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sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 6 - "Kaneung"

Kaneung went on with her morning as if seeing Sakorn didn’t bother her. She thought she’d be prepared to see him again, but she was wrong. All those years away from him hasn’t changed. She still feels weak and ashamed at what happened that night. She felt like she should’ve fought harder to push him off, to not let him have his way with her because he was an arrogant and selfish asshole. Kaneung tried to hide these emotions, but Kaphon could tell she wasn’t comfortable. He helped her along in pretending that everything is spiffy. Jade couldn’t even tell that Kaneung had any issues with Sakorn.

After Jade excused himself from the table to head to work first, Kaneung quickly slouched down on the dining room chair. Kaphon reached for her hand and held it, giving her assurance that he is on her side and telling her that she’ll overcome this without having to say a word. After a few minutes of resting, Kaneung excused herself to finish preparing breakfast for her mom at the hospital. Thima can't eat the food, but the smell of the food can get her to stir. Thima was getting a lot better. Especially, since Kaneung promised that she’d bring Lynn to visit. Thima was still unconscious for a few hours after Kaneung arrived, but she stirred and her pulse slowed down as soon as Kaneung made those promises.

In the car

Sakorn stopped his car a few blocks away from the house. His heart still racing. It is strange seeing Kaneung again. His heart raced more than when he found out Sakol was back. He thought, “Both of them reappear at the same time?” A lot has happened in a matter of days. Somehow, Kaneung’s return jabbed at his heart more. After a few minutes, Sakorn looked out the window and noticed Jade had passed him. He turned on the ignition and headed to work, trying to get all of this out of his head. “I don’t have time to think of nonsense!” thought Sakorn.

At the school

“NongLynn, this is the cafeteria. The food is actually pretty good. What do you think?” asked Kaphon.

“Khun Por, it is very pretty. I want to eat everything they have here! It smells a-maz-ing!” shouted Lynn, excitedly. Kaphon chuckled and reminded her that they will go visit her grandmother after work. He told her it wouldn’t be wise to go visit on an overstuffed stomach. Lynn sighed and grabbed Kaphon’s hand and dragged him to the front of the line. “I can still get something light, right Khun Por?” asked Lynn. Kaphon chuckled some more.

“So, who is this?” asked Thida with her arms folded. Today, she wore a light grey cardigan over a yellow floral print tank with bright blue skinny jeans and red heals. She thought to herself, “No way is this inappropriate!” Kaphon turned towards Thida and looked at her vibrant clothes. He thought, “Jeez, this girl really likes to stand out!” Lynn peeked out from behind Kaphon and points to Thida. “I like your pants! ja Na (auntie).” Thida loved the compliment. She smiled and stopped crossing her arms. She stooped down to Lynn’s height and smiled at Lynn. “Who might you be?” she asked sweetly.

Kaphon interrupted, “She’s NongLynn, my daughter.” Thida’s smile faded and she stood back up. She placed both hands in her jean pockets and fidgeted. “Your daughter?” asked Thida for reassurance on what she just heard. Kaphon nodded.

Lynn then interrupted, “Na, you look really pink all of a sudden. Are you alright?”

Thida excused herself. Her heart jumped hearing that he has a kid. Sakorn never told her that his brother was married. She ran to her office and sat down in the small cubicle she shared with another staff member. Thida grabbed a book from the shelf and opened it up to scan it and try to keep her mind off of the news she received. But, it didn’t work. She leaned back in her chair and sighed, “P’Sakorn really doesn’t tell me much. All those nights that he confided in me were just me over thinking things. He really can’t be in love with me after all. He can’t tell me everything about him.”

Then at that moment, Thida’s coworker arrives at the office, stands in front of her chair, and asks, “What’s wrong Thida? I’ve been in here for 2 minutes banging on my desk and moving about to get your attention, but you didn’t even see or hear me!” said Cammy. Thida responded, “Nothing, just something I was in deep thought about. I guess the plans for how to get my students to pass their first exam.”

Arts Building @ the University

Sakorn had been able to get Kaneung off his mind when he arrived at the school and piles of papers laid on his desk. Once he finished reviewing all of them, he decided to go downstairs and take a stroll to observe the campus. Sakorn walked to the arts building. Sakol came to his mind suddenly and her face and Moo Lek’s face kept bugging him. He subconsciously walked inside. Something leading him to the building. First, he checked the stage area where the drama class was about to leave. No sign of Sakol. He sighed in relief. But then, he remembered that her class usually practiced on the top floor, in the balcony room. He wasn’t sure if he should go that way or not, but his feet started leading him towards the stairs. As he passed each classroom, he knew the classes would head out and he would be stuck in a crowd of students. It was too late to avoid it, the classes let out and the students ran out of their rooms. Most of them bumped into him and one student greeted him. Then a few more. He chatted with some of them and told them they better head to their next class or they’ll be late. “A student should never be late to class,” he told them.

After the halls cleared up, he went to sit on a window seat that looked out into the art courtyard. Statues created by students scattered throughout. Multiple paintings hung on the art building. Then, he heard a sound. A song played on a piano. The song started off soft, then the powerful sounds escaped. It was excellent playing. He used to play the piano when he was a kid until his mother passed away. His grandfather was a composer and his mother had been adamant about him playing. He couldn’t go on any further when playing it reminded him of his mother. No one played like this here at the university.

He inched closer to the door that the song escaped from. He peeked in and observed the side of the stage. A little girl in a cute yellow dress and pigtails. The song Moon, one that his mother loved. He played this song for his parents on their anniversary and they would dance to it. He started to feel tears stream down his eyes. “Stop it you idiot. You’re a man. No crying!” he told himself. The song ended and a single clap. The little girl got up and smiled at her one audience. She bowed and turned. It was NongLynn. She caught a glimpse of Sakorn and he was startled by it. He quickly turned and walked off. The quickest route was up the stairs. “Khun Lung!” Lynn shouted.

Sakorn walked at such a fast pace that he didn’t notice Sakol walking right in front of him. They crashed into each other and she fell to the ground. Sakorn reached down to help her out, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking…”

He noticed it was her and helped her up. His body tingled at the touch. Sakol smiled, “It’s okay. I was on my way to meet you. I wanted to know if you had your lunch yet.”

He nodded but decided he would go accompany her. She looked astounding today. Her body just perfect. They went to sit in her office and chatted, forgetting the years they spent apart. As if, the spark is still there. Sakorn forgot about their encounter the first night he saw her and how it made him mad that she left him. She made it seem like meeting like this is no big deal. They agreed to go out to dinner that night.

At the hospital

NongLynn entered the hospital room. All the tubes would scare any other child, but her mom had prepped her for what she’d be seeing. She walked up to her mom and they held hands as they inched towards Thima. “Mae ja, this is NongLynn. She’s here to see you,” said Kaneung.

“Sawatdee ja, Khun Yai,” said Lynn. She smiled and pulled her hands away from her mom and set them on top of Thima’s hand. Thima twitched. NongLynn began to talk to her grandmother as if she were conscious and awake. Kaneung walked to Kaphon who had sat down on the couch. She sat down and smiled at the site of grandmother and granddaughter meeting.

When they arrived in Bangkok last night, Pin was eating dinner. She immediately ran to Kaneung and hugged her and welcomed her home. NongLynn witnessed this and finally asked, “Is this Khun Ya?” Pin was shocked to see a little girl with Kaneung, but remembered that Kaneung had a daughter. “Khun Ya?” asked Pin. Kaphon grabbed his mother’s hand and pulled her to the dining room chair. He proceeded to tell her that he has been taking care of NongLynn as his own child. NongLynn really considers Kaphon her dad. Pin understood and nodded her head. She reached out and called NongLynn to her. NongLynn smiled widely and ran to her grandmother. Her hug sent sensations to Pin that she wished NongLynn really did belong to Kaphon. Later in the evening, Pin took NongLynn to meet Jade. They hit it off right away and fell in love with this adorable child. No one asked Kaneung who NongLynn’s real father is. Everyone seemed to understand that she didn’t want to talk about it.

NongLynn gave her grandmother a peck on the cheek and kissed her mom goodbye. Kaphon held NongLynn’s hand out the door and they headed home.

At dinner

“P’Sakorn, I know I left you and never contacted you. Espeically about our son,” stated Sakol. I just couldn’t face going back to you after leaving. I was nervous and scared that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you he is yours after I left so abruptly. I just didn’t know if I could face you again after leaving you like that. I knew you’d be mad at me and I couldn’t handle that.”

“It’s okay Sakol. I just wished you didn’t act so rashly at the time. I believe you 100%. Everything that kid did is just like him. He never takes responsibility for anyting. He always gets what he wants. He got to go study abroad after what he did to you. What an easy punishment!” shouted Sakorn, before he noticed how harsh he sounded at the restaurant. He cleared his throat, “Sorry. I shouldn’t bring him up so suddenly.”

Sakol smiled, “I see that nothing has gotten better between the two of you?”

Sakorn shook his head and asked her to change the subject. Sakol agreed. “Do you think we can start over?” asked Sakol. Sakorn looked at her and smiled, “Why start over when we really haven’t ended?”

At Sakol’s house

Sakol invited Sakorn into her house for a drink. He sat taking sips of champagne at the kitchen island, when Sakol reappeared with a cute flowy night gown that had buttons that ran down the front. She had two buttons undone and he could see the curves of her breast peeking through. The temperature in the room began to rise even more and he could feel sweat trickle down the back of his neck. His hands became clammy. Sakol walked over and grabbed a towel off the counter. She stood right in front of him and patted his forehead for him without saying a word. Sakorn’s mind scrimmaged with thoughts of all the things he could do with Sakol. He remembered how she felt beneath him and even on top of him. Their sex life was wild and adventurous. Sakol showed him so many things that he could never forget. He wanted to do those things with her once again. Sakol put the towel down and pressed herself against Sakol. She began to unbutton his collar, the heat rising even more in Sakorn. She knows how much he wants her and she felt in control of him. Sakol placed her lips on Sakorn’s chest and kissed them tenderly. It sent shivers to his spine. He wanted her to take control. She did just that. She led him to her bedroom and closed the door behind them. She pushed Sakorn to her bed and made him sit down. Sakol slowly stripped out of her nightgown. She then walked over to Sakorn and wrapped her legs around him. She kissed him and she removed his shirt. She reached behind Sakorn’s undershirt and played with his lower back. Sakol felt the bulge in Sakorn and knew he wanted to be inside her. She decided to tease him and make him wait a while.

Kaneung returned home after Pin encouraged her to take a break. She felt nervous about returning, but she had to or else NongLynn would be by herself. NongLynn greeted her mother at the door and kissed her father goodnight before heading to bed with Kaneung. Kaneung was relieved that Sakorn wasn’t around. She dreaded seeing him in the morning. Before falling asleep, NongLynn asked Kaneung, “How come I haven’t seen Khun Lung since last night?” Kaneung’s heart stopped for a moment. “You saw Khun Lung? When?”she asked NongLynn, but Lynn had fallen fast asleep.

Kaneung got up out of bed and walked around the pool area. “Can I really hurt him?” asked Kaneung to herself. “Won’t NongLynn be mad if she finds out Kaphon really isn’t her dad?”

Kaneung remembered one summer when she didn’t get to go to the beach and Sakorn fell ill. She stayed home with her mom to take care of Sakorn while everyone else in the family went to the beach for a week of vacation. Every morning for a whole week, Kaneung had to bring tea or coffee up to Sakorn’s room for him since he refused to come downstairs. She thought he was a stubborn baby, but every time she went in, she felt something different about him. He was a nice guy. He always said means things about Kaphon, but he didn’t mention Kaphon once that whole week. Instead, he sat quietly the first day, until he asked for more porridge for the evening. The next morning, she had to wake him up to remind him to take his medicine. He grumbled but got up, only to reveal wearing only a boxer. Kaneung felt embarrassed seeing that and immediately covered her eyes. Sakorn chuckled and asked, “Seriously? Why are you embarrassed? Don’t you see other guys in their boxers all the time? Especially the ones in barn nok? They go swimming in the river all the time don’t they? And they don’t even wear a thing.” He walked over to her and pulled her hands away from her face. He smiled at her and made her heart skip a beat. He always made her nervous before, but it felt different. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to do anything to you anyways. You’re not my type,” stated Sakorn and walked to shower.

The very next day, Sakorn was dressed properly, but she had to spray him with water before he got up. He was pissed that morning and suddenly grabbed her wrist, the one with the spray bottle. He glared at her and she felt too shock about his grasp that she stumbled on top of him in bed. He caught her and held her there. Finally, she wriggled and he released his grip. He smirked and Kaneung excused herself. For the rest of the week, she brought his stuff up early in the morning and left without waking him up. It was awkward and she avoided him at all costs. The rest of the family came home and Kaneung greeted them all. Kaphon grabbed her hand and pulled her to the living room to show her all the things he brought back for her and Thima. She felt like someone was watching her, but avoided it. Sakorn began to act the same, being rude to Kaphon and Pin as usual. “Everything was just in my head,” thought Kaneung. “If only he wasn’t so stubborn, he’d get along with Kaphon again.”

Kaneung put her feet in the pool and let the cool waters make her shiver. “Here,” Kaphon said as he placed a cloak over her shoulders and sat down beside her. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Kaneung looked down at her feet and responded, “Nothing.” Kaphon nudged her shoulder with his and said, “You’re lying to me. If it’s about you know who, we won’t let him get to you. Okay? Trust me. We will make him pay for what he did to you. You will get to go to that school and teach there because I’ll get you a job. He will have to rot in hell.” Kaneung laughed off Kaphon’s overexcitement. “Kaphon, will NongLynn be mad at me?” Kaphon wrapped an arm around Kaneung and sighed, “No, she won’t. Because I’ll be here to help you through it.”

The next morning

Sakorn woke up feeling satisfied. After a lot of foreplay, he finally was able to get that satisfaction he craved for all night long. Sakol gave him pleasure the way he wanted it. He wrapped his arms around Sakol, but she pushed his arm off. “What’s wrong?” asked Sakorn. Sakol sat up and looked pissed. “You kept saying someone else’s name on our third round last night,” pouted Sakol. She spoke softer, “The same name you mentioned when we were together before. But that was only in your dreams. But you said this while you were conscious.”

Sakorn looked confused. “What name?” Sakol turned to look at him and said, “Kaneung.”


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Ooooh! Sakorn you is in big trouble. lol Sakol...SMH. :arrg:
I love Kaphon. He's such a gentlemen. <3
I can't wait until Kaneung and Sakorn finally get to talk and have their 'moments' together. Sad that Kaneung is back for revenge. Sakorn better realize it quick before he loses her again. ahaha
Anyways, i can't wait to read the next chapter! Waiting patiently.... :lolyup:
Thanks for the update and update soon!


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 7 - Your Eyes

Kaneung avoided seeing Sakorn around the house for a few days. Two to be exact. She got really early to make breakfast and even prepped coffee so the maids just had to reheat and deliver. She then went back to her room and waited until NongLynn woke up and she would bring Lynn with her to the hospital to stop her from seeing Sakorn. Kaphon had wondered why she wouldn&rsquo;t let Lynn go to work with him anymore, but her excuse was that she didn&rsquo;t want Lynn to have to bother Kaphon at work since he just started.

On the third evening, the phone rang. &ldquo;Hello, may I please speak with Kaneung Sipalat,&rdquo; said the caller. Kaneung responded, &ldquo;It is I.&rdquo; The caller said, &ldquo;My name is Khemanith Worranuch, I am the RN from Bangkok Hospital. I am calling because your mother has awoken from her coma.&rdquo; Kaneung grew excited and kept asking the nurse if she is really hearing what she is hearing. The nurse confirmed that this is true. Kaneung asked if she could go back to the hospital tonight. The nurse said it was okay, but only one visitor.

Kaneung ran to the bathroom to tell NongLynn the news. Lynn stood up from her bath and cheered and shouted at the top of her lungs. Kaneung told her that she is heading over to the hospital and Lynn will have to stay with Kaphon because she plans to be there for a while. Lynn wanted to go with her mom to see her grandmother, but Kaneung told her only one visitor was allowed in the evening. Lynn gave her mom a hug and Kaneung told her Kaphon will come down and get her after she is dressed.

Kaneung quickly grabbed all of her necessities and ran out of her room. She tried to call Kaphon on the cell phone so she wouldn&rsquo;t have to go to the main house, but he didn&rsquo;t answer. So, she had to run into the main house. She asked one of the maids if they had seen him, but they said he had mentioned showering. But that was at least an hour ago. Kaneung decided to go up the stairs, the one she hasn&rsquo;t gone up in ages. When she reached the top, all the memories came back to her. To the left would be the direction of Sakorn and Kaphon&rsquo;s room. She&rsquo;d have to pass by Sakorn&rsquo;s room before reaching Kaphon&rsquo;s. She began to question herself and ask why she even decided to come up these stairs. She could&rsquo;ve had the maid come up. But the maid had other things to do and needed to rest. Kaneung&rsquo;s heart began to thump louder and she slowly and quietly walked towards Kaphon&rsquo;s room. She was about to pass Sakorn&rsquo;s room, when the door swung open.

Sakorn stood at the door with his hand still on the door knob. Before his eyes stood Kaneung, frozen stiff, staring at the bare chested Sakorn. Sakorn was at a lost for words. She was so beautiful. His heart pounded so loud it was about to burst. He didn&rsquo;t know if he should shut the door and avoid her. He was lost at that moment. &ldquo;Maybe she&rsquo;s not really standing there,&rdquo; he thought. Kaneung was embarrassed seeing Sakorn almost naked. After the initial shock, her reflexes took over and she immediately covered her eyes and turned her head and let out a little squel. Sakorn&rsquo;s jaw dropped. That was that same cute expression she did a few years back when he woke up in just his boxers.

Sakorn didn&rsquo;t know what came over him but he stepped forward and closed the door behind him. He walked towards Kaneung and grabbed her arms. This scared Kaneung. Sakorn realized she really was standing there. He wanted to be gentle with her, but his stupid brain didn&rsquo;t let him. He pulled her arms away from her eyes. Kaneung&rsquo;s face showed immense shock.

Their eyes met. In Sakorn&rsquo;s mind it was the eyes of the person that he wanted to like, the person he wanted to be close to, but can&rsquo;t. It&rsquo;s the eyes of the person that he vowed to hate on because she was Kaphon&rsquo;s. The eyes he seek to look into, but his ignorance denied him of that right. As for Kaneung, those are the eyes of the man she once had sympathy for, the one her heart was confused over, but they are also the eyes of the man that took away her dignity as a woman. Those eyes are the eyes of the man filled with rage and hatred that one awful night. And now they are met with hers.
Sakorn didn&rsquo;t know why he grabbed her. He could easily have just shut the door behind him and ignore her. But he felt compelled to touch her. Her skin is so soft. &ldquo;So, you&rsquo;re back?&rdquo; he asks. &ldquo;You know, you didn&rsquo;t have to come back.&rdquo; His voice sounded snobby, but he was saying this to deny his heart. He felt relieved to see her again, but his brain told him to deny, deny, deny. &ldquo;But, I guess you have to. Because you&rsquo;re Kaphon&rsquo;s girlfriend after all. All those years of denying you two were together. Now, you two come back with a kid,&rdquo; he continued.

Kaneung was a lost for words. She couldn&rsquo;t talk. She wanted to punch Sakorn in the face for what he just said. She wanted so bad to tell him that he is a jerk. But, her tongue was tied. Sakorn continued, &ldquo;I can&rsquo;t believe that fool still went with you after&hellip;&rdquo; Kaneung jerked her arms back, almost losing her balance and falling onto the rail behind her. That was too much. Sakorn knew he went too far, but he couldn&rsquo;t stop himself. He doesn&rsquo;t want to say hurtful things to her, but that is the most comfortable thing he could come up with. Kaneung wanted to shout at him, but then she&rsquo;d draw attention. She didn&rsquo;t say a word and continued to walk off. But Sakorn grabbed her arm again and pulled her back.

She fell into his grasp and looked up into his eyes once more. Both their hearts beating so loudly that it was all they both could hear. They didn&rsquo;t know that it was the sound of both of their hearts combined. They each thought it was their own and hoping the other doesn&rsquo;t hear. Sakorn blurted out one more hurtful thing, &ldquo;That kid of yours, too bad she&rsquo;s Kaphon&rsquo;s.&rdquo;

Kaneung couldn&rsquo;t take it anymore. The sanity left her and yanked and pushed Sakorn to the ground with all her strength. But his grasp made her fall with him. Their fall created a loud thud and she knew he was in pain from behind and on top. She felt the vibrations from the fall and felt a little pain herself. Luckily his soft body was a cushion to her fall. &ldquo;Serves him right,&rdquo; she thought. Before getting up and brushing herself off. She quickly fixed her hair walked towards Kaphon&rsquo;s room. At that moment, Kaphon opened his bedroom door and peered out to see Kaneung walking towards him and Sakorn on the ground. Kaphon couldn&rsquo;t help himself. He stepped out and grabbed onto Kaneung&rsquo;s arm and looked her straight in the eye. &ldquo;Are you all right?&rdquo; he asked. Kaneung nodded a yes and he told her to go to his room and wait for him.

Sakorn shouted, &ldquo;Jeez, leave a guy on the ground don&rsquo;t you?&rdquo; Kaphon shouted back, &ldquo;You asshole!&rdquo; By the time Kaphon reached Sakorn, he had sat up from the ground. Kaphon bent down on one knee with his fist in the air, ready to take a swing when the door to Sakorn&rsquo;s room opened up. A sleepy eyed Sakol peered out in an overdressed shirt. &ldquo;P&rsquo;Sakorn&hellip;&rdquo; she asked softly. Her eyes widened at the sight of Kaphon with his arm frozen in air. She quickly ran out of the room to Sakorn&rsquo;s side and nudged Kaphon out of the way.

Kaneung peered out of Kaphon&rsquo;s room and saw with her own eyes, Sakorn with another woman. Her heart sank. She didn&rsquo;t want to feel this way, but she did. Kaphon walked back to his room and Sakol helped Sakorn up and to his bedroom.

The next day

NongLynn was excited when Kaphon told her she could go back to the school. She didn&rsquo;t want to stay with the maids or her grandparents at home. She wanted to go back and explore. Kaneung spent the night at the hospital and will be back in a few hours. He called her and told her that she needed to come home and rest some. Pin would go chat with her best friend and keep her company. Kaneung agreed to come home and rest. Kaphon told her that Lynn will be going to the school with him. At first she remembered Sakorn&rsquo;s words. He might do something to her. But, then she knew Kaphon will take care of her. She agreed for Lynn to go with Kaphon to work.


&ldquo;Hi, little girl!&rdquo; shouted Thida from the elevator. &ldquo;Hi, khun Na!&rdquo; shouted Lynn. &ldquo;You look so pretty today! I love your yellow beret! And oh my, your violet vintage dress is just too cute,&rdquo; she continued. Tida blushed at how adorable this little one is. &ldquo;Awe, you are just too precious,&rdquo; Tida responded.

Thida then remembered Kaphon standing there. She knew he was standing there, but she chose to ignore him. However, she had to say something to him or else her day would just not be the same. &ldquo;So, why did you bring your kid here?&rdquo; she asked. Kaphon responded, &ldquo;Her mom is at the hospital visiting her mother.&rdquo; &ldquo;Oh,&rdquo; said Tida, &ldquo;I heard about that.&rdquo; &ldquo;From who?&rdquo; asked Kaphon. Tida ignored the question and asked if anyone will be showing his daughter around when the administrators have their morning meeting. Kaphon completely forgot about that. He slapped himself on the forehead. Thida could tell he forgot and offered to watch NongLynn since she didn&rsquo;t have a class until later in the day.

Kaphon sincerely thanked Thida, without making any smart aleck comments. It felt weird to hear him not say anything back to her. She also told him it was no problem without making any rude comments. Lynn smiled and held onto Thida&rsquo;s hands. They decide to walk out of the administrative building onto the sunny campus. Thida smiled at Lynn and asks, &ldquo;What&rsquo;s your name? I don&rsquo;t think I caught it last time we met.&rdquo; Lynn laughed and said, &ldquo;It&rsquo;s Nonglynn, ja Na.&rdquo; Thida couldn&rsquo;t help but laugh at herself.

Thida sat and ate lunch with Lynn and Kaphon. Kaphon had to treat her for taking care of Lynn for half the day. They chatted like normal, a few remarks here and there, but Thida began to see that Kaphon isn&rsquo;t as bad as his brother claims him to be. But, she still didn&rsquo;t want to let her guard down. Then, Sakorn walked in with Sakol on his arm. Sakorn told Sakol to go find a seat as he spotted Kaphon and Thida together with Lynn.

&ldquo;I didn&rsquo;t know you two became friends,&rdquo; Sakorn said coldly. Both didn&rsquo;t know how to respond. Lynn spoke up, &ldquo;Hello Khun Lung. I haven&rsquo;t seen you in forever! Sorry I cried the other day and we didn&rsquo;t get to know each other better. Then I think I spotted you the last time I came but you didn&rsquo;t hear me,&rdquo; Lynn kept rambling on. Sakorn&rsquo;s let go of the tenseness he had after hearing this innocent child&rsquo;s voice. He knelt down to Lynn&rsquo;s eye level. He wanted to say something mean, but those eyes that peered back at him reminded him of someone. It looked too familiar. It wasn&rsquo;t Kaneung&rsquo;s eyes, it wasn&rsquo;t Kaphon&rsquo;s. It was someone else. &ldquo;We have time to get to know each other,&rdquo; he said to Lynn, &ldquo;Where is your mother? She doesn&rsquo;t like to come on these little work trips with your father and you does she?&rdquo; Kaphon gave Sakorn the evil eye, but Sakorn ignored it. &ldquo;Do you want to hang out with me for the rest of the day?&rdquo; he asked Lynn. Lynn&rsquo;s eyes lit up. &ldquo;With the headmaster?&rdquo; she asked. Sakorn didn&rsquo;t know why he even invited this little girl to hang out with him for the day. He wanted to hate her because she belonged to Kaphon, but a part of her belonged to Kaneung. A part that he was sorry to, but didn&rsquo;t have the balls to apologize to because of his ignorance.

Kaphon grabbed Lynn&rsquo;s hand from across the table and told her it&rsquo;s best that she doesn&rsquo;t and that she should stay with him. But, suddenly his secretary approached him and told him he has an important meeting at one. He didn&rsquo;t want the two father and daughter to get to know each other. This will ruin everything. Plus, Kaneung will be so angry with him. But, Lynn looked at Kaphon with sad puppy eyes and he couldn&rsquo;t refuse. He couldn&rsquo;t deny her of what she wanted. &ldquo;Gosh, I spoil you so much!&rdquo; he said to her. She chuckled and told him, &ldquo;Because I&rsquo;m your angel khun por. And an angel is good at being an angel.&rdquo;

Kaphon turned to Sakorn. &ldquo;I know you&hellip;&rdquo; he leaned towards Sakorn, &ldquo;hate me. But don&rsquo;t take this out on a kid like you did to her mother.&rdquo; Sakorn guilty conscious came rolling back to him, but he was able to put it aside and shrug it off. &ldquo;Are you done eating?&rdquo; he asked Lynn.

Thida excused herself from the table and headed to class. Kaphon got up and grabbed another pizza pocket before heading to his office. He waved at Lynn sitting with Sakorn and Sakol. He hoped he made the right decision.

PS - unedited. Don't know if I'll go back to change anything in this chapter.....enjoy likewise.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Gahh! Father and daughter hanging out together the whole day. I wonder whats gonna happen. Sakol better not do anything to Lynn!
Anyways, Gosh. Sakorn is such a jerk. He needs to get over with that ego of his. lol Poor Kaneung. ):
Definitely can't wait 'til Sakorn finds out that Lynn is his baby girl. ahahha
Thanks for the update. Definitely enjoyed it!
Hope to read the next chapter soon! :D
Update whenever you can!


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Chapter 8 - Confusion

Sakol felt like her plan was all ruined because Sakorn had to invite this little girl along. She wanted to slack off of work and try to get Sakorn to fall in love with her again. He showed interest in her, but there was something different about him compared to when they first met a couple years ago. He seems to have something on his mind that he isn’t sharing with her. Of course, she can’t expect everything to go back to normal right away. She has to work at it. She hoped this wasn’t just a ‘friends with benefit’ kind of thing. She wanted more than that with him. She needed them to be more than just sex.

The little girl talked so much. More than Moo Lek. Bearing him for 9 months was torture. Her boyfriend at the time was horrible. He drank so much and gambled. She had to eat meagerly. Sometimes she wished she lost Moo Lek. Luckily, she found her escape and a nice guy helped her out and gave her a temporary job. She was able to come back to Bangkok and teach dance again. It was thanks to the man’s connection to Sakorn’s dad that got her this job. Otherwise, she’d never know how to get back together with Sakorn again.

Sakol didn’t have a good feeling about this uncle and niece relationship. Sakol has to bring Moo Lek into Sakorn’s life as soon as possible. It’ll make him want to take her back as more than just a fling. He’ll bind them together. Sakorn seems to really like this girl. He’d be a good dad to Moo Lek, she knows it.

Sakol placed her hand on Sakorn’s arm to let him know she had to go to her next class. She put on the sweetest smile she could come up with at Lynn. Sakol gave Sakorn a quick peck on the cheek hoping it will make him long for her while she is away from him. Lynn kindly waved goodbye to Sakol with a big smile. This made Sakol nervous. Something about the little girl is not making her feel too good.

“Now, Khun Lung, let’s go to the piano room! I’ve been waiting to go there all day! I told Khun Por I wanted to go there, but he was too busy to take me. And I know you were watching me in the theater the other day. Why did you run away anyways?” asked Lynn.

Sakorn responded, “I haven’t heard that song in a while. I guess…I was speechless.”

NongLynn grabbed Sakorn’s hand as she got up from her seat and dragged him along towards the art building and into the piano room. She jumped up and down at all the pianos and keyboards in sight. Lynn smiled widely and Sakorn noticed her missing incisor. He couldn’t help but smile back at this little girl. His heart began to warm up, he couldn’t hate on this little girl. Her touch gave him a strange sensation, it was gentle, oddly familiar. She asked if he played the piano and he told her he used to play.

Lynn begged Sakorn to play the piano with her, but he couldn’t get himself to do it. She shrugged her shoulders and sat down at one of the pianos. She placed her little fingers on the keys and was about to start, but paused. “Headmaster, can I play?” Her little eyelids fluttered and she smiled with all her teeth showing. Sakorn was surprised that he chuckled and even smiled back. “Yes, go ahead.”

That Evening

Kaneung awoke from her sleep and was shocked at how dark it was outside. “Oh my, I really overslept!” she panicked and looked around. NongLynn was nowhere in sight. Kaneung peered outside and all she heard were the frogs and crickets. She walked over to her side table and picked up her phone. She had accidentally set the alarm for the morning instead of the afternoon. Kaneung saw that she had a miss call from Kaphon. He also sent a text message stating that he had to work late. She dialed Kaphon’s number and after several rings, Kaphon picked up.

“Where are you? Are you still at work?” asked Kaneung. Kaphon replied, “We’re home. NongLynn is with me. She’s showing me the pictures she learned to draw attending an art class today.”

Kaneung told Kaphon she will be heading over to get Lynn. Before Kaphon could stop her, she hung up and walked towards the main house. She had just walked through the back door and into the hallway that leads to the great room, but she heard the television playing in the den. The song being played was one that NongLynn played for her recital. Kaneung peered into the den and gasped in surprise.

Sakorn sat on the couch with a muscle shirt and blue and white striped pajama pants. He was very fixed on the screen. A moment later, the screen focused on a woman singing in accompanying a little boy playing the piano. The little boy was very adorable. He looked almost like NongLynn. Then, Kaneung realized the one playing was Sakorn. She never knew he had such talent. No wonder the piano remained in the great room, almost well maintained, but never played.

Kaneung watched Sakorn wipe away a tear on his face. She took a deep breath and turned to walk away. Just as she turned, her skirt caught onto a table next to the door. Sakorn instantly looked over and saw Kaneung struggling to pull her skirt. He got up and grabbed onto her skirt for her and pulled it away from the table. He let go of her skirt and looked at Kaneung’s astonished face.

She looked so beautiful. He looked at her with possessive eyes. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and just hold her. Seeing her again brought back memories of all the times he lusted for her, but couldn’t accept his own thoughts and feelings towards her. Here she is again, that same face that he wished didn’t return because he’d get that feeling again. Lust and guilt.

Sakorn’s mind went blank. He grabbed her arms and dragged her into the den. Kaneung was too shocked to pull away. Sakorn quickly pulled Kaneung into his arms before she could even think of what to do next. He held her in his arms and took in the scent that he had thought he got rid of. The scent of the woman that he thought he replaced and brainwashed himself to fall in love with. Now this scent is back and it’s like a drug so hard to get rid of. His grip tightened around her and his heart pounded against his chest. He wants so badly to put his lips against hers and to stroke the roof of her mouth with his tongue. He wants so badly for her to want the same thing.

“Kaneung!” Kaphon called from the hallway.

Sakorn immediately came back to his senses and abruptly let Kaneung go. He seemed to have slightly push her away and walked out of the den. The piano and singing still playing on the television. Kaneung had no time to grasp what had just happened. She was confused. What exactly is going on with Sakorn?

Kaphon saw Sakorn briskly walk out of the den and into the backyard. He had been waiting for Kaneung to reach the house for a while now, but she never showed up. He had to come and check up on her. He had a feeling something was up. His instincts were correct. Kaphon walked to the doorway and peered in to see Kaneung still shocked from what just happened.

“Kaneung, are you okay?” asked Kaphon.

Kaneung looked up and fixed herself. She nodded a yes. Kaneung apologized for not getting to NongLynn and Kaphon as soon as she could. Kaphon let Kaneung walk out of the den first towards the great room to get NongLynn. She is playing with her grandparents.

NongLynn jumped up in excitement seeing her mother approach. “Khun Mae!” NongLynn exclaimed, “Look at what I got to do at the school today!” Kaneung looked at the artwork that NongLynn brought home and smiled at her daughter. She thanked all of them for watching NongLynn and proceeded to walk back with NongLynn to their rooms. Kaphon wanted to walk Kaneung back because he knew Sakorn was out there somewhere. But, Kaneung refused and told Kaphon that she’ll be alright because NongLynn is with her.

He let Kaneung have her wish. Just as they excited the door, NongLynn brought up the wonderful time she had with Sakorn. Kaneung froze in her tracks. “What did you just say?” asked Kaneung. NongLynn responded, “Khun Lung took me to the piano room and he sat and watch me play! It was the best time I had all day!” exclaimed NongLynn. Kaneung bent down and grabbed onto NongLynn’s shoulders. “NongLynn, did Khun Lung hurt you in any way?”

NongLynn looked confused and nodded her head “no.” Kaneung took a sigh of relief and wrapped an arm around NongLynn’s shoulders and proceeded to continue their walk back to their room. NongLynn asked her mother, “Khun Mae ja, why would Khun Lung hurt me? He is a nice guy.” Kaneung ignored her question and kept walking.

In Kaneung’s heart, she hoped Sakorn wasn’t scheming to get along with NongLynn to hurt her because he thinks NongLynn belongs to Kaphon. It’d be a cruel trick to play, using a child.

Meanwhile, sitting on the grass behind the ivy wall, Sakorn could hear NongLynn and Kaneung talking. He wished Kaneung wouldn’t think of him so badly. But, he deserves to be that kind of guy in front of her. She needs to hate him for what he did to her. If she hates him, it gives him the right to hate her.

Kaneung’s return had a bigger effect on him than he had thought. When she left a few years ago, he locked himself up in his room for weeks before Aimee encouraged him to stop moping. Sakorn never told Aimee what he did to Kaneung. Aimee would be disappointed that her beloved brother can do such a horrid thing all for revenge. Aimee was so sweet, never seeking revenge on the woman who took their mother away. She would confide in Sakorn about how sad she had been about their mother’s death, but she never hated on their stepmother. Aimee even befriended Kaneung instead of hating her because she was Kaphon’s friend. She would tell Sakorn that she caught the two laughing in the garden and having a great time together. She would tell Sakorn she caught them hugging and dancing together. Aimee would tell Sakorn that Kaneung and Kaphon are a cute couple. All those stories made Sakorn mad. He hated that Aimee would think they were cute together.

Every time Kaneung made coffee in the morning, she’d always try to start a conversation with Sakorn. She always spoke highly of Kaphon. It annoyed him. It annoyed him that she was on Kaphon’s side.

If only Kaneung wasn’t Kaphon’s girl, he wouldn’t have done something that terrible to her. He always treated her like crap and she would always somehow never complain about any of it. She often got her revenge on him another day and act as if that made her satisfy even though he knew deep down she was hurt by his actions or words towards her. He made himself think he didn’t care. But that night, he knew he went too far and she didn’t come back for revenge. She left for years.

He finally moved on and met someone who he felt was the woman he is meant to be with. But she left him too. And now she’s back. But, Kaneung is back too. One he can get so easily, the other so hard to retrieve. Making him long for the hard to get. Was it he wants to possess her?

The next day

Kaneung couldn’t sleep all night thinking about what happened in the den. She couldn’t help wondering what Sakorn’s intentions are towards their daughter. She went to shower and then woke NongLynn up to go visit Thima. She decided not to make coffee this morning. Kaneung brought NongLynn into the house and straight to the kitchen. She looked in the fridge and found a bun to warm up in the microwave for Lynn to eat before heading out. She wanted to go as quickly as she could to avoid facing Sakorn again.

But, luck was not on her side. As she walked out with Lynn, Sakorn walked towards the kitchen and NongLynn shouted, “Khun Lung!” Sakorn had fallen asleep on the grass outside and felt strained from the hard ground he slept on. He was groggy from thinking too much as well. But, he didn’t want Kaneung to know.

Sakorn turned to walk away from them, but Lynn caught up to him and grabbed hold of his hand. He didn’t want to look at Lynn because she made him soft at heart. He vowed to divert himself from Kaneung. He brushed Lynn’s hand off and kept walking as NongLynn shouted after him. When he rounded the corner, Kaneung walked up to Lynn and said, “It’s okay. He probably wasn’t in the mood to talk to you this morning. Let’s go.”

Days later

Sakorn went and stayed with Sakol for a few days. Sakol finally had Moo Lek hang out with Sakorn at the house and the two have become closer. Sakorn loved that Moo Lek made him forget about the people at his house. He was a cute kid, despite his attitude sometimes. He was a spoiled kid. Moo Lek has yet to call Sakorn dad. Sakol would force him to say it, but he refuses.

One evening, Sakol and Sakorn walked outside to look at the stars. “Sakorn, am I just a play date?” asked Sakol. Sakorn didn’t understand what she was getting at. “I feel like your mind is on something else and I just want to know if I am more than just someone you sleep with and come to when you want to forget something.”

Sakorn looked at her and couldn’t answer her. He didn’t know how to respond. He walked her back to the house silently walked away towards the end of the road to his car. Sakol looked on in awe. She knew he didn’t love her as she hoped. She has to make him love her again.

Back at House

“Thima, you are just too funny. I don’t want you to have to worry about Kaneung. I want her to work for us. I don’t want her to go back to London. She will be a great asset to the school. Jade had told me numerous times that he really wants her to stay. Can’t she stay a while longer? Tell her you’re not too well. She can’t possibly be leaving next month!” said Pin to Thima in the great room as Sakorn walked inside the house.
Pin noticed him enter and got up to greet her stepson. “Sakorn, where have you been? Your father had been so worried. And Thima is out of the hospital now. She was just telling me…”

“Just shut up,” replied Sakorn. “Leave me alone. I don’t care about anything going on with you all.”

At the University

“Kaneung, can’t you take up my Father’s offer? It’ll make everything a lot easier,” Sakorn overheard Kaphon talking to Kaneung going up the stairs.

“No,” Kaneung stated. “I realized I have to take NongLynn away as soon as possible. I don’t want her to be hurt by what I had intended to do. If I still go through with it, I don’t want her to be in harm’s way. I really want her safe Kaphon.”

Sakorn thought, “What are they planning to do? Is Kaneung really that evil? Has Kaphon brainwashed her to be just like him?”

He walked back up the stairs just as Kaphon and Kaneung overheard his steps. They both looked at each other and glad they didn’t go into too much detail and hope whoever overheard them didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Later on in the day, Sakorn spotted Kaphon and Kaneung sitting on the bench eating a brown paper lunch bag. They were laughing and looking like they were having a good time together. Sakorn began to imagine what it’d be like if he were sitting in Kaphon’s spot. Kaneung would never laugh like that with him. He began to understand what Aimee meant by Kaphon and Kaneung being a cute couple. It irritates him to see it. Kaneung paused pointing to Kaphon’s lips. She then took her finger and wiped the smudge off of his face. Something about that action didn’t make Sakorn happy. Just then, Sakol approached the two on the bench. She smiled at them and started a conversation.

Sakorn wondered what they were talking about. But an idea clicked in his head. He remembered something and ran to his car. Within minutes he returned to the bench area and shouted, “Sakol!”

She looked up at him from her seat next to Kaneung. Sakorn walked straight towards the bench. He tried focusing on just Sakol. But, he knew Kaneung was watching. He knew it was hard for her to just turn away.

Sakol got up from her seat and stood waiting for Sakorn to finally reach her. She was about to hug him and give him a peck on the cheek, but he grabbed onto her hand instead and bent down on one knee.

In his hand, he opened up a ring. It was his mother’s ring. He had just taken it out of his safety deposit from the bank that morning so he could bring it to the safe at the house.

Sakorn cleared his throat. He wanted to say some words, but his words got stuck in his throat. Finally, the sounds came out and he asked Sakol, “Sakol, will you marry me?”


I did not edit this or reread this yet. Hopefully it makes sense. Just finished it a minute ago. Sorry for taking a very long time to write up this chapter. Been very busy the last month. Enjoy.


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lkfn kjvlndihsdb cwahnclfw nf awf iaew~ !!!!!!
Nooo! Sakorn you stupid idiot! Gosh. I feel bad for him yet i hate him. lol
Sakol, she needs to disappear already. My Kaneung and Sakorn needs to reunite. );
Haha Anyways, great chapter. :D I really can't wait for the next chapter.
More Kaneung and Sakorn Pleaseee! :p

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I wrote something else for this chapter, but decided to change it to make him an idiot. Most of my male leads change into a good guy so quickly, and devote to the female lead as soon as they realize they love them, that I just wanted to take this opportunity to make Sakorn be a jerk for a while. :) Thanks for reading :)


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I wrote something else for this chapter, but decided to change it to make him an idiot. Most of my male leads change into a good guy so quickly, and devote to the female lead as soon as they realize they love them, that I just wanted to take this opportunity to make Sakorn be a jerk for a while. :) Thanks for reading :)
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555, sakorn is indeed an idiot! >.< face palm but every story needs these types of characters so i totally understand where you're planning on taking this phone. great updates, thanks! i look forward to more but do take your time. we'll wait patiently =]
Thank you for waiting patiently. I will try my best to write faster :)


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Chapter 9 - The Nerve

The nerve Sakorn had to propose to his girlfriend in front of Kaneung. Kaneung congratulated the two, gave a slight smile and excused herself. She tried holding back tears. She didn&rsquo;t understand why she is upset by it all. His proposal shouldn't have upset her.

Kaneung wiped her tear and splashed some water on her face from the sink in the women&rsquo;s restroom. She knew she must seem pathetic to have shown her weak side by staying in the restroom for this long. He might be mocking her right now. The nerve!

Thida walked out of one of the stalls in the restroom. &ldquo;You&rsquo;ve been in here a while. You&rsquo;ve been standing for what seems like&hellip;let&rsquo;s see&hellip;more than 3 minutes!&rdquo; said Thida. Kaneung quickly bowed and apologized. &ldquo;Hey, why are you apologizing? There&rsquo;s no need. I just felt like I should say something to you because you&rsquo;re still standing and staring into space from when I first walked in 3 minutes ago.,&rdquo; said Thida. Kaneung smiled and let out a quiet chuckle.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m Thida,&rdquo; Thida greeted. Kaneung held her hand out and shook Thida&rsquo;s hand. The two walked out together and started chatting. Thida didn't pressure Kaneung into telling her what she was upset over. After a while, Thida exchanged numbers with Kaneung and excused herself to go to class.

Kaneung walked passed the bench that Sakorn had proposed to Sakol at. She took a deep breath and continued on her way. &ldquo;I will not think about that anymore. It&rsquo;s none of my business what he does,&rdquo; trying to pressure herself to believe that. Kaneung started to hum to a tune that Lynn often played on the piano and filled her thoughts with her daughter as she headed towards Kaphon&rsquo;s office. Kaphon had mentioned he had an observation this afternoon, but she is free to wait in his office.

Kaneung walked into the administrative building and decided it&rsquo;d be nice to take the elevator. She&rsquo;s been using the stairs all day. Plus, there aren&rsquo;t that many people in the building. Just as Kaneung approached the third floor, the elevator stopped and opened. Kaneung gasped as Sakorn stood there with his hands in his trouser pockets waiting to get on. He wasn&rsquo;t paying attention at first, so Kaneung thought she&rsquo;d close the elevator door and keep going. But Sakorn turned to look straight ahead and his eyes bulged as he noticed it was Kaneung. He bolted and jammed his finger between the elevator doors to open it up before they shut on him.

Sakorn smirked, &ldquo;Where do you think you&rsquo;re going?&rdquo; He stepped inside the elevator and grabbed Kaneung&rsquo;s wrist. She struggled to pull her arm away, but his grip tightened the more she fought him off. He dragged her out of the elevator and into a little corridor that lead to his office. This was his way of getting there without having to pass by the secretaries and others on the floor. Sakorn pulled Kaneung into his office and pushed her in roughly. He closed the office door and locked it. Everything Sakorn is doing is scaring her. She was caught off guard and didn&rsquo;t know how to get away from this situation. She decided to maintain eye contact and try to hide her fear. It didn't work because Sakorn sensed her fear and wanted to use it to his advantage.

&ldquo;What do you want?&rdquo; asked Kaneung, backing away as Sakorn approached her. The more she stepped back, the closer he got to her. Until he finally grabbed onto her arms, which made her stop in her tracks. Her calves hit the couch and she had nowhere else to go. &ldquo;I want to know what you and Kaphon were talking about,&rdquo; he said, &ldquo;Are you here to destroy me?&rdquo; Kaneung swallowed hard, it is true that she planned to come back for revenge because Sakorn was such a jerk about what he did to her. But, her mother&rsquo;s illness made her come back sooner than expected and nothing was set in stone yet. Plus she hadn't prepared to be vicious with Sakorn. If her mother wasn't sick and she came back following the original plan, she&rsquo;d be prepared to face Sakorn unlike she is now. He made her seem vulnerable and weak. This frustrated Kaneung the most. She felt herself tremble in anger.

&ldquo;Are you afraid of me? Do you think I want you so bad? Like the other night? You came to me when I was weak. Did I catch you off guard now?&rdquo; Sakorn asked, so coldly. He lowered his mouth to her ears and whispered, &ldquo;how about we repeat the night I came home drunk? This time I&rsquo;m sober.&rdquo;

Kaneung couldn&rsquo;t breathe. She felt like she was going to have an anxiety attack. He is scaring her. She doesn&rsquo;t want a repeat of that night. He is so cruel. Sakorn moved his lips closer to her lips and pressed it against Kaneung&rsquo;s. As soon as she realized his lips on hers, she knew she had to toughen up. He can&rsquo;t take advantage of her anymore. She can&rsquo;t let him win. She has to do everything she can to show this man that she is not going to let him get away with abusing her.

Sakorn loved the taste of her lips. She must&rsquo;ve reapplied vanilla lip balm. It tasted wonderful. He wanted more access to her. He felt adrenaline rushing through him; she made him lose his mind. He&rsquo;s already gone this far, said the meanest things he really didn&rsquo;t want to say, he doesn&rsquo;t know why he dragged her into his office in the first place, but his pulse raced and he felt like he was high on drugs. She made him crazy. Suddenly, his face stung like nothing he has ever felt before. He hadn&rsquo;t notice that in his crazed state of mind, Kaneung was able to free herself from his tight grip and slap him on the cheek.

Her eyes were huge, staring at him with rage. He hasn&rsquo;t seen her get this angry before. She seemed like someone who could murder him right now. Kaneung bit her lower lip, frustrated and mad. No one has ever slapped Sakorn before. This sensation really stings, it stung all the way to the cell of his heart. But, he didn&rsquo;t want her to win at this either. His head spun with ideas on how to beat her out. He held her again, looking straight into her eyes, pretending to be angry at her. Kaneung was shocked at how inhuman Sakorn can be. She took another step back forgetting that she had nowhere to escape. She felt herself wobble and lose balance. Kaneung tumbled onto the sofa, with Sakorn still holding onto her. Kaneung felt the cushions beneath her, but a heavy mass on top of her. Sakorn still leaning on Kaneung, lifted his head and maintained eye contact with her once more.

This time, he worried whether his weight had hurt her in any way. He was about to apologize, which he rarely did to her, but a knock came at the door. Both turned to look at the door. Kaneung would&rsquo;ve called out for help, but something made her go against the idea. &ldquo;Who is it?&rdquo; asked Sakorn.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s me!&rdquo; shouted Sakol from the other side of the door. &ldquo;Hang on!&rdquo; shouted Sakorn back to Sakol.

Still lying on top of Kaneung, Sakorn was about to lift himself off, but Kaneung suddenly said, &ldquo;Get off. You don&rsquo;t want your fianc&eacute; to get the wrong idea.&rdquo; Sakorn froze staring at Kaneung. He was about to make a comeback, but decided to keep his mouth shut. He got up off of her and reached down to help her up, but Kaneung brushed his hand away and sat up herself. She stood up and tried to make herself look normal, but Sakorn noticed a button on her blouse had come loose and her hair was a tad messy. He chuckled to himself knowing fair well that this would not look pleasant in Sakol&rsquo;s eye. Instead of hiding Kaneung, he decided to face it and open the door for Sakol.

Sakol peered into the room, about to ask what took Sakorn so long to open the door. But, she noted Kaneung. She saw the messy hair and the crease in her skirt. It didn&rsquo;t look right. But Sakol didn&rsquo;t want to seem like a jealous fianc&eacute;. She smiled and greeted Kaneung.

&ldquo;I do wish you the best of luck on your trip home,&rdquo; Sakol said to Kaneung. Kaneung nodded and replied, &ldquo;Thank you Miss Sakol. Sorry to be a bother. I must go see&hellip;my sweetheart&hellip;Kaphon now.&rdquo;

That phrase made Sakorn angry, but he knew better than to let Kaneung know it got to him. She&rsquo;s getting him back for proposing to Sakol in front of her. Sakol bid farewell to Kaneung. &ldquo;Perhaps we&rsquo;ll meet again one day, Miss Kaneung. Our wedding day&hellip;you&rsquo;ll return?&rdquo;

Kaneung didn&rsquo;t answer and walked out. Sakol hugged Sakorn as Sakorn swallowed his saliva and stared intently at Kaneung as she walked through the corridor and around to the elevator.

In the Social Studies Hall

&ldquo;What? He proposed to her?&rdquo; asked Thida, &ldquo;he told me she broke his heart and now he goes with a woman that doesn&rsquo;t even deserve him back!&rdquo;

&ldquo;Yep, he proposed to her in front of me, such a sweet brother isn&rsquo;t he?&rdquo; asked Kaphon. &ldquo;He didn&rsquo;t even have the decency to ask her in a more romantic way. Poor girl.&rdquo;

Thida didn&rsquo;t like the idea that Sakorn proposed to Sakol. She felt hurt that Sakorn would choose this woman who had dumped him over her. She had been nothing but nice to him and supportive of him, but he didn&rsquo;t see it as romantic like she hoped. &ldquo;I can&rsquo;t believe he chose to marry her! After she clearly broke his heart!&rdquo; Kaphon couldn&rsquo;t help but laugh at her frustrastion.

Thida placed her hand on her hips. &ldquo;Look, it&rsquo;s not funny. I&rsquo;ve been in love with your brother forever. Yet, he chooses her over me!&rdquo; Kaphon kept laughing because he couldn&rsquo;t take Thida&rsquo;s frustrations seriously. He knew she liked Sakorn, but her reaction is too cute. She is like a child, so young and unaware that love is more in depth than just a &lsquo;crush.&rsquo;


&ldquo;Let me go!&rdquo; shouted Sakol as she tried to get away from a man&rsquo;s grip in front of a restaurant. &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t want to see you anymore. You shouldn&rsquo;t have followed us here.&rdquo;

The man gripped Sakol&rsquo;s arm until they were raw and proceeded to try and kiss her. Thida had just stopped at the gas station to buy some beer to take home and drink her disappointment away. But, she couldn&rsquo;t help but notice Sakol and some guy arguing across the street. She noticed that Sakol had a look of needing help and put her case of beer in the back seat of her car. She made it about halfway, when she noticed the grip on Sakol&rsquo;s arm loosened and moved to the small of her back. Sakol is responding to the man&rsquo;s kiss positively. She wasn&rsquo;t in need of help. In fact, her kiss intensified and it disgusted Thida. &ldquo;To think I thought she needed help,&rdquo; thought Thida.

When she arrived home, Thida made the realization that she had witnessed Sakol cheating on Sakorn. She gulped her beer down and decided to shower before making a call to warn Sakorn.


Sakorn woke up chuckling to himself. Thida was downright out of her mind when she called him last night. She had told him that she saw Sakol kissing another man and insisting that she should be his bride instead of the whore. Thida eventually fell asleep on the phone and Sakorn tried to wake her up, but she began snoring.

Sakorn got ready to go to work and stepped out of his bedroom door. He noticed an envelope on the floor. He leaned down to pick it up and noticed his name on the card. &ldquo;Uncle Sakorn&rdquo;. He laughed at the Thai handwriting beneath the English letters. It was indeed a child&rsquo;s handwriting. She used the wrong &lsquo;s&rsquo; consonant. Sakorn opened the envelope and inside was a folded card. NongLynn had personally drawn a picture on the front. Inside, she wrote in English and explained that the front of the card contained a drawing of her, her mother, her dad, her grandparents, and her uncle. The picture had two guys, one taller than the other high-fiving each other while a little girl and someone who would be Kaneung looking on and smiling. NongLynn explained, &ldquo;Although I must go back to London today because I have school, I want you to know that my birthday is coming up. My wish is to have Khun Por and Khun Lung get along. PS. I want everyone to come visit me in London so we can be happy and be a big happy family. Then we can come back to Thailand together and live happily ever after.&rdquo;

This card made Sakorn feel like crying. He was so touched by what this little girl could grasp. She is so innocent, but so mature. She could feel the tension. He doesn&rsquo;t want her to feel that way.

&ldquo;Morning little brother,&rdquo; Aimee said as she wheeled herself out of her bedroom towards Sakorn, &ldquo;did you get to say goodbye to Kaneung and her little girl?&rdquo;

Sakorn sighed and told her he didn&rsquo;t get to say goodbye. Aimee proceeded, &ldquo;I do hope they visit us again soon. I was getting rather fond of that little one. Cute as a button&hellip;looks exactly like Kaphon.&rdquo;

Sakorn almost crushed the card in his hand. He didn&rsquo;t like that NongLynn belonged to Kaphon. He should&rsquo;ve made Kaneung pregnant that night. Then she&rsquo;d be living with his child and Kaphon would be so hurt loving a woman carrying his enemy&rsquo;s child. Aimee wheeled off, but stopped at the elevator. She said, &ldquo;I wished I could&rsquo;ve personally taken them to the airport myself. Then I&rsquo;d be sure they were safe.&rdquo;

Sakorn rushed to the stairs and ran out the door. He had to get to the airport to make sure they were safe. He didn't even think about when Kaneung and NongLynn left Bangkok, he just knew he wanted to be there to see them off.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I want to hate Sakorn but i just can't for some reason! ); lol
Oh baby. You did make her preggo. Ahahhhaa :p
But yeah. Thida is too silly. She should of had recorded it but too bad she was too heartbroken to realize the whole cheating.
Lynn, she's too cute. Sakorn better make it to the airport quick! His lost if he misses them there. haha But can't wait until he finds out the truth!
But first. He needs to be tortured more...even though it hurts me. ROFL
Anyways, Thanks for the update na! Take your time and update when you can! :D


sarNie OldFart
When I started reading this, I didn't even know who are the main characters, but all I pictured are Yaya and Nadeach.


sarNie Oldmaid
When I started reading this, I didn't even know who are the main characters, but all I pictured are Yaya and Nadeach.
Haha, I know everything has been Yadech on here lately. I usually use random characters in my stories. But, you can picture whomever you want :p I started this ff b4 Yadech took over every ff in this forum LOL (I would write one with them too, but I've been so slow at writing & prob won't be as good as other writers on here).

My sister helped me make a trailer/intro for this ff. If you go to the very 1st post, you can click on a link that takes you to the video. My sister offered to make me another video since I don't have time to make one with her to give hints of what is to come because my original plan for this ff has sort of a twist in it. I wish I actually took more time to sit and write and finish it so I can post daily. But always so busy. Thank you for reading and commenting.

I hope not having Yadech as the main didn't make you stop reading. Like I said, you can picture whoever you want :) I do that with random ffs on here too.


sarNie OldFart
Haha, I know everything has been Yadech on here lately. I usually use random characters in my stories. But, you can picture whomever you want :p I started this ff b4 Yadech took over every ff in this forum LOL (I would write one with them too, but I've been so slow at writing & prob won't be as good as other writers on here).

My sister helped me make a trailer/intro for this ff. If you go to the very 1st post, you can click on a link that takes you to the video. My sister offered to make me another video since I don't have time to make one with her to give hints of what is to come because my original plan for this ff has sort of a twist in it. I wish I actually took more time to sit and write and finish it so I can post daily. But always so busy. Thank you for reading and commenting.

I hope not having Yadech as the main didn't make you stop reading. Like I said, you can picture whoever you want :) I do that with random ffs on here too.
Thanks PhoneO_5! No, Your writing still keeps me hook even tho you have others characters. Now, I picture Bee Namtip and Om instead... I think these two would go well together. he he. You're a great writer and I appreciate you taking the time to share with us.

Everyone here are so talented with their writing. I have ideas, but could never write like y'all.

waiting patiently for your next update and thank you again!!


sarNie Oldmaid
Thanks PhoneO_5! No, Your writing still keeps me hook even tho you have others characters. Now, I picture Bee Namtip and Om instead... I think these two would go well together. he he. You're a great writer and I appreciate you taking the time to share with us.

Everyone here are so talented with their writing. I have ideas, but could never write like y'all.

waiting patiently for your next update and thank you again!!
Om and Bee N sounds like a good pair to write about next :) But, I don't wanna start another ff without finishing this or my other ffs yet. Maybe someone will write another Om fanfic and finish it :)