Yardtip Rachapal [Yard]


The Realist guy here period
Thanks R-R. I was disappointed in this photoshoot. It was so weird and she had the same direction.


sarNie Hatchling
haha her rings spelled out her name coool!
she looks like a mannequin doll in this shoot
thx for sharing!


sarNie Adult
Um, I sooo do not dig the pale lipstick or clothes. None of the outfits flatter her body shape at all - especially the second photo. It makes her look all lumpy on top and chunky on bottom-- sorry. I know she's got way more potential than this shoot.


sarNie Granny
i wish she could add sum colors....onn her lips...it looks too pale...


Staff member
i dont know bout this shoot.. seems blah to me... >_<..

n def the lipstick.. shouldve used a dif color.. >_<


sarNie Egg
I was explaining this in the other topic of Pancake's photoshoot. They put the shades of the lips to that specific color for a reason. You see when the lips looks pales, or nude color, it's suppose to blend in with the skin tone so the viewers eyes dance and go striaght to her eyes. (you notice that?) in the Fashion/ Modeling industry, the eyes are the second best weapon(beside breast, skin, etc.) to sell a product. usually when they do that, it's to sell the acessory on her head, the color vibrant contrast to her clothes or simply the eye make- up. it's to lure the viewers into that ad. Although her poses are almost alike in every photoshoot, the techniques they use in this photoshoot is very edgy and smart. example, second to last photo. her make- up looks so even and pale and blend with each other that, the only thin you would see is her ring, headband and clothes. Goal! to sell the product! =]