❤️[Ch3] Duang Jai Nai Montra (Broadcast Thai Television) : Tono Pakin / Nychaa Nuttanicha


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I just binged Tono’s Monkey Twins on Netflix and I am in need of more Tono! I have seen Tono and Nychaa’s first lakorn and they were super cute so I am excited about this one! Is it just me or am I getting a Gong Yoo Goblin feel with how they are dressing Tono and that wavy hair of his!? Lol
Omg i binged watched it too. I freaking died during the "confession" kiss scene. So corny but so cute.

I'm living for their outfits and overall appearance in the fitting. I'm so used to seeing casual, rock star scruffy Tono that cleaned up fancy Tono got me feeling love struck hahaha


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Omg they look cool! Usually i hate long fake hair on guys but so far from this angle it looks hot on Tono! And omg Nychaa looks super pretty with really long hair :love: These pictures must he from their past life.


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Tono got the right look a lot ch3 young A-list actors lack. He has the right balance of youth and maturity. He has got that dark bad boy aura that matches perfectly with goodie2shoes prim and proper Nisha. Not too sure about the long hair on him tho
yeah he looks older but without looking like a pervert and he has that serious/meanie but soft type of look to him that fans love! im not into the mustache but im fine with the hair


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I am such a huge fan of these two together and separetly (more together lol). I think they have so much chemistry without being so disgustingly sweet. Like they show some sweetness but within boundaries and only through their eyes. Cant wait to see this.


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Most clothes here i see they have greek and indian, thai, goryeo(korean kingdom) inspiration. 174E2E25-FCD3-4F4C-AC3B-C8E6DFD959B0.jpeg
The fantastic duo is back, They are so much fun.I love these two ladies. 6447D70C-8D02-496B-B3B7-D6D80D1FEC99.jpeg CD305E82-DC93-4EA0-AE1C-3CDB3CC39A55.jpeg



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