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I didn't plan on commenting anything related to Taew's personal business because I normally don't do that if it's not related to my faves. I just read gossips sometimes and go on with other things but I have to say what you said is accurate. Normal people who date rich ones are judged a lot by the society already, let alone she's a celebrity. The thing that upsets people the most is she supposedly "moved on too fast" or "goes after money instead of love". According to one of Taew's interviews before her break up, she admitted she and Ton needed to adjust their relationship bc it felt like they're more of friends than lovers at that point.
I think if we're in a long committed relationship, it's harder to walk away bc of many things we may lose. The other person isn't just our lover anymore but slowly becomes our family. We might be in love at first then grow apart after a long time together but still reluctant to end it bc we're so secure being in that relationship.
I think in relationships you go through phases. From being in-love to lovers to finally being life buddies/friends. Taew and Ton have gone through all of those phases at a very young age. 14-15 years is quite a long time. But also all romantic relationships will come to a point where you lose that spark you initially had and it either turns into a life partnership as best friends or departure. So if she expects to experience that spark with someone else and have it last, she's in for rude awakening years down the road. It's better if your lover turns into your best friend or at the very least a life companion. Your partnership together in life will last a longer once you realize that. At the same time, I can understand Taew trying to reclaim that excitement and spark again considering she's relatively young and her first real relationship lasted so long. She might feel like she didn't really experience a lot in life being with one constant person, their interest could have drifted or their values in life, individually and together, could also have shifted. So many things can be a factor in the relationship ending. You either grow together or grow apart. That's why constant communication and understanding of each other's perspective is key to longevity. This goes towards all types of relationships, not just the romantic kind.


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Honestly, I don’t think Taew and Ton broke up in 2019. They had that trip in Japan with James Ji them. If I recall correctly, they did celebrate Valentine’s Day together too but they barely shared anything about it. I think their relationship was already on the rocks since that Japan trip, or even way before. Even me, a fan and viewer, felt things were not the same for the two anymore. She shared more photos with James Ji than with Ton. I honestly think she (or both of them) fell out of love for each other. Taew seems to be enjoying the time of her life right now. Eating out at elegant restaurants and all decked out too. Dang, something she wouldn’t have got from her previous relationship, tbh. Pretty sad for both sides but I’m glad the two are still good friends tho. Hopefully.


I haven't had a long term relationship but I get quite sad when one ends especially 14 years man I mean u basically went through every single thing together, you won't get that again, ever. You know somebody who like Ton was with Taew from the start is a life companion, behind all the glamour and flash there is a life to be lived and things to be shared besides money, from observing long term marriages u can't possible be IN love with someone the whole 25 years, you just love them and their presence in your life. Ton does seem like a nice guy so props to whoever gets his heart in the future.

The whole in love and love discussion is so weird to me if u want to be IN love with someone passionately the whole time ur gonna have to change relationships every few years.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
The whole in love and love discussion is so weird to me if u want to be IN love with someone passionately the whole time ur gonna have to change relationships every few years.
lol it doesn’t make sense, I agree, but happens. Don’t know how but it does. But it’s all a choice too for sure.

Since Taew and Ton aren’t married, let alone engaged, the vibe is totally different. Kind of like how you know newlyweds would say, that it feels different now that they’re married instead of only dating. What Taew said about them being more like friends than bf/gf, definitely is possible too. It happens. I think the relationship was stuck at the same place for a long time. Considering Taew’s schedule and fame, the spark may have “died” and their relationship became rather “mundane” instead of “exciting”. Idk. It’s rather sad that they broke up because, true, Ton is a nice guy and he deserves well too. I’m glad he has James Ji now too. lol


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Had tried watching padiwarada and didn't like James Ji at all. His acting was amateurish. Bella was better than him. Don't know how his acting is now. But I seriously wanted Tor to win the award. I have heard lot of praises of him. I am yet to watch his drama hua hai sila. I have been recommended that so many times.


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What I find strange, this is my personal opinion again, is how most of those daras must probably be feminists but still they run after Hi-So cause they need the "high quality" life...
Baifern won the best actress, JJ best actor, Pear collecting best supporting actress everywhere (CH3 seriously need to upgrade her)

Krong Karm bags a lot of awards
James Ji best actor ? What for ?


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Interesting that CH7 terminate someone on reason of drunk driving. Isn’t one their top praek is like the poster boy of drunkenness.