Who Should James Ma Pair Up With?


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Pat sure does a lot magazine with those hottie like Push and now JMA..Well, well, well
Eye is cute tooo...Krissie is pretty, she will look adorable beside JMA


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Oh myyyyyyyy....Don't ever think about that idea..It must be worst lakorn of the year if the really pair James & Richie together @@@@@@@


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Someone made this on youtube. And I was like why the hell not??? They look great even though it is edited... :thumbsup:


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janajelly1 said:
Wow they look good together! Actually Bella auditioned for the the role Piangkwan but got to pair up with JJ instead, they would make an interesting pair, I just love Bella! James looks good with any girl hehe thanks for sharing! 
Wow! They should really pair up in the near future. I just can't imagine now Bella as Kwan... Cause Pee and Kwan will forever be James and Mint for me (my biased  :heart:). You're most welcome by the way and credits to the maker. :clap2:
:slapandkissse3:  for Bella and James ma will be great I think! :spin: 


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Wow, I didn't know Bella auditioned for Kwan's part... I'm happy she didn't get it.. and in the end she got with James Ji in the end 555.
Oh dear, *crossesfingers*  I do not want to see a lakorn or JMA or Richie together... no no... please no :(
*coughcough*  Hmm, I would like Jma to pair up with Preem, Mew N, or Mew Laknara in the future... but I know that him working with Mew L will just be a dream..


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Haha I'm crying looking at those pictures. Been staring at them for a good 10 mins.
Taew and James looks good too


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dariey said:
If only esther still with ch3 i wish to see james with her.
i really like him with Ester too when i've watch KCR i find JMA matches her more than Mint


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A reunited of James Ma and Esther would be perfect! (Too late now because Esther is now with EXACT!)


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she didn't attract me much during SJ days but nowadays she just like glowing in my eyes.especially after kang mv.


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My list would be:
1. Mew Nittha
2. Patricia Good
3. Taew Nattaporn
4. Yam Matira
5. Yaya Urassaya
6. Preem Ranida
7. Toey Jarinporn (Their heights difference will look cute ( :)
8. Ester (if only she stayed longer with channel 3 or if she's a freelance)
9. Bella Ranee
10. Mint Chalida (please reunite^^)
11. Saimai Maneerat
12. Margie Rasri
13. Namtarn Pajikkanna
That's all I can think of.. There are more that I want but this is all I can think of. I would like to add the older generation actresses too, but I think they'll look like way older for him since he has such a baby face.
I wouldn't mind any actresses being with him, the only exception on my list would be Richie. Anyone can play with him, but just please don't let him pair up with Richie. I didn't even watch Koo Kum starring Nadech and her, although I like Nadech but seriously, I can't stand Richie. Richie is also Khun Ae's kid, they promoted her way too much. But when it comes to James Ma, he had to actually prove his own talents and qualities, which was unfair. But I think it was good for James that he get to show his own talents rather than having so much promotions like Richie.
I read on pantip, Richie is having a new lakorn with Bomb Tanin, then I read some fan wrote, "A robot/stiff actor meeting with a robot/stiff actress" hahah I cracked up. It was funny though haha 


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Sweet_JJ said:
Do you have a video? I would like to see their interaction. :)
Yeah I would like them to pair up, but when they're older a bit, like another 3 years would be nice and  slap/kiss would be even better lol (and when Yaya is more comfortable in mature roles). They seem great friends and tease each other, I don't get why people think James is quiet he's actually really playful from the videos I see of him. 
I guess it's because he appears to be quiet and shy with people whom he's new with or when he's working, but once you get to know him, he's pretty much playful, friendly, and has a childish side in him. Nadech and Yaya, and his other co-stars also said he may seem to be a quiet and mature person around new people but once you're close to him, he's actually really playful and friendly.