Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)


sarNie Egg
I think this lakorn is airing next week btw :)

I"m excited for this lakorn mainly for the fact that MART is playing in it. I loved him ever since Likit Khamatep (MUSTWATCH!!) with Ann and Mae Kha Kanom Wan with Cherry. At first, I was hesistant to watch it since I like watching lakorns with pretty people in it. Cherry is gorgeous, but I like to watch a lakorn in which the nang egk is girly and beautiful. Anyways, I feel like this story won't be as much of a love story, but more of a family value teaching type from all the trailers that I've seen. I hope that this story will have a strong love story line since I'm a sappy asian girl, that enjoys sappy asian dramas :)


sarNie Adult
Wonder if they will keep the same theme song as the old version or not...

Yeah like someone said, it's more like a family value drama with hidden secrets.


One of the lakorn that I've been waiting to see! Donut as a n'rai is a must see! I wanna see how well she can portray the n'rai role. She's such a n'ek n'ek. Hehehe. Taew looks so cute!! And Mart, so handsome! Louis Umarin is the villain again!​


sarNie Elites
I just saw a teaser of this lakorn, and it looks really good! I cannot wait to see it!


sarNie OldFart
I know it is. But in the lakorn Mart is suppose to be wayy older than Taew anyway. & Ohhh, Taew's role is veryy weak indeed! I can tell from the teasers already. She's like another Bpeeyachat (Pueng's role in NGAO ASOKE!). This lakorn is totally like another version of NGAO ASOKE, CH3 version. LOL! :p