Fad Tarng Pope (Twins from Different Worlds)


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Chapter Three: Twice as Nice
Somewhere beyond the mountainous regions that border Thailand, is a beautiful country called the Kingdom of Kiriman. The surrounding landscapes are absolutely breathtaking and the atmosphere welcoming. It is no wonder that the region is a tourist magnet.
Inside the palace of the Kingdom of Kiriman, a handsome young man awaits his mother, who is also the current Queen of Kiriman. The young man is none other than the charming Prince Inchampa, who is elegantly dressed in a nice suit. The door opened and the Queen walked in.
“Are you ready?” she asked.
Inchampa nodded.
“Krub,” he replied.
“Good,” said the Queen. “Don’t forget he is your enemy and you must kill him to avenge your father’s death.”
Inchampa was tempting to ask why his father was killed. In fact, he was loaded with questions. He knew better not to ask though because his mother hated and refused to answer any questions that dealt with his father. Sometimes, he felt like he wasn’t her biological son.
The Queen put her hand on Inchampa’s face and smiled.
“You look just like your father,” she said.
Inchampa looked into her eyes as if there were secrets behind them. Growing up, Inchampa never saw his father. For as long as he could remember, he was raised by his grandfather, the former King of Kiriman, who had passed away only a year ago. When he was just a little boy, Inchampa’s grandfather taught him warfare tactics and trained him just like a soldier. However, Inchampa was never taught politics and such things like, how to run the country. The thought of this led to another question. “Will he, Inchampa become the King of Kiriman one day?” Inchampa never thought about being King and didn’t plan to be either but he couldn’t help but wonder, “If he was the only Prince, how come he was never taught politics or anything on governing a country?” Besides, his mother, the Queen and current head of the country, never mentioned anything about him becoming a King.
Inchampa shuddered a bit and came back into reality.
“What are you day dreaming about?” asked the Queen.
“Nothing,” Inchampa lied. “I was just thinking what if I fail in completing the task?”
“Nonsense!” shrieked the Queen. “You must do it to avenge your father’s death.”
Inchampa forced a nod.
“Your father was unlawfully murdered,” said the Queen. “If you’re a filial child, then you will kill the enemy and avenge his death!”
“Krub,” said Inchampa.
“However, the enemy passed away many years ago,” began the Queen. “But his son currently resides in Thailand and he must redeem his father’s mistakes.”
“What is his name?” asked Inchampa.
“Passachon,” replied the Queen.

During his journey to Thailand, Inchampa tried not to think about his father’s death. The more he thought about it, the more stressed and angry he felt. It is wrong to kill someone who is innocent. Inchampa didn’t want to kill a person who wasn’t at fault. Besides, the enemy had already passed away. Killing the enemy’s son would only create more enemies and lead to more revenges.
Inchampa began to think of his trip to Thailand as a vacation. He wanted to put all the stressful things aside and make time for himself. He laid his head back and drifted off to a good nap on the airplane.
A couple of hours later, Inchampa stepped foot on the Land of Smiles for the first time in his life. Not knowing where to start, he decided to first take a taxi and go to a nearby hotel.
“What kind of hotel?” asked the taxi driver.
Inchampa was puzzled.
“What do you mean what kind?” asked Inchampa.
“Well, there are five star ones, decent ones…
“The best in the city,” said Inchampa, before the driver could finish listing the different kinds of hotels.
The driver took one good look at Inchampa from head to toe and nodded with a smile.
“Okay, krub,” said the driver.

After about forty minutes of the taxi ride, the driver stopped in front of a magnificent looking building. The taxi driver opened the door for Inchampa and went to the trunk to grab Inchampa’s belongings, which was only a large luggage. Inchampa looked up at the building and read, Bangkok’s Luxury Suites and Spa. It was luxurious alright. The driver handed Inchampa his luggage and held out his hand for Inchampa to pay him.
“Keep the change,” said Inchampa.
“Thank you, krub,” said the driver.
Inchampa walked in the hotel and was welcomed by the security guards up front. He nodded back at them and made his way to the front desk. To his surprise, the check in process was a breeze. His suite exceeded his expectations. Even though it wasn’t comparable to his room in the palace, it was more than livable. Inchampa tipped the bell boy and shut the door with a sigh. He set his luggage on the king-sized bed and unpacked his belongings. With a quick glance around the room, he noticed the grand armoire in the corner and neatly arranged his clothes in the drawers. Then, he grabbed the provided white bathrobe and decided to take a warm bath. When he undressed, Inchampa emptied his pant pockets and took out his cell phone and wallet. He then realized there were two missed calls from his mother while is phone was on silent all the while. Inchampa took a deep breath and decided to return her call after he bathed. However, after the soothing bubble bath, Inchampa collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The digital clock on Passachon’s desk read exactly 5:00 pm. He cleaned up his desk, closed his notebook, gathered his files and shoved them into his suitcase. Passachon rushed to the jewelry factory hoping to catch Maleewan as she was leaving. His heart leapt when he spotted her coming out the door.
“Khun Wan, krub!” he shouted from afar.
Passachon ran towards her as she stood there and watched.
“Why are you still here?” she asked. “The company closed already.”
“Oh, I uh…forgot something in the factory,” Passachon lied. “It’s okay though since it’s closed, I’ll get it tomorrow.”
“Are you heading home?” he asked.
“Yes,” she replied. “Where else should I go?”
“Oh, I was wondering if you will go to dinner with me,” said Passachon.
He hoped she would say yes.
“I’m sorry,” said Maleewan. “I should be heading home.”
“Well, if that’s so, that’s okay,” said Passachon.
He sadly watched as she walked.
“Wait!” yelled Passachon, all of a sudden.
Maleewan stopped and turned around. Passachon approached her with a smile.
“May I walk you to your car?” he asked.
She looked at him, puzzled.
“For your safety,” he quickly added.
She laughed.
“It’s only half past five and besides, there’s a lot of people around,” she said, still laughing. “It’s not even dark yet.”
Passachon tried to put on a sad face.
“But I’m not stopping you if you still want to walk me,” she added, smiling.
Passachon’s face lit up.
When they reached the garage, Passachon saw Chompoo in the distance. As soon as she saw the sight of Passachon and Maleewan, she headed towards them.
“You’re so fast,” said Chompoo to Maleewan.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Maleewan. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go home.”
Maleewan tried to walk away but Chompoo kept talking.
“You must be really anxious,” said Chompoo. “Hooking up with the owner’s nephew is the first step to a promising job.”
Maleewan looked at Passachon.
“You’re the owner’s nephew?” she asked.
She looked at Passachon with disappointment.
“Krub,” replied Passachon. “I didn’t tell…
“Well of course he is,” said Chompoo. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know.”
“Nee, Khun Chompoo krub,” Passachon began. “Khun Maleewan really didn’t know who I was.”
Again, Maleewan tried to walk away from the scene. Passachon could tell that her temper was rising.
“Khun Maleewan krub, I can explain,” said Passachon going after her. “I didn’t mean to…
“You might want to hurry!” yelled Chompoo. “She’s going to…
Passachon turned back around and stormed towards Chompoo. His temper was rising too.
“Will you just shut up?!” he exclaimed. “You’re only an employee here and I’m your boss so I can fire you at any time.”
“You don’t have the power to fire me now,” said Chompoo. “At this time, you’re not my boss because it isn’t work time.”
At this point, Maleewan had already left. Passachon looked around the garage and stepped closer towards Chompoo with a smile. She must’ve sensed what was going to happen next because she was backing away slowly from Passachon.
“Nee khun, what’re you doing?” she asked, with a scared look.
“What do you think I’m going to do?” asked Passachon. “Right now, it’s just me and you and it’s not work time so I’m not your boss and you’re not my employee.”
“What are you going to do?” she repeated, backing away further.
Passachon cornered her to a wall and leaned in close. Chompoo raised her right hand to slap him but he caught her it in mid-air and held it tight. He leaned in some more and she began to fight back. Passachon nailed her to the wall and planted a kiss on her soft, glossy lips. Chompoo was immobile for about a good thirty seconds before she started fighting back again. This time, the slap came earlier than expected and struck Passachon on the left side of his face.
“You must like it,” said Passachon, rubbing his cheek. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t just stand there and let me kiss you.”
Chompoo raised her hand to slap him again but Passachon backed away and she fell forward face first. Passachon started to laugh.
“Are you okay?” he asked. “Do you want another kiss?” “I’m good with slap and kiss.”
Chompoo got up and stomped her way to the car without saying another word or trying to assault Passachon again. He laughed until Chompoo sped away in her car.

After leaving Diamonds Galore Company, Maleewan drove around the city. It was now 7:37 pm. “I’ve been driving around foolishly for this long?” she thought to herself. Her stomach began to growl. The hunger drove her mind away from Passachon.
Maleewan finally decided to grab something to eat. She slowed her car down and almost mindlessly ran into a guy on the curb. It seemed as though he was about to cross the street. Maleewan parked her car and rushed up to the guy, who stood there frozen.
“Are you okay?” she asked him in panic. “I didn’t mean to.”
“I’m fine,” he said. “I don’t think you’re supposed to park here.”
The guy pointed to the nearby “no-parking” sign.
“Oh, I just wanted to grab something to eat around here and I didn’t notice the sign,” said Maleewan. “I’ve been having a bad day so I don’t know where my mind is right now.”
The guy smiled.
“I’ve had a long day too,” he said. “I’m a tourist here.”
“Oh, really?” asked Maleewan, eyeing him from head to toe. “You don’t look like one.”
“I’m the one that should apologize to you,” he said. “I don’t know my way around here.”
“What is your name?” asked Maleewan.
“My name is Inchampa, krub,” he replied. “What is your name?”
“I’m Maleewan,” she said. “Or you can call me Wan.”


sarNie Juvenile
Chapter Four: Friend or Foe

For many days, neither Maleewan nor Chompoo spoke to Passachon. Coincidentally, Passachon was also busy with work. If he hadn’t been busy with work, he would tease the two girls for sure. Passachon knew that Maleewan was angry at him for not telling her the truth about his true identity. As for Chompoo, Passachon guessed she was just afraid to talk to him.

After the meeting, Passachon took the new orders down to the jewelry factory. As soon as he walked in, there was only one thing on his mind…he hoped to catch the sight of Maleewan. He had been dying to explain everything to her though he couldn’t understand why she took it so seriously.
Passachon met the manager in the office and handed over the new orders. Then, he took a look around as if he expected Maleewan to be lurking around.
“Khun Pat krub,” said the manager.
“Krub, Khun Somkiet,” replied Passachon.
“Are you looking for someone?” asked the manager.
“In fact, I am,” said Passachon. “Is Khun Maleewan here today?”
“Krub, Khun Maleewan comes to work every day,” said Khun Somkiet. “She is also a very hard worker and often stays overtime.”
“Really?” asked Passachon, with a surprised look.
“But, for the last couple of days there’s this guy that picks her up for lunch,” said Khun Somkiet.
“Really krub?” asked Passachon.
“Krub, she is actually out at lunch right now,” said Khun Somkiet.
Passachon nodded.
“Khob khun krub,” said Passachon.
“Krub, if there is nothing else, I should return to work now,” said Khun Somkiet. “I will put in these orders and will let you know when they are ready.”
Passachon left the factory and headed back to the company. For some reason, he didn’t know why he felt so sad and jealous. Maybe he was in love with her, he thought.

Throughout his whole life, Inchampa had never felt so happy. In fact, he never had happiness at all. Ever since he met Maleewan that night, he felt a sudden surge of warmness and happy feelings run through him. For once in his life, he was free. No bodyguards. No hard training. Most importantly, no sadness. For the past couple of days, Inchampa forgot all about his mission and purpose in Thailand.
Inchampa looked at the food on his plate that Maleewan had ordered for him.
“Eat it,” she said. “It’s good.”
“Krub,” he said smiling.
“I come here often and their food never disappoints me,” she boasted.
Inchampa dug into his grilled salmon steak and side vegetables.
“It is very delicious,” he said.
Maleewan smiled.
Midway into their lunch, Inchampa’s phone rang. It was his mother, the Queen of Kiriman.
“Excuse me,” he said to Maleewan.
Maleewan didn’t seem to mind. Inchampa walked outside and answered the call.
“Where have you been?” asked his mother. “Have you done what you were supposed to do?”
“No,” said Inchampa. “I don’t know where he is.”
“Well use your brains!” shrieked his mother. “A person like Passachon is not hard to find.”
“Krub,” said Inchampa. “I’ll try my best.”
“I don’t want you to try your best, I want you to be your best,” she said. “Passachon’s father killed your father!”
“Krub,” Inchampa repeated.
He took a quick glance at the restaurant window where Maleewan was sitting. She was still eating.
“It would be easier if I had people to help me,” said Inchampa.
“You mean bodyguards?” asked his mother.
“No, I meant…
“The reason why I didn’t send you bodyguards is because I didn’t want you to attract attention,” she said. “You’re perfectly capable of doing everything on your own.”
“Okay,” said Inchampa. “I understand.”
“You need to hurriedly take care of that guy,” said his mother. “He is your enemy.”
“Krub,” said Inchampa again.
His mother hung up. Inchampa did not know what to do. He went back inside and pretended everything was normal. However, when Maleewan saw his face, she started to question him.
“Why are you looking like that?” she asked. “What was that call all about?”
“Nothing,” he lied. “It was just a wrong number.”
“Wrong number?” asked Maleewan. “Well why were you out there for so long?”
“Oh, it’s because he called twice,” said Inchampa. “That caller was sure he had the right number.”
“Oh,” said Maleewan. “Eat up; your food is getting cold.”

After lunch, Inchampa dropped Maleewan back off at work. At the same time, Passachon was leaving the building but when he caught the sight of Maleewan, he rushed up to her.
“Khun Wan krub,” he said.
Maleewan turned around looking startled.
“What do you want?” she asked trying to walk away. “I already told you I have nothing to talk to you about.”
When Passachon grabbed Maleewan’s arm, Inchampa stormed out of the car and tugged Passachon’s jacket sleeve.
“What are you doing?” asked Inchampa. “Let her go.”
“What do you know?” asked Passachon bravely. “I have some things to clear up with her.”
Maleewan broke free from Passachon’s grab.
“Let me tell you something Khun Passachon,” Maleewan began. “I don’t have anything to clear up with you and you need not speak rudely to this man!”
“Your name is Passachon?” asked Inchampa.
“Chai, you got problems?” asked Passachon. “Who are you anyway?”
“My name is…
“You don’t have to know everything,” said Maleewan. “And just leave me alone.”
“I don’t know why you have to take it seriously,” said Passachon, losing patience. “I just…
“What if someone lied to you, how would you feel?” asked Maleewan.
“Will you just let me explain?” asked Passachon.
“Look, if she says she didn’t want to talk to you, stop bothering her,” said Inchampa.
“This has nothing to do with you,” said Passachon. “You dropped her off already so why don’t you leave.”
“Nee Khun Pat!” exclaimed Maleewan.
“Its okay, Khun Wan,” said Inchampa. “I should leave now.”
“Wait ka,” said Maleewan, as Inchampa opened the car door.
“Bye krub,” said Inchampa.
When Inchampa’s car was no longer in sight, Passachon grabbed Maleewan’s arm and forced her to the side of the building.
“Let me go!” she screamed.
Maleewan tried to struggle free but Passachon held on tighter.
“I’m not letting you go anywhere until I say what I want to say,” said Passachon.
“Okay, I don’t care what you want to say or explain,” said Maleewan.
“At least listen to me,” said Passachon.
“No,” said Maleewan.
Again, she tried to break free.
“Let me go already!” she screamed. “If you don’t, I will yell that you’re raping me so that everyone can hear.”
Passachon let go immediately.
“Why can’t we just talk like before?” he asked.
“Like what,” said Maleewan. “So that you can lie to me and make me look dumb?”
“It’s not like that,” said Passachon. “Just let me…
“If you have nothing else, I will go to work now,” said Maleewan.

When Inchampa got back to his hotel room, he decided to check out. He wanted to move into a condo closer to Diamonds Galore so he can keep an eye out for Passachon, his enemy. Besides, staying in a hotel wasn’t the best idea because he didn’t know how long he was going to be in Thailand. A condo was his best bet. It was much more affordable and private than a hotel. Most importantly, it was closer to his enemy. The only way Inchampa could get closer to Passachon was through Maleewan.

Back at the company, Passachon couldn’t help but to think about Maleewan. No matter how hard he tried or what he said, she didn’t seem to care. Maleewan took leave early than usual that day to visit her father in the hospital. That reminded Passachon that he too had a relative recovering in the hospital. His uncle Loong Rawit had been in the hospital for twenty years. At that time, when Passachon was just an infant, Loong Rawit had got into a car accident that paralyzed him up until now. Ever since Passachon returned from oversea and having been so busy, he never went to visit Loong Rawit in the hospital. He decided he would do so the next morning.
That night, Passachon had a strange dream. He dreamt of a broken heart that was split into two but he only had one side of the heart. Passachon looked for the other side but it was nowhere to be found. All of sudden, the other side appeared out of nowhere but no matter how hard he tried, Passachon couldn’t seem to piece it back together. Passachon woke with a start and rubbed his eyes. What a dream! It must be because he was heartbroken, he thought to himself. But why was he heartbroken? Passachon concluded he must’ve been in love with Maleewan.

Passachon got dressed and left the house without having breakfast. He headed straight to the hospital to visit Loong Wit. When he went up the steps of the hospital, Maleewan came down the steps on the opposite side. Passachon jumped over the dividing rail in front of her and spreaded his arms out stopping her.
“Wait,” he said. “We need to talk.”
“I already said I didn’t have anything to talk to you about,” said Maleewan. “Don’t you understand human language?”
She turned to the side and walked away. Just as he was about to stop her again, Passachon saw the security guard at the door. He watched her go without saying another word.
Passachon went up to Loong Wit’s room and began to tear up. Loong Wit was immobile and incapable of speaking. He could only hear.
“Loong Wit, krub,” said Passachon quietly. “I’m here now.” “I’ve been back from oversea for about a month now but I’ve been so busy with work.” “I’m sorry I haven’t paid you a visit lately.” “How are you feeling?” “I wish you would recover very soon.” “Has Loong Jorn and Na Pim visited you lately?”
Passachon saw a fruit basket on the nightstand near the bed and smiled.
“Na Pim and Loong Jorn must’ve been here right?” asked Passachon. “I can tell from the fruit basket.”
Tears trickled down Loong Wit’s face. Passachon wiped it with a tissue and held Loong Wit’s hand.
“It’s okay, krub,” said Passachon. “I know how you feel.” “I have to go to work now.” “I’ll visit you again later.”

Passachon left and wiped his own tears. When he got to work, he took a deep breath before getting out of his car. He could still picture Loong Wit’s situation in his mind. More tears filled up Passachon’s eyes.
“That isn’t a usual sight,” said a voice.
Passachon had walked right past Chompoo.
“What do you want?” asked Passachon. “Are you expecting another kiss?”
Chompoo raised her hand to slap Passachon but stopped with her hand in midair.
“Never mind, seeing you cry just makes my day,” said Chompoo. “I’m not going to slap you.”
“If that’s so, thank you,” said Passachon, walking off.
“Did she break up with you?” asked Chompoo.
Passachon turned around.
“What did you say?” he asked.
“That Maleewan girl, did she break up with you?” she asked again, smiling. “The other day I saw her going to lunch with a very handsome and elegant looking guy.”
“It’s none of your business,” said Passachon. “I’m not in the mood to joke with you.”
“I’m not joking,” said Chompoo, smiling. “But that guy really is handsome and they seem very sweet together too.”
“Oh, I know,” said Passachon, with a smile. “You like me do you?”
“Are you crazy?” asked Chompoo. “Don’t be too conceited.”
“I think you’re the one head over heels for me,” said Passachon. “Thit jai chai mai?”
“What are you talking about?” asked Chompoo turning pink in the face.
“My kiss,” replied Passachon. “You like it do you?”
“Why would I be interested in a ‘look mafia’ like you?” asked Chompoo.
Chompoo made a face and walked away. Passachon shook his head and headed to his office. He was used to people calling him ‘look mafia’.

“Khun Passachon, ka,” said the secretary.
When Passachon’s secretary saw him coming down the hall, she hurriedly rushed towards him.
“Is there something Ganda?” asked Passachon.
“Ka, there is trouble,” said Ganda.
“What is it?” asked Passachon.
“The foreign customer that ordered the emerald jewelry set said that the diamonds surrounding the emerald pendant are fake,” said Ganda.
“Arai na krub!” exclaimed Passachon. “How can it be?”
“Aye Pat!”
Passachon looked ahead and saw Loong Jorn coming his way.
“How are you working?” asked Loong Jorn. “How can those diamonds be fake?”
“I don’t know,” said Passachon. “It isn’t possible.”
“It is possible already!” exclaimed Loong Jorn. “Mr. Thornton is a big customer and we can’t lose him!”
“Leave this matter to me,” said Passachon. “I will find out who is behind all this.”
“And how exactly are you going to do that?” asked Loong Jorn. “You just came back and started work and now these dumb things are popping up in the company.” “How are you going to fix that?”
“Does that mean you don’t trust me?” asked Passachon.
“It’s not the matter of not trusting you but I don’t trust your work,” said Loong Jorn. “We’ve been in this business for so long and it’s never happened before but when you start working here these crazy things come up too.”
“You can ensure that I have nothing to do with this matter,” said Passachon. “I will clear this problem up as soon as possible.”
“It’s easier said than done,” said Loong Jorn. “Let’s see what you’re going to do.”
Loong Jorn walked away and left Passachon clueless. How on earth was he supposed to fix the problem?! Passachon decided to start at the factory so he took the elevator back down to the lobby and disappeared out the door. He met with Khun Somkiet, the factory’s operating manager in the office and explained the situation to him.
“How is that possible?” said Khun Somkiet.
“That’s what I said,” said Passachon, shaking his head. “How can it be?”
“How are you going to find out what happened?” asked Khun Somkiet.
“I think you might be able to help me with that,” said Passachon. “Who did you assign the project to?”
“I remembered that day you came in with the design and order,” began Khun Somkiet. “I gave it to Khun Maleewan because she is the most skillful out of all the employees in here.” “Even though she is young and new, she is very experienced and this was her first big project.”
Passachon looked shocked.
“Who…who did you say you gave it to?” asked Passachon.
“Khun Maleewan, krub.”


sarNie Juvenile
Thanks for the update!!!
I freaking love your ff!
Nice job ^_^
Aww thanks for reading it. :) I seriously need to improve my writing skills though. I proofread each chapter I finish like three times before I post it.
Oh, in the upcoming chapter: Pakorn (Chin), our baddie, will be introduced and the action will begin...just a hint ;)


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I bet Maleewan actually falls for Passachon for sure, LOL. And Chompoo still annoying as always (for me she's annoying). Ohh how I wish Inchampa didn't lie about the call. And I hate the Queen too.

Thanks for a long chapter na. :thumbsup:

By the way, I love your writing skills. You're a good serious writer... Donna is a freaking good humorous writer while you're more serious, but I love you two the same. :) Keep it up!


sarNie Juvenile
I bet Maleewan actually falls for Passachon for sure, LOL. And Chompoo still annoying as always (for me she's annoying). Ohh how I wish Inchampa didn't lie about the call. And I hate the Queen too.

Thanks for a long chapter na. :thumbsup:

By the way, I love your writing skills. You're a good serious writer... Donna is a freaking good humorous writer while you're more serious, but I love you two the same. :) Keep it up!
Thanks for the compliment Asy. Thank you ALL for reading my fanfiction. You guys are my inspiration. :thumbsup:


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Chapter Five: The Beginning

Passachon had had the same dream again: the broken heart, the pendant, the mysterious story behind it... it was beginning to bother him. He spent a good amount of time thinking about it after waking up that he almost forgot he that had to go to work. When the thought of work finally came to his mind, it led him to think about Maleewan again and the fake diamonds around the emerald pendant. Could Maleewan possibly be the culprit? She definitely didn’t seem like the type that would do such a thing. She was lovely, sweet and incredibly beautiful. But was she innocent? Passachon believed so, at least.

Two men sit on a parked motorbike behind a large pole barrier in the parking garage at Diamonds Galore. They had on denim jeans and black leather jackets, not professional working attire. Both still had their motorcycle safety helmets on.
“Why isn’t he here yet?” asked one of the men, who was sitting in front. “I’m losing patience.”
“Let’s wait a little bit longer,” said the other. “He should be here any minute.”
“Don’t fail,” said the one sitting in front. “If we fail, both of us will get nothing for sure.”
“I know,” replied the other.
Passachon arrived at work a little late. The dream, Maleewan, the fake diamonds remained in his mind all the way to work. When he stepped out of the car and closed the door, Passachon failed to realize there were gunmen nearby. As he walked slowly to the door, one of the gunmen on the motorbike carefully pulled out a gun and aimed it at Passachon’s upper back. The door in front of Passachon opened and out came Maleewan.
“I have…WATCH OUT!” she yelled suddenly.
Too late. The gunman had already fired and both of them quickly fled away on the motorbike. Passachon shielded Maleewan on the ground but when he lifted his head, Maleewan’s eyes were closed.
“Khun…KHUN WAN!” he yelled. “Wake up!”
Passachon began to panic. Maleewan was shot on her back near the shoulder.
“Wake up!” he yelled again. “Please be okay, I won’t let anything happen to you.”
As he picked her up, tears trickled down his face.
“I won’t let anything happen to you,” he repeated.
Passachon put Maleewan in his car and drove as fast as he could to a nearby hospital. His heart was pounding and even more tears filled his eyes. At that moment, the only thing on his mind was Maleewan’s life.

The two gunmen, who failed with their task, kneeled on the clean, shiny floor before a young, charming man.
“HOW THE HELL DID YOU GUYS FAIL?!” yelled the young man, pointing at the two gunmen. “I thought you guys said you never fail.”
“Someone came out and helped him,” said one of the gunmen. “We almost had him but…
“No buts!” yelled the young man again. “Don’t try to come up with excuses after your failure.”
“If that woman had not come out, that Passachon guy would’ve been dead for sure,” said the other gunman. “What do you want us to do know Khun Pakorn?”
“I’m in a good mood today so I’ll give you guys another chance,” said the young man, whose name is Pakorn. “But don’t take another risk too soon because I’m sure aye Passachon already told the cops to search for you guys.”
“Krub,” said the gunmen, simultaneously.
“Dumbasses,” said Pakorn.

Passachon sat on a chair in the waiting room outside the Intensive Care Unit looking back every now and then in case the door to the ICU opened. He expected good news. Maleewan had already been in the operation room for an hour and a half. Finally, a nurse with a clipboard came out to the waiting area.
“Are you Khun Maleewan’s relative?” asked the nurse.
“I’m her boyfriend,” said Passachon, standing up at once. “How is she?” “Is she alright?”
“Calm down, ka,” said the nurse. “Her life is no longer in jeopardy.”
Passachon gave a sigh of relief and smiled.
“Can I go in and see her?” he asked.
“Ka,” replied the nurse. “Khun Maleewan is now being transported to a room on the second floor.” “If you don’t have any more questions, I will excuse myself now, ka.”
The nurse disappeared into the ICU hall. Passachon left the waiting room and just as he turned the corner, a policeman walked up to him.
“Are you Khun Passachon?” asked the policeman.
“Krub,” replied Passachon.
“I’m Officer Kong,” said the policeman, extending his arm for a handshake. “I’m here to ask you a few questions regarding the incident.”
“Okay,” said Passachon. “I don’t know much because both of the gunmen had their helmets on.”
“Do you have a camera in the parking garage?” asked Officer Kong. “Perhaps a footage of the incident could give us more leads.”
“No,” said Passachon.
“Did you see their license plate number?” asked the Officer Kong.
“No, krub,” replied Passachon. “They fled away quickly on a motorcycle but I didn’t see their license plate.”
“This might be a little hard then,” said the Officer. “However, we can check the bullet that struck Khun Maleewan and try to determine where and what gun it came from.”
“Okay, krub,” said Passachon. “If you have any leads, please contact me immediately.”
“Krub,” said the Officer.
Passachon followed Officer Kong to the ICU to retrieve the bullet from the surgeon who performed the operation on Maleewan. After getting the bullet and putting it in a small Ziploc bag, Officer Kong left the hospital.
Finally, Passachon went up to the second floor to visit Maleewan. She was still unconscious from the anesthesia. Moments later, Passachon fell asleep right next to her, with his arms and head on the stretcher.

Maleewan opened her eyes and noticed Passachon sleeping right beside her. Her lips formed a slight smile.
“What kind of person are you really?” she wondered to herself in a whisper. “Some days, you’re all mysterious and some days you’re generous. I can’t catch up with you.”
A phone call ruined the moment and awoken Passachon. Maleewan quickly shut her eyes. She didn’t want Passachon to know she was already conscious.
“Krub,” said Passachon, with a yawn.
“WHERE ARE YOU?!” bellowed Loong Jorn, over the phone. “I tried to get in touch with you all morning. Why are you just now answering your phone?”
“I’m in the hospital,” said Passachon, trying to keep is voice low. “I must didn’t have service in the ICU area earlier.”
“WHAT?! Why are you in the hospital?” asked Loong Jorn.
“Someone tried to assassinate me this morning but luckily an employee at our company saved me,” replied Passachon.
“Who saved you?” asked Loong Jorn. “And how is the person?”
“Her name is Maleewan,” said Passachon. “She is still unconscious.”
“How about your work?” asked Loong Jorn. “Did you find out who put in the fake diamonds?”
Passachon had forgotten all about the fake diamonds on the emerald jewelry set.
“No, krub,” said Passachon. “I don’t know.”
“Well you better hurry up and take care of that issue,” said Loong Jorn. “I want to know who that person is.”
“Krub,” replied Passachon. “I will take care of that as soon as I can.”
From Loong Jorn’s voice, Passachon knew that his uncle was running out of patience. He could careless anyway because the only thing he was worried about at the moment was Maleewan. Passachon put his right hand over Maleewan’s left cheek and caressed it.
“I don’t know what to do,” he said quietly.
He did not know she was listening.
“Please wake up,” he said.
Why is she asleep for so long, he thought to himself. Passachon left the room and asked the nurse of his curiosity about Maleewan’s unconsciousness.
“It’s because of the anesthesia and sedatives,” replied the nurse. “She should wake up any time soon now.”
“Okay, krub,” said Passachon. “If that’s so, I will leave her under your surveillance because I have some urgent work to do. I will back soon.”

Maleewan opened her eyes and thought about the phone call between Sia Gumjorn and Passachon. She knew that Passachon suspected her but she couldn’t alter the past. She had already gave the real diamonds to Pakorn.

Back at the company, Passachon came up with an idea and called for a meeting. He announced to everyone in the management office that he would appoint Maleewan as his personal secretary. He didn’t state why or give any reasons at all. By making her his personal secretary, he could keep an eye on her. Passachon didn’t want Loong Jorn to know that he suspected Maleewan because he wanted to find out for himself why Maleewan did what she did. If Loong Jorn knew about it, there is a possibility that all hell would break loose.

After the meeting was over Passachon decided to go out and grab a bite to eat. He hadn’t had anything to eat all morning. The time on his watch read 1:17 pm. It was way past the usual lunch break.
“You love her that much?”
Passachon turned around and found himself face to face with Chompoo.
“What do you want now?” asked Passachon. “I’m tired and don’t want to put up with you today.”
“Actually, I’m glad you caught up with me,” said Passachon, suddenly. “Come have lunch with me.”
“What?” asked Chompoo, looking puzzled.
“I said come have lunch with me,” said Passachon, slowly. “I’m going out for lunch.”
“But I already ate,” said Chompoo.
“I don’t care,” said Passachon. “I’m tired and hungry and I don’t like eating alone. If you don’t want to eat, you can just simply sit and watch me eat.”
Chompoo made a face.
“What is up with you?” she asked. “You…you are so rude.”
“Shut up and just come on,” said Passachon, grabbing her arm.
He dragged her down the hall to the elevator. They both got in the car and Passachon drove to a nearby exquisite hotel. When he parked the car, Chompoo had a panicked look on her face.
“Nee khun…khun!” she said, tugging his jacket sleeve.
“What now?” asked Passachon. “Let go of my sleeve.”
Passachon took off his jacket.
“Why did you pull up at this hotel and why are you taking off your jacket?” she asked.
“Hahahahaha!” laughed Passachon.
“What are you laughing at?” asked Chompoo. “Are you crazy?”
“You’re the crazy one,” said Passachon, trying to hold back his laughter. “I came to this hotel because I’m hungry and they have good food. What? Do you think I’m going to rape you or something? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you because a woman like you is not my type.”
“You are so crazy,” said Chompoo. “Why didn’t you tell me in the first place? You dragged me here and we’re parked in front of a hotel. What else do you want me to think?”
Passachon laughed again.
“Stop laughing right now!” said Chompoo, punching him in the arm.
“Nee khun! Why do you always have to hurt me?” asked Passachon, rubbing his arm. “And who would’ve thought a person like you like to think crazy.”
“I didn’t think…
“Alright, alright, can we go inside and eat now?” asked Passachon. “If I don’t starve to death, you’ll surely beat me to death.”
Chompoo made another face while Passachon got out of the car. When he didn’t hear her open the car door, he turned around and knocked on the window.
“What are you waiting for?!” he said loudly. “I’m very hungry right now.”
“Open the door for me then,” said Chompoo.
Passachon took a deep breath and opened the door.
“Chern krub jao ying,” he said.
“That’s more like it,” said Chompoo.
A host sat them down and placed menus on the table. There was also a chef’s special menu.
Chompoo picked up her menu. Seconds later, a waiter appeared at their table.
“Just give me the chef’s special, krub,” said Passachon.
Chompoo looked up at Passachon from the menu.
“Aren’t you going to look at the menu?” she asked.
“No,” said Passachon, flatly. “I’m very hungry right now. Plus, I’m not picky so I can eat whatever. How about you? I thought you said you weren’t hungry.”
“I just wanted to look at the menu,” said Chompoo. “Why? Can’t I just look at the menu?”
“No,” said Passachon. “You’re wasting the waiter’s time. If you’re not going to eat, don’t waste time looking at the menu.”
“I change my mind now,” said Chompoo. “I want the chef’s special too.”
Passachon smirked.
“I thought you said you weren’t hungry,” he repeated.
“Well, since you’re paying, I thought maybe I shouldn’t be so dumb and just sit here and watch you eat,” said Chompoo.
“I don’t like dining alone,” said Passachon. “Thank you for coming with me.”
“You forced me to come,” said Chompoo.
“Nee, don’t you know how to talk nicely?” asked Passachon. “You’re not lovely at all.”
“I didn’t ask you to love me,” said Chompoo.
“Whatever,” said Passachon. “I just wanted to say thank you.”
Chompoo looked confused but forced a nod.

After their late lunch, Passachon and Chompoo returned to work. When Passachon got to his office, Na Pim was waiting for him inside.
“Do you have something to talk to me about, Na Pim?” asked Passachon.
Na Pim turned around in the chair and got up. She looked worried.
“Where have you been?” she asked.
“I just came back from lunch,” Passachon replied.
“How is that girl?” asked Na Pim.
“What girl?” asked Passachon, confused.
Was she referring to Chompoo?
“Maleewan,” Na Pim replied. “The young woman that saved your life.”
“Oh, her,” said Passachon. “She’s still in the hospital but there’s nothing to worry about now. She’s fine.”
“You need to take good care of her,” said Na Pim. “She saved your life.”
“I know,” said Passachon. “I will take full responsibility of her hospital fees.”
“Not only that but you better be nice to her,” said Na Pim, pointing her finger at Passachon. “I know you’ve been teasing her.”
“You know?” asked Passachon.
“Chai,” replied Na Pim. “So you better…
“Okay, krub,” said Passachon. “I know exactly what to do.”
Na Pim walked towards the door.
“You came in here just to tell me that?” asked Passachon.
“Chai, or is there something else you need to tell me?” asked Na Pim.
“No,” replied Passachon. “But, I do want to ask you if you’ve visited Loong Wit in the hospital lately.”
“You did, did you?” asked Passachon. “I saw a fruit basket in his room when I visited him the other day.”
“Ch…chai,” said Na Pim. “I did.”
“I hope Loong Wit recovers soon,” said Passachon.
Na Pim did not say another word and walked out in silence.

For the rest of the day, Passachon couldn’t concentrate on his work. When it was time to go home, he went to see Maleewan in the hospital. However, when he got there, there was already a visitor…Inchampa.

Earlier that same day, Inchampa had tried to contact with Maleewan but due to the incident and her admittance to the hospital, Maleewan’s phone was off all day. When she finally turned her phone back on, there must’ve been a dozen missed calls from Inchampa.
“Khun Pat,” said Maleewan.
“What are you doing here?” asked Passachon, ignoring Maleewan.
“I’m visiting Khun Wan, krub,” replied Inchampa. “I tried to contact her all day long but she didn’t answer so when she called, I rushed here up here as fast as I could.”
“Well, if you already have a visitor, there’s no need for me to be here,” said Passachon to Maleewan. “Choke dee, na. I wish you a speedy recovery.”


sarNie Juvenile
Yes I am! I'm Khmer with part Thai and Chinese.
Oh, I thought so because I was on your profile earlier and I think someone asked you the same question but I was just curious. I'm actually half Thai and half Chinese but I'm fluent in Khmer. So yeah...


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Hah, no worries :) I'm fluent in Khmer too but I can't say the same for Thai and Chinese. I can understand and read more than I can speak.


sarNie Juvenile
Hah, no worries :) I'm fluent in Khmer too but I can't say the same for Thai and Chinese. I can understand and read more than I can speak.
Wow, that's weird but amazing at the same time. I'm the total opposite. I can only speak, read and write in English and French. I can only speak and understand Khmer but not read and write. I can speak and understand Thai and miraculously somehow, I'm beginning to read some of it. As for Chinese, I can only understand bits and pieces. lol...


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
It's weird indeed. I can speak Khmer fluently and I can read & write although it's not perfect. With Thai, I can understand it and read some things (by photographic memory) but I'm better off reading Thai-lish or Karaoke style as people like to call it. However, for some reason I have problems speaking. I always feel like since Khmer sounds more (trong?) when I try speaking Thai, my prounciation is off. Chinese, I can understand some mandarin and I used to be able to read but now I totally forgot everything. Don't even mention French lol, I forgot everything except for the basics :weep:

You're amazing! How I envy you for knowing so many languages!


sarNie Juvenile
It's weird indeed. I can speak Khmer fluently and I can read & write although it's not perfect. With Thai, I can understand it and read some things (by photographic memory) but I'm better off reading Thai-lish or Karaoke style as people like to call it. However, for some reason I have problems speaking. I always feel like since Khmer sounds more (trong?) when I try speaking Thai, my prounciation is off. Chinese, I can understand some mandarin and I used to be able to read but now I totally forgot everything. Don't even mention French lol, I forgot everything except for the basics :weep:

You're amazing! How I envy you for knowing so many languages!
Heck! I envy YOU for being able to read and write in our native language...something I can't do that I wish I could. I used to understand a lot of Chinese (not sure which dialect though because I was too little) when I was younger but as I adapted to English, learned French and taught myself Thai, I forgot NEARLY ALL of the Chinese I knew. I know Laos too but I just file that under the Thai category because Lao and Thai is pretty similar.