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  • Who's that picture in your personal photo... she's too cute to be you from the side...
    I'm gonna kill you whacked out high schooler...
    You made that Dixie Chick song up cause it doesn't exist.
    What a waste of my precious time!
    You are warned for requesting songs from me.
    War NOT peace
    I'm love'n ur Picture... i wish it was a close up :) how are u doing p'Dfemc?? well i'm alrighty, just a bunch of papers to do...sigh... well i dont know when i'll be on to dj, it feels kinda weird now being on early knowing that the usual listeners arent listening....but anyhoot who cares, i need to change some anyways..sigh tk k..love lekie :p
    okay, i'll change your stars back. i was the one who lowered it in the first place. haha...i started out with one star and someone gave my a five now i have a three.
    Hello Beautiful :) GoodMorning to you, how is u doing?? lol......take care and have a good rest of the day alrighty, BYE!!!
    LMFAO...dude i thought i was the only one who commented myself, u did it too...hahah anyways they called me a retard for doing that so yeah..... anyways how are u doing?? i miss chating with u, i heard ur voice on Saturday night.....haaha hott hott..... take care and hope to chat with u soon...bye love lek :)
    dude, i'm honored that i'm not the one that's being thrown off that plane...but hey if i had a parachute in a sack on my back, you can push me off, just not over the ocean, maybe aim for like...the middle of deserted beach...k? haha
    what?! u can coment, where did this all come from? this is eureka today...just TODAY!
    haha spain sounds great, when are you going? i swear you won't throw me out of the plane or anything right? HHAHA!
    I saw someone in the chatroom yesterday who I swore was you. Then I realized they don't have as sharp a tongue. Still, the similarities were astounding.
    hi hi where you hiding out these days dear... when you will be home in the states??? hope the trip or getaway is going well... ok me done spamming girl... take it easy and slow...lol...bye...:)
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