Updates on Various Couples: Anne, Ken, Chakrit, Chompoo, etc.


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Wahahaha Phatman! Not pulling out a pan! That got me cracking up hahahaha. Dayum Bella, I wonder what will happen to the expensive bag?!


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Fans are saying Bella is angry with Weir cos he is close to Gie who has same Weir's manager. Weir had an event and he said he and Bella are still talking. Its cos Bella's queue is tight, she is also preparing for graduation, so they cant talk more like before. Someone asked him is Bella angry cos of gie. Weir said Bella will not be mad at him Gie is his close friend and Bella and Gie know each other, Bella knows all his friends (lol how cute :ghehe: ) and she understands.
in 1:37 his face says everything lol reporters asked him if Bella was angry at him. He said oi I have never done anything like that :spin: :spin:
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In love with Phet & Mookda <3
I really like Weir and Bella together so I hope they work out. But Weir is so cute in that interview, oh gosh. <3


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Bie and Gubgib's Pre Wedding pics.
All pics are more than beautiful :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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Idk how many times they wed :ghehe:
Gubgib is looking sooo beautiful. Happy married life :)


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Mrs James Ma
More pics from GG and Bie's Reception
GG's wedding and photoshoot all are SOOO ROMANTIC :HEART: :HEART: :HEART:


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Congratulations to Gubgib and Bee again... lolz... but why so many wedding/ceremony?   :shrug: 
:bhehe:  Now it got me curious how many weddings or over the top celebrations will she had if she wasn't pregnant first.   :pervie: 
But she still so tiny and cute with all those puffy dresses. :woot:  Happy for/with her.  :yes:   :thumbsup: 


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Bo and Ake had their wedding today! Sorry, I have a ton of pictures of Min because I follow basically only her. Bo and Ake are an awesome couple. I hope they stay together!
Bo and Ake

The guests and bridesmaid
 Min as one of the bridesmaid, Pooklook as a guest

 Both bridesmaid Preaw and Min
 The bridesmaids!
 Min and Bella (If only Weir was here! Lol, jk)

 Mo, ___, Bua, Pream, Min, Bella
 Min and Bella!



It's weird to see Bella amongst this cast of CH7 stars! Haha. Now where was Weir???