Who Should Kimberley Pair With Next???



a year passed and it is happening now :D

so kim paired with (aum,smart,mark,nadech,boy,ananda,james ma , james ji) the coming one are tik, mario

so the one left for to want kim to pair up with in maybe 2019 from old generation hpe maybe one day (ken t, andrew) middle generation (Great)
Oh don’t forget Ken P too! He’s cute! ;)


This can be either in dramas or movies.

Nine Naphat
Ken Phupoom
Peter Corp ( they have chemistry in ARO)
Sunny S.
Pop Thagoon
Punjan Prama
Louis Scott (comedy)


sarNie Tombstone
since pcknmcpw i always wanted pop to be upgrade to a praek cause i want him to pair up with kim he has no less than the other pare'k atm so i was very glad when i saw in youtube a FMV about a recent lakorn where he is a lead although it was an afternoon lakon slot but i hope one day my hope will come true for pop and kim and he can be upgrade higher to a prime pra'ek


wishing Pop to be upgraded to praek too but it looks like he's back to supporting role in Yaya-James Ma lakorn.


sarNie Tombstone
despite the fact that i'm hatttiiinnnnngggggggggg Got's character in KF right now soooo much and psycho character has always been the leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasst favorite want to watch for me i don't like over the top craziness but i have to say Got is a good actor and in this little the craziness on him wasn't too much so it gave me the desire to see kim act with him as a pair in a lakorn cause the eyes connection will be satisfying between them if they have a better story

just noticed that the majority of who i want kim to act with are still support or evening parek ch3 seriously need to considerate it's list


sarNie Tombstone
got , although i hated his character to the maxxxxx in kom faek but i think i would love to see this pair happen if possible

i miss her on screen soooooo much


sarNie Coma
My List

Mark(Always) #1
Kim and Mario,(Happening :)).
Ken P
Ken T
Toey Pongsakorn


Kim and DJ Push if that's ever possible

Aum Atichart (again) still watching there first one.


Kim and Weir Mick (if they can cross over actors from channels)
Adding to my list Got :)