What are you thinking right now?


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T_T.. why did sroy saeng jan have to end already T_T..
gonna miss hottie rome n chai in there..


sarNie Adult
...if she only knew what i give her beyond my heart, is what all my friends chastise me for, even when it coast me my BMW/corvet payment, she needs it more then me because all that i own does not satisfy me more than her smile and god knows why i'm happy being less a man then i can be for all that i own can never equal the smile she brings me just being happy, even when i can't tell her how much i give up to see her smile :):):):):)


Six flags tomorrow! Gosh I'm so not going to get much sleep tonight, or just like everytime we're going to six flags! Never get enough sleep. Guna be at the store after midnight to shop for food for six flags...why does the best friend have to work on 2nd shift? *sigh* I'm like totally bored waiting for her to get out of work. Oh wells, I got her internet running now. Hahaha


sarNie Adult
...she can make me go from 0 to 60 in a flash and she can slam on the brakes in an instant she is so independent and her heart is that of a tiger, i'm so amazed someone can be so real and independent, wow, she is all the colors life displays inside of dreams and my favorite flavor when i'm hungry for life, she is my friend, 100% beautiful...



sarNie Adult
...light up, light up your voice even if you can't see me there... i'm here to fight myself in the dieing light, even after you have giving up on me... inside my voice is all the pain beneath the anger for everything i can't be with all thats past, i'm still standing... so light up, light up your voice even if you can't see my hurt with all your anger... i'm still here... i still care.......

:( :( :( :( :)