[CH3] Mia Jum Pen (D One TV) : Mai Warit / Pie Rinrada


sarNie Hatchling
I'm actually looking forward to this version now with the two teasers and MV being released. I do agree that it seems the comedic approach may be too much but I think I will like this versions "Tawan" more than the old version.

Does anyone know if this version will have Tomorn's sister that is handicapped? I didn't see her in any of the MVs or teasers so I'm wondering if they kept that part or not.


sarNie Adult
Wow they changed a lot of details in this one. I really liked the older version even tho n’ek was sooooooooo weak!


I still go back to watch Talay Fai
Okay CH3 really came through with this one! I don't remember the last time I was able to enjoy a Ch3 lakorn.
What a light hearted rom-com to enjoy early in the year.