Emmi's Art


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ahaha.. i get bored easily reading tutorials so i just do random artwork.. lol..

hmm.. i 4got if i joined their forum... it's been a while since i logged into any forum besides sw n sf...


sarNie Juvenile
Still my all time favorite couple:

I'm bummed... I tried to do this with the picture :

but then it came out like this when I tried....:

So I fixed it until I finally liked it, thankfully... :)

I should stay away from tutorials since I don't like what I get when I follow directions lol


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i thought u followed the tutorial well..
i think that you should have lesson the brush's opacity a bit..

the after one looks nice as well .. ^_^


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emmi, he's in a new lakorn with film and janie called suay rerd cherd sode...he gets with sara legg