Fad Tarng Pope (Twins from Different Worlds)


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Alright guys, here's the anticipated first piece of the fanfiction...
Again, I'm a new writer so please forgive any grammatical errors or mistakes. This is my first time writing a story.


The waiting room in the maternity wing of the hospital was filled with anxious fathers. Some were impatiently pacing around the room while others were chatting happily with their families. All were waiting excitedly for their new bundles of joy. The most anxious of all however, was Passawat, who was pacing up and down right at the entrance of the maternity hall. He was expecting two bundles of joy.
The thought of his babies brought tears to his eyes. Unlike other fathers who were expecting a normal delivery of their newborns, Passawat knew his babies’ lives were in jeopardy. His wife, Yana was having complications and was admitted into the delivery room earlier than expected. The babies would be premature.
“Khun Passawat ka.”
A middle aged nurse emerged from the maternity hall while Passawat was trying to fight back his tears. When he noticed the nurse’s smile, his tears seemed to evaporate at once.
“Krub,” said Passawat. “How is my wife and children?”
“The mother and the babies are doing great,” replied the nurse. “Your wife delivered two healthy boys.”
Passawat let out a sigh of relief.
“Where are they?” he asked.
“We are preparing a room for your wife but your baby boys are in the NICU because they are premature,” said the nurse. “You may go see her as soon as she gets the room but the babies cannot leave the NICU right now.”
“Thank you krub,” nodded Passawat.
“Congratulations,” said the nurse, still smiling.
When Passawat knew that his wife was on the fourth floor in room 407, he rushed there as fast as he could. However, his heart almost instantly shattered when he saw her. Yana was dead. Passawat took off the broken necklace around her neck and started bawling. Doctors and nurses immediately rushed in when they heard his loud crying. Suddenly, Passawat remembered his newborns and took off as fast as he could to the NICU. His boys were next to each other in separate incubators. Still crying, Passawat put each half of the broken necklace inside his two bundles of joy.
“This necklace symbolizes the love I have for your mother but now it is broken,” he whispered. “I want both of you to each keep a side of the heart and always remember that both of us are always there for you.”


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Haha you can add everyone. The more, the merrier. Wow LOL:) your FF must be a great one, you're working hard for it and you ask us everything I like your spirit. Wish can have one like yours. :thumbsup:
Yo, since you're the first one to reply to my UPDATE question, I'll take your comment into consideration. So, there is an 80% chance that I'm going to add Chompoo Araya and Pope Thanawat to the cast. Thanks for your interest!


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The prologue start out to be good, though it still long way to go I still wanna :cheer: you to keep writing! I wish I could write one day.

Yo, since you're the first one to reply to my UPDATE question, I'll take your comment into consideration. So, there is an 80% chance that I'm going to add Chompoo Araya and Pope Thanawat to the cast. Thanks for your interest!
I'm in the fan fiction mood these days so I'll reply to every single update lol.


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Thanks Asy! I'll try to post Chapter One as soon as possible. My Christmas break is around the corner so whenever I have time, I'll get a move on, haha! Glad you like the Prologue. I felt like I sort of rushed on it a bit.


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aiko - yes handsome siblings. i dont know why but i couldnt bring myself to finish both versions. maybe im being biased because i'm a tvb/80's lover :coverlaf:

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Good news...had some free time today and worked on Chapter One of "Fad Tarng Pope". Well here you go, hope y'all like it!

Chapter One: Home Sweet Home
Upon his return home, Passachon had much to learn. He had just obtained a degree in Business Management from America but he knew it wasn’t going to be easy to work in an environment he wasn’t interested in. Diamonds Galore is the largest jewelry producer in Thailand, most particularly diamonds. However, it is owned by Sia Gumjorn and his wife, Khun Ying Pimrada, both who are infamous within the mafia industry. Now that Passachon has returned to Thailand, his Loong Jorn and Na Pim are ready for him to help manage their company, Diamonds Galore.
“What are you going to do after breakfast?” asked Loong Jorn the following morning after Passachon’s return. “Are you going to the company with me?”
“I just got back yesterday,” said Passachon. “I want to take a day off today and rest.”
Passachon knew it was the wrong thing to say but he really meant it. He wasn’t ready to work. In fact, he never looked forward to working at Diamonds Galore.
“What did you say?” asked Loong Jorn, his anger rising.
“Khun ka, Passachon just came back from America,” Na Pim began. “He deserves a day or two off.”
“Now that he’s completed his schooling, he should go help us at the company,” said Loong Jorn. “I’m not going to let you go out and cause trouble like before.”
“Chai si, everything I do you never appreciate it,” said Passachon, standing up.
“Pat!” squealed Na Pim. “Sit down and listen to your uncle.”
Not wanting to anger his uncle the first day back, Passachon obeyed his aunt and sat back down.
“You never change,” said Loong Jorn. “You’re stubborn just like your father.”
“My father what?” asked Passachon.
Passachon never saw his father. He never saw his parents. For the last twenty two years, he was raised by Loong Jorn and Na Pim. Loong Jorn was one of his father’s best friends. As soon as his parents died, Passachon was taken in by Loong Jorn and Na Pim. Growing up, Loong Jorn taught him how to be a man such as: teaching him life lessons, how to use a gun, and not to be weak. Sometimes, Passachon felt Loong Jorn was teaching him how to be a mafia. At least that’s what people referred to him as, a mafia’s son, “look mafia”.
Passachon did not know how long he had been daydreaming. The flashbacks of his childhood made him lose track of how long he had been sitting there.
“Krub,” he answered.
“Alright, alright,” said Loong Jorn. “Just by looking at your face, I can tell you’re not capable of working today.” “I’ll let you rest today.”
“It must be from the plane ride,” said Na Pim. “Why don’t you go back to your room and rest a bit?”
“No, I want to get some fresh air,” said Passachon. “I’d like to excuse myself.”
“Let him go,” said Loong Jorn.

Next thing, Passachon was in his car driving around the city. Krungthep never looked busier, he thought to himself. He didn’t know where he wanted to go. Minutes later, Passachon noticed two girls arguing in the distance. He drove up closer and pulled to the side behind them. It seemed that one girl tailgated the other girl’s car.
“Is there anything I can help with?” he asked politely.
“It’s none of your business,” said one of the girls.
She had long, curly brown hair and was very pretty. Her attitude, on the other hand, was very feisty.
“What are you looking at?” she asked. “Haven’t you ever seen two girls arguing before?”
“Khun ka,” said the other girl.
Passachon turned to face her. She was indeed as equally pretty as the other girl but more polite.
“Krub,” said Passachon. “Is everything okay?”
“She accidentally tailgated me,” she said. “Did you witness it?”
“No,” replied Passachon.
“If you didn’t see it, don’t butt in our business,” said the feisty girl.
“Well, I can be a mediator,” said Passachon. “My name is Passachon or you can call me Pat.”
“Didn’t I just say we don’t need your help?” asked the feisty girl.
“Look, you don’t need my help but that doesn’t me she doesn’t,” said Passachon, pointing at the polite girl. “Plus, you’re the one at fault.”
“How do you know it was my fault when you didn’t even see what happened?” asked the feisty girl. “She braked so suddenly, how am I supposed to stop my car that fast?”
“You shouldn’t have been driving to close behind her,” said Passachon.
“Alright, alright,” said Passachon. “This is only an accident so don’t argue over it.”
“Easy for you to say,” said the feisty girl.
“Let me take care of it,” said Passachon looking at the polite girl. “I’ll take responsibility of your car.”
“That’s good,” said the feisty girl. “I don’t have to waste my time.”
“How can I let you take care of this when you’re not even involved in it?” asked the polite girl.
“Look, if he says he’s going to take responsibility then let him,” suggested the feisty girl. “I suggest you ask him to be your boyfriend so he can protect you.”
“Don’t say that,” said Passachon. “I was going to ask you about your car too.”
“I can take care of my own car,” said the feisty girl. “I don’t need your help.”
“Well since you’re the one at fault, why don’t you take responsibility of her car too?” asked Passachon, smiling.
“We were handling our situation,” said the feisty girl. “But, you came in and volunteered to help her so, I don’t have to waste my precious time.”
“Okay,” said Passachon.
“Choke dee na.”
The feisty girl finally turned around and left. Passachon rounded his eyes on the polite girl.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Maleewan, ka,” she answered. “Or, you can call me Wan.”
“Okay krub, Khun Wan, I think we should take your car to a repair shop,” suggested Passachon. “Can you still drive it?”
“Yes,” she answered. “I’m sorry for wasting your time.”
“Sorry for what?” asked Passachon, smiling. “You’re not wasting my time.” “How about this, you drive your car and follow me to a nearby repair shop.”
“Okay ka,” replied Maleewan, smiling back.
Passachon led Maleewan to a nearby repair shop and to their surprise they unexpectedly ran into more trouble. They noticed a familiar face…the feisty girl.


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Love it so far! More more more.

@aikoden. Love the poster. Good job!!


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Love it so far! More more more.

@aikoden. Love the poster. Good job!!
Thanks. Will try to update the next chapter(s) as soon as possible. I'm in the midst of studying for finals but this is my last week so next chapter should be coming soon enough.


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Thanks. Will try to update the next chapter(s) as soon as possible. I'm in the midst of studying for finals but this is my last week so next chapter should be coming soon enough.
All the best for your final na! :) :thumbsup:


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Chapter Two: When Love Clashes

Passachon’s first day back was absolutely a mess. He started off on the wrong foot with his Loong Jorn but as usual, Passachon was lucky enough to have Na Pim around to save his back. However, what bothered him the most was his clash with the two women that he initially tried to help. Passachon couldn’t seem to get them off his mind, especially the woman named Maleewan. Her face was too familiar and he could’ve swore he saw her somewhere before.

Next morning, Passachon knew better and tried hard not to upset Loong Jorn. He got dressed in his business attire and went to work without Loong Jorn having to tell him.
“It’s good to see that you’re catching on,” said Loong Jorn, when they got in the car.
“Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you,” said Passachon.
When they reached the company, Loong Jorn introduced Passachon to the management department and the factory headquarters where the precious jewelry were made. Some of the older employees who had seen Passachon when he was a kid were thrilled to see him grow into a fine and charming young man. Passachon was relieved to see how happy they were to see him back.
At noon, Passachon decided to go out for lunch but accidentally ran into a familiar face in the elevator. It was none other than Chompoo, the feisty woman he had met only yesterday.
She raised her right arm to hit him but he quickly ducked.
“What do you think you’re doing following me around?” she asked.
It was only the two of them in the elevator.
“What makes you think I’m following you?” asked Passachon. “It’s more like you’re following me.”
“Don’t be too conceited,” she said. “There’s nothing of you that interests me.”
She straightened up her posture and held her chest high. Passachon noticed an employee’s badge around her neck. Without notice, she struck him on his face.
“What did you slap me for?” he screamed.
“Because you’re perverted,” she said. “Even a slap is too little.”
“Nee! I’m not interested in you na,” said Passachon. “I just noticed the badge around your neck.”
“Chai, I work here,” said Chompoo proudly.
“When we get out of here, I’m going to tell the security guards to drag you out,” she said.
She looked around wildly.
“But, why is this elevator taking so long?” she asked finally, with a panicked voice.
Passachon had just noticed. The two of them had been in that lift for at least five minutes. Usually, it didn’t take that long to travel from floor to floor.
“Is it broken?” asked Passachon.
“Broken?” repeated Chompoo. “Does that mean I’m stuck here with you?”
Passachon covered his ears with both hands and squatted down. When Chompoo finally stopped screaming, he uncovered his ears and got up.
“Why did you scream?” he asked, rubbing his ears.
“Because I don’t want to be stuck here with you,” she said. “What do we do?”
Passachon looked up and around for the camera. When he spotted it, he waved madly and called for help.
“What’re you doing?” asked Chompoo.
“Oy, are you an employee here or not?” asked Passachon. “I’m waving at the camera so the people who monitor the lifts can help us.”
“Oh,” she said. “Well, how did you know there were cameras in here?”
“This is the twenty first century na khun,” began Passachon. “There are cameras like this everywhere; use common sense.”
“Hey, I know!” said Chompoo happily.
Chompoo reached into her purse.
“What are you doing?” asked Passachon.
“Looking for my phone so I can call for help,” she said in a sarcastic tone. “Better than you who can’t even think of anything.”
“Look, I don’t have my phone with me,” said Passachon. “If I did, I wouldn’t just stand here dumbly and let you yell at me.”
“Wah, my phone died!” said Chompoo.

They must’ve been stuck in the elevator for twenty minutes now. Passachon’s stomach began to growl.
“What’s that sound?” asked Chompoo, listening closely.
“It’s my stomach,” replied Passachon. “I’m hungry.”
“Now?” asked Chompoo. “How can you be hungry when we’re in a situation like this?”
“You’re not hungry?” asked Passachon. “It’s past noon now.”
She didn’t reply but Passachon knew that she was hungry too because she no longer had the energy to yell or slap him. Chompoo finally sat down on the opposite of Passachon and shot a mean look at him.
“What?” he asked.
“This is all your fault,” she said. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be stuck here.”
“How can you still blame me?” asked Passachon. “I was on my way to lunch but unfortunately I ran into you.”
“I’m the one that is unfortunate,” she said angrily. “Every time I see you, there is always some trouble!”
“And you think I’m any better than you,” he said.

When the elevator door finally opened, Passachon got up and took a deep breath. Chompoo straightened herself up, grabbed her purse, and pushed Passachon out of the way.
“Hey, watch it!” said Passachon.
“I’m in a hurry,” said Chompoo. “I need to hurriedly tell the security to drag you out of here before you annoy me any more than this.”
Before Passachon could explain, Chompoo had already called for the security guards.
“Guards, drag this man out and never let him step foot in this company again,” said Chompoo.
The guards stood there frozen.
“Did you hear me?” asked Chompoo, stepping towards the guards.
“Yes, we heard,” replied the two guards who were standing there looking scared.
“If you heard me, why don’t you do as I asked?” asked Chompoo. “Do you know what kind of person this guy is?”
Passachon just wanted to laugh his lungs out. He decided to stand there and enjoy the show.
“He is…he…
“He is what?!” shrieked Chompoo. “DRAG HIM OUT!”
“He is the owner’s nephew,” said the guards finally.
For a split second, Passachon wished he had his cell phone with him to capture the priceless look on Chompoo’s face. It was definitely a moment to remember.

Ever since she learned that Passachon was the owner’s nephew, Chompoo never seemed to bother Passachon again. They often ran into each other though, because they both work in the same company. Sometimes when he felt like it, Passachon would tease her and as angry as she was, she never had the nerve to speak up or fight back at him.
One day, Na Pim witnessed Passachon teasing Chompoo near the elevator. Seeing Na Pim nearby, Passachon immediately pretended that he was innocent. With the serious look on her face, he knew that Na Pim wasn’t going to put up with it.
“Pat!” she squealed. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing,” Passachon lied. “I was just passing by.” “I’m on my way to the factory.”
“Are you sure?” asked Na Pim, still eyeing him suspiciously.
“I’m sure, krub,” he lied again. “Excuse me; I have some business to take care of at the factory.”
“Wait,” said Na Pim.
He was now side by side to Na Pim.
“You better not let me catch you doing anything inappropriate,” she whispered in his ear. “This is a working environment.”
“Krub,” replied Passachon.
Passachon walked off rubbing his lips. He just had his first kiss.

All the way down to the jewelry factory headquarters, Passachon still thought about the kiss. He wondered if he stole Chompoo’s first kiss. It didn’t matter to him anyway because he enjoyed every moment of it. Passachon lips formed a slight smile.
When he finally reached the entrance and reached out to open the door, it swung open as if it was automatic. Next thing, Passachon realized he was lying flat with his back on the ground and looking up at Maleewan. Their lips barely touched. She was incredibly beautiful, thought Passachon.
“I’m sorry,” said Maleewan, getting up.
Passachon stood up, patted the dirt off his jacket, and pulled it straight.
“That’s okay,” said Passachon. “Khun Wan, right?”
“Ka, Khun Pat?” she said as if she wasn’t sure.
“Krub, what are you doing here?” asked Passachon.
“I work here,” said Maleewan. “How about you?”
“I work here too,” said Passachon.
Passachon thought for a moment and added, “I’m a new employee.”
“Oh, no wonder I’ve never seen you around here before,” said Maleewan. “I’m a new employee as well.”
“Really, well, where are you going?” asked Passachon.
“I was on my way to lunch,” she replied. “How about you?”
“Um, I’m also going out to lunch,” he lied. “Do you care to come with me?”
“Don’t say no,” said Passachon. “Since we both work here, we should get to know each other.”
“Okay, ka,” she nodded.

Passachon led Maleewan to his car and opened the passenger door in the front for her.
“Khob jai, ka” she said with a sweet smile.
When Passachon got in the car, he tossed the manila folder he was holding to the back seat.
“What is that?” asked Maleewan.
“Oh, um, it’s just something I need to take care of,” said Passachon. “Nothing big, I can take care of when we come back from lunch.”
“But, I noticed you were holding that folder as you were walking in the factory while ago,” she said. “If you’re skipping work to go to lunch with me…
“I’m not skipping work,” said Passachon. “Trust me, I just started working here, do you think I would want to get fired by skipping work?”
“Okay,” she said.
Passachon smiled and started the car. He drove to a nearby Italian restaurant and for the next two hours, he had the best lunch experience ever.


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Thanks for update.

Chompoo is annoying as hell!!! It is getting interesting though.

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