[CH3] Mia Jum Pen (D One TV) : Mai Warit / Pie Rinrada


sarNie Egg
I dropped this cause I hate Tomorn's character. Not gentleman at all, with Tawan "being raped" and her having her arms open to hug him and he just didn't want to hug her. Honestly, rape victims deserve all the hugs and even a hug even if she wasn't raped since she was tortured. I saw that some Thai netizens are as pissed as I am about this... yes it's just a lakorn but morally it's so wrong and annoying. Also, what bugs me about this lakorn is that it seems P'ek never really truly respects N'ek the way I'd like. It's always she's wrong until he finds out himself she's not. Like why can't he just believe her or side with her for once?? Now it will be worse with him doing the torment to her for revenge. I'm usually really into these type of lakorns but this one just beats the cake cause it made me drop it LOL

I love Pie's acting though.. she's so awesome. I'm excited for her next role with James!
Right now banmiajumpen trending on twitter because of latest episode..


sarNie Egg
I don't know I feel about today episode. So many things happened in today episode that is leaving me with so many mix emotions and feelings. I still don't know how I feel about Tohmon.


sarNie Juvenile
I’m only watching this because of Pie’s acting. She’s doing one heck of a job. I’m not. The Tomorn is such an ass. His character is not pra’ek material, he’s a coward!!


sarNie Hatchling
i never knew pie was such a great actress, im so pleasantly suprised! the plot is getting repetitive with all the back to back killings and misunderstandings but i find myself anticipating the next episodes coz i cant wait to watch pie onscreen! when she is being cheeky and mischievous i cant help but to grin foolishly and when she starts crying i can literally feel my heart breaking! i really enjoy watching her, hope i can see more of her in lead roles after this


sarNie Egg
I can't believe the p'ek in this lakorn! Tormon is one A hole male lead. I was looking forward to this drama. But the first episode appeared to be a comedy and I don't enjoy comedy. But I proceeded to watch it because I was waiting for Wong Wien hua jai! I can't believe how Tormon acted when he thought his wife was raped! His parents also didn't seem too concerned either? They seemed pretty casual. Surely Tormon should know he is the father of her baby! The time they had sex and the time he thought she was raped must be at least a few weeks apart. Ultrasound can give pretty accurate gestation dates so it didn't make sense for him to assume her weeks of gestation related to the time she was raped. Personally, I would of left Tormon for Natee!

I watched the original when I was quite young so I don't remember much of the storyline. However, this drama was a let down. I also couldn't stand Pie's crying. She makes this annoying cry sound. I also am not sure I will like to see her play the lead in future either. I don't mind her as support though. I started watching Mai when he played with Oom, but have since not enjoyed any of his other work, even Mia Arjeep!


sarNie Adult
I finally finished this one, it was okay nothing special and I certainly will not recommend this lakorn to other people. The ML in this version was less stupid but more infuriating while the FL was less submissive.
The most memorable part were the mother and daughter duo, I disliked the way the other female supporting were treated here. I felt they pushed too much characters and maybe they needed to focus more on the couple.

The beginning was okay but then slowly it went downhill. They had to include such horrible scenario:BangHead: . If only focus on to be more light hearted and ML had better character maybe the rating would be higher.