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Odd pairing. But ill be amazed if ch7 really do go film this abroad lol it doesn't happen often with them


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oh wow.. tui is back again yay!!.. and yay!! another lakorn for kwan..

but hmm.. im not too sure of this lakorn.. n the pairing-ish.. hmm..

but sweet.. filming abroad.. XD


sarNie Juvenile
Um Huh! That's a Kwarky couple......
I really don't see the lakorn is going to be and Tui????
I mean If the nang ake seems a bit older cool but tui and kwan seems
like a father/daughter thing. I thnk that Vee Should be the preake instead of
Tui. (IN my opinion)

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Oh poor Kwan, she looks so broken up and she comes to work even though her father just passed away. Stay strong Kwan!!!


sarNie Adult
Feel bad for kwan about her dad...the outfit looks nice but what bugs me about it is her nails. LOL. She should have make it a tad bit shorter. Somehow, it just looks ghetto. But she's still pretty. :)


sarNie Coma
i give kwan props for staying strong. i hope she hang on there

hmm, im not really feeling the wardrobe though especialy the guys. it reminds me of willy/mews lakorn "tarm hua jai.." but i liked theirs better especially seeing willy in those clothes :wub: