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sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 10 - Mixed Feelings


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!” sang Kaneung as she brought a beautifully decorated cake to her daughter in bed.

NongLynn inhaled deeply and held her breath as she made her birthday wish. Kaneung chuckled until Lynn finally blew out her 6 candles.

It has been a few weeks since their return to London. Kaneung brought back all her work from the office to work on at home since it is Lynn’s special day. She had a contract with Brunel University as a professor of education administration for a few years, but had to take the month off to return to care for her mother in Thailand. The university gave her office work, tutoring hours and decided to wait until the spring semester to reinstate her to teach there.

Now that they are back in London, Kaneung has decided she is making extra money by selling pastries at her friend’s coffee shop. Lynn wanted badly to have her dad and her family in Thailand to celebrate with her. She asked if they could wait until after her birthday to return to London. But, Kaneung told her they had to return home for work.

After the candles, Kaneung told NongLynn that she has to take a bath and eat breakfast before taking a bite of her cake.

“Awe, Khun Mae ja, why did we blow the cake out so early then? I wanna eat it now!” said Lynn.

Kaneung chuckled some more before telling Lynn, “It’s nice to start the day off knowing it is your birthday. Once you reach a certain age, you forget. So, it’s nice to remind yourself early in the morning.”

Kaneung set the cake down on the dresser and sat on Lynn’s bed. Lynn looked at her intently and placed her small arms around Kaneung’s neck and hugged her mom. “Khun Mae ja, you’re the best mommy in the world. Don’t be sad.”

After Lynn finished her bath and had her breakfast, Kaneung headed to her bedroom to sign into chat. It’s a new feature that she finally downloaded onto her computer because Kaphon kept insisting it’d be great if he could see Lynn on her birthday. Kaphon wanted to fly to London to be with them but he had to work and Kaneung told him it’d be best if he works hard and not worry about them.

“Hey there Kaneung!” shouted Kaphon. “Where is my little one? Is she feeling better?” Kaphon kept asking questions that made it difficult for Kaneung to respond. He finally paused and laughed to himself. “Wow, I guess I’m being a super annoying dad right now.”

After a few minutes answering all of Kaphon’s concern, Kaneung asked about her mother. He assured Kaneung that her mother is doing well and that they aren’t letting her do any housework for a while. Kaphon leaned into the camera and whispered, “We’re not letting her do housework permanently! But she insists on doing it, so we’re telling her we won’t allow it for a few more months. Until then, we’ll make up an excuse later.” Kaneung knew what he meant and she felt bad because her mother is living there for free. Kaphon recognized her worried expression and told her that Thima is like his second mother and there’s no way he will allow her to work again after what just happened.

Kaneung was about to pick up her laptop and bring it downstairs for Lynn, but before she could unplug everything, Kaphon stopped her. “I know you want to find out about someone else too.”

Kaneung paused but insists she doesn’t want to know. “He’s been really quiet lately. He doesn’t even say a word to me. I found out from Thida that he was actually at the airport the day you left.”

Kaneung’s heart skipped a beat, taking in what she just heard. She pretended like it had no effect on her and continued to pick up her laptop and take it downstairs.

Lynn enjoyed her conversation with her dad. She asked how everyone was. To Lynn’s surprise, Kaphon took his laptop downstairs to her grandparents so they could wish her a happy birthday. Kaphon set the laptop down on the coffee table. After a few minutes, Lynn shouts, “Khun Loong!!”

Kaneung just took dinner out of the oven and set it on the granite counter top when she heard Lynn shout those words. She paused and her body started to react in ways she wished it didn’t. She felt her heart race and sweat beginning to form and she felt the goose bumps rising on her skin.

“Lynn,” said Sakorn softly into the webcam. Sakorn’s voice seemed gentle when he spoke to Lynn. Lynn also seemed really excited to get a chance to talk to Sakorn. What shocked Kaneung the most was that Sakorn stopped to chat with Lynn.

“How is your birthday going? Did you have your cake yet?” asked Sakorn. “I wish you could’ve been here to celebrate here. I’d throw you a wonderful party.”

Lynn chuckled and told her uncle that he should fly over to celebrate with her in London. Lynn called over to Kaneung, “Khun Mae, can’t we fly Khun Loong over? That would be the best present ever! Especially since Khun Por can’t come because of work. And we didn’t have cake yet!”

Kaneung faced her anxiety and walked to Lynn and sat down on the couch facing the laptop. Sakorn stayed focus on the screen too. He looked paler than usual. Kaneung placed her arm on Lynn’s shoulder. “Nong Lynn ja, Khun Loong can’t just leave and come see us. He won’t make it on time to celebrate before the clock strikes midnight.”

Sakorn leaned closer to the screen. “You dare me?”


“What did you send your daughter?” asked Thida.

“I gave her present to her mom the day they left. I want to go back with her so badly. Actually, I wished they could’ve stayed to celebrate with me here,” said Kaphon. “Her birthday is always a small one. Kaneung liked intimacy during these celebrations. And we always do candles in the morning with the birthday girl taking a bite of cake. Then we do some sort of fun activity and return home for the rest of the cake.”

“Intimacy?” asked Thida. “You two must really love birthdays then.”

Kaphon laughed. He agreed to meet Thida so he could give Thida, Kaneung’s address in London. Thida insisted he give it to her because she wants to send something to NongLynn. Sakorn had called her to let her know that today was NongLynn’s birthday.

“I can’t believe you drink this much coffee late in the evening,” said Kaphon.

“Hey, I’m a college student,” said Thida, “And I’m a teacher at the same time. Have to stay awake somehow.”

The two chatted a while longer before Kaphon asked Thida what her relationship is with Sakorn.

“I met P’Sakorn at a family function a few years back. I had a huge crush on him. Then, I left to attend college and get my degree in English. When I returned, dad reintroduces us and told him about how I’m thinking about going for my doctorate’s degree. We started to hang out a lot and became really close. I admitted my feelings for him and he rejected me. I became a bum for a few days until I realized that it’s no use making myself feel this way. I figured out why he couldn’t accept my feelings. He told me about Sakol and what she did and he told me what you did to mess things up for him. You’re an ass for doing that you know?”

Kaphon usually doesn’t care what Sakorn say about him. But hearing this come from Thida made him defensive. He hates that she perceives him this way. “You know, I wouldn’t believe everything that jerk tells you. You’re so blinded by him that you don’t know how terrible he really is.”

Thida slammed her book close and stood up abruptly. “Don’t you dare say that about him. He is the nicest guy I know. Not like some jerk here who would attempt to rape his brother’s girlfriend! Or the one making up lies about my man! I believe him over you any day!”

Thida grabbed her things as quickly as she could and walked towards the door. She turned to look at Kaphon once more and shouted, “You grab the tab!”
Kaphon took out his wallet and ran to the register to pay. He ran out the door and searched for Thida. In no way will he let this bratty girl say those things to him. He wants her to see that the man she idolizes isn’t a good man.

He spotted Thida walking towards her car a few yards away. She was about to get in on the driver’s seat when he dashed towards her, faster than a jaguar.

Thida turned ready to attack whoever grabbed her arms. She was about to scream when Kaphon covered her mouth with his other free hand.

“Look, it’s me,” Kaphon said. He released his hands and Thida shouts, “Are you going to attack me too?”

Kaphon grabbed her wrist again and pulled her towards him. Thida was taken by surprise by her body pressing against his. It seemed like forever staring into his eyes, before he shut the car door and quickly dragged her to a nearby bar alleyway. Thida was scared, but she didn’t shout for help. She knew that Kaphon is capable of doing anything to her, especially in the alley. He dragged her there so quickly that she didn’t really have time to react to the situation. Sakorn had told her about how cruel and evil Kaphon and his mother was. But she had mixed emotions after meeting him in person. And Pin seemed so kind when she visited their home. But Sakorn is the person she can trust most, more than her own family.

Kaphon pushed Thida to the brick wall. He held her wrist above her head and pressed his body against hers with firm pressure. Kaphon gulped as he realized how close he is to Thida. He doesn’t know why he is doing this, why he even dragged her here, but he is angry.

“Why aren’t you screaming? Why are you so hushed? Sakorn is right isn’t he? Aren’t you afraid of me? Of what I can do to you here? I pulled you into this dark alley where many others have been taken advantaged of because it’s very close to a sketchy night club. Go ahead, tell me I’m a jerk. Tell me I’m a rapist. Tell me you believe Sakorn and only him. Tell me you are judging me based on only his words.”

Thida sees the gloss over Kaphon’s eyes. He is being very serious with her. She doesn’t know why she can’t answer him. “Damn, he is either a good manipulator or I am smitten by this guy. Why does he have to resemble his brother?” thought Thida. “I don’t have an answer to his question.”

The next thing she realizes is that her eyes are closed, warm lips against hers. She felt her hands free from the grasp and her arms moving to the waist of the firm figure before her. She doesn’t understand her own reaction, but it felt good touching his lips. She felt him wrap his arms around her waist, his hands against the small of her back, between the brick. All of this sent shivers up her spine. She felt at a daze and she parted her lips for him to kiss her more. Her mind went blank, all that is left is his touch, his breath syncing to hers.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Please let Sakorn fly all the way to London before the clock strikes midnight! Lol Sakorn, he's soo idk. Cute yet a jerk. Haha
It's so cute and nice of him to stop by and talk to NongLynn. :D
Oh Kaphon. He's definitely falling for Thida! :D How cute! I hope she starts to trust and understand him soon!
Thanks for the update na! I can't wait to read more! I really appreciate it! :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 11 - Roller Coaster


“That was such a fun ride! I wished Khun Por could be here with us too. He would’ve loved it!” exclaimed NongLynn.

Kaneung held Lynn’s hand as they walked back to their apartment. It was getting late. Almost 11 and Lynn hadn’t opened her present or eaten the cake yet. Kaneung asked Lynn if she’d rather open presents from Kaphon or eat her cake first and then headed upstairs to retrieve the presents. She walked back downstairs and handed a small box to Lynn.

“From Khun Por?” asked Lynn. Kaneung nodded and Lynn began to open her wrapped gift. She opened up the box to find a gold necklace with a piano pendant.

“So beautiful!” shouted Lynn. “It’s the most beautiful necklace I’ve ever seen!”

Kaneung hugged Lynn, excited to see Lynn so happy. “You know what this piano does?” asked Kaneung. “Look,” she grasped the clasp and open the piano pendant. Inside was a picture of Kaneung and Lynn.

Lynn’s jaw dropped. Kaneung explained, “It’s of us. Your father had this picture resized to fit in this pendant. He had it custom made for you.” Lynn turned around so Kaneung can put the necklace on for her. “It’d be better if Khun Por was in the picture too,” said Lynn.

Kaneung got up to go retrieve the cake in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” shouted Lynn. Before Kaneung could stop her from answering the door, Lynn opened it. Lynn had a tendency not to look out the window before opening the door and it is late out. It could be a robber at the front door and Lynn would be the first to be harmed. Kaneung's mind raced with motherly instincts.

Kaneung stood still as she witnessed Lynn’s arms wrapped around a man kneeling on his knee. His arms tight around her small frame. Lynn has never been this quiet. Kaneung wiped tears away, trying to remain as quiet as possible. Trying to hide her weakness to the man at the door. It was Sakorn and he made his way here, before the clock stroke midnight.

She didn’t know what to think about the situation. She never thought he’d come all this way to find them. Even with her dare, she didn’t think he’d actually do it. London is too far for him to waste his time trying to prove her wrong. He didn’t come before, why did he come now? Why did he have to come back into her life and make it harder for her to forget the past? To make it harder for her to punish him for what he did to her?

Sakorn whispered to Lynn, “Are you going to invite you uncle in?” Lynn let go of Sakorn and he rose slowly to a standing position. Lynn grabbed his hand and pulled him in. “Come in,” said Lynn.

Sakorn looked around the apartment. He noticed Kaneung since she stepped into his visual field in the hallway. He was happy to see Lynn, but his eyes scanned the room for Kaneung subconsciously. As soon as she appeared, his heart raced and he looked down to focus on Lynn’s hug instead. He couldn’t believe he made it here. He doesn’t know what to do now that he is here. He didn’t know what made him come. He thought, “I’m here for Lynn, only Lynn.” Kaneung, on the other hand, kept thinking he came because of the dare.

Sakorn noticed the pictures on the wall. Kaneung had a clock with pictures or a blank frame at each hand. The 12 o’clock mark on the clock had a newborn picture. He then saw the one, two, three pictures. Lynn was such a cute baby. The newborn picture looked oddly familiar. After some thought, “She looks like me when she was two. I can’t believe Kaneung raised her daughter here all these years. She and Kaphon.” Sakorn looked back at the clock, and counted every single picture again. He noticed there are six pictures. “How did Kaphon get her pregnant? During his visit to see her? Before she left? Did he visit her after she left? Today is March 10[sup]th[/sup]. How many months are women pregnant for? Should have paid attention in health class. But then, she can’t be mine. I only had sex with her once. And they insist it’s Kaphon’s daughter. Get this out of your head Sakorn. You can’t want her. She is your enemy’s wife. She was raped by you and she was able to move on and sleep with the brother. Disgusting woman.” Sakorn’s mind kept wandering back and forth between seeing Kaneung as someone who is distasteful and to one that he yearns for because there is something about her that he likes. He felt like the angel and the devil are playing games with him making him so indecisive about her. He hated the fact that he can’t simply just hate her. He wished he didn’t like her, deep down he knew he liked her but want to deny his feelings for her.

After much deliberation, Lynn brought Sakorn back to reality and had him sit on the couch. Kaneung went and retrieved water for Sakorn. She didn’t like that he is here, but the kind side of her can’t say no to a guest. She wished she were stronger. Seeing him treat Lynn so well made her hate him for making it so hard on her to truly hate him. She took a long time getting the water. Everything is so sudden. She didn’t expect to have him over. Now she has no idea what to say to him. She hadn’t prepared herself yet. She wanted to be stronger when she sees him again. But no luck. His surprise seems to have dragged her down and made her less confident about facing him. She wished Kaphon were here to help her get away.

“We were about to eat my birthday cake,” said Lynn. “I just opened my birthday gift from Khun Por.” Sakorn chuckled and patted Lynn on the top of her head. He reached out for the water that Kaneung sat on the table. She stood across from them and finally asked, “You really came all this way?”
Sakorn got up, “Yes, I came all this way.” He walked towards Kaneung. Kaneung froze realizing he was getting closer. Her arms folded in reflexively, as if it would protect her from anything he is about to do. Sakorn stood in front of Kaneung, he leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Because of you.”
Kaneung’s arm dropped to the side. Her eyes widened. Those words sent chills up her spine. She wished she hadn’t asked. He pulled back and stood beside her now looking at Lynn staring at them with her big round eyes. “Is it time for cake?” she asked.

Kaneung excused herself to the kitchen and grabbed the cake. “Where’s the candles?” asked Sakorn.

“I already blew them out this morning!” exclaimed NongLynn. “Khun Mae said it’s good to know my birthday bright and early in the morning so that I don’t forget my own birthday. She says when I get to a certain age, I will forget and doing it in the morning will help me remember.”

“Doing it in the morning?” asked Sakorn.

“Perve!” Kaneung whispered loudly. “You’re taking everything out of proportion.”

Sakorn chuckled, making Kaneung loosen up a bit. She hadn’t seen him smile or laugh in the longest time. When he did, it was because he was smirking at her. But this is a true smile.

“Let’s sing again,” said Sakorn. “I want to be able to sing to you for my first birthday with you. We don’t have to do candles because I don’t want you to be 12 just yet.”

Lynn laughed. She agreed to the singing. They all began to sing in together and Sakorn took his pointer finger and dabbed it in the cake to scoop up some frosting. He said, “Make a wish. Now eat the frosting so your wish will come true.” Lynn smiled and grabbed some frosting and ate it. Kaneung added, “I can’t believe you two did that without washing your hands first.”

Both of them laughed and stated at the same time, “Stop being such a mommy and relax!”

Kaneung began to realize how much father and daughter had in common. It’d be nice If Sakorn and her had a real relationship and created Lynn together the proper way. Out of love and not hatred. She could never tell Lynn that her father and her weren’t in love. That is why Kaneung can never let Sakorn know Lynn is his. Or else he will tell Lynn and Lynn will find out that her parents didn’t love each other enough to have her and raise her together.

“You know what I wished for on my birthday Khun Loong and Khun Mae?” asked Lynn before heading upstairs to sleep. “I wished for Khun Por to be here. I wished in the morning. And I wished again with the frosting, but I see that my birthday is over now. It is 12:15 and he didn’t make it. But, I’m glad my other wish sort of came true.”

“What is that wish?” asked Kaneung. Sakorn stopped her, “You don’t tell people your wish or it won’t come true.” Kaneung turned to him and said, “Actually, your wish won’t come true if you don’t tell them what you want. If you don’t say it, then they will never know. You think everyone is psychic or that miracles really happen?”

“So pessimistic!” stated Sakorn.

Lynn laughed and walked upstairs. She thought, “My other wish was for Khun Loong to be here too and he came. And for Khun Mae to smile a bit more.”

Back downstairs Kaneung and Sakorn are back to being awkward. Lynn isn’t there to distract them from their awkwardness with one another. Sakorn didn’t want to come off as a jerk. It is just him and Kaneung after all. Kaneung couldn’t believe she was able to forget her dislike of Sakorn for at least an hour. Kaneung took a deep breath and finally said, “So, umm, where do you plan on staying?”

“I sort of didn’t plan that. I just rushed over here to make it before midnight,” he said.

Kaneung thought about it and finally offered him blankets to sleep on the couch. She brought down blankets without the two saying a word to each other. It felt weird, just the two of them. No Kaphon to bother them and Sakorn not drunk. No one is there to stress them out, to make them say harsh words to one another.

Before Kaneung could turn to go back up stairs, Sakorn grabbed Kaneung’s arm. She looked at him. Those eyes, the sincere ones were gazing at her. The ones she hates to look at more than the dark ones. Because this one makes her give in and forget his evilness. “Can’t I stay in your bed?” he asked.


“Where am I?” asked Thida and pulled the covers off her bed sheets. The sun’s rays struck her eyelids as she tried to open them. She turned to look away from the light and opened her eyes. She noted her night stand and her desk. “Was that all a dream?”

Thida rushed downstairs as she realized the time. She is running 20 minutes behind schedule. She jumped out of bed and rushed to brush her hair. Skipping a shower was her only option at this point. “Did I even shower last night? I always showered every night,” she questioned herself. Thida ran past her parents as they came back from their morning jog. They tried to stop her to ask a question but Thida brushed them off and ran out to her car to jump in.

Thida rushed to press the elevator button at the university. She could easily take the stairs, but everything was so heavy and she had a cup of coffee in her hand. Just as she stepped in and turn around to press for the 3[sup]rd[/sup] floor, Kaphon stepped in.

He walked in casually, which made Thida nervous. She swore she kissed him in her dream. She didn’t know If it was all made up or if what happened was real. Kaphon didn’t say a word. Thida’s mind raced with thoughts. Kaphon remained silent. Which made everything even more nerve racking for Thida.

Finally, “Good morning Kaphon.” Kaphon turned to look at Thida. His face had a surprised expression and his eyebrow lifted, which Thida thought was adorable. She never thought she’d think he looked so cute doing that. She’s lost for words now. He responded to her. “Umm, how Is your morning going so far?” she asked. She began to think everything really was a made up dream.

He still didn’t answer, so Thida awkwardly turned to look at the elevator door. She felt sweat beginning to drip on her neck. “That shower would’ve been so great right now. I must be giving off some body odor right now. Gosh. So stupid Thida!” she thought.

The door opened and Thida stepped out. Just as the elevator door began to close, Kaphon responds, “Are you fine with everything? How can you go blabbing away as if nothing happened between us?”

Thida turned to look back. She thought, “It did happen!”

Kaphon jammed his finger between the elevator door to reopen them. “We need to talk about it.”

Thida was too shocked and nervous. She turned away from him and ran, she ran into her office and closed the door behind her. She dropped everything on the ground, including the coffee cup. She reached for the padlock and chained it shut. Thida leaned against the door and breathed in deeply. Her heart raced. “It really did happen.”

Thida began to recollect what happened the night before. They kissed for what seemed like hours. She liked the taste of him and the smell of his aftershave. She loved her hands running against his body and his hands caressing her. She didn’t resist his touch last night, instead she engaged in it. She forgot how much she loved Sakorn because she was kissing another man. And she liked it.

Thida never told anyone, but she has kissed Sakorn in the past. There was no passion in the kiss, Thida felt like Sakorn kissed her just because he needed someone temporarily. She brushed it off as Sakorn not ready for a new relationship and treated the kiss as if it never happened. But the kiss with Kaphon was amazing. She has never been kissed like that before. “It’s just the heat of the moment,” she told herself. “The kiss means nothing. He doesn’t feel anything. I don’t feel anything. That kiss is nothing.”

Thida committed to avoiding Kaphon for the rest of the day and forever if she has to. She can’t face him now that she did that. It was easier to brush off Sakorn’s kiss. She feels embarrassed by her reaction his Kaphon’s kiss.


Kaneung awoke from slumber and remembered someone else is in her room. Lynn had come in and slept with her since Sakorn begged to get a bed. He never slept on the couch before, or so he says. Kaneung smiled and was proud of herself for not giving in to him. She lifted her comforter off and stepped on the floor, but found it to lumpier than she remembered. “Ahh!” she screamed.

Sakorn popped up from sleep and clasped his hands around her legs, shocked by her scream. Lynn got up and asked half asleep, “What’s wrong Khun Mae?” Kaneung took time to slow her breath down.

“What are you doing in here?” asked Kaneung.

Lynn laughed and said, “I invited him into our slumber party. I saw him trying to sleep on my bed. His legs were dangling off the foot of the bed.”
“I thought you said she aren’t used to sleeping on the couch or the floor?” asked Kaneung.

Sakorn smiled and smirked, “Well, anything beats dangling my legs off the edge of anything. Besides, these floors are actually pretty soft. Memory foam mat?”

Kaneung grabbed a pillow and smacked Sakorn with it. Lynn realized a pillow fight is going on and grabbed a pillow of her own to start pounding it against Kaneung and Sakorn. They laughed for minutes.

Lynn then excused herself to go bathe and dress up for her practice in the new outfit her uncle bought her. “You didn’t have to get her so many things,” Kaneung confronted. Sakorn smiled, “I just like buying girl clothes.” Kaneung stated, “You must buy a lot of them for your girlfriend.” He responded, “Look who the perve is now. Besides, she’s my fiancé.”

This stunned Kaneung’s heart more than she wish it had. “Our son is a year or two younger than Lynn actually.” Kaneung was shocked she couldn’t speak. “Are you surprised? I have a kid too. I just didn’t bring him around because I know my dad wouldn’t treat him as nicely as he treats Kaphon’s kid.”

Kaneung couldn’t believe Sakorn was being a jerk again. All this made her dizzy. She fell back on the bed ignoring the fact that they were still in her bedroom together, alone.

Finally Sakorn leaned closer on her bed and stared at Kaneung just lying there. He thought, “She’s a beauty. An angel. How can she let me stay here even though she hates me to the core?” He didn’t realize his hands were reaching out to her. He stroked her hair and she lied there, in a trance. He was in a trance himself, he leaned his head forward and planted a kiss on her cheek. Kaneung’s eyes lit up as she realized what just occurred. Sakorn knew what he had just done and got up embarrassed by his actions. He jolted out of the room and grabbed his things. Lynn jumped out of her room and ran downstairs trying to stop Sakorn from leaving. Her arms went flying in the air when Sakorn turned around and noticed, he ran to her as fast as he could and caught her before her face planted on the bottom of the stairs. Kaneung stood at the top of the stairs staring in disbelief.

“NongLynn!” she shouted. “Not again.”

Lynn began to cry. “My ankle, it hurts.”

Sakorn assessed the ankle. “It’s just sprained,” he stated.

Kaneung went to get an ice pack and Sakorn sat Lynn down on the couch. The two worked together to make Lynn comfortable. Lynn hugged Sakorn once more and planted a kiss on his cheeks. Moo Lek never kissed him like Lynn did. He thought, “I guess girls are touchier. Moo Lek is a boy, he’s got to be manly. But he’s so childish with his mom.” He didn’t understand why her kiss made him soft and love her more.

“Please take me to practice first before you leave. I know you’re busy and everything but I want you to see my school,” said Lynn.
Sakorn couldn’t say no. He agreed and Kaneung decided to trust him on this.

“Nong Lynn!” shouted Thida as she saw Lynn appear standing by her classroom door.


sarNie Oldmaid
Please let Sakorn fly all the way to London before the clock strikes midnight! Lol Sakorn, he's soo idk. Cute yet a jerk. Haha
It's so cute and nice of him to stop by and talk to NongLynn. :D
Oh Kaphon. He's definitely falling for Thida! :D How cute! I hope she starts to trust and understand him soon!
Thanks for the update na! I can't wait to read more! I really appreciate it! :D
He did fly all the way there! I was going to have them do some stuff that would make you dislike him, but I might save it for later. i gotta build Kaneung up and make her stronger. Don't want her to seem too weak and easy. She's sort of fragile at the moment. I'm building Thida and Kaphon's story up now. Many chapters later lol. I planned for under 20 chapters, but I think this will be more than that. I totally changed some of the storyline because some parts I thought were dumb.

Thank you for your continuous support. I'm glad to have posted another chapter for everyone. I didn't go back and edit my work for chapter 12 yet. I will do that when I can. Enjoy :)


sarNie OldFart
THANK YOU! I get all happy when ever Kaneung and Sakorn have some sort of interaction... hehehe. Awe... Sakorn made it to his daugter's bday! Kaphon and Thida are so cute together. Love this wonderful update!!!! :)


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Awww! He's so daring. lol I love how he came to sleep in her room. How silly. And that kiss on the cheek too! SCREAM! lol
Lynn is too cute!
Too bad he didn't get to stay any longer. ); But the end of the chapter is making me curious as to how Lynn ended up at Thailand! D:
Anyways, Oh Thida. I wonder how she forgot everything. Hope Kaphon tames her soon...for that. ROFL jkay
I want more interaction between Sakorn and Kaneung. Heheheh ;P
And girl! Feel free to add and change things to the story. It's your story and thoughts by the way. (;
Update soon when can! :D Totally loving it! <3


sarNie OldFart
Awww! He's so daring. lol I love how he came to sleep in her room. How silly. And that kiss on the cheek too! SCREAM! lol
Lynn is too cute!
Too bad he didn't get to stay any longer. ); But the end of the chapter is making me curious as to how Lynn ended up at Thailand! D:
Anyways, Oh Thida. I wonder how she forgot everything. Hope Kaphon tames her soon...for that. ROFL jkay
I want more interaction between Sakorn and Kaneung. Heheheh ;P
And girl! Feel free to add and change things to the story. It's your story and thoughts by the way. (;
Update soon when can! :D Totally loving it! <3
Yes, more interaction between Sakorn and Kaneung... please :dance1: :dance1:


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 12 - Back

&ldquo;The nerve!&rdquo; shouted Kaneung. &ldquo;I can&rsquo;t believe I trusted him. Ugh, that bastard!&rdquo;

Kaphon had stepped out of the English building after noting that he saw a girl looking like Lynn searching for something. He couldn&rsquo;t believe it until he saw Thida come out and talked to Lynn. He was about to go and see what was going on, but called Kaneung to make sure he wasn&rsquo;t dreaming and that Lynn is actually there in Thailand.

Kaneung took a deep breath. &ldquo;What is he planning on doing? Why did he take her back to Thailand? Why does he make me suffer so much?&rdquo;
&ldquo;I&rsquo;ll go ask her,&rdquo; said Kaphon.

&ldquo;I am flying out to get her right now!&rdquo; shouted Kaneung.

Kaphon tried to calm Kaneung down. When she finally did, he asked, &ldquo;Do you want to still go through with our plan? Kick him to the curb? Make him punish for what he did to you? Take away something he loves?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Yes,&rdquo; said Kaneung. She hung up.


&ldquo;I see, you were willing to run away from your mom to come back to Thailand? You don&rsquo;t feel bad for making your mom worry?&rdquo; asked Thida.

&ldquo;I just put it in Khun Loong&rsquo;s head. I didn&rsquo;t think my plan would actually work. All I did was tell him that if he kidnaps me back, Khun Mae will have to follow. This way, I get to spend time here while I wait on her to come get me,&rdquo; explained Lynn.

&ldquo;Wow, and he agreed. He must really love your mom to do all of this just to make her come back,&rdquo; said Thida.

&ldquo;Yeah. I can tell he hides his feelings with the family. I wish he can be nice to everyone like he is to everyone here at the school. Sometimes, I wish he can be nicer to Khun Por. Khun Por doesn&rsquo;t seem to want to be nice to him either. I don&rsquo;t know why they dislike each other,&rdquo; said Lynn. &ldquo;They need to say they love each other and get along.&rdquo;

Thida smiled and complimented on Lynn for being the mature one out of all this. She made a sigh and mumbled, &ldquo;I wish I could face your father. I&rsquo;m cheating with him, which makes me no different than what P&rsquo;Sakorn calls Auntie Pin.&rdquo; Her voice grew softer and she mouthed, &ldquo;Oh my gosh, I kissed a married man!&rdquo;

Kaphon hung up the phone and walked towards Thida and Lynn. Lynn saw her father approached and smiled widely. &ldquo;Khun Por!&rdquo; She ran off towards him and jumped in his arms as he embraced her. Kaphon asked, &ldquo;How did you get here? Your mother must be very worried.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I know,&rdquo; stated Lynn. &ldquo;I want her to. Did you know I made Khun Loong bring me here so you can actually see me? This way, you&rsquo;ll make Khun Mae come and get me and we&rsquo;d have to stay longer!&rdquo;

Kaphon set Lynn down and grabbed her shoulders and kneeled down to make eye contact. &ldquo;You definitely made your mom worry. She&rsquo;s worried that guy will do something to you, something very bad.&rdquo;

Lynn shook her head no. &ldquo;Khun Loong is not a bad guy. I know he isn&rsquo;t.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Nong Lynn, he is a bad guy. You don&rsquo;t want to trust him too much or he will hurt you or your mom,&rdquo; stated Kaphon.
Thida looked onwards and mumbled, &ldquo;She&rsquo;s smarter. P&rsquo;Sakorn is a good guy, not like you.&rdquo;

Kaphon looked up and spotted Thida mumbling. Thida realized he was staring at her. Her face felt hot and she felt like she must&rsquo;ve blushed so bad. She felt embarrassed and turned away. &ldquo;I must get going, bye NongLynn!,&rdquo; as she rushed down the hall without waiting for a response.

She reflected back on his gaze as she stood their mumbling. His eyes were sharp and his gaze made her nervous. She felt like she could easily faint right now.

&ldquo;Oh my gosh, I must&rsquo;ve fainted! That&rsquo;s why I can&rsquo;t remember how I got home. Oh my gosh, did he go further with me?&rdquo; wondered Thida. She stopped halfway to the administrative building and touched her chest, her mouth wide open. Anxious and worried about whether she is still a virgin.

Once again, the next thing she realizes is opening her eyes, everything is fuzzy and whatever she is laying on is firm.

&ldquo;You&rsquo;re awake?&rdquo; asked Sakorn.

&ldquo;P&rsquo;Sakorn, what happened? How did I get here?&rdquo; asked Thida.

Sakorn explained that he was on his way to check up on Lynn, but he spotted her lying collapsing to the ground. He picked her up and carried her to his office. Thida felt bad and apologized for having him carry her dead weight. He smiled and told her it is alright and that she isn&rsquo;t as heavy as she thinks she is.

Thida sat up and looked at Sakorn working on something at his desk. &ldquo;P&rsquo;Sakorn, I have a question. You told me you were going to London because you hate failing at dares. I know you always get what you want.&rdquo;

Sakorn stopped working at gazed at Thida, &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t always get what I want. I always get the leftovers. Kaphon gets what he wants.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Okay,&rdquo; Thida responded, realizing that Sakorn can&rsquo;t admit that he does get what he wants and not wanting to argue with him any further. &ldquo;Why go to that extent? I just don&rsquo;t get it. And you brought NongLynn back. If you truly want your brother to suffer, wouldn&rsquo;t you not want his wife to return to him? Kaneung seems like a really nice person. I don&rsquo;t understand why you have to hate her too, even if she is his wife.&rdquo;

&ldquo;She isn&rsquo;t his wife,&rdquo; said Sakorn.

&ldquo;What?&rdquo; asked Thida.

&ldquo;I said she&rsquo;s not his wife. They didn&rsquo;t get married. At least not that I know of,&rdquo; said Sakorn. Then he thought in his head, &ldquo;Just one small picture of him and his family in the living room at the house. And, Kaneung shares a room with NongLynn at our house. Why don&rsquo;t they stay together in his room?&rdquo;
Thida thought, &ldquo;Wow, Kaneung got together with Kaphon before marriage. That&rsquo;s how they do it in London. But, I was abroad, I didn&rsquo;t do that stuff. Kaneung doesn&rsquo;t seem like the type who would. Maybe they just don&rsquo;t believe in marriage like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.&rdquo; She then asked, &ldquo;You tell me things, but I have a feeling you&rsquo;re not telling me something. Why go through all this trouble? &ldquo;

Sakorn responded, &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t know. I just knew that once Lynn said she wanted to be back in Thailand, I agreed and brought her with me. As for going there in the first place&hellip;yeah I wanted to prove to them that I can&rsquo;t lose.&rdquo;

Sakorn looked in the opposite direction and pressed his lips together. Is it because he really can&rsquo;t lose or because of something else that made him want to bring Lynn along.

&ldquo;P&rsquo;Sakorn, can&rsquo;t you tell me why Kaphon told me I shouldn&rsquo;t trust you? Just like you tell me not to trust them?&rdquo; asked Thida.

Sakorn slammed his hand on his desk, his face scrunched up. &ldquo;Let him tell you what he wants. I can&rsquo;t tell you,&rdquo; said Sakorn. Thida replied, &ldquo;Why not? I want to hear the truth from you, not him.&rdquo;

Sakorn got up from his seat and walked out the door. Thida sat on the couch hurt that Sakorn can&rsquo;t tell her what is going on. She is confused as to what to believe. Her heart is telling her that Kaphon is right, but she doesn&rsquo;t want to believe that Sakorn is bad enough to hurt someone. She wants to know why Sakorn flew all the way to London and brought Lynn back when he shouldn&rsquo;t have. It&rsquo;d be best to keep the family apart if he truly hated them. All these years, he told her not to trust Pin and his younger brother. All these years, she thought she knew him and that he told her everything. He told her about Sakol and how he just vanished and that&rsquo;s why he is supposedly a Casanova and can&rsquo;t commit to her. Sakol is back now, but Sakorn doesn&rsquo;t seem in love with her like he described to her. Something else is going on and Thida is determined to figure it out.

One week later

A week has gone by and Kaneung hasn&rsquo;t called or even show up at the house to get Lynn back. Lynn has been hanging around Sakorn a lot since Kaphon is always busy doing things at the university. Besides, he makes time to listen to her play in the music building. On their first night back, Lynn slept in her grandparent&rsquo;s room. Sakorn didn&rsquo;t have time to ask Lynn a question that played with his mind all day after conversating with Thida. Then, the second night, Sakorn caught her in the hallway and asked if she&rsquo;d like to watch Disney movies in the den with him. Lynn fell asleep and he reported to his parents that he&rsquo;ll keep Lynn with him.

Lynn woke up in Sakorn&rsquo;s room. She was excited because she had never been invited into her uncle&rsquo;s room before. She had an idea to get shaving cream and smear it on his face. She hated the beard that he was growing out. Lynn walked into the bathroom and found the shaving cream. She didn&rsquo;t know how to read Thai, but she knew it was shaving cream from the smell. Lynn rubbed it all over her hands and climbed into bed, smearing some of it on the bed. She sat next to Sakorn and patted it on his face. Sakorn opened his eyes immediately at the coolness of the cream.

He looked angry at first, which startled Lynn, but he quickly smiled and tickled her. &ldquo;So you want me to shave?&rdquo; he asked. Lynn nodded. Sakorn said, &ldquo;anything for NongLynn. My favorite niece.&rdquo;

Ami noticed the two come out of the room and sighed. Her heart wanted to jump out of her chest at the sight of the two together. It&rsquo;d be cute in other people&rsquo;s eyes, but she despised the way the two of them got along. She turned and wheeled herself back into her room.


&ldquo;At today&rsquo;s meeting, I&rsquo;d like to introduce our new Dean of Art & Humanities Kaneung Sipalat. She has graciously accepted my offer after my begging for years,&rdquo; chuckled Jade. Everyone chuckled along with him and clapped as Kaneung stood up to bow to all that attended the meeting.

&ldquo;Where is the headmaster?&rdquo; asked one of the deans. Jade answered, &ldquo;He could not attend the meeting this morning. Personal matters.&rdquo;

Kaneung kept an expressionless face. Kaphon looked at her from across the room. &ldquo;She is ready,&rdquo; he thought.

- - -


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Yes Yes Yes. lol Glad that Kaneung is back. Sakorn is such a butt for taking NongLynn back with him to Thailand without Kaneungs permission...even if the kid asked him to do so...but whatever. At least she is back and ready for her revenge. Please hurt him so bad that he comes crawling back like crazy. HAHA. :p
Anyways, Thank God there's no Sakol in this chapter. That girl knows how to piss me off. lol I can't wait until Thida finds out the truth and all. Somebody just needs to tell her already. haha kidding.
But yes, thanks for the update! Definitely cannot wait to read the next chapter, the beginning of the revenge. lol Update when you can! :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 13 - Phoenix

&ldquo;Why can&rsquo;t you just marry me now?&rdquo; asked Sakol. &ldquo;I want to marry you as soon as I possible. Is it wrong of me to not want us to end like we did last time? I want this time to be a happily ever after.&rdquo;

Sakorn made a fist with his hand and placed it against the door frame. He doesn&rsquo;t know what is keeping him from rushing to marry her like he had thought he wanted if she ever returned. He &lsquo;loves her right?&rsquo;

Moo Lek came out of his bedroom and wiped his eye boogers away. &ldquo;Daddy, you&rsquo;re here!&rdquo; He ran over to Sakorn and gave him a hug. It took Sakorn a long time to get close to Moo Lek. Moo Lek didn&rsquo;t want anything to do with him but Sakorn kept coming over and eventually Moo Lek&rsquo;s heart opened up to him. Sakorn began to think, &ldquo;Why can&rsquo;t I just marry Sakol and then our family can be complete?&rdquo;


&ldquo;I thought you&rsquo;d never come back,&rdquo; said Kaphon. &ldquo;You scared me for a bit there.&rdquo;

Kaneung walked around her new office. It was elegant, just where she wanted to be. She worked hard to make it here. Though, she wished she had graduated from here, she is still thankful to be able to work here. &ldquo;It took me a while to prepare. It&rsquo;s hard to be strong, you know?&rdquo; remarked Kaneung.

Kaphon responded, &ldquo;I know you&rsquo;re strong, that&rsquo;s why you were able to keep away and raise NongLynn all by yourself.&rdquo;

&ldquo;And now he will be hurt in every way possible. Work, family, love, and even friendships. I&rsquo;m not going to fall for his tricks any more. I came back when I was weak and stressed. Very unprepared last time. But this time, I have nothing to stop me from going weak again,&rdquo; exclaimed Kaneung.

&ldquo;And I&rsquo;m here to help you,&rdquo; said Kaphon.

A few hours later Sakorn arrived at the school with Sakol. Everything looked the same, except he knew he missed meeting the new dean. He figured he could go meet her later when he gets his work finished for the day. Sakorn never missed these meetings, but his father told him it was okay to miss this one. Sakorn felt a little weary about it, but Sakol had called him making him going over to her place sound very important. In the end, it was just to get him to pick her up and nag him about marriage.

Sakol separated ways with Sakorn and he started to walk to the administrative building. As he reached his floor, his secretary walked over to him and handed him some student records. Before walking off, she stated, &ldquo;The Dean of Arts and Humanities is here to meet you.&rdquo;

Sakorn walked towards his office, not thinking too much about meeting the new dean. Sakorn stepped into his office and a woman sat there turned away from him. She quickly fidgeted and stood up to turn to face Sakorn.

Sakorn&rsquo;s jaw dropped. It was Kaneung. She smiled and placed her hands together to bow.

&ldquo;Hello, my name is Kaneung Sipalat. I am the new Dean of Arts and Humanities. It&rsquo;s nice to finally meet you&hellip;Mr. Headmaster,&rdquo; said Kaneung, as if they&rsquo;ve never met before.

Sakorn smiled without realizing how excited he was to see her again. Her smile, one in which he hadn&rsquo;t seen in a long time reappeared. Her skin looked flawless and glowing. She seemed bright and her aura was different than the last time they were together. She seemed different, but in a good way.

&ldquo;Wow, you&rsquo;re really the new dean?&rdquo; asked Sakorn.

&ldquo;Yes. I am. I just wanted to come and introduce myself. I hope that our working together will be pleasant and smooth from now on. This school will prevail and become the finest school in Thailand,&rdquo; said Kaneung.

Sakorn walked over to his desk and set everything down. He turned to look back at Kaneung. He wanted so bad to go closer to her and give her a hug, but she stood in her place and spoke so cleanly and confidently. She was very professional. &ldquo;Indeed,&rdquo; said Sakorn.

&ldquo;Well, I must be going now,&rdquo; said Kaneung. &ldquo;I have to make my rounds and get the program rolling. I am starting late after all. Too bad the old dean got fired at my expense.&rdquo;

Kaneung turned to walk out of the office. Sakorn couldn&rsquo;t believe what she just said. She didn&rsquo;t care if someone got fired because she was offered the job. Not very &lsquo;Kaneung&rsquo; like. Sakorn walked until he caught up to the Kaneung just as she was about to turn the door handle.

He wrapped his arms around her and held his head to her shoulder. &ldquo;I&rsquo;m sorry for taking NongLynn from you.&rdquo;

Kaneung smiled and smirked to herself, &ldquo;And, I&rsquo;m supposed to believe you don&rsquo;t have any bad intentions by doing that? For all I know, you could be using her to get back at me somehow. I&rsquo;m disgusted by you.&rdquo;

Kaneung began to pull Sakorn&rsquo;s arms off of her, but the door swung open. Sakol appeared at the doorway. Instead of pulling Sakorn&rsquo;s arms off, Kaneung held onto his arms tighter. Kaneung smiled as Sakol witnessed the embrace. &ldquo;But, you know, your fianc&eacute; won&rsquo;t like it when she sees you hugging me like this. It makes you look pathetic,&rdquo; said Kaneung.

Sakorn didn&rsquo;t look up yet and didn&rsquo;t know how these cruel words can come from Kaneung. She used to be feisty, but her feistiness wasn&rsquo;t cruel like this. The tone in her voice was very different. Suddenly, a huge scream echoed in his ears. Sakorn pulled his arms away from Kaneung quickly and looked up to see Sakol. Her face was furrowed with anger. Her fist clenched, ready to attack Kaneung.

Sakol took a step forward and raised her arm to slap Kaneung, but Kaneung raised her arm in time to grab hold of Sakol&rsquo;s wrist.
That is the Kaneung that didn&rsquo;t take crap from anyone that Sakorn remembered. He had witnessed her out in the front yard with these girls who would mock her for being a maid during high school. She showed them up and Sakorn remembered admiring her for it from his bedroom window.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s not my fault your fianc&eacute; can&rsquo;t forget me. You need to chill. Get mad at the cheating bastard. Not at me. I don&rsquo;t steal from others,&rdquo; said Kaneung. She flung Sakol&rsquo;s arm down and brushed passed her.

Kaneung smiled. She took a deep breath when she reached the elevator. Her heart raced, excited that she pulled that off. It has been years since she felt such confidence. She hasn&rsquo;t been like that since before she left Thailand. It felt great.

&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t know what you have in store for me Sakorn, but I&rsquo;m not going to back down. I won&rsquo;t let you ruin my life, you monster!&rdquo; thought Kaneung. &ldquo;Now I have to go pick up my baby.&rdquo;

Back in Sakorn&rsquo;s office, Sakol hit Sakorn on the shoulders and chest. &ldquo;What were you doing?&rdquo; she screamed. &rdquo;I knew something was going on between you two since the last time I caught you, but I wasn&rsquo;t sure. Now I catch you red handed. You were hugging her!&rdquo;

&ldquo;Just let it go,&rdquo; said Sakorn. Sakol pestered Sakorn to tell her exactly who Kaneung is and how he can be touching his brother&rsquo;s girl. Sakorn turned to Sakol, &ldquo;My brother touched you, didn&rsquo;t he?&rdquo;

Sakol went silent. Sakorn then continued, &ldquo;I had a crush on her before I met you. But it didn&rsquo;t work out because she was Kaphol&rsquo;s girl. That&rsquo;s all.&rdquo;

Sakol crossed her arms and stared at Sakorn. &ldquo;That&rsquo;s all?&rdquo; she asked.

Sakorn turned around, &ldquo;That&rsquo;s all.&rdquo;

Later in the Evening

&ldquo;Kaneung, why don&rsquo;t you stay here with us dear?&rdquo; asked Pin. &ldquo;You know you can always stay here with your mother.&rdquo;

Kaneung explained that she wanted to live independently and that she already got the job at the university, so she didn&rsquo;t want to bother the family.

&ldquo;Nonsense,&rdquo; said Pin. &ldquo;NongLynn is our son&rsquo;s daughter, how can we not want her here? She&rsquo;s our granddaughter. We love her. She needs to be here with her dad.&rdquo;

Kaphol interrupted, &ldquo;Mom, who said I wasn&rsquo;t going to move out? Shouldn&rsquo;t I be living with my girls?&rdquo;

&ldquo;What?&rdquo; asked Pin. &ldquo;That&rsquo;s a surprise. You didn&rsquo;t tell us ahead of time.&rdquo;

Sakorn walked in to hear Kaphol say he was going to move out to live with Kaneung and NongLynn. He didn&rsquo;t like that idea one bit. Sakorn walked into the living room and placed his hand in his pocket. &ldquo;NongLynn wants to stay here at this house. Why take her away?&rdquo; he asked.

&ldquo;Because we want to be free,&rdquo; said Kaneung.

&ldquo;Look at her,&rdquo; said Sakorn. &ldquo;She doesn&rsquo;t look like she wants to leave.&rdquo;

Kaneung looked at NongLynn and her heart wanted to melt, but she had to keep a facet. &ldquo;NongLynn, I can&rsquo;t stay here. If you want to stay here, you might not see me for a very long time. You want to be away from me again?&rdquo;

NongLynn couldn&rsquo;t bear it anymore. She began to shake with tears. Kaneung turned away, biting tears, but she turned back and remained intact. &ldquo;Okay. I want to stay with you Khun Mae. I&rsquo;m sorry for running away and causing you trouble. I won&rsquo;t cause you any more trouble from now on. Sorry, Khun Lung, for making you get in trouble because of me.&rdquo;

Lynn ran to her mother and held her hands. &ldquo;We&rsquo;ll be visiting again soon,&rdquo; said Kaneung as she pulled her daughter along.

Pin turned to Kaphol, &ldquo;Aren&rsquo;t you going with them?&rdquo;

Kaphol smiled, &ldquo;I didn&rsquo;t say I was going now. Plus I&rsquo;m a mommy&rsquo;s boy. How can I just leave you so suddenly?&rdquo;

Pin looked confused. She didn&rsquo;t understand Kaneung and Kaphol&rsquo;s relationship. Sakorn didn&rsquo;t understand it either. He was thinking of running after them to give Lynn a hug before she left, but he thought he better not. Instead, he ran upstairs and Ami caught him before entering his room.

&ldquo;She&rsquo;s back?&rdquo; asked Ami. &ldquo;She just took the little princess away from you eh? You know, that&rsquo;s part of her plan. She wants you to be weak and fall for her. Then Kaphol and her and take everything away from you. Mom wouldn&rsquo;t approve of how weak you are right now.&rdquo;

Sakorn went into his room and shut the door. Tears rolled down his eyes. The image of his mother lying in her death bed came back to him. How can he forget how sick she was and how sad she was. Kaphol&rsquo;s mother caused all of it.

Ami smiled and wheeled herself into her room. She laughed hysterically. She locked the door behind her and raised herself off of her wheelchair. She slowly walked to her full sized mirror.

&ldquo;I will get everything. Because you are all stupid,&rdquo; she exclaimed and laughed some more.

At Sakol&rsquo;s House

Sakol put Moo Lek in bed and wiped his hair away from his face. He looked a lot like his dad. One that she hates seeing. She felt lucky that Sakorn hasn&rsquo;t noticed that he doesn&rsquo;t look like him.

A knock came at the door and Sakol knew from the knock who it was. She recognized it from her house before. She knew that if he kept knocking, she&rsquo;d be in huge trouble and the neighbors will not like it. She got up and closed Moo Lek&rsquo;s door behind her. She walked to the door and opened it. The screen door was still locked and a drunk ex-lover smiled at her. His eyes glossy.

&ldquo;Let me in sweetie,&rdquo; he said. Sakol asked, &ldquo;How did you know I live here?&rdquo; He responded, &ldquo;You think I just let you walk home alone that morning without following you?&rdquo;

Sakol unlocked the screen door and Wat followed her in. She closed the door behind her and he grabbed her waist and kissed the hollow of her neck. She hated the smell of alcohol on his breath, but she had no choice. He will continue to haunt her nonstop.

She pulled him to her bedroom and shut the door behind them.

The next morning

&ldquo;When are you marrying him? I need the money soon or the gangs will come after me. They said they will kill me this time,&rdquo; said Wat. Sakol turned away, &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t know. It seems I&rsquo;m not his only girl. He won&rsquo;t give me an answer.&rdquo;

Wat turned and kissed Sakol on the top of her head. &ldquo;Well, hurry up. Do everything possible to get me that money.&rdquo; Sakol answered, &ldquo;I will.&rdquo;

Thida turned to look in the mirror and noticed a pimple on her chin. &ldquo;Ugh, why today?&rdquo; she asked herself. Her mom had told her to go get herself checked out because she&rsquo;s afraid if she doesn&rsquo;t the next time she faints, she won&rsquo;t be so lucky.

Thida asked her mother what she meant and her mother explained, &ldquo;A couple weeks ago, Kaphol came to drop you off. He said you were talking to him at the coffee shop and you suddenly collapsed. He carried you to your room and even arranged someone to bring your car back.&rdquo;

Thida wondered if she really was just talking and suddenly blacked out. She could&rsquo;ve imagined the whole make out scene.

After class, Thida got in her car and drove out the front gates. She passed a motorcycle that parked a few blocks away and saw someone who looked at Sakol take off her helmet and leaned in to kiss the guy.

Her head kept facing the couple that she didn&rsquo;t realize she was about to clash with another car until the car honked at her. She pressed the brakes and her head hit the steering wheel. &ldquo;Ow!&rdquo; she screamed.

Thida looked out in front of her and noticed it was Kaphol. She was furious. She stepped out and placed her hand on her hip. Kaphon stepped out of his car and freaked out at Thida before she could make a sound.

&ldquo;What the heck were you doing? Why aren&rsquo;t you keeping your eyes on the road? You nearly hit my car!&rdquo; he screamed. &ldquo;Did you faint again or what?&rdquo;

Thida lashed back, &ldquo;No, I didn&rsquo;t faint! I was just distracted, that&rsquo;s all. Stop making me even more pissed off. I had a bad day as it is.&rdquo;
Kaphon laughed, &ldquo;Let me guess, your bad day consists of a zits.&rdquo;

Thida grabbed her face, &ldquo;How did you know?&rdquo;

Kaphon chuckled. &ldquo;Wow, I was kidding.&rdquo;

Thida put her hands down. She stomped back to her car. &ldquo;Well I have to go. I don&rsquo;t want any more trouble today.&rdquo;

Kaphon called out after her, &ldquo;Where are you going?&rdquo; Thida responded, &ldquo;To the doctor&rsquo;s office.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I want to go with you!&rdquo; Kaphon shouted. He got in his car and moved it to the side of the road. Just as he did, he noticed a motorcyclist drive down towards them and Sakol walking towards the school. &ldquo;Weird,&rdquo; he thought.

Kaphon was surprised that Thida waited for him and he ran to the passenger side and got in. &ldquo;You waited? I thought you&rsquo;d leave me behind.&rdquo;
Thida responded, &ldquo;Well, you went to park your car. I&rsquo;m not that mean.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Weird, because I thought you were,&rdquo; remarked Kaphon. Thida punched him in the arm and they both chuckled.

At the clinic

Kaphon stood next to Thida as she asked to fill out her registration forms. The receptionist looked up at them and smiled. &ldquo;Is this for prenatal checkup?&rdquo; Thida&rsquo;s face scrunched up. She looked at the receptionist and exclaimed, &ldquo;No way!&rdquo; The receptionist pulled back a little frightened by her remark.

Kaphon put his hand on Thida&rsquo;s shoulder to calm her down and looked around to see everyone in the waiting room staring at them. &ldquo;I shouldn&rsquo;t have let you come with me,&rdquo; said Thida. &ldquo;So embarrassing.&rdquo;

Kaphon smiled and thought, &ldquo;You&rsquo;re the one embarrassing yourself.&rdquo;

Kaphon waited for Thida to come out of the check up and immediately asked her what was wrong. She crossed her arms and stomped out of the clinic. &ldquo;Hey!&rdquo; Kaphon shouted, &ldquo;I asked nicely. What is going on?&rdquo;

Thida stood still and looked at Kaphon directly in the eye, &ldquo;It&rsquo;s nothing. I don&rsquo;t want you to call me anorexic or anything okay?&rdquo;

&ldquo;What do you mean?&rdquo; asked Kaphon. Thida responded, &ldquo;Fine. It&rsquo;s just I haven&rsquo;t been eating well and all that stuff because of school. I get stressed out and I just forget to eat. So I faint here and there.&rdquo;

Kaphon grabbed Thida&rsquo;s arms and uncrossed them. &ldquo;Follow me,&rdquo; he said. Thida dragged behind Kaphol as they came to a street vendor selling chicken kebabs. &ldquo;6 please!&rdquo; called Kaphon. The vendor responded, &ldquo;Coming right up!&rdquo;

&ldquo;Now, you can eat. Plenty of protein there. No wonder all I see you do is drink coffee. And I see you in the cafeteria, but you hardly get in line to order anything unless NongLynn is there. And you leave without finishing your food. From now on, I will make sure you eat!&rdquo; exclaimed Kaphon.

&ldquo;Jeez, I don&rsquo;t need someone to monitor me, okay? And I didn&rsquo;t think you paid that much attention to me,&rdquo; replied Thida.

&ldquo;Well, too bad. I am going to monitor you from now on. And here I thought you fainted because I was too hot to handle,&rdquo; said Kaphon. Thida&rsquo;s heart jumped out of her chest. &ldquo;What do you mean?&rdquo; she asked.

Kaphon smiled, &ldquo;Seriously? You don&rsquo;t know? You&rsquo;re still denying it ever happened. What happened that night. I can&rsquo;t get it out of my mind.&rdquo;

Thida turned away, her face turning bright red. She didn&rsquo;t dare turn back. She decided to change the topic. &ldquo;Hey, did you see Sakol with the motorcyclist?&rdquo;

Kaphon answered, &ldquo;All I saw was you driving and not looking in front of you. But, I did see Sakol walking away from the motorcyclist and him driving past as I went to park on the side of the road.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Well, I saw them kiss,&rdquo; said Thida. &ldquo;It wasn&rsquo;t the first time I saw Sakol embrace someone else. I tried to tell P&rsquo;Sakorn too, but he didn&rsquo;t believe me.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I told you, that idiot is blind. That&rsquo;s why he&rsquo;s easily fooled,&rdquo; said Kaphon.

&ldquo;True,&rdquo; said Thida. &ldquo;And he has something he&rsquo;s not telling me about and I&rsquo;m bound to figure it out.&rdquo;

Her face went back to normal shade and she hoped Kaphon had forgotten about commenting about their kiss. She turned back around just as the vendor handed them the chicken kebab. &ldquo;He deserves every bit of karma that is headed his way,&rdquo; said Kaphon.

His face went from a joking manner to very serious. Thida stared at Kaphol as his breathing became heavy and his face angered.

&ldquo;So much drama between them. Why am I so curious to find out what is going on? I should just leave them. But I love P&rsquo;Sakorn and don&rsquo;t want him to get hurt. Yet, I don&rsquo;t like that he is hiding something from me. And Kaphon, he doesn&rsquo;t seem as horrible as P&rsquo;Sakorn described. He&rsquo;s nice, well sort of. And so tall. So handsome. What am I saying?&rdquo; thought Thida.

Thida&rsquo;s mouth opened in awe as thoughts raced in her mind. She didn&rsquo;t realize Kaphol had come out of his angry state and was leaning above her face. His eyes twinkled as he looked at Thida&rsquo;s eyes. He smiled and Thida felt her heart go out of rhythm. She couldn&rsquo;t get away from his strong gaze. She had to get out of it, so she reached for a kebab and took a bite out of it.

Her mouth was stained with teriyaki sauce and Kaphon fought to hold in his laughter.


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This is really good...i keep coming back to reread even though theres no new update :D
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