❤️[CH3] Keu Ter (Thong Entertainment): Mario Maurer/Yaya Urassaya


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The wardrobes are gorgeous! I hope Ann have a nice size budget for this production. She got two of the hottest leads and I want her to spare no expense lol! For MHIL, she said her budget was smaller, but still got a very good lakorn.
Looking at the house, I believe this is Saikhim(Yaya) house and it look so huge and beautiful and before this Verasalon also work with P'Anne for TCP. Im so happy to see them working together again bcuz everyone will look good ❤ Screenshot_20200718-193530_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20200718-193530_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20200718-193526_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20200718-193521_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20200718-193536_Instagram.jpg 20200718_194041.jpg
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6E9E8EEF-D28C-45D7-890B-5D2019AF52A5.jpeg 0BD95923-718E-4694-B5D7-2E31F202F282.jpeg 9BDD2F65-11CC-40BF-818B-847581BF6736.jpeg D5EFCB2F-BB29-430D-ABA6-09BC1623E44B.jpeg 416B22CE-3600-4B92-A686-9AE114217D71.jpeg So far I’m really feeling the styling, Verasalon always does a good job. Also i was hesitant about the man bun on Mario, but I’m starting to like it!

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Wow they seem to have gotten a lot of filming done lately. I don't have high hopes for this production anymore though. I hope at least Mario and Yaya have chemistry, they seem to have some judging from the pics but it may be too soon to tell.


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One of my highly anticipated lakorns to watch. I have always like Yaya to be paired up with Mario Maurer, I hope they'll have great chemistry together. I miss watching her in lakorns and even though she had one last year, I cannot bring myself to watch it because I did not feel the chemistry between her and James Ma. I want her to have another international successful series like Kluen Cheewit.
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