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Kyaaaaaaaa! I started reading this on my way home from work, then I chose to skip dinner to continue reading it. The plot is so good. I love the amnesia twist. And I love Gun x Pream!! and Ploychompoo x Cam too! (Though she might be a bit too young to play a booze loving happy girl  :lol: ) I love Charlie! and Mai and Jim! I love everything. I'm so excited waiting for that scene where Gun and Pream finally meet!  :woot: . 


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040156 said:
Kyaaaaaaaa! I started reading this on my way home from work, then I chose to skip dinner to continue reading it. The plot is so good. I love the amnesia twist. And I love Gun x Pream!! and Ploychompoo x Cam too! (Though she might be a bit too young to play a booze loving happy girl  :lol: ) I love Charlie! and Mai and Jim! I love everything. I'm so excited waiting for that scene where Gun and Pream finally meet!  :woot: . 
:secret: It wasn't intentional on the drinking part until after I realized I need an alcohol drinking gal, but Ploy would make an adorable 21 year old . :bopping:


Ploy fits the big-mouthed part though, very talkative and abusive in a good way too. :) I do agree on the drinking though that she is too young, but nowadays, not everyone is that innocent anymore. Kids start drinking at age ten these days even when not allowed to they will just sneak a way. I can't wait for Gun and Preem to meet (again) LOL :)


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Bieluvr said:
.... but nowadays, not everyone is that innocent anymore. Kids start drinking at age ten these days even when not allowed to they will just sneak a way.  ...
Hehe. guilty as charged! Though I like PloyChompoo and Can's interactions. they are so adorable together. How old is PloyChompoo anyway?


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040156 said:
Hehe. guilty as charged! Though I like PloyChompoo and Can's interactions. they are so adorable together. How old is PloyChompoo anyway?
<3 I've been drinking since I was fifteen... so no judgement there  :lmao3:
Bieluvr said:
She barely just turned 15.
Yeah, LOL I'm giving her a 22nd birthday in this story. She's just going to look like she's forever young.  :scooter:


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Chapter Sixteen
Ploy popped her head up from the other bed and opened one eye to look at Pream. “Why are you awake at this ungodly hour?” She closed her eyes to sleep again.

Pream laughed again to herself and went to find a spot to watch the sun rise. She pulled the shawl tighter around herself and pulled out the camera. She aimed the camera this way and that, then found a perfect shot with something coming out of the water and splashing. A foreground to that sunrise. She shook the picture and looked at it. Whoa, not bad for instant photo. She kept walking as someone was running from the opposite end. She snapped again with the waves crashing against some rocks.
Gun didn’t usually do anything active in the morning unless you counted lifting up and down his briefcase or laptop. On the first night he found a pair of sneakers and gym clothes in his bag. His household had a sick sense of humor if they thought he was the type who actually worked out. Low and behold, what was he doing this morning? Shaking his head with a laugh he continued he pace across the sands. He rubbed his eyes as a little sand was blown into his eyes.

Snapping another photo with the Instax she turned as someone came crashing in to her. She flew back and felt a little twinge on her sides. “Ow!”

Gun apologized and helped her up. “I’m so sorry.”

Pream didn’t really look at him but accepted his apologies and continued walking along the shore checking on the camera and shaking the sand off of it.

Hands on his hips and panting out of breath he watched as Pream took a photo here or there then looked at the instant photo before placing it in her bag. He rubbed his head from where he landed and felt a little bothered that there was no greetings, no recognition. Nothing. He didn’t know why it bugged him, but it just grated against him. Not even a double-take, she didn’t even look at him again.

Bending over from the exertion at the beach he leaned against the door for support. That’s it, he’s going to have to start by signing up at the gym, nights where he’s frustrated, it’s going to be gym night. He stretched his arms and legs then knocked on the door to check on his daughter.

Mai’s eyes widened in surprise again. Why does she keep looking at me like that, Gun wondered by stepped in when she moved out of the way for him. He stroked her hair and sighed. Giving her a quick kiss, he hugged her tight.

“Daddy?” Charlie mumbled from under his arms. She sounded like she was going to fall asleep again at any moment. “What are you doing here?”

“Why can’t I swing by to say hello to you, hm?” Gun asked her and gave her another tight hug.

Charlie turned around and gave him a hug in return. He chuckled. His daughter was probably sleep hugging, but he didn’t care. His daughter hugged him without him asking. If only he wasn’t so sweaty, he’d go right back to bed holding his precious doll. Giving her one last kiss he stepped back into the morning sun and gave a loud stretch. It was a good day. He twisted and stretched his back smiled up at the sun then headed back to his room.

Pream saw him exit and stretch and leaving. She was too far though to get a better look at him. That elusive husband of hers maybe? He was definitely not Can. Pream opened the door to find Mai coming out of the restroom. “Was that Gun?” Mai jumped in surprise. “It’s just me, Mai, you okay?” She patted the girl’s arm, “you look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” The nanny shook her head then excused herself to go back into the room as Pream went in to the shower to get ready.

Mai opened the room door to Gun. “Sir!” She jumped.

“Good timing, I forgot my key on your nightstand.” Gun smiled at the nanny’s frozen shock. He waved his hands in front of her face. “Mai?”

The nanny snapped out of it and let him into the room to grab his keys. He walked back out frowning at his nanny. “Do you need a day off from Charlie today?”

Mai shook her head, “I’m having a blast with Miss Charlie.”

“Are you sure?” He was doubting that his nanny was enjoying herself this vacation. “Let Jim know if you want to go anywhere. He’s been doing nothing but sightsee by himself.” He walked off not before looking over at his shoulders one more time as his nanny stood there at the door. Weird.

Fanning her face after Gun left, Mai felt like she was going to have a heart attack. Pream popped her head out of the bathroom, “who's out there?” She watched as Mai turned around slowly. “Mai, are you okay?”

She stuttered, “yes ma’am.” She was still stuttering when she said, “the mis-mister forgot-got his k-keys.”

Pream watched as Mai’s shaking hands closed the bedroom door and left for her room. Did Gun scare the nanny? She pondered at that then she went back to showering and decided that she’s going to give Mai the day off today to enjoy the scenery.

Jim knocked on the door a few hours later. “Good morning ma’am.”

Pream waved for the driver to come in, “did you want some coffee Jim?”

“No, thank you ma’am.” Jim smiled, “I was seeing if you’d like to drive in to town today and shop?”

“I was thinking about walking around the booths and doing a little outdoor shopping instead.” Pream smiled, “but thank you for checking. You’re not driving Gun anywhere today?”

Jim looked at Charlie who stepped out of the restroom in a bright shiny beach outfit. “No ma’am. He suggested that I drive the little miss around town today in case she was bored of the beach.”

Pream smiled and sat her daughter down to comb her hair, “are you bored of the beach dear?”

Charlie smiled, “nope! I’m ready to check the market.”

“Did you need me to walk with you?” Jim volunteered.

Pream adjusted the crown braid on Charlie’s head and shook her head, “I think we got it from here.” She saw the nanny walking by, “Mai?” She walked in with a smile. She was never angry or upset, this nanny was always smiling. Pream liked that in a person. “Why don’t you and Jim both take the day off then and go into town?”

“Uh…” They both didn’t say anything after that.

“Don’t worry.” Pream smiled, “we can learn how to be on our own. Take a day off, please, I insist.” Walking outside Pream didn’t hear Ploy. “Where’s your roommate Mai?”

“Miss Ploy?” Mai asked, “she’s still in bed. I heard her groaning.”

Pream asked Mai to open the room for her, “you guys head to the breakfast hall without me, I’ll catch up in a bit.”

Charlie waved at Ploy as she peeked an eye open.

“Hey.” Pream said opening the blinds to let the sun in. “Too much to drink?”

Ploy shook her head, “waitress hours. I’m still in bed on Sunday mornings usually from a late night.”

“I saw Gun earlier.”

She shot up, “WHAT?!”

“What?” Pream asked jumping in spot, “Why are you screaming so loud?”

“Did you say you saw Gun?”

“Yes, but from a distance.” Pream explained, “I was walking back from the beach this morning and I guess he swung by to say good morning to Charlie.” She panicked looking at Ploy’s face. “Why do you look like that? What’s wrong?”

Getting up in to the restroom to brush her teeth she asked quickly, “did he see you too?”

“No, he didn’t see me. Like I said I was at a distance…”

“Oh my god, oh my god!” Ploy said combing her hair then giving up and putting it into a messy bun. “Where’s Can?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since last night.” Pream stopped Ploy from running around the room, “hey, are you okay?”

Ploy nodded her head, “of course. I was just running late. I forgot that I’m supposed to meet Can in the morning.”

“Then why were you freaking out about it?”

“I wasn’t freaking out about that.” Ploy lied, “I was surprised that he was awake this early.” She ran out of the room shouting over her shoulders, “can you close the blinds and lock the door for me please? Okay, thanks!”

Pream watched from the doorway as Ploy ran around the corner and out of sight. Wow. Just wow. She wasn’t sure how to react. So she closed the blinds then checked that the door was locked before heading out and following to wherever Ploy might’ve went.

Gun sat at the table as he saw his daughter coming in a mile away. “That is some bright blue you’ve got on today.”

“Matches my nails.” Charlie batted her eyes. “I am hungry.” Laughing, Gun watched his daughter reach for his plate to eat his pancake.

“It’s okay, it’s not like I was eating it or anything.” Charlie gave him a thumbs up as she inhaled what was left of his plate. “What’s your plan today?” He asked as Jim and Mai grabbed a plate to eat as well. Gun was sure they’re loving the buffets here. “Are you guys heading out straight after breakfast?”

Jim’s plate was piled high with pork sausages and coddled eggs, “yessir, right after we eat.” Mai’s plate looked almost identical to JIm’s.

He switched his gaze over to Can as he sauntered in with sunglasses on. “A bit too much imbibed last night?”

“Don’t ask.” Can groaned holding on to his head.

“Are you going to be able to make it to shop with the girls today?” Gun asked handing his cousin his cup of coffee. “Air and Pim are expecting us to take them to the mall.” Can had his head down when he handed his keys over to Gun, “you go on without me. I want to go back to my bed and die.” He felt his cousin at his hair. “I’ll stay back and guard our beach.”

Pim and Air reached them and saw that Can had his head on the table. “Your cousin okay?”

“He had a bit too much last night.” Gun smiled. “We better get going before the other tourists hits the road. We’d be stuck behind those in the wrong lane or signaling right for a left turn.” She watched as Charlie slurped the syrup from his plate. “You want to shop with us today?”

Charlie looked from Air to Pim. “No thank you daddy.”

Gun opened his mouth to say something then stopped. Instead, he thought better of it and reached into his wallet to pull out a credit card to give to Jim. “Incase she wants to buy the whole town.” He patted his daughter’s hair. “Behave. I’ll be back for lunch. We’re going to barbecue on the grill at the beach today if it’s alright with you. We’ll have a late lunch.”

“Do I get to skewer the prawns and use the squid ink to write with?” Charlie asked.

He thought about it for a moment, as a ‘yes’ to his daughter could mean writing on someone or someone’s dress. “Only if you write in the sands with that ink, or paper of some sorts.”

Charlie shook his hands in agreement and he left the table with Pim on his arms and Air right behind them. AIr didn’t leave without a last look at Can with his head still on the table.

Ploy’s messy bun became loose as she ran to find Can. Gun was beginning to feel like he was that one sad traffic cone that cars ran over as another car hit him. This time, it felt like it was a Smart car that smacked into him. He helped Ploy up from the ground, but as she hopped up she smacked his chin. Again, his chin could be referenced to a bumper that every car liked to tap.

“Gasp.” Ploy said under her breath.

Air frowned, “did you just say ‘gasp’ out loud?”

“I have a tendency to do that when I’m surprised or nervous.” Ploy said as she apologized to Gun.

Pim pulled Gun along with her as Air trailed behind. Unsure of what to do so Ploy gave Gun a beauty contestant wave when he looked over his shoulders to look at her. He was definitely surprised she was here. He could also tell that was a genuine look of shock on her face as well.

Smacking her forehead she wanted to kick herself Ploy grunted as she turned to find a Can to kick. Kick the Can she did when she found him with his head on the breakfast table.. They were going to get so busted later today.

Air asked, “you know her too?”

“You know her?” Gun asked surprised.

She shook her head, “I heard she was a carnival girl or something.”

“Waitress.” Gun corrected. “She’s not a carnival girl anymore.”

“How’d she afford a beach trip?”

Gun shrugged, he wasn’t sure himself how the girls were here. Last he heard, Pream was unemployed and Ploy was working at a bar. Did Can know the girls were here?
“Let’s get today shopping!” Pim smiled widely.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream walked up to breakfast to see Can being pummeled by Ploy. “Seriously, take your loving somewhere else. We’re in a public place.” Charlie was wiping her face with a napkin when she sat down. Laughing Pream wiped the syrup she missed off of her chin. Ploy gave Can one last punch before she huffed and grabbed a breakfast plate. “What did I just walk in to?”

Jim bowed and handed Pream a credit card. Taking the card she saw that it was her husband’s credit card. “What’s this for?” Then she corrected Jim, “please don’t bow like that again. I’m not some hotty-totty person to do that to.” She looked around the table, “am I?”

Mai shook her head and smiled, “no ma’am.” Jim grabbed Mai’s arms and took off in to town without so much as a by-your-leave.

Pream held the credit card like it was a snake poised to strike her. “What am I supposed to do with it?”

“Uh…” Ploy tilted her head. Can was still holding on to his head.

“Dad said we’re barbecuing on the grill today for lunch.” Charlie smiled.

Pream smiled lightly, “oh? Is my mysterious husband finally going to sit down in front of me for a meal?”


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Chapter Seventeen
Ploy let out a huff.

“Alright. I’ll behave, but you can’t say I’m not upset that he and I haven’t spoken to each other these past two weeks.” Pream nodded her head. “But buying fresh seafood sounds doable.” She poked at Can, “are you able to join us? I gave Jim and Mai the day off, so we’re going to need more arms.”

Ploy gave a nervous chuckle, “let’s not bring up the past with each other okay?”

Pream poured a glass of juice for Charlie then one for herself, “what past? I don’t remember anything about him. I can’t even remember what he looks like. Did we get into some kind of argument or something? Was that why I was in an accident?”

So close to the truth. Almost.

“Can you just start new with dad, not say anything but just go with the flow?” Charlie pleaded.

Oh, that look can stop any adult from committing murder. Charlie definitely didn’t get the puppy-dog eyes from her. If she got this from her dad, she was going to be a goner. Can finally picked up his head from the table and also gave her a puppy-dog look. She then noticed Ploy was doing it too. “Am I the only one who don’t know how to make my eyes like that?” Leaving the table she muttered, “I give up, whatever you say. You guys know me better than myself right now.”

Ploy and Can smiled then when they looked at each other shoved each other again at the table.

Charlie patted her heart as if to calm it from beating too fast as she watched Pream grab breakfast.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“What do you think of this?” Pim asked as she tried on a pearl bracelet. She admired it this way and that then stretched it out before her. “It would go with everything.”

Gun smiled and played along. What does he know about jewelry? Charlie’s mother just bought it whether it matched or not, if she wanted, she bought. He looked to see where Air was and she was looking at at some necklaces. He walked over to look at some anklets and remembered that Charlie’s birthday is coming up in a few months. He waved a jeweler over. “Can I take a look at that?” He saw a little anklet that had starfish and seashells decorated on it with a pearl here and there.

Air walked over to Gun, “I’m surprised you aren’t looking at any wedding rings.”

Glancing around the room he looked back at Air, “should I be?”

“Pim is expecting it soon you know.” Air advised as she walked over to Pim and admired the bracelet she was still looking at.

Sighing within himself, he shook his head. He only just met Pim, he can’t just propose to her. He’s already learned his lesson with Charlie’s mother. He thought again look at her as she and Air compared jewelry, she was the only one who had lasted this long around Charlie. He asked for the anklet to be wrapped and he walked up to the girls, “you ladies wanted the bracelet and the necklace?” They beamed and he paid for all three jewelry and they walked on to the next store.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream walked around some of the more touristy booths and looked for gifts she could buy for the household who weren’t able to make it to the beach this weekend. She passed by a special events booth and looked at their promo. She reached for the clipboard to sign up for their events and realized she doesn’t have a phone number to give them. “Can, Ploy?” They both had cotton candy in their mouth and a balloon tied to their wrist. Pream didn’t even blink at their identical reaction. “I just realized I don’t have a phone to write down.”

“Oooohhhh.” Ploy said plopping a lollipop out of her mouth, “we never replaced it when you got hit by the car.”

Pream’s eyes reacted by squinting at her friend, “wow, that was said so easily from your mouth.”

“Well, it’s the truth.” Ploy shrugged. “Why don’t we go and grab you a phone then?”

“Charlie?” Pream looked around to find Charlie looking exactly like the other two adults. It’s like looking at three peas in a pod. She scratched her chin, “let’s run to the phone store real quick before we look around some more.” Charlie pulled out her lollipop and smiled showing her blue cotton candy stained teeth. “And no more sweets for the rest of the day to you.” She looked over her shoulders at Can and Ploy as they checked out a candied fruit stand, “I am also talking about you two children.” They pouted and sulked behind Pream as Charlie led her out of the crowd.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
The girls were looking at hair clips and accessories. Gun didn’t understand why the clip would cost so much. It’s just something you’d stick in your hair. He smiled as the girls held up something in their hands to show him. He turned around and looked up at the skies for help. He was going to kill Can for not coming to keep him company. When his eyes were eye level again with his head he noticed some rainbow hair bows for children. Charlie would love these bright colors. He searched for a few matching hair bow clips and handed them to a waiting staff members. The girls were still henning around for something that they’d like. Gun then remembered that schools don’t allow colorful hair accessories so he looked around for some black, blue and white hair ties and clips for his daughter as well.

Pream frowned as she dug around in her purse, “what happened to my IDs and cards?” Can rubbed his ears and Ploy looked out the windows, Charlie just stood there. “Didn’t I toss my wallet into my purse?” Now that she thought about it, she never had to open up her wallet. When she went grocery shopping, whoever was shopping with her had the money for it. Whenever she and Charlie ate out with Can or Ploy they paid. “Where could my stuff be?”

“Let’s not worry about that for now.” Can smiled, “I’ll get it and I’ll just bill Gun for it.” He signed for the phone and handed her the bag. “All set.”

“But I should pay for that.”

Ploy batted her hands away from handing the phone back to the salemember. “Who cares who pays for it. You guys are like family anyways.”

“Let’s see how good the pictures come out!” Charlie changed the subject and reached for the phone, “selfie!”

“What’s a selfie?”

Ploy smacked her forehead, “crap her missing memory ruined today’s phrases.”

Pream pushed Ploy, “I was just kidding, I know what it is.” She asked for the phone from Charlie and flipped the camera over, “hurry, short arms, can’t hold camera longer. Get in!”

Can smiled. So new Pream’s got jokes huh. He sighed. Man, this weekend was almost done. He photobombed the next photo and they continued to look around the shops.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“These are gorgeous!” Pim beamed as she held her one leg that had on the shoes she was trying on.

Air held up the same pair in a different pattern, “you have to get the leopard print too!”

Gun sat in the corner watching the girls, his hands were sore from holding all these bags. He didn’t understand shopping here versus in their home city. The one store he looked around and he couldn’t think of anything his daughter would want or need here. She didn’t really dress up for anything and she’d eventually outgrow the shoes he’d buy her today.

He checked his phone to see if Can or Jim had called him. None of them did. That’s just sad. He’s out with two gorgeous girls, and he’s here, in a corner, hoping to see a message or two from someone on his phone. This is a sad life. He was beginning to miss work now. Guaranteed someone will always want or need his attention when he’s at work. He glanced up and noticed the girls were ready to purchase. He sighed reaching for his wallet then grabbing the bags to walk to the salemember. Commission ka-ching. He’s sure was what was going through her mind right now.

Charlie bopped her balloon against Can and Ploy as they struggled with the seafood in their arms. They were tired and Pream was still looking at fresh fish to buy. Their arms still had the balloon that they wished they could bop back at with Charlie but they were stuck holding the bags. Pream eventually managed to ask for a box to hold the food in so that Ploy would hold less and Can ended up carrying most of it in the box.

“I reek of fish guts.” Can mumbled.

“To be fair, I think it’s mostly the market. We are in the fresh seafood aisle.” Ploy laughed.

Charlie poked at a some crabs nearby as they clamped at the tongs she was playing with. “Be careful honey.” Pream said as she looked at some clams. “I can’t help you if they get hold of you.” She grinned evilly when Pream turned her back to look at the mussels. and grabbed a crab to chase Can around as he struggled with the box he held. Ploy bent over and laughed as Pream turned around to find out what was so amusing. Can was sweating and Charlie was standing behind him smiling innocently. She pointed at the two of them and turned back to look at the assortment of shellfish.

Can turned for Ploy to take the crab that was clinging to his pants off. Charlie was lucky it clamped on his belt loop rather than the rest of him. She pulled it off in time and tossed it back into the bucket before Pream looked at them again and paid for a bag of oysters.

“I swear, I can’t take you children anywhere.” Pream muttered as she accepted the change and handed it to Can. “How does Gun give us credit card for us to buy seafood? This isn’t a grocery store to swipe a card.” She was getting hot and sweaty. Can was probably right, they’re smelling a lot like fish guts now too. “Let’s drop this off for the kitchen staff to help put them on ice as well as see if they’re able to help marinate some of them for us.”

Can let out a triumphant cry when he dropped the box off in the kitchen. He bent over and panted real hard. The staff member pinched their nose as he walked by. Ploy and Charlie laughed and knew that he did smell bad. They had spent the day finding rotten fish guts to put into his cargo pockets. They high-fived each other as Pream thanked the Chef for his help.

“I don’t know how came to be the smelliest of us all Can.” Pream said holding her nose, “you should go and shower this stench off.”

She waved for Charlie to come along, “let’s rinse you off too. Heaven knows what you’ve touched today at the market.”

Pream opened the door to find bags placed on the desk in their room. “What’s this?”

Charlie poked her head in to find hairbows and hair ties. “Daddy must’ve dropped them off.”

“Wow,” Pream said pulling out a polka dotted hair bow clip. “Your dad has taste.”

Charlie reached for it to try on but Pream stopped her, “I think you should shower first before you get these new things dirty. Come on sweetie.”

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream was setting up the table with the hotel staff when Can came running and yelling. “Oh my goodness!” She waited for him to reach Charlie to see what he would do next, but instead she noticed Ploy jumping in surprise and running to the far end of the beach as Can ran after her. “What’s going on?” Pream yelled after them. Charlie was building a sand castle nearby with Mai and Jim and watched as Ploy was dunked into the ocean by Can.

“I just showered you idiot!” Ploy screamed as she also gulped mouthful of salt water.

Can picked her up again, “I had to throw away my shorts because of the smell.” He emphasized this by dunking her in the water once more. “I put my hands in to my pocket and did you know what I found?”

“Uh…” Ploy grinned, “your virginity is still intact?” She ran as Can chased her for a final toss into the ocean.

Pream rolled her eyes, if this is their way of showing each other love-- he was afraid of the bruises when they share a bed. She was brushing the marinate on the skewered prawns when help came to place out the trays. She didn’t even glance up from her task when she asked them to help light up the grill.

Gun looked around and pointed at himself. Pream wasn’t even look at him and there was no one else around. He nodded his head and shrugged. Might as well be useful right? He had knocked on the door of Air and Pim, they were tired from shopping and asked to be excused from having lunch outside in the sun. He watched as a few of the kitchen help brought a cooler with more fresh food on ice. He scratched his head and began to light up the grill. Gun followed Can with his eyes as he picked up and tossed Ploy around like a dog playing with his chew toy.

Everyone was so focused on Can and Ploy that no one noticed Gun was standing with them. When Ploy and Can made it back to them they froze and stared at Gun as he fed the fire. Looking up from the grill Gun saw their expression. “What?” He looked over his shoulders in case it was something behind him then he glanced over at Pream who was still working on brushing the marinade over the food.

She eventually noticed how quiet it was and looked up. It was Pream’s turn to look at the group as they all just stared at Gun. “What? What is it?” She asked looking at who they were looking at. “What’s wrong?” She looked around her then faced Gun again, “alright, what’s gotten into you guys. You guys are scaring me.”

Can got out of his daze before everyone else and pulled Gun to the side. Ploy was next and pulled Pream to the side too.

“Why are you guys all looking at me like something is about to explode?” Gun asked.

Can scratched his head, “look, she still has no memory since her accident. I told you already.”

Nodding his head Gun held out both his hands, “I know. I read her medical leave paper.”

Still scratching his head Can sighed, “let’s not start by bringing anything up to her, she won’t remember, and you’d only cause her a headache.”

“Alright,” Gun agreed, “May I ask how they came to be here?”

He shrugged, “Ploy has connections with her guests at the bar. They’re always offering her places to stay and visit. She’s a great host.”

“Okay,” Gun breathed out, “and how long have you known they were here?”

“This morning.” Can laughed nervously, “I had my head on the table from my hangover and Ploy came over to kick me.” At least the last part was true. His ribs still hurt from where her foot connected.

“Where are they staying at?”

He shrugged again, “I don’t know. I didn’t ask.” Kind of not a lie. He didn’t ask them, but he did book their rooms.

“She seriously doesn’t remember anything at all?” Gun asked as he looked over Can’s shoulders to see Pream talking with Ploy.

Can shook his head rapidly. “She gets crazy migraines and headaches when we try to tell her about past or help her remember.” Can shuddered, he remembered how she keeled over in pain and the doctor had to take her in for an MRI that day at the hospital.

Gun looked over to where his daughter was and she was just sitting there silently, she was probably waiting for him to yell at her or Pream again. “Does Charlie know about Pream.”

“Of course.” Can lied easily. “It’s Charlie. She’d notice if Pream walked by and didn’t say ‘hello’ to her.”

Gun sighed, “alright. Let’s just forget it for now. I won’t yell at her then.  There’s a grill for me to fire up and I’m hungry.” He grimaced, the flames were out. Can had pulled him out while he was stoked it.

Maybe it’ll be best you just don’t talk to her at all Can thought as watched Gun firing up the grill again.

Pream patted Ploy’s face, “hey, are you okay? You went deathly pale.”


Finally Gun and Preem met again. Funny that Can and Ploy can trick Preem and Gun into their Charlie's game. LOL. :)


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Bieluvr said:
Love everything. I can see everything play clearly in my mind as i read this. I really wish Gun and Preem could be paired together in a lakorn like this fanfic. Everything is just so interesting and such a tease. We never know when the secret would be known. :)
:weee: I'm stumped. Trying to find away around this ....  :scratchhead2:  


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Eighteen
It took a few more slaps for Ploy to blink. “Hey!”

“You were freaking me out. What’s wrong with you?” Pream asked as she looked over her shoulders. “What are you staring at?”

Can walked over to Ploy and Pream. “Okay. So we came to an agreement, Gun won’t bring up the past with you.”

“What?” Pream asked looking past him, “that’s Gun?” She turned her attention back at Can, “what are you talking about, agreements?”

Charlie pulled the side of Pream’s dress. “Remember, start fresh.”

Pream rubbed her forehead, “I feel a headache coming.”

Gun watched as Pream held on to Ploy for support. That girl looked like she was about to faint. And the girl she’s holding on to looked like she’d crumble if she did faint on top of her. He shook his head and jumped when the grill started crackling from the fire, he smiled. He made fire. Finally.

The last of the staff left when they’d finish setting up the table for them. Pream and Charlie walked over to where Gun was manning the grill. Charlie stood as a buffer between the two.

Pream started, “so... you’re Charlie’s dad. Gun.”

“That’s me.” Gun nodded, “I guess you’re... still Pream as well.” She smiled. She looked scared and nervous. Why would she be scared and nervous?

Not sure of what else to say Pream went back to the table to finish with the prawns.

Charlie was watching her dad until he glanced down at her. She was using a set of the clips he had bought her. “Nice hair.”

His daughter just said, “I know.”

Gun stumbled as his daughter walked away. “Wow. Talk about confidant.” He chuckled then looked at Pream who appeared to be the opposite of his daughter’s confidence.

Pream poked around the cooler and sighed, “they forgot to cut the squid for us.” She pulled out a pack and looked around for a knife and cutting board. Gun found it in a box near him and handed them to her. “Thanks.” She said without looking at him.

“A man’s ego would starve with that attention she gives a man.” He muttered and grabbed a few of the crabs that were prepped and tossed them on the grill.

“Hey, Pim.” Air said as she looked out of the shade they were sitting in as they were having lunch. “Isn’t that Gun and the crew?”

Grunting, “yes, but I am not standing out there in the sun with them.”

“That’s fine,” Air said, “but I’m guessing those two girls don’t mind standing out there.”

“What!?” Pim shouted to go and stand with her friend. “Who is that?”

“I don’t know the one at the table,” Air squinted, “but the girl building the sand castle looks like the carnival girl.”

Jim tapped Can’s shoulder. “Trouble! Trouble!”

Can looked at Pream and Gun, but they weren’t even talking to each other. He looked further to where Jim was really pointing. “Shit!” He kicked Ploy.

“Ow!” She growled, “you got sand in my eyes!”

“Pim and Air are coming!”

“Shit!” Ploy muttered. “What do we do?”

“Get Pream out of here for now. I’ll figure out the rest.” Can pushed her as she walked. He continued to Gun, “whatcha grilling?”

Gun looked at Can, “if you can’t tell these are crabs, I suggest you go back to school with Charlie and learn your animals and shapes.” Can poked at the crabs and spoke with him maneuvering Gun to have his back turned to the girls.

“Where’s your phone Pream?” Ploy asked pulling her from the table.

With her squid inked fingers she pointed towards their room. “Inside, why?”

“Why aren’t you bringing out the phone to take pictures?” Ploy asked.

“It’s kind of hard to do so when I’m squid prepping and all.”

“We’re going to take lots of pictures. We’re going to put your Instagram to good use!”

Pream frowned, “what’s an Instagram?”

“Oh. Em. Gee!” Ploy squealed, “then we are making you one tonight!”

“What?” Pream asked as Ploy dragged her to the rooms. “Wait let me tell Charlie we’ll be right back.”

“No time!”


Ploy corrected herself, “I mean, I got it.” She looked over her shoulders, “We’ll be right back!” She shouted, “forgot our phone in the room!” The guys just waved okay to them and went back to talking.

“Our phone?” Pream asked.

“It was easier than saying your phone.” Ploy shrugged. “Come on, come on!”

Can saw the girls making their way closer now and he grabbed a napkin to wipe his hands from poking the crabs then walked away to poke around the squid ink that weren’t punctured. Then continued to where Charlie and her nanny was. “Jim, come here, I need you to do something real quick.”


He looked up from flipping the crab over. “You ladies changed your mind about joining us for lunch?”

“Who were those girls?” Pim demanded to know.

Can looked up from the sand castle and so did Charlie hearing how angry Pim sounded.

“Ploy and Pream?”

“So that was the carnival girl.” Air exclaimed. “Who is the other one?”

Gun looked from Pim to Air, then back. “Pream is an employee of mine.”

“And she just happened to be here too?” Pim shouted. “How come I’ve never seen her before?”

“You won’t really see her.” Gun answered, “in fact, I rarely see her. She’s on the marketing team.”

“Which building?”

He pointed the tongs at Can, “his.”

“Why is she here?”

Gun frowned, “it’s a public place. I can’t stop her from coming here as much as you could stop the waves from crashing the shores.”

“I’ve been in and out of both your buildings, I’d remember her face if she ever crossed me.”

“She’s been on medical leave.” Gun rubbed his head, “it’s not my place to say that, but it seems you wanted some kind of explanation.”

“What kind of medical leave gives her leave to come to the beach where her boss is at?” Pim demanded to know.

He was prepared to say something when Air and Pim shrieked. He look at them as their sundress was stained with squid ink. What the? He automatically glanced over at his daughter. “Charlie!”

“What did I do?” She asked raising both her hands in the air she still sat a distance away from him. “I’ve been here the whole time.” Jim, Mai and Can raised their hands as well-- clean, no ink.

Gun looked down and saw a few kids squirting the squid ink and telling Pim and Air to ‘shut up’ and to ‘be quiet’ everyone is trying to relax but they were just too loud and annoying.

“You little brat!’ Air screamed chasing after one of them. Another child managed to squirt her in the face, and when Pim went after that kid the other also got her in the mouth.

Gun threw both hands in the air when the girls ran back screaming and crying. “I don’t even know how to offer them help.”

Can waved it off, “what are you going to do? Offer to wipe their face off for them as they scream like unavenged women?”

Suspicious, he looked at the four folks again, “where did they come from?”

Jim made a show of looking around and pointed at a distant group that was also grilling, “maybe the party over there?”

His daughter was behaving just fine until today when Pream and Ploy showed up. It’s probably coincidental, but suspicious all the same. Especially when the girls disappeared all before this occurred. He pulled the crabs off the grill and watched Charlie building her castle with Mai. Can was looking out into the distant and Jim seemed to be whistling something idly to himself.

Pream returned with her phone and glanced around. Why did it seem gloomy after she and Ploy returned. “What happened?” She asked bending over to speak with Charlie. “Why are you not smiling anymore?”

Charlie pointed at her dad. “He thought I squirted ink on someone.”

Gun felt someone burning a hole in his back with their eyes. He turned to see an angry Pream. “Whoa.” He said rubbing his chest as if her being angry also pained him.

“Why is Charlie crying?” Pream demanded as she stood in front of him with both her hands on her hips.

Frowning he physically moved her to the side to look at Charlie who was now just sitting there, she was no longer smiling or laughing as she built her sand castle. “I might’ve yelled at her when a squid ink incident happened.”

“You don’t sound remorseful at all that she didn’t do it.”

“You really think she didn’t do it?” Gun shrugged, “I’m kind of used to Charlie misbehaving that it’s hard to believe she didn’t do it.” Jim walked over with the children who had squirted the ink. “I asked Jim to find them and apologize.”

The kids apologized and tried to run off. “Why did you guys squirt those ladies with the ink?”

“They were screaming too loud.” One of them said. Another added, “they were mean sounding.” The third added, “they reminded us of our mean-step mom.”

“Where did you guys get the ink from?” GUn further questioned.

They pointed to their grilling area. “Our grandma always lets us play with the ink when she grills them.”

Their answers were too quick to be be well rehearsed in such a short time. Gun waved them away and went over to his daughter. “I”m sorry I didn’t believe you.” Charlie looked away from him and pouted. “Charlie. Turn around.” He saw that she was crying and he gave her a heartfelt hug. “Charlie, I said I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.” He felt his daughter hug him back and he smiled wide. He got up and swung her around causing her to giggle. Gun laughed, he got his daughter to giggle again, and it sounded even better than all her giggles and laughter ever put together.

Ploy pulled Can by the ears towards the water. “What did you do?” Ploy hissed at Can.

“I grabbed some ink from the table and had Jim pay some kid to squirt at the girls.” Can smiled.

Ploy glared at him, “I swear she gets her evilness from hanging around you.” Crossing her arms in disbelief, “how did you guys do it without getting caught? No way could those kids have grabbed it from the table without Gun noticing it.”

Grinning widely he told her. “I was wiping my hands with one of the napkins and swiped them. Jim and I didn’t get any on us so when Gun saw our hands, they were only covered in sand, not ink.”

Ploy placed her hands on her cheeks, “man, that was close.” Then she frowned again as Can began digging around in the water, “how did the kids know what to say?”

“We were just lucky.” Can said as he raked through the sand he pulled out from the water. “Jim paid them again and said for them to just lie for us.” Can studied the item in his hands more.

Ploy scouted in closer too. “Hey! That’s a baby starfish!” She tried to grab it from him but he was too quick and ran back to their group.

Charlie asked to be placed down when she saw that her uncle had a starfish in his hand. She’s going to love the anklet he got her then he thought and smiled to himself. He walked back to Pream as she was slicing the squid to prevent it from curling too much. “I’m sorry to you too.”

She didn’t even look up, “sorry, I’m not your daughter where you could say sorry to and I forgive like nothing happened.”

“The phrase forgive and forget doesn’t apply to you then huh?” Gun asked as he walked back to the grill.

“I wouldn’t know.” Pream said as she placed the tray of squid next to him. “I don’t quite remember anything beyond two weeks ago. Is there something I’m supposed to forgive and forget with you? I’ve been awake for the past two weeks, I didn’t get any visit from you. Not one!”

Ploy jumped in between them, “Crabs are done!”

Gun frowned at the little head bobbing between him and Pream. He opened his mouth to speak but Can cut him off.

“Hey Master Griller, where’s the prawns?”

Pream seemed to avoid him after that. Gun tried to find a time to talk to her but they just kept getting interrupted. When she was sitting next to Charlie and he spoke with Pream, Charlie shoved the starfish in his face and asked him to take her to the water so that she can toss the starfish back in before it died. He followed her when went to get a plate for herself, again he was beat to the punch by Mai as asked her what marinade she had used for the prawns and drew her attention back to the end of the table-- he’d turned around to wait his turn. When she reclined on the beach towel soaking up the sun he got to her a step too late as Can asked if she wanted to go splash in the water, eliciting a happy Charlie to want to go too. When she was walking by herself, ankle deep in the water after she left the group a one Jim found him to hand him back his credit card. Gun looked back at the group but no one was looking their way. By the time he was finished talking with Jim about his trip into town, Pream was all the way down the other end already. Defeated, he walked back up to the grill and cooked the rest of their food.


Awe. Loved how the group just finds ways to interrupt them. Can't wait till Gun finds out what they were doing. Hahaha. :)


sarNie Hatchling
This is going great!! Liking it so far! HAHAHA!

By the way, how do you update so fast? Did you write this beforehand? LOL! I on the other hand takes forever just to update one small chapter. HAHAHA!


sarNie Adult
Gun should just realize that Charlie needs Pream as her mom and court her and make her "come back to his life as his wife". I get fangirl jitters just by thinking of the day Gun would be sweet to Pream. Kyaaaaah! Thanks for this! I loved it!


sarNie Hatchling
040156 said:
Gun should just realize that Charlie needs Pream as her mom and court her and make her "come back to his life as his wife". I get fangirl jitters just by thinking of the day Gun would be sweet to Pream. Kyaaaaah! Thanks for this! I loved it!
:) I'm debating on that actually. LOL maybe, we'll see.
thatasiangirl said:
This is going great!! Liking it so far! HAHAHA!

By the way, how do you update so fast? Did you write this beforehand? LOL! I on the other hand takes forever just to update one small chapter. HAHAHA!
My mind works in mysterious ways.JK I have a lot of time on my hand. It's not written before hand. I just happen to travel a lot and my company has drivers for us to shuttle us around. So, whenever I'm going to another site-- I'm just tapping away on my gooogle Drive/Doc app and I can work offline and it'll update from my tablet when I have WiFi connection. :)
Bieluvr said:
Awe. Loved how the group just finds ways to interrupt them. Can't wait till Gun finds out what they were doing. Hahaha. :)
It's getting harder to find a way from them to just constantly miss each other.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Nineteen
Ploy linked arms with Pream as Gun carried Charlie back to the room. Ploy caught his attention as he waited for the keycard to be used. She didn’t want Gun to see that it was Pream who had the room keycard. “So what are you guys doing later tonight?” He turned to look at Ploy then at Can.
“Karaoke night is tonight!” Can threw his two fist in the air and pumped it.
Gun heard the door open and turned back to the door and walked in. Pream stood their laughing at Can, “don’t tell me you’re a singer.”
“I don’t mean to brag, but I am good.” Can said buffing his nails on his chest. He earned another smack from Ploy.
Mai walked into the room quickly to start wiping Charlie down and changing her clothes. Pream was also about to step into the room when Can stopped her, “but if I’m good, Gun is great.”
She tilted her head at Gun, “sorry, I didn’t know you sang.”
“There’s lots about me you don’t know.” Gun replied automatically as he stepped out.
Ploy pulled her hair and bit her lip. Pream was talking about her memories being erased and he’s talking about just himself in general. She did a little dance that reminded Can of Charlie’s pee-pee dance. “What?” he whispered.
“Pream is about to go in there like it’s her room.”
Can frowned, “it is her room.”
“Gun doesn’t know that!” She hissed and slapped Can in the arm again. Pream took another step towards the door. “We have to break in that Instagram account we created for you!” Ploy pulled her towards the sunset. “Mai, take care of Charlie, okay?” Can and Gun followed. “Selfie!”
Gun crossed his arms as he watched the two girls angle the camera this way and that. Actually, it was more Ploy than Pream. He noticed Can lurking around as well wanting to be in the picture. He scratched his head, “everyone and their social media.” He rubbed his nose as it itched and heard the group groan. “What?”
Ploy rolled her eyes at him, “photobombed and it looked like you’re picking your nose.”
“I was scratching it, not picking it.” Gun argued.
“Don’t matter, that’s not what the picture is showing.” Ploy said looking at the photo again.
Pream sighed, “why don’t we all just stand in the picture and smile. Please?” Everyone stared at her quietly looking. “What? It’s my Instagram, right? Why can’t I break it in how I want to?” She scooted everyone to stand with their back to the sunset. Pream leaned her head together with Ploy and smiled. The cousins in the background showed no emotions, just sunglasses and a mean mug. “I did ask for everyone to smile.”
“Too cool to smile.” Can laughed as he ran towards his room, “you coming Gun?”
Gun looked away from the picture. “Yeah, I’m coming.” He ran to catch up with Can.
The girls waved bye and looked at the phone again. “What’s going to be your caption?” Ploy asked.
“Do I have to have one?”
“It’s just as important as a hashtag!”
“What’s a hashtag?”
Ploy patted her friend’s shoulders, “baby steps girl, baby steps.”
Pream typed out her caption and posted her first instagram.
Looking over her friend’s shoulders Ploy smiled. “Nice.”
When they reached Gun’s door and Can continued walking but Gun followed. “What’s up?”
“Did she already post the picture?”
“I don’t know.” Can said, “my phone is in my room.” He grinned at his cousin, “why don’t you just get an Instagram too?”
“I’m sure everyone is dying to see the workload on my desk everyday.” After entering Can’s room Gun waited for his cousin to open the app, he saw his cousin’s grin. “What?” Can turned the screen to face Gun.
The caption read: Benefits of my amnesia-- you get to make new memories with good looking people.
“She thinks I’m good looking?”
Can scoffed, “she said ‘good looking people’ not ‘good looking Gun’ get your eyes checked man.”
“Is there a way to save that photo and send it to me?”
“Just screen capture.” He said and studied his cousin. “You’re interested… in this photo?” Gun shrugged feigning indifference. “Yea, I’ll send you the screen capture, you can crop the image yourself.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream opened her eyes and realized she slept in later than she’d like. She stretched and saw that Charlie was already gone. Sighing and giving one last feel good stretch she did a little stretch moan as well. She’s showered so much since she got here that she just changed into another maxi dress and knocked on Ploy’s door.
“Whozzit?” Ploy mumbled.
“Your neighbor.” Pream replied. She jumped when she heard a loud thump. A little after that she heard a groan. “I’m guessing you rolled on to the wrong side of the bed?” She received a grunt as a reply. Ploy was rubbing her back when she opened the door. “Do you know where Mai and Charlie went?”
“I thought they went to some karaoke night thing?” Ploy said with a yawn.
Pream gave a little hmph of disappointment. “No one woke me up.”
“You were probably tired anyway.” Ploy shrugged, “let me get ready. Do you want to wait in my room or yours?” Pream pouted and went into Ploy’s room. “Alright, I’ll be right out.” She heaved another yawn then grabbed a towel to hop in the shower. Ploy closed the toilet seat cover and shot out a text to Can.
Ploy: Where are you? Pream is trying to go to the karaoke too.
Can: Sweet! I’m still trying to convince my cousin to sing!
Ploy: And Pim and Air?
Can: They’ve been ink stained in the face. No makeup can hide the hideousness that is.
Ploy: I can’t believe you said ‘hideousness that is’
Can: Just hurry up and get here.
Ploy combed her hair and bounced out. “Alright. Who is ready for drunk karaoke?”
“Drunk karaoke?”
“Liquid courage is a close friend of mine.” Ploy grinned. “And it’s the only way for you to sing horribly without anyone caring how sucky you are.”
Pream was afraid all of a sudden about karaoke night, rephrase, drunk karaoke.
Charlie smiled when she saw Pream enter the room. Gun only knew that was when Pream entered because Charlie wasn’t smiling until someone walked in. He heard Ploy first. “Alright, who is going up first to embarrass themselves.”
Can thumped his beer down, “I beg your pardon? I told you I am a good singer.”
“Lies.” Ploy snorted, “get up there and let us be the judge of that.”
“I’ll sing if Gun sings.” Can said giving his cousin a thumbs up.
Gun shook his head and swigged his own beer. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Ploy pouted, “Pream?”
“Nope.” She smiled. “You told me I’m a horrible singer, why would I do that to myself?”
“I shouldn’t have told you that you were a horrible singer!” Ploy grabbed Pream’s hand and pleaded. “You’re a really great singer!”
“Now why don’t I believe you?” Pream arched her eyebrows and waved a waiter over.
“Maybe I could get you drunk.” Ploy said under her breath.
“Heard that.” Pream laughed, “Sprite for me please.” Pointing at Ploy, “what are you having?”
“Killjoy.” Ploy answered, “ice tea with lemon thank you.”
Can clapped his hands slowly, “brave soul. No liquid courage needed.”
“Please, is that what you two are doing right now?” Ploy rolled her eyes. “If you need liquid courage, she waved the waiter back. Second round of whatever they’re drinking for them please.”
Gun looked from Ploy to Can then to Pream who was fixing Charlie’s hair. “Mai, when you braid it next time, make sure you’re grabbing them evenly, it’ll come out chunky otherwise. The hairline will also get affected along the scalp as well.” Pream smiled when Charlie gave her a hug and hopped along with Mai to find kids her age to play with. She looked back up at the table and paused. “What?”
“Want to do my hair too?” Ploy asked and turned her head to Pream.
“Sure, what do you want?”
“Nothing can fix that insane mane of hers.” Can said as he tugged loose her bangs.
“You don’t have anything to use for your hair?” Pream asked she checked her bag, no hair bands or clips to be found. She looked around the table. and noticed the tie on Gun. “Aren’t you a little overdressed for tonight?”
Gun adjusted his tie, “this collar opens too widely without it.”
“So?” Pream asked, “I don’t think it matters when you’re at the beach.” She reached over brazenly and untied his tie. When it was a bit too tight to pull she bit her lips in concentration.
Mentally Gun was shaken, physically he was sweating. “Whoa.” He said rubbing his chest again. By the time Pream pulled the tie off of him, he was ready to crawl under the table and die. He was never more thankful than having his second beer arrive. He clinked glasses with Can and watched Pream and Ploy.
“Turn your head. Yeah, that’s it.”  Pream wrapped the tie twice around Ploy’s head then started tucking the strands around the the bottom of the tie that was low on her scalp. She twisted the hair this way and that on the top of her crown where the tie was. She dusted her hand like it was a mighty job accomplished. Can clapped for her and she bowed.
Ploy pulled out her phone, “wow. Renaissance style. I like it!” She tucked a stray hair under and struck a pose. Laughing she said, “You never did my hair before.”
Ploy shook her head, “not even your own hair.”
Pream looked at Ploy’s hair again, “so it’s not from muscle memory?” Ploy shook her head, “then how do I know what I’m doing?”
Gun watched the exchange between the girls. They all turned their heads when the next person was called on stage to sing.
Ploy covered her ears, “who in their right drunken mind would try to sing Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You?”
Pream must’ve been tone deaf, she smiled, laughed and cheered the horrible singer on. She was the only one in the room cheering this stranger on. He looked around the room and saw that people were looking at Pream. Gun laughed as Ploy covered her ears as if blood would pour from it. Then to be a bigger and better person he cheered along with Pream to the butchered song. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. I’m sure you’re flipping over in your grave right now. Gun sighed and when the song ended he clapped louder. Pream and he laughed as everyone else boo’d the singer offstage.
“I’ll be right back.” Pream excused herself, “I want to make sure Charlie is doing fine.”
Gun stood up, “no, it’s okay. Charlie’s my daughter, I should do it.”
Pream held up her hands in surrender and watched him take off. “Possessive isn’t he?” Pream wondered aloud, “she’s my daughter too.”
Can cleared his throat and clinked his glass with Ploy’s tea.
“What?” Pream asked.
Ploy waved the emcee over, “hey! Is it too late to sign someone up?” The emcee grinned and handed her a clipboard.
“No, I told you I’m not singing.”
Ploy pursed her lips, “I was actually going to sign your husband up.”
Can agreed with her wholeheartedly. “I swear, he’s really good.”
“How would she know? While I was trying to dig a hole to hide in from wannabe-Whitney, she’s over here acting like they’re the greatest singer of all.”
Pream rolled her eyes, “I was giving them moral support.”
“Alright,” Ploy had a sneaky smile on her, “what is your song request for him to sing?”
“How do I know if he knows the lyrics to it or not?”


thatasiangirl said:
This is going great!! Liking it so far! HAHAHA!

By the way, how do you update so fast? Did you write this beforehand? LOL! I on the other hand takes forever just to update one small chapter. HAHAHA!
I was about to ask the same question as well. It's surprising that I would go away for a ten minutes and come back to six or seven chapters. But I'm thankful for that because I won't have to wait long to find out what happens next.
040156 said:
Gun should just realize that Charlie needs Pream as her mom and court her and make her "come back to his life as his wife". I get fangirl jitters just by thinking of the day Gun would be sweet to Pream. Kyaaaaah! Thanks for this! I loved it!
I'm sure he will realize that, but just not now. :)
Gun will surely do great because he's a really great singer. LOL.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty
Can pointed at the monitor, “it just doesn’t matter, they provide lyrics… now the beat if he doesn’t know it, we can’t help him there.”
“Do I have a favorite song?” Pream asked feeling cornered. Ploy shrugged. “Oh my goodness, what song?”
Can slapped Ploy when he saw Gun walking back in. “Come on, hurry!”
“Oh the pressure.” Pream panicked. “RuK Tur Ni Run”
Ploy quickly handed the clipboard back to the emcee and thanked him. “Aren’t you a hopeless romantic.”
“I panicked.” Pream growled, “plus it was what was playing in the hallway this morning. The song is still stuck in my head. Maybe after hearing it, it’ll finally get out of my head.”
“Charlie made some friends alright.” Gun sighed in relief. “Jim is helping Mai to chase them all around. There’s a kid’s dining area out there.” All three avoided eye contact with him. “What?”
“Oooh menu!” Ploy exclaimed as if that was why she was really excited tonight. “And boy, another round of drinks please-- even for the ladies!”
They were all making fun of each singer that came and went during dinner. It kept their dinner conversation light and away from Pream and her curiosity. Can was rubbing his cheeks when the next round of drinks came. “I don’t think I can drink another beer.”
“You wuss.” Ploy said and handed him her lemon iced tea and took a huge gulp of his beer since her beer was empty already..
Can scratched the corner of his eyes, “any man would be lucky to have you as his girlfriend. Burps, belches, beer belly and all your glory.”
“It’s a good thing you can’t handle me.”  Ploy said as she took another swig.
Can hiccuped, “yeah, I’ll get right on that. Let me add manly to that list too.”
Gun rubbed his eyes and Ploy clinked his glass. He looked at her, slowly the room was starting to wobble. She clinked his glass again. “Alright, alright. I heard you on the first clink.” 
Pream pushed a glass of water towards his hand, “we can’t have both of you drunk. Ploy is smaller than me. We won’t be able to hold you guys up.”
“Manly.” Can said with a burp, “small and manly.”
Pream laughed, “I hope that’s not your pick-up line to her.”
“Ugh. Like it would work!” Ploy said as she gave Can a shove. 
He almost tipped off his chair if Gun hadn’t caught him. But after Gun caught Can he almost fell over himself and Pream reached out and caught him by the waist of his pants instead. “Oh!” She released him and placed both hands over her mouth in an ‘oh!’ Gun caught himself on the corner of the table and righted himself. All of them ended up laughing at their little table. They began laughing so hard that the singer on stage stopped singing and just watched them.
Ploy covered Can’s mouth and Can covered her mouth with his hands. Pream and Gun looked at the both of them and covered each other’s mouth too. But they ended up doubling over in laughter in their seats. The singer gave up and walked back down to his table disappointed that he wasn’t able to finish his song. Ploy was wiping the tears from her eyes and Can snorted out loud causing the group to burst out laughing again.
The emcee cleared his throat, “I’m sorry that our singer didn’t finish his off-key version Kangsom’s song Khun Lae Khun Tao Nun (You and Only You). It’s alright though, I’m forever thankful for the table up here that stop him from singing any further, that’s right, you and only you guys at this table here.” The crowd clapped for them and they all bowed in their seats. The emcee continued, “as a thank you, I am going to bump your singer up to the top of the list. You lucky dogs you.”
Gun looked around the table. “Which one of you guys are singing?”
“I hope you sober up quick.” Ploy said as she pat his hand, “your number is up!”
He looked to his cousin who again, burped into his hands. Gun then placed his head into his hands as the emcee spoke up again.
“This is such a sweet song. Please don’t ruin it for us.” The emcee winked at Gun, “dedication to that young lady with the big eyes right?”
Pream looked at Ploy as Ploy looked at Pream. They both had large eyes and started laughing again Can eventually joined in with them. Gun was the only one not laughing.
“Okay, we’ll get the prompter ready for you. Sirasak’s Ruk Tur Nirun, if you could please mister DJ sir.” The emcee waved Gun over once he picked his head up out of his hands.
“Whoooo!” Ploy cheered, “there’s a prompter, so don’t mess this up!”
Gun got up on stage and stood there, he wobbled a little. The emcee joked, “I want to give you a stool, but I fear you just might roll off of it.” He pounded Gun on the back and laughed nearly causing Gun to lose his balance on stage. The emcee received the cue that he was ready to put on the music. Scratching his head and thanking his table for signing him up, Gun apologized to the crowd. He cleared his throat and placed the microphone back on the mic stand. He closed his eyes as the room started to spin a bit slower now. He’s going to need the mic stand for support. And the music he heard had started. Unsure of where to put his hands, he stuck them into his pockets.
“You look like a nervous school boy.” Ploy hollered.
Another woman somewhere in the crowd gave him a wolf call.
Great, he thought, now I feel like I’m up for auction. He looked back at his table and made direct eye contact with Pream who had her elbows on the table and her head resting on her hand. It looked like she was going to try and listen intently to him. Here goes nothing.
Dai yin samur nee tur chai mai
(The person I always hear is you right?)
Reu siang bai mai tee wai dtaung lom tao nun
(Or is it only the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind?)
Mae wah rao ja glai hahng gun dtae nai jai nun rao kit teung gun samur
(Though we’re far apart, in our hearts, we’re always thinking of each other)
Ja nahn kae nai tee nai mohm nee
(However long we’ll be in these corners)
Took weynahtee chun yung koy fao fao ror koy tur
(Every second I’m still waiting, waiting for you)
Can looked over at Ploy and noticed she was sniffling. “Are you crying? Why are you crying? I told you he doesn’t suck.”
No, he doesn’t suck at all Pream agreed as she watched Gun sing onstage.
“It’s so beautiful.” Ploy cried into her hands. Can laughed, he was the only sound other than Gun singing on stage. The entire room was quiet. They were all focused on Gun. Can stood up making the chair scrape the floor, Gun didn’t even bat an eye. He was still looking at Pream. Can held his hand out for Ploy. “What?”
“Let’s dance to a beautiful song.” Can bowed as she took his hand. 
Can winked at his cousin on stage. Gun smiled into the mic and took his cousin’s lead, grabbing the mic he hopped off stage and held his hand out for Pream as well. Shocked her mouth fell upon first until he reached out for hand and pulled her up for a nice, slow dance.
Pream was hypnotized. She laid her head against his shoulders and sighed deeply. He smelled like one of those manly soaps men uses in the shower. There’s no way not every girl in the room right now isn’t fawning or drooling over him. And when Gun got to the last line of the song-- Pream’s heart skipped a beat and then some. Something he did to manipulate his voice was intoxicating.
Chun ja yoo peua ruk tur talod pbai mae sin lom hai jai ruk tur
(I’ll live to love you forever, even if I stop breathing, I’ll love you…)
--- [SIZE=14.6666666666667px]รักเธอนิรันดร์ MV [/SIZE]-- if you want to hear what I’m talking about ;)
“Whoa...” Pream murmured so softly that even Gun couldn’t hear it, “...I think I’m in love.”
Once the song was over Gun jumped up to place the microphone back on the stand and went back down to his table. All four looked around the room. Everyone still haven’t spoken anything, silence remained. You can hear the waves crashing, the kids playing, crickets chirping and whoever it was that breathed heavily from his or her mouth inhaling and exhaling.
“I’m afraid to move.” Ploy said leaning to the center of the table and gave the room another lookover.
“I think you made the emcee speechless.” Can said leaning in loser to the table as well.
Pream slowly looked left, then slowly looked right. “Why do I feel like we’re in a fish bowl with everyone wanting to tap the glass of the bowl?”
Mai and Charlie chose that moment to enter and announce that they’re going to bed. Charlie looked at all the adults in the room. “What’s going on?”
“Good night sweetie.” The all said and hugged her. Then Charlie walked away confused as there wasn’t any other movement in the room.
Everyone jumped when a dish crashed and broke somewhere in the distance. That seemed to wake everyone up from their daze and they clapped and cheered loudly for Gun.
“We should go now.” Can said getting up.
“What about dessert?” Ploy asked as they all got up.
“No can do.” He said holding on to his stomach, “I think I’m going to puke.”
Ploy hunched her back as she followed him out, “why do you have to ruin a good moment like that? We just danced to a sweet and lovely song. No. Really?”
Gun and Pream followed close by. They looked at each other and both blushed. 
Gun mentally kicked himself, he was blushing like a boy in his youth. 
Pream put her hand up to her check-- goodness, was she blushing like a school girl?
Ploy pinched her nose, “Oh my god. Gun, please take him. Take him away.” She began to heave as well when she saw him throwing up.
Gun waved bye to Pream and ran to get Can into a room to wash up.
Ploy shuddered. “Why? Someone is always drunk and puking around me?”
“Don’t work at a bar? Pream suggested.
“And hilarity ensues.” Ploy gave her a big yawn and waved her goodnight before entering her own room.
Pream opened the door and turned the light on to find Mai asleep on the side of the bed. She chuckled and woke the nanny up. “You can go to bed now, thanks Mai.” The nanny yawned and made her way back to her room. Pream adjusted Charlie’s blanket and grabbed a towel to shower.
Gun left Can leaning over a nearby bush as he ran to check in on his daughter. He opened the door to find his daughter already in slumber land with a large smile on her face. He gave her a quick kiss goodnight, stroked her hair lovingly and turned to leave. He then saw the instant photo from the Instax that Pream was taking the morning he bumped into her when he was out jogging. He picked one up of the waves crashing against the rock at sunrise. Did Pream give this to Charlie? He looked at his daughter who was still sleeping and slipped it into his pocket. He chuckled. Gun didn’t know if he was the wave or the rock every time they crashed into each other.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Can opened his eyes to the loud thumping on his door. “I’m up! I’m up!” He rolled over slowly holding on to his head. His cousin was the culprit behind the door pounding. “Yes?” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
“Do you mind if I take your car back?”
“What? Why?” Can asked followed by a yawn.
“Pim and Air don’t want anyone to see their face.”
“It’s ink stained, so?” Can said but he handed the keys over anyway.
Charlie ran up to the room with her Nanny and gave her dad a quick hug before running in to jump on her uncle’s bed.
“They’ve broke out into some kind of rash from it over night.” Gun rubbed his eyes, he was still tired too. ”Do you mind checking out?”
“I checked us in, I don’t see why I can’t check us out.” He waved him away. “Now leave so I could sleep some more.”
“Check out is in four hours.” Gun reminded him turning to leave, he ran back in as if he forgot something. He tackled Charlie on the bed and tickled her. He wanted to hear her giggle again before he took off. When he did, he kissed her goodbye on her forehead.
Can stopped Gun, “why don’t you ask Jim to drive you?”
“The girls don’t want anyone to see them.” Gun raised his hands up only to drop them back down. “I don’t know. I don’t care. I just want to get back home to rest before we start work again on Tuesday.”
“Okay.” Can waved him off and then turned back to his niece who was still bouncing up and down on his, “I want sleep.”
Charlie shook her head, “I want breakfast.”
“Go get your mom.” Can growled.
“She’s packing up right now.” Charlie smiled as she continued her bouncing.
Can climbed back into bed and Charlie climbed up on to him to wrestle. She sat on his back and leaned over to look at him. He popped his eyes open and flipped her over some to tickle her some more. She giggled and laughed the rest of the morning.
Pream walked over to find Can and Charlie wrestling and asked if he was already packed.
“Nah, it’s easy for me, I just toss everything in and I’m good to go.” Can laughed as Charlie bent his leg back and he tapped out. 
“I went to look for you car, but it wasn’t outside.” Pream pointed over her shoulders, “I’m not quite sure where I’m supposed to put my luggages.”
“Gun took my car this morning. He had to…” Can shut his mouth and what felt like minutes he finally explained, “He had to leave now. There was some kind of work emergency he had to attend to.”
“Is he okay to drive?” Pream asked worriedly, “he didn’t get much sleep last night. I saw Jim…”
Can put Charlie to the side, “he is fine to drive. He’s slept on less hours than this.”
“Yes, that makes me feel so much better.” She sighed, “I wish he had asked for someone to keep him company so that he won’t be falling asleep on the road by himself.”
Pream smiled and went to pick her daughter up, “one last swim before we leave?” Charlie shook her head, “then what is it that you want to do?” 
“You’re hungry? I thought you grabbed breakfast already with Mai?”
“I did, but I’m still hungry.”
Patting her daughter’s head and smiling, “alright, but when we get back home, I’m taking you to the doctor’s. It’s like you have tapeworms with the insane amount of food you’re eating for such a tiny person.”


Awe. I'm so in love. Thank you so much for the update and a Gun fanfic overall. How i wished that moment wold last forever. Everyone was so in the moment. :)