What are you addicted to?


sarNie Oldmaid
labello, it's like a desease, everytime i see a new labello, i have to buy it :lol:
pepsi i don't like coca cola
my princess or if you prefer my nephew, she's the love of my life (right now)
cappucino viennois, too yummy


I am addicted to:

Chinese drama at the moment esp. those ancient/fantasy or whatever you call it drama ahahaha... just picked on drama I had never fully finished: The Switch, Fairy of the Chalice and Miracle Healer =D

Thai lakorns, well will be soon after NM and PM goes to air =D

Korean drama, well just one which is shown in my siggy ahahaha... still addicted =D

Sushi, every time we go into a sushi restaurant, I always have to order the spicy salmon roll extra spicy lmao I also like the spider roll, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll, dragon roll, etc but I always have to have the spicy salmon roll extra spicy.

YouTube and aznv.tv


Chocolate esp those from Europe

Food, I don't cook often but sure I love to eat. It runs in the family. I can't stress on how much we often eat and throw lots of little parties/get-together and eat out. Ahahahaha.