sarNie Egg
When is this going to air? I really to want watch it although I heard that Ch 7 lakorns are now copyrighted through that true??


sarNie Egg
Yeah sadly its true, ch7 is missing out on a lot of international fans, what a loss for them. thing you know they'll probably start charging us... hopefully ch 3 will have the sense not to do this to their international fans...

Guess I have to buy this lakorn instead


sarNie Egg
This lakorn takes forever. Hoping it'll be worth the wait. When is it slated to air? I miss Kwan she hasn't had a lakorn for a while. Isn't this a short lakorn?


sarNie Hatchling
Someone from ch7 said that they are quite sure that this will air this year...not sure it is true or not... I don't want this to drag on 2013....

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
70%? Wow they probably film like twice a month. This lakorn is ridiculously slow, I wanna see more of my Kwan!