[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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My only reaction to the picture is only OMG >_> OMG >_> OMG

Spazzing mode right now and I can only imagine what else is to come....

Miss Bouakham

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Omg! My heart must have stopped for a good five seconds! I saw it ob my Facebook newsfeed and had to zoom in many times just to make sure....this shot is spazz-tastic!!!


It needs the brackets with IMG in it, before & after, I believe. Let me try one. Credit as TAGGED:

@Race, I'll let you post the rest na. Copy & paste the link that starts with the bracket IMG...

I am extremely excited for this series. I hope NY do their research on Yakuza thoroughly. Make me believe!

Kittiya, thank you so much for translating the novel. I have to read it all but the parts I have read translated by you, it is great!


@Mao, use the link that has IMG in the brackets ja. You just used the direct link one. Try it again...


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@ Cookies, Dal: OMGGGGGGGGGGG.......I can't "breath"....I don't know how to describe my feeling right now.....OMG.....Love..love...love...love these photos...sooooooooooooooo...much...How romantic..how..beautiful...how sweet..they are....These photos like "NY'S REAL HONEY MOON"....Thank you so much Cookies&Dal...
Now let me enjoy together naz ^ ^!!

And here some more photos...OMG...I wanna have IMAGE MAGAZINE right now!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh...Maybe it called " Honey sleep" ^ ^

"Plz don't go"......because....

"I LOVE YOU...." :kiss2:
(The clearer version of "Kiss" photo ^ ^)

Tonight...maybe I can't have a good night....because...just close my eye...These photos make my mind..... :secret:

Yaya...Soooooooooo sexy!!!

And...The funny moment of NY

Haha...Nadech looks so happy.....I love his expression....

Credit: NY Pantip Fb


Live Love Laugh
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

WOW, I'm speechless!

I just noticed something. Today date is 12-12-12 and Yadech magazine comes out with a bang. It only happened once in a life time.

I read that they have to order more prints for this magazine since so many people pre ordered it.

ps: DONT MISS THIS! Go to the Photo Gallery, Magazine Section. dertaajaf just posted all the pictures, I think?


FF Writer!! Love it!
omg new pics are so hott!! Someone will have to make me a new poster for my ff Killer or The Marriage!! Please do someone haha!! Thanks cookiies and Dal!!

cool :)

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:drool: they are lookin goooooood! omgawsh, cant sleep tonite . anyways does anyone know their schedules to san fransisco tomoro?...