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  • lol...you notice every detail on a pix huh?? i just notice it right now...lol...so...your PIMP'IN huh?? wow....that's nice...as for life...it's the usual...work,school, parties...lol...this year is the party year for me...it's like been nonstop...lol...but it's ok...good to hear from you though...ttyl...=]
    OMG toa!! ahh you deserve another kick for that!! *UBER KICK* !!! ahh shave my head!!?? hMM..if I do you think I"ll show up in those ad's like Britney spears asking "Is Tao crazy?" LOL!!
    hey kev!
    haven't seen or talked to you in a while so just coming by here to see how things were going for you. hope everthing's ok :D
    ohhlala i see u viewing XCappy's page, is there something going on that i dont know of??? hmmmm?? anyways what's new dork??
    Okay..now let me recapture my thoughts. That was alot you wrote on my thingy. Okay, so you ARE on my friend's list if you actually LOOK. Just that your on the second page. :D And my bowl cut hair is cool. Don't hate. Btw..don't you have school or anything? Stalking everyone, i see.
    Dude stop spying on me, i'm a girl.......go spy on them hott boys for me...hhhahaa now that's more like it...so man what's up? me at library reading and is so tired...me es catch u laters k, buh bye!!! *waving peace signs*
    so? kevin the guys that thinks he's the coolest on sworld =x i got you there! =x lol kidding =p im still cooler than you are
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