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  • another cliffhanger...ahhhh...yeah I always get caught because of my laptop light and my constant typing or clicking lol. you need more rest than me heehee well talk to you later <3
    i see...well have fun. i got caught staying up, so now I have to go to bed. Gotta get some sleep...I haven't finished your posters, but I'll work on them :D But that's cool that you're at your cousin's house ^^ Don't stay up too late, you need your rest too. But I do like to read updates heehee..and you did leave me at a cliffhanger too. bye xoxoxo
    darn..caught again. I was planning to go to sleep, but then decided to stay up late because I don't have school today and plus my brothers always hog the computers during the day. But I see you're still up too...tsk tsk lol.
    lol darn, I was trying to be sneaky. Well what are you doing up so late/early??? You need more sleep than me. but thanks for be so concern about me. <3
    OMG I didn't know you were so young. I feel like an old fart now lol...
    Hey. Thanks for wishin' me a happy beday! makes me happy! ^-^ ROFL
    hahaha yeah we should!! it'll be as funn as how it used to be in PRRA thread. haha i think it was PRRA thread. LOL buttah anyways thanks again && have a FANTASTIC day!! o(^-^)o
    so what lakorns you watching right now? i'm planning on watching ubat ruk kam korb fah soon after i finish that pinky and new lakorn. lol i know it was completed a long time ago but i never had time
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