[Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)


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news from komchadluek a news saying P'Anne wanted to directed/produce lakorn in the near
future and this article said Anne planning on remaking her old lakorn where she
co-starring with P'Au Thanakorn this is the 4th remake of this lakorn the 3rd was
Puri and Ann Alisha by Exact Ch3

Anne suggest Mark and Kim to take on this new version
Anne she's discussing with Ch3 Big Boss

news update @pantip



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Why Mark and Kim again, I want to see both of them with others. Good for Anne, she's talented so I'm sure she will do a great job. It's weird that she wants to produce her own remake. Well she can give them tips.

Thanks Alice.


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No Mark and Yaya. I guess everyone will want Mark now after TD. I don't mind Kim. It was not like he had paired up with her before. Taew would be nice too.


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How about Mark and Margie? If they're using Margie with Mario, they sure can use her with Mark. At least he's more mature looking than little Mario.


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Firstly, I'm extremely happy to hear that Anne is thinking of producing one of her old projects! I will definitely tune in no matter what. Secondly, I'm somewhat annoyed that Ch.3 is always pairing the same people when their first lakorns aren't even broadcasted yet. I'm already skeptical about Mark and Kim for 3 Num so for now I can't say I'm okay with this couple but if Anne really prefers them for this lakorn, I'm sure she has her reasons. As for Yaya, yes P'Anne adores her very much. I wouldn't mind if Yaya doesn't get to be in here because I'm sure she'll have her chances soon. Besdies, she's been learning a lot from Anne BTS of GRGR. It'd be fair for Anne to work with other newbies too :)


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Mark is pairing up with Kim in Sam Num Nuer Thong.
I totally forgot about that lakorn. If I can go back in time, I would have Mark and Kim in here than there. It would be nice for Kim to be in here. She needs a lakorn were she is a bit more childish. She has been taken two mature roles already.


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yayy for mark and kim, i love them both individually, so if i get to see them together i'm more than happy


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Wow mark in new lakorn but want yaya with mark in here. If Ann is the produce of grgr right or not I was confuse when read this.but if mark and Kim it fine for me, one more thing want mark play with ja too. Any One know what is this storyline about hope it a romance and drama or slap kiss sight* want to see mark and yaya in slap kiss too :thumbsup:


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I heard that ch3 Already gAve Anne the greenlight to produce this lAkorn. I just wish she didn't chosen a remAke for her first lakorn. I'm happy and sad at the same time cAuse thAt would mean we will see less of her

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I can't wait to see Anne's first lakorn being a producer, since she's a great actress i hope she's gonna be a great director/producer. I will watch this for Anne despite my dislike for Kimberly.


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I never saw Ann T's version but I liked Ann/Puri's. Storyline was dumb but the n'ek was cute. I loved Ann A's silly expressions, she was adorable and funny w/out being over the top. I can't imagine Kim being silly enough for Amika but we'll see I guess. And Mark needs a challenging role and this won't do it.