[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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i think Nadech is in Florida now, right? one more week Yaya will arrive in SF. Can't wait to see them in the state.
yeah he just landed I guess cuz I saw few photo & 1 video has been posted . so glad that he have a safe flight

P/s: sorry posted 2x cuz suddenly I saw someone else posted other news after am done


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OMG, OMG, OMG! They are really coming! How exciting! Hehe
but one thing I'm afraid that I won't get to see them. Hu hu hu. :(

My cousin needed to prepare because they're coming SF soon. Hahah! :p
She's going to be my worker to go take photos of Yadech and record them to me! Haha


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I think the best chance is to try to meet them at SF airport. Hopefully, Barry.Ya and NadechYaya Facebook post their flight schedules when the date is getting near. Nadech will fly directly from Florida to SF on the 13th and Yaya, her mom, Nadech's mom? and the Lay crew will fly to SF on the 14th. Don't know where and how long they will be staying in SF since they still have to go to LA and Las Vegas too.


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nobody seems to know exactly where in San Fran they're going to be at? it seems like it will be very hard to catch them.
Usually they said its at downtown where a lot of people go and watch their idol there but dont count me on that one, thats just what my cousin says. Lol and you're right we aren't sure where exactly it's placed but just hopefully we get to meet them in reality. :)


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I hope when IMAGE magazine comes out on December 10, Yadech fans will not have a heart attack!

Yaya said Bali is a romantic place so there will be some romantic scenes in here.

Cannot wait for the inside pictures!

Thanks chimeraspunk for sharing.


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@boakim: Thank so much for your translation, for your hard work, Boakim....Love Yaya's shyness...sooooooo kute...>...<...Love you too^^
@chimeraspunk: SOOOOOOOOOOOOO..Hot photo :woot2: ...Thank you so much for your sharing Chimer...^ ^.....When I see this photo I was "impressived" of Nadech's face....haha...His face is like.."she is MY GIRL"...Oh..I can't stop smiling when I think about it...but I love it :woot2: ..Hope to see full photo shoot of IMAGINE magagine ^^

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This is so sad. I surely won't be able to meet them at the airport bc I have to work. I really wish they have some updates on the exact location bc im only two hrs away from SF. if anybody sees them at the airport, can y guys ask them where they will. be at?


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@chimeraspunk, thanks for the picture, they're so hot!!!

Here's the MV created by Pittanomipa (thank you so much) to send Nadech to U.S.A for 2 events while Yaya's in Thailand doing the Pond commercial.
The song is Two Time (song we la) and the music is so nice and appropriate.


I love this song. Here's the summary( some words are difficult to explain)

Even though we are apart, I was not afraid.
Even though we are far apart, it's not lonely.
I have a duty to perform.
Before going to sleep , we think of each other once.
If we dream of each other,, then I thank you.
When we woke up, we think of each other once again.
It enough that my heart miss you when you're far away
Although we may not have met and talk.
Although she did not return, it does not matter.
No letter is ok
I have sent my heart to you.


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OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!! I'm speechless, on there Bali photoshoot!!!!

cool :)

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OMG! they're almost here!!! they need to tell us where exactly they guna be at! shoot if i have to skip school, i will! :arrg: :cry: .lol im serious 555


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I am so mad and sad...i will be flying to Florida right after Nadech leaves for Cali...I will bearly miss him!! WTH, thats so not fair! can't wait to see Yaya join him...and his birthday parties LOL


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@ cool :) . You are not the only one here. It's getting so close that I'm just sitting here crying,
and looking for more info on their lays trip. Still, NOTHING! I really want to know their
flight schedule so that I can at least go greet Yadech at the airport. *sign* I sometime wish
I never knew about this trip. :(


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Nadech in Florida

Without Yaya, Nadech looks like these,

Very funny!

cr: as tagged & NadechYaya fb

Don't worry, Yaya will follow soon!!!!

Add more pictures

So excited that Yaya will join him soon



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Both Yadech attended the Tisco Wealth Party later on that day and Yaya couldn't carry the high note when they sang Talay See Dum. Nadech had to help her out. Yaya has a migraine headache especially in the sun that's why you often saw Nadech carried umbrella for her.
i just watched the tisco wealth party, i dont know why but i was so touched and getting all teary at how considerate and thoughtful nadech was singing the whole song along with yaya knowing she wasnt feeling well, *sigh* you cant be nicer than that, nadech is sure a rare gem, so please yaya show us some positive signs before i decide steal your nadech away! LoL

is that our yadech in the bali photoshoot? they are getting hotter and hotter it's unrecognisable, at this rate not only we have to prepare our hearts, but our laptops and iphones may be overheated too with more hot pics to come!!



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Again, :thanks:everyone for the clips, pictures, MVs, articles, etc.

@bubba, thank you for taking the time to translate the clip for us. The song is so appropriate for their situation. Pitta always picks the nice and meaningful songs for Yadech's MVs.