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sarNie Adult
...they must not know my friends that i'll buy her a place she can call home... the stars in the heavens can't give me enough of my own to compare to seeing her smile and knowing maybe i found someone who won't forget me... i have nothing in all my achievements if i can't give one soul happiness i can't find alone... i will never be like everyone else, because the only will i have in my body is to not be forgotten because i live with purpose no one on this earth can understand but me...

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sarNie OldFart
abortion... abortion... abortion!!

I have to get this paper done tonight!!!


sarNie Adult
...i wonder sometimes why strangers seek me out in a crowd when they appear in their darkest hour,,, yesterday was one of these days ,,,we had this big party and one of my friends neighbors stopped by,,, a month ago he lost his son in a freak accident,,, we talked about it after we were introduced,,, he just needed to talk to someone and i was that individual,,, not to go into what we talked about,,, but he seemed relieved to talk to someone and when he left he thanked me and told me i seemed to understand what he was thinking and i must have suffered such loss to understand his pain,,, this is not the first time this has happened to me someone seeking my words, any how it was weird because i really felt his families pain for a few minutes after he went home... i seem to find my senses to say the right things when someone needs help finding the light out of darkness... i'm better at helping others then myself,,, oh bother i'm rambling now---lol


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Why can't they forgive and forget and move on !!!