this to a woman. If she found a lover or husband what had to do with him. Why would she can't have a lover?  what is she to him? She was falling asleep as he thought of him as well as crying.

Yint was sitting on his bed unfortunately and thinking of their argument and he knew he was wrong, but he couldn't help as he knows she was finding a way to leave this house and him so he let his anger explosive plus he saw how she looked so happy to talk with his friend's whom she once rejected, unlike when she was with him. He definitely needs a plan to have her on his side. He won't let her go.
Toe Toe has come back  home and the home was silenced, she didn't even see a shadow. They might be in their room she thought of herself and ready for dinner. After finishing, she went to called them, but no one is coming to eat. Kai was already sleeping and Yint said he is not going to eat dinner so she didn't get know what just happened while she was gone.

Kai woke up with a headache and noticed  herself that how much she cried last night. She's still in bad mood as he couldn't forget their fight. After washing herself, she looked at the clock and thought that  he might have gone to work, so she came down to kitchen. To her surprised  Yint was still there and reading newspaper he didn't go to work yet. She was staring at him for a while and admitted how handsome he's with suit, she smiled without knowingly herself, before she was about to leave the kitchen, but Toe Toe saw her.

“Oh Kai, come sit here”
He lifted his head up when he heard Toe Toe calling Kai's name.  When he saw Kai he noticed how red her eyes and how much she had cried last night, before he was about to say something Kai had already left the kitchen and gave him an angry looked. He quickly followed her into the garden.
He grabbed her hand. “Are you mad?” He asked her. “If so I'm sorry” he continued
She turned and looked him.”I'm not  mad at you, I just thought we don't have a reason to talk” she remarked as pulled her hand away from him and went back to home.
He felt a pain in his heart because of her coolness as he looked her back.


sarNie Granny
I can't stop laughing at the maid name Toe Toe ! HAHAH! Update soon, I hate misunderstanding bwt the two.


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I like the writing style change! There are more descriptions and more thoughts of the characters.  Keep it up!


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040156 said:
I like the writing style change! There are more descriptions and more thoughts of the characters.  Keep it up!
Thank you jaa I also realized it so I change :)