Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)


rome is catching up to por. so far, he has 4 upcomings. but glad hes pairing with janie again

this will be about a love of young people in chinese family. they plan to film in hong kong ^_^

credit to wishbone

Cast and Characters:
“Rome” Patchada Nampan as Paul
Janie Tienposuwan as Katriya
“NamPueng” Nattharika Thammapreedanan as Suling
Andrew Cronin as Sopon
Pip Ravit Terdwong as Anthony Jang
Tah Warit as Peter
Ice Apissada as Anna (Paul’s crazy gf)
“Ning” Nirut Sirijanya as Tao Gae Lor (Katriya’s grandfather)
Patsachon Soopree as Becky (Paul’s younger sister)
Sara Leigh as Jeeranan (Katriya’s sister)
“Gik” Mayurin Pongphudphun as Mee Mee
Pornnapa Theptinnakorn as Jing Jing
“Deaw” Suriyont Arunwattanakul as Kang-Jin (Mee Mee’s long time lover)
Woravut Niyomsap as Chuwit (Jack)
Supranee Jayrinpon as Janthana
Puchong Yotapitak as Mao Jao (Jing Jing’s husband)
“Yong” Taragorn Sooksonlerd as Lu Hai (Suling’s criminal brother)
Worapol Junsongsaeng as Andy
Tik Kanyarat as Hui San (Special Guest)

Katriya Ekthamrongworakul (Janie) is the eldest daughter of Khun Chuwit (Woravut Niyomsap) and Khun Janthana (Supranee Jayrinpon). The Ekthamrongworakuls are in the business of gems, they are well-known and highly respected gem dealers.

hariya can be described as beautiful, strong-minded, and a person who does not know how to back down from a fight.T hariya has one younger sister named Jeeranan (Sara Leigh). Though they are like night and day in terms of appearance and personality, the bond between them is very strong. Sophon (Andrew Cronin) is Katriya’s fiance. Her sister Jeeranan secretly harbors feelings for him, but keeps it hidden out of respect for Katriya.

One day, Katriya’s father Chuwit asked her to visit her biological mother Hui San in Hong Kong, her mother is dying from cancer. At first she is taken back because she had always believed her stepmother was her biological mother. Learning that her real mother is dying, Katriya travels to Hong Kong with a Cloud designed Jade amulet given to her by her father, the same amulet her mother gave to him, as her only companion.

At the Hong Kong airport, she is greeted by her Aunt Mee Mee ( “Gik” Mayurin Pongphudphun) and is immediately taken to the hospital to visit her dying mother Hui San. At the hospital, mother and daughter hug and bid their farewells. Soon after, her mother Hui San dies and Katriya stays in Hong Kong more than expected to arrange for her funeral. While in Hong Kong, Katriya becomes more acquainted with her mother’s family.

Her grandfather is Tao Gae Lor (”Ning” Nirut Sirijanya), a well-established businessman in Hong Kong. Her Aunt Mee Mee has a lover named Kang Jin (Deaw Suriyont) to whom her grandfather disapproves. He forbids them to marry and they haven’t done so.

Jing Jing (Pornnapa Theptinnakorn) is Katriya’s other aunt. Jing Jing is a selfish and envious woman. She plans to swindle the family business from everyone. She is married to Mao Jao ( Puchong Yotapitak) and her stepson is Peter (Tah Warit). Peter is the same age as Katriya. Peter is someone who should not be trusted, he is ambitious and will do anything to get his way.

Khun Anthony Jang is another person Katriya meets in Hong Kong, the first time she sees him, she absolutely despises him because he is her mother’s former lover, the same man her mother left her father for. Khun Jang has a handicapped wife named Suling (Nampueng), who is also good friends with her mother.

Peter’s girlfriend is Becky ( Patsachon Soopree). She is pregnant with his child. When Peter meets Katriya, he dumps Becky. Heart-broken, Becky tells her older brother Paul Lee (Rome Patchada) that Peter has left her and will not responsibility for their unborn child.

To prevent Peter from getting close to Katriya, Paul uses himself as a barrier. He starts to spend a lot of time with Katriya, which makes his real life girlfriend Anna (Ice Apissada) extremely jealous.

After her mother’s funeral, Katriya had plans to leave Hong Kong; however, her Aunt Mee Mee prevents her from doing so. Her grandather Tao Gae Lor wants to make Katriya an heir to his business empire. Katriya could care less about the inheritance and gets into a fight with her grandfather about her ethnicity of being both Thai and Chinese. Her grandfather experienced a heart-attack while arguing with her and is rushed to the hospital. He needs surgery to ensure his survival; however, he will not agree to it until Katriya promises to take over the family business. To save her grandfather, she gives in.

Back in Bangkok, Sophon and Katriya’s sister Jeeranan are spending a lot of time together. One night, both Sophon and Jeeranan attend a party together. Sophon drinks too much. Jeeranan and him spend the night together. Jeeranan later becomes pregnant with his child and he, being a gentleman, accepts all responsibility for his actions. Katriya learns of her sister and fiance’s relationship from her father. She is shocked that the man she had been seeing for years has impregnated her beloved sister.

Devastated, Katriya tells Paul about her situation. He listens to her and Katriya begins to feel as ease around him. After spending more time with Paul, she is realizes that she loves him.

In terms of business, Katriya takes her grandfather’s company to a whole new level. The company booms. They also become rival companies with Khun Jang’s company. Katriya and Khun Jang aggressively compete for business deals. And things do get out of hand. Gems are being stolen and reputations are being ruined.

To find out what happens to Katriya and her relationship with Paul and whether she can survive Khun Jang’s harsh business tactics, you’ll have to watch “Yok Lai Mek (Cloud Jade)”
Watch: thinkjaden (Eng. Sub)


yeah. but janie hasn't starred w/ por yet. I want to see her w/ por. but since por has so many lakorns coming out. It's be a while. puaha


sarNie Coma
^^yes, the one tlakorn hang tawan something like that. it was polyplus production. she basically starr with all the free-agent out there. i cant think of any actor who she hasnt worked with besides por. she got rome/mart this year


sarNie Elites
Yay! I would really like to see Rome ad Janie together again. I LOVED Krung Thep Ratree, but I felt like they lacked chemistry. Also, I did not like Janie's wig. Haha =)


sarNie Oldmaid
yeah, good Rome + Janie hope this one is better than their last one. their last la korn wasn't that good. not much love thing going on


sarNie Oldmaid
Yay My Janie is acting with Rome!!
hehe. I can't wait I'm so happy!!


sarNie Adult
yeah. but janie hasn't starred w/ por yet. I want to see her w/ por. but since por has so many lakorns coming out. It's be a while. puaha
Hope it's not too long to wait. I love to see her with POR too. However, Rome and Janie are perfectly fine with me.


yeah. Rome will do just fine too. Man, I wonder how's the storyline. Janie hasn't had much slap/kiss kinda f lakorns except w/ Andrew. I wanna see something different. :wub:


Lakorn Obsesser
Eeks.lol. Now it's a competition between Por and Rome.lol. Well, I didn't tune in for their last one, but I might for this one... Broadcast again?


sarNie Adult
let's hope that this will be true and crossed our fingers that they will not change pra-nang. This is very cool Janie and Rome again.