Ch3 new actresses and actors


sarNie Oldmaid
Here are some of the new actresse and actors from ch3

ชาลิดา วิจิตรวงศ์ทอง

ฐากูร การทิพย์

ธนิดา กาญจนวัฒน์

วรวัฒน์ ล้อรัตนชน

กานต์ อรุณเรืองสวัสดิ์

ชาวดิน รัฐกาญจน์

ฐิติอานันท์ พัทธไพสิทธิ์

ณัชร นันทโพธิ์เดช

ธนธร ศวัสกร

ณัฐนันท์ จันทรวิโรจน์

ยรรยงค์ คำสุขใส

วิภาวี ศิริมะณีวัฒนา (I think she Glad from Power 3 club I'm not sure.)

วรินทร ปัญหกาญจน์


sarNie Adult
Except the first girl who is quite cute
the others...they just look...I don't know what to think lol.
just hope they have good acting at least !
wth? why do these channels keep recruiting new faces? the first girl is cute, but the guys are a no-no; same with the other two's not like ch.3 lacks actors/actresses...but they keep getting new people...and the majority of the new people just can't act...


sarNie Granny
hmmm this will be interesting....i think it's just me but the first guy's eyes remind me kind of chakrit's...of course krit's is dreamier and sexier, but i don't what it is...


sarNie Adult
i agree with everyone that the first girl look prettier than most of other girls, but i think all the girls and guys are decent looking. not try to offensive, but i think most of them look way better and cuter than ch.7 newbies.


Mama Noy ♥️
how the hell are they recuiting new actors/actresses now a days?? -_-

The guys are not cute whatsoever.
the first girl & last girl are the only ones that are pretty.


Expired Sarnie
I guess I will go to Thailand and audition for a part. :p I guess nowadays it’s not base on looks anymore =) which is a good thing! Right? ;) Maybe these people have talent I mean they better do! :lol: I give them props. :D By the way, they are all decent but not quite what I wanted. :unsure: The newbies for channel 7 is alright too but I ain’t digging it =) :blink:


sarNie OldFart
Gale and Mint aren't new to me , lol :p I've seem them plenty of lakorns. ฐิติอานันท์ พัทธไพสิทธิ์ is pretty HOTNESS :p Want to see him onscreen, lol :p


sarNie Egg
^ true that they're not new... but they are newbie actresses... including that other girl jenny thanida