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Chapter Twenty One
Ploy walked by yawning and stretching loudly. “Alright folks, when are we heading out and what time are we getting home?”
“What’s the rush?”
“I might be able to pick up a night shift tonight. Stragglers on holiday still.” Ploy found Charlie and tickled her, “I heard you wanted food. Let’s grab some while your uncle packs.”
Can frowned at her when she threatened to kick him if he’s not done packing within the hour.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun rubbed his neck as he fell over on his couch. His condo was lonely, he was getting irritated at himself. He’d dropped off Air and Pim after they swung by the doctor’s office  as he’d promised, but they wanted him to stay for dinner. He was tired and to stay around girls who kept looking in the mirror at themselves during dinner to make sure that their rash wasn’t worse? He knows he’s not a deep conversationalist, but it would’ve been nice to laugh and talk at a table. Other than business lunch or dinners that weren’t really filled with friendly conversations or jokes. He stretched again and glanced at the clock, Can had called a little bit ago to let him know that they’ve made it home. Grabbing Can’s car keys he left to find him and maybe grab a quick drink somewhere. He knew it was Monday, but he’s still on vacation mode.
“Huh?” Can asked as one of the servants told him Gun had just pulled up in the driveway. He ran out to find Gun stepping up into the front. “Hey!”
Gun looked around him as well as behind him. “Why are you making that face at me?”
“What are you doing here?”
“It’s my house.” Gun reminded him as he returned Can his car keys. “I came to give that back to you.” Can thanked him and blocked him from getting into the house. “If I didn’t know you so well, I would be saying that you’re blocking me from getting into my own house.” Can laughed. It sounded kind of fake as to Gun as well as forced. “Seriously though, are you okay?”
“Never been better!”
Scratched his head at his cousin he tried to step into the house again but Can mirror stepped him. When Gun stepped to the right so did Can. And again when he stepped to the left. “Can!”
“Yea?” Can asked as it became a little like a dance routine between him and Gun.
Placing his hands on his hips Gan demanded to know what was going on. “Uh.” He finally managed to pass Can and headed towards the stairs to find Charlie.
Pream was about to head downstairs to find the souvenir bags when one of the younger staff bounded up the stairs in the back. “What’s wrong Noun?”
“You brought a lot of dried food back, I was wondering where you’d like to place them. It’s really full already in the pantry.”
“Oh!” Pream smiled, “I was going to split them for Can and Ploy.” They had already dropped Ploy off straight at work and still had her luggage. “Here, let’s go through them now so that you won’t have to have them outside longer than you want them to.” They headed down towards the kitchen from the back stairs.
Bounding up the stairs Gun headed towards Charlie’s room. He knocked and entered. Mai was combing Charlie’s hair when he walked in.
“Daddy!” Charlie gasped.
“Okay, I know I don’t usually make an appearance on Monday, but since I was dropping the keys off to your uncle, I thought I’d say ‘hi’ to you before I leave again.”
It wasn’t the reaction he’d hoped to see from his daughter after a somewhat pleasant weekend away. “You and your uncle have been acting weird since I got here.” At that Can opened the door, panting out of breath as he tried to catch up with Gun. “See what I mean?”
Charlie shrugged, Mai froze, she wasn’t combing Charlie’s hair anymore.
Gun looked at the three of them and moved in closer to the bed. He noticed a larger luggage next to Charlie’s bed. “Whose luggage is that?”
“Mine!” Can called out. “They must’ve brought all the luggages from my car by mistake.”
Gun frowned, “when did you start carrying a pink luggage?”
Can blushed, it was actually Ploy’s. “Hey, it was the only thing I had at home. I didn’t really want to waste money on buying something I rarely use. I mean who's going to see my hotel room and judge me on my pink luggage? No. Really.”
Gun rubbed his forehead, “I don’t really want to ask you where that came from either.”
“Please don’t ask.” Can was running out of lies, and he’s not quick to come up with one either right now. The drive back was pleasant, minus Charlie and Ploy drawing all over his face. He still had some lines behind his ears and neck he couldn’t wash off.
“Whatever.” Gun said waving it off. “I brought you your car, now drive me back to the condo.”
Can grinned, “let’s go!” He pulled the pink luggage behind him like he really owned it.
Charlie waved bye to him from the bed. “You don’t want to walk me out?”
“My hair is still wet. Too cold.”
Disappointed though he was, he still received a goodbye hug from his daughter and he left smiling.
Instead of walking out the door as expected he made a turn. “Where are you going?” Can asked following him and looking around to see if Pream was anywhere in sight.
“I’m going to my personal bar, for a drink from my personal collection and sit on my barstool.” Gun raised a challenging eyebrow, “got a problem with that?”
Can wanted to run and bash his head into that bar. It was right next to the kitchen. “Why don’t we go out for a drink instead?”
“I thought about asking you to go grab a drink with me outside, but I figured my bar is just as good.” He poured himself a drink, “want some?” He held out a tumblr for his cousin when he heard sounds from the kitchen. Gun glanced that way still holding out Can’s drink.
He quickly grabbed it and drank it in one gulp. Goodness he needed a chaser. What the heck is Gun drinking? He held his breath then let out a burning one. He needed Gun out of his house soon.
Gun took his after Can and replaced the stopper back on the bottle when another sound was heard in the kitchen. “What’s going on in there?” He stepped in to find bags all over the counter. “What did you bring back with you?”
“Uh.” Can didn’t know what Prem bought, he just carried the bag. “Stuff from the market. We went after you left.”
Noun walked back in with a basket and gasped when she saw Gun. Gun said his hello and started poking around in the bag. She made a face at Can and pointed out the door mouth Pream’s name.
“Since when did you buy these kind of snacks and dried goods from the market?”
“I didn’t. Jim and Mai helped.”
Pream looked at the pots and pans that were out on the side of the house when she heard Can’s voice from the window nearby. She looked through the window and saw Gun and Can. Smiling she turned to walk back in when the pile of pots and pans near her came tumbling down. “Crap.” She muttered squatting down to pick them up.
“What was that?” Gun asked as he stepped out the side door of the kitchen.
Noun walked out too. “Nothing sir. I was sorting the pots and pan around the corner.” She quickly excused herself and ran towards Pream.
Gun heard his cousin’s stomach growl. “You didn’t eat yet?”
He was busy dropping Ploy off that they only just got back home. “I was planning on getting something after everyone else settled in.”
“Why don’t you grab something to eat with me. I still want another drink.” Gun patted his shoulders and looked towards the direction of the pots clanging with the pans. “Come on.”
He walked back into the house and led Can with his pink luggage to the car. He never judged his cousin for his strangeness, or maybe Gun has been working too much that he hadn’t noticed his cousin’s behavior of late.
“Where do you want to go for food and drinks?”
“The bar Ploy is at right now and it’s nearby your work.” Can replied without a delay.
Gun watched his cousin as he drove. “Are you into her now?”
“I don’t think so.” Can shrugged, “girl’s don’t usually interest me. And she’s not really one my parents, should they be alive, approve of.”
“What you now, A-Sexual?”
Can choked, “no! I am not. It’s just that No one has caught my interest in awhile.” He cleared his throat, “plus, with you purchasing out other companies and working me to the bones with all these unnecessary hours, then going home to check on Charlie…” He gave a shrug, “I haven’t had time like you to meet girls.” Can looked at his cousin when he got to a red light, “I mean, how serious are you and Pim?”
“Why does everyone ask me that?” Gun frowned, “do I look like I’m dating her?”
“Lunch date here, dinner date there-- trip to the beach. But her a bracelet….” Can continued driving at the green light, “it sounds like you almost are. Wait a minute, yea, I think you are.”
“Courting her, yes, dating her. No.” Gun corrected. “I’m still trying to get to know her.”
“I’m sorry, what’s the difference?” Can asked. He opened his mouth and no answer came out. “Unless you’re just going from girl to girl because you feel like you have to find a mom for Charlie, I don’t think you should be just dating any woman Auntie Jan brings around to you.”
“What makes you such an expert?”
“I’m not.” Can smiled, “obviously, my single life status says much about me. But the trip we just went to, how often did you even see your daughter?”
“I saw her everyday.”
Can nodded, “sure, but I mean besides the obligatory ‘see you at lunch’ or kiss goodnight, when did you really see you daughter?”
“You think I didn’t spend enough time with my daughter?”
“I think you should find someone else that would plan a trip with you to involve your daughter.” Can suggested. “You may think Pim would make a good choice because she’s lasted the longest.” Can rolled his eyes, “but did she include your daughter in anything you were going to do?”
Gun frowned. “I see.”
“I mean if you truly might feel something for her, then I suggest you take your daughter along more with Pim to see how she really feels about Charlie.” Pulling in to the parking lot now Can gave his cousin a careless add, “I’m just saying. I love you and Charlie, I don’t want to see your daughter any more messed up than she needs to be.”
“My daughter is fine now.”
Can snorted, “are you sure?”
“What makes you say that?”
“As a single man who doesn’t really care about anyone right now, my focus has always been you and Charlie. More Charlie than you, now that you’ve grown your wings and dating half the population of the country.”
“You’re making me sound like a gigolo.” Gun muttered.
Can eyed him, “fine, of those girls Auntie Jan introduced you to, tell me you didn’t sleep with not even one of them.” Gun avoided his eyes. “Yeah, I thought so, Gigolo.”
“Shut up and get us a table.” Gun said shoving his cousin into the bar.
“Ploy’s table please.” Can smiled at the hostess. The hostess eyed Can and left a lingering look on Gun. “I swear, every girl throws herself at you, and you seem indifferent to it all.”
Gun looked at the hostess and then shrugged, “too easy.”
“I’m sorry. Too easy you said?” Can repeated in disbelief. Ploy placed the water down at their table then. “Hey, is your hostess easy?”
Ploy nodded, “Yep. Sure is. Why, blue balls?”
“Not me!” Can said grabbing her tray and smacking her butt. “I’m asking for this guy.”
“Wow,” Ploy huffed. “I mean you have Pim, granted she’s a semi-easy girl, you’re still checking out other girls?”
“She’s not my girlfriend!” Gun said throwing his hands up.
“Like are you looking for a challenge or something?” Ploy laughed, “because a bar isn’t the place to find a challenge if you get my drift.”
“Now you guys make it sound like I’m man-whoring.” Gun muttered, “can you grab us two beers and a menu while he decides on what he wants to eat?”
Rolling her eyes, “two beers and a filet mignon pasta on it’s way.”
“Is that an appetizer?” Gun asked.
Shaking her head and crossing her arms, “no, your cousin just eats that much here.”
He looked between the two. Can leaned back on his side of the booth and Ploy leaning over the booth towards him. “Are you two secretly dating?”
Ploy looked down at Can as he looked up at her. They both frowned and yelled, “NO!”
“She’d be classified as very hard to get, not to be confused with playing hard-to-get, she is not an easy lay like our hostess over there.” Can said and Ploy high fived him. “Who by the way, is still looking at you.”
Gun looked at his phone as it rang, “It’s Pim. Beer?” Gun asked Ploy and stepped out to talk on the phone.
Ploy still leaning against the booth asked, “you know who wouldn’t be an easy-lay for him?”
Can shooked his head, “who?”
“Pream.” She grabbed the tray back.
Can shoved her when she grab the tray back from him. When Ploy left to grab their orders he thought about what Ploy said and looked over at the hostess. He realized Gun was back in the building when he saw her fluffing her hair and making her smile wider. “Oh to be Gun…” He shuddered.
Gun and Can left leaving Pream and Charlie to have dinner, just the two of them. Pream looked at her phone when the text alert went off. Charlie was digging into her carrot puree and seemed to not notice anything else but finishing the carrots for her dessert as a treat. There was only two people who had her number, so she wanted to guess it was Ploy. It was indeed Ploy.
“Do you mind if Ploy stays over tomorrow night?”
Charlie shook her head and smiled. “Will she be here after I get off of school?”
“I’m not sure.” Pream smiled, “but I’ll find out when she gets off of work later tonight.”
“You know what would make your dating life hard with girls that Aunt Jan doesn’t bring to you?” Gun stabbed a piece of Can’s pasta and shook his head. “How would you hide your wealth from the ones who’d be dating you for your money?” Gun frowned, “I’m not talking about Charlie’s mom. But it’s kind of like that situation if you think about it.”


Thanks for the update. LOL. More ways to ignore Gun. Can and the maids are too funny, also Charlie too. Those surprised expressions. I don't know who you have in mind as Charlie, but I'm seeing Nong Goya in my mind every time I'm reading this. She's just too adorable. :)


sarNie Hatchling
Bieluvr said:
Thanks for the update. LOL. More ways to ignore Gun. Can and the maids are too funny, also Charlie too. Those surprised expressions. I don't know who you have in mind as Charlie, but I'm seeing Nong Goya in my mind every time I'm reading this. She's just too adorable. :)
I have a few meetings today. so less updates than the norm.  :nono1:


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty Two
Gun thought about what his cousin had brought up to him about just dating and not meaning it. He did want to find someone not just for him but someone who would want to be with Charlie too. Did Pim only plan things that Charlie wasn't able to attend? Hearing his phone ring again he saw that Pim was giving him another ring. "How are you and Air doing?"
"We got some ointment for our rash and we'll check in again with our dermatologist next week."
"That's good. Again, I'm sorry that this happened to you on my trip."
"You can make it up to me next weekend by taking me out."
"What would you like to do?" Gun asked.
He could hear her smiling through the phone. "Why don't you run some ideas by me?"
"Picnic in the park?"
Pim laughed, "how about you tell me about this picnic."
"I'm sure Charlie and I could come up with something to do next weekend."
Pim pulled the phone away from her ears to frown at it. Bring Charlie too? She let out a laugh. "And I suppose you're going to being the nanny too?"
"We don't have to. It could just be the two of us." Gun yawned. "It's been a long day. I'll let you think about it for the week. Let me know what you've decided. Goodnight."
After Pim said her farewells she glared at the phone before throwing it onto her bed. How is this supposed to bring us closer? She checked out her rash again in her vanity mirror before slamming her fist down. She needs to call Air and talk this out with her.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream held the two blue bows in her hands and smiled, "which would you like today?" Charlie choose the one with the lace ends. "I like that one too, you're dad has good taste."
She hasn't heard or seen Gun since the Monday they got back home from the ocean. She frowned as she adjusted Charlie's hair bun. It's Friday now and Ploy suggested they have girl's night out, she didn't even know if she liked girls' night out.
"Charlie, would you mind if Ploy and I did girls night out tonight?" She shook her head and smiled, "great. I think Uncle Can wants to do movie night with you as well."
"Can I have chocolate cake too?"
Pream laughed, only if your uncle will bringing some."
Charlie watched as Pream sighed and stared at the mirror in a daze. She must be getting tired of housewife duties. She'll have to bring this up to her uncle later tonight. "I'm ready for school mom."
"Hmm?" Pream shook herself from reverie and held it her hands, "I'll drop you off with Jim." Charlie grasped it and thanked her for doing so. "Silly rabbit. I'm your mom, why wouldn't I?" Charlie stopped to give her a tight hug in the hallway, “wow, and a hug too?” She hugged her daughter in return. “You’re not sad about me going out with Ploy tonight are you? I’ll stay in instead if you want.”
Charlie with her face pressed against Pream’s side shook her head. She needed Pream out of the house for when dad returns tonight. She sighed and held onto Pream a little tighter.
“What’s gotten into you?” Pream asked pulling Charlie slowly away from her. “Are you ill?” She felt Charlie’s forehead, she was not warm at all. “Where’s your smile sweetie?”
She pasted on a smile for Pream and led her to the car so they could hit the road, traffic isn’t fun for her or Jim to drive in. Charlie sighed inwardly, she didn’t want Pream to be away, even for a day. Rolling her eyes as they walked she thought of Pim coming over and cooking in the kitchen. She always fusioning something in their and it always tasted like crap. “Bleh.”
“Did you say something Charlie?” Pream asked as she opened the car door for her.
“I was thinking of my math test.”
Pream grinned, “yes, because 4+5 is so hard for you.” She gave her a peck on the top of the girl’s crown, “you’re my little genius. No way would you disappoint me in failing.”
“And if I fail, how would you feel?”
“That I had failed you as a mother...” As the car pulled out of the driveway Pream gave Charlie a side glance and noticed her pouty face, she patted Charlie’s hand and added, “but I would have Jim here drive us state to the bookstore, and I would buy flashcards and every workbook they have so that we could spend our spare time studying.”
Charlie unbuckled her seatbelt and jumped on Pream to give her another one of her tight hug. Pream laughed and admonished her as they were in a moving vehicle. “Let’s buckle up and ace that test.”
Jim’s eyes misted and he sniffled a little as he watched the exchange in the rearview mirror. Oh his little miss needed a mother alright. Not just any mother either.
“Are you getting sick Jim?” Pream asked shaking him out of his thoughts.
“No ma’am.”
She made eye contact with him, “you sure? I thought I heard you sniffling.”
Smiling widely, “allergies ma’am.”
Charlie leaned against Pream as Jim continued the drive towards school and Pream automatically placed her arms around Charlie and held her during the drive.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Jim?” Pream asked as he came to a stop at a red light, “there’s a little pastry shop I saw a little further down that we always pass by, I think I’d like to read a book there until Charlie gets off of school.”
He nodded and knew which one she was referring to.
“I’ll walk over to the school after to pick up Charlie, you can meet me at the school at the usual time.” She got out and turned to point at him, “remember to take something for your allergies Jim.”
Jim was slightly lost, he doesn’t have allergies. He then remembered he told her he had allergies a little earlier. “Yes ma’am” Pream smiled and waved Jim off.
Holding her book and purse Pream perused from behind the case. She hated using Gun’s credit card for the little things, but she still haven’t found her ID and maybe should ask Jim to take her to replace it. Sighing she acknowledged the staff that she was ready to order. She leaned again  to point at the case when she felt someone else’s finger tap the case on hers and their heads bumping into each other.
Gun rubbed his head as he stepped back to apologize. “Pream?”
“Gun!” She exclaimed and grimaced. “I’m so sorry.”
“I’m sorry too.” He was a bit shocked to find her here, “what are you doing here?”
She looked around the shop, “I always ride by this way, I figured today would be a good day to enjoy a good book out on the sidewalk patio while I wait for…”
“The quiche is ready is ready sir, anything to drink?” The girl behind the case interrupted.
“Oh, excuse me.” Gun said to her as he went to look at the beverages. “Just a coffee is fine.”
“Ma’am your frittata and juice is ready.” One of the guys said at the register. She excused herself from him and handed over the credit card to pay.
“Your coffee and quiche is also ready sir.” Gun reached in and handed him his credit card also.
Pream and Gun stood next to each other other as they waited for their receipt. “So what brings you here?”
“Breakfast. I usually grab things to go, I didn’t have any early meetings scheduled today. So I did a quick run and now I’m hungry.”
The cashier looked at the credit card, both with Gun’s name and glanced at the two of them. Must be some woman, she has his credit card to use. Rolling his eyes and placed the cards on a tray and handed it to both of them.
Gun reached for the credit card and signed for it, Pream reached for the other and signed for it. As she handed the the copy back to the guy she realized the credit card in her hand isn’t the one that she usually used. She turned to ask Gun, but he just looked at his credit card and then placed it into his wallet. She looked back down at the other credit card and placed it back into her own empty wallet. If he didn’t care which credit card he has, I guess it shouldn’t bother me either.
Pream grabbed her tray and noticed his meal was in a to-go bag. “Have a wonderful day at work.” And she headed outside with her plate and drink to sit outside to enjoy the book she had just gotten earlier in the week.
Gun followed her with his eyes then looked back at his brown bag to ask an employee. “Can I change it for here instead?”
Pream had gotten a few pages in when she felt her table move and glanced up. Gun had gotten his quiche on a plate and had decided to sit across from her.  “I thought you were going to work?”
“I will.” Gun smiled, “if you want to read a book in peace, I won’t bother you, since my mouth would be full with this delicious quiche.” And followed that with taking a bite of his quiche and making a moaning sound like he really was enjoying it.
She took a bite of her fritatta as well and chuckled at him. “Talking might do me some good.”
“You mentioned you were waiting for something before we got interrupted?”
“Oh, not something. Someone.” Pream laughed. “Since I don’t really do much these days besides ponder when I’d remember anything about myself at all, I thought I’d wait for Cha….”
“You forgot your coffee sir.” The girl smiled at him and placed it on the table.
Pream noticed she was still standing there looking at Gun and cleared her throat.
“Was there anything else I could get for you?” She jumped.
Gun shook his head and not once looking at the girl but instead was still forking away at his quiche.
Pream frowned and cleared her throat again. “We’re good.” She watched until the girl disappeared back into the shop and looked at Gun again who was inhaling breakfast. “Someone must be hungry.”
“Oh, no, I always do this.” He smiled. “When I get back home, I usually get burnt steak, fish or something I’d hate to eat.” Burnt steak? Pream wondered. Food was always good at home. Maybe it was an off day? He noticed the way she was looking at him, “don’t worry about it. It’s only on weekends.”
Pream aimed her phone this way and that then studied the photo again and resnapping it again to make a face at it and deleting the photo. He chuckled, “here.” He reached for the phone in her hands. Without questioning it she gave him her phone.
Gun stuck the phone out to take a photo of them, Pream smiled and stopped him before taking the picture. “Wait! Can you raise your arms a little higher?” She pointed at the photo, “wanted the food in it too.”
She was handed back the phone and with her head down taping away, Gun asked, “You were saying that you were waiting for someone?”
“Yes, right. I am waiting for Cha…” Pream looked up from her phone at him.
Gun’s phone rang and he apologized before answering. “Seriously? Right this minute?” He grunted. “Stall and give me fifteen minutes, I’m just around the corner from the office.” He finished the last few bites quickly and stood up, “I’m sorry, there’s a potential client I’ve been really trying to get…” He paused as Pream stood up to adjust his tie and grabbed a napkin to wipe the side of his lips. “Um…”
“It was quicker than telling you where the spinach on your face was.” She smiled at him and sighed, “go ahead and get that client, I was planning on eating alone anyway. No big deal.” She dusted something off his shoulders. Gun apologized again and he said a quick goodbye to her before taking off into the shop.
Pream sat back down as he walked by the table she was sitting at. He waved quickly to her again and then he walked fast down the street. She opened her book as the girl came back out to gather Gun’s plate and coffee. She looked at the girl who was also looking towards the direction of where Gun went off to.
“I’ve never seen you with him before.” She murmured as she cleaned.
“I’m usually dropping off our daughter at school down the ways there.” Pream answered and sipped her juice as she flipped another page in her book.
Looking saddened the girl asked, “so he’s married then?”
“With a six year old daughter to boot.” Pream didn’t know why, but it felt good to rub that into the girl face. Pitiful it was, but possessive she felt.
“It’s just odd that you’re not wearing a wedding ring.” The girl shrugged and walked back into the shop leaving Pream to look at her left hand.
There wasn’t even a tan line of a ring ever being there in the first place. Why haven’t she ever noticed this before?
Pream spent the remainder of the day from poking at her food to taking a sip of her juice to feeling around on her finger for any tell tale sign of a marriage.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ploy stretched her arms over her head as she left the little cafe. “No work tonight!” She cheered pumping her fist up. As she walked to her scooter she checked her Instagram and noticed Pream had posted up a second photo onto her own Instagram. “Oh… my… gawd.”
She ran to her scooter and rode to Can’s office as fast as she could.


sarNie Granny
Whoa !! I was gone for 2 days and you wrote so much , I need to catch up!!! I wish I have the time to type like I did back in the days loll, work ruin the fun on everything


sarNie Granny
update more ! it's getting good !  i went to sleep after i finish reading this . maybe because my brain is still on fan fiction mode but gosh , I  dream a long dream or what HAHA   this morning when I woke up i finally  figure out what the plot-line for my next fiction is :dance1: thank to this though lol


LOL. If only I could have a dream that would clear up my mind and elp me with my fanfic. Right now I'm so stuck on my old fanfic and it's been so long I can't seem to start it again. It was written based on a dream I had too. If only i could re-dream that dream. LOL :)


sarNie Granny
first time I wrote a fiction base on dream loll I have to start it before I forget! I only have 1 unfinish fiction , I'm stuck on the last chapter loll not sure how to end it .


sarNie Adult
I'm laaate! Funny, I got so drunk last week. I don't know if it was because of this fic.  :sweat:
Anyway! I love how Gun is starting to like Pream (more). And that scene where he sang. oh gosh! I can just imagine, I'll swoon for sure. I don't understand that part with the credit card though. he didn't notice she was using his credit card? 
I can't wait for the big reveal when he finally finds out that she thinks they're married! (Well, I hope she still thinks they're married, despite not having a line in her ring finger.) thank you very much for your hard work!


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040156 said:
I'm laaate! Funny, I got so drunk last week. I don't know if it was because of this fic.  :sweat:
Anyway! I love how Gun is starting to like Pream (more). And that scene where he sang. oh gosh! I can just imagine, I'll swoon for sure. I don't understand that part with the credit card though. he didn't notice she was using his credit card? 
I can't wait for the big reveal when he finally finds out that she thinks they're married! (Well, I hope she still thinks they're married, despite not having a line in her ring finger.) thank you very much for your hard work!
LOL all week long? The credit card will come to play in the story further along :)
sarN said:
Whoa !! I was gone for 2 days and you wrote so much , I need to catch up!!! I wish I have the time to type like I did back in the days loll, work ruin the fun on everything
I have plenty of time on my hand-- but I often travel so I'll be missing for days and return randomly. <3
Bieluvr said:
Gun and Preem is so adorable!!! Take as much time as you need. I'm still waiting patiently here. :)
hah... if I was like I was 10 years ago.... it'll take a long time before the story gets finished. It feels good to write again!


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty Three
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Thank god you’re here.” Can said as he waved to the pink luggage on the side of the office. “I’ve been meaning to give this back to you.”
“Screw that.” Ploy came stalking in with her hands on her hips. “Have you checked your Instagram yet?”
“In case you can’t tell, I’ve been working all day.’ Can explained and waved dramatically at his desk.
Ploy eyed it doubtfully, “how could I tell, it looked like someone put the vacuum cleaner on reverse and it puked all over your desk.”
Can made a face at her, “why you gotta be so rude?” She spooked him when she slammed the palm of her hands on his desk. “small, manly hands. How do you feel with those hands pulling that little punk luggage of yours anyway?”
“Will you just?” She raised her hands up as if to slap him next.
“Alright, alright.” He said pulling his phone out of his pocket. “You’re making me break all kinds of work rules right now.”
Rolling her eyes she muttered, “please, like you listen to any given instructions, let alone any written out rules to that you follow.”
Ignoring her he scrolled down, “I don’t see anything.”
“My goodness, how many people are you following?” Ploy yelled, “just pull up Pream’s account.
Surprised, “what, she uses it now?” Can laughed and then stopped when her newest photo popped up. “Maybe we’re good?” Can asked as he looked at his phone’s screen.  “I mean, wouldn’t Gun have called to yell at me by now?”
Ploy crossed her arms and leaned against the desk next to him she hated how his desk was always so messy. “What if he just fires you instead?”
“He wouldn’t do that to family.” Can waved off and laughed nervously.
She tilted her head at him, “oh yeah? Like the way family members foisted a fake wife that he doesn’t even know about at all?”
“Why don’t you call and ask Pream?”
“And say what?!” Ploy turned to smack him and stomped her feet. “I want to pull all of my hair out right now. I even want to clean your desk. And I hate cleaning!”
The two jumped when the door slammed open. “GUN!”
“Hey!” Gun smiled, “I didn’t mean to slam the door open that hard.” He looked at the two of them and froze. “Did I scare you?”
“What brings you here?” Ploy laughed a bit too fake that caused Gun to raise his eyebrows at her.
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Gun asked pointing at the two of them. “Did I interrupt something?” He was suspicious of them. And they’re acting like they were caught in an awkward position. “You guys look guilty about something.”
“N-No!” Ploy shrilly laughed now.
Gun walked slowly up to them. “So, you being here in broad daylight, and the messy desk?” He waved from Ploy to the desk.
Can placed his head on the desk as Ploy covered her mouth.
“Seriously, what’s wrong with the two of you.” He was getting more suspect with them now. “And ‘ewwww”? What are you eight and think boys have cooties?”
“I would never...” Ploy stomped her feet again and shrieked, “We would never…”
Can banged his head on the table, “please tell me why you’re here Gun, my ears are going to be bleeding for the next few days with her screaming.”
He looked at the two of them slowly then squarely looked at Ploy, “I just came to tell Can that I got another client. The one I’ve been trying to get for the past six months….” Can let out a sigh of relief. “Yes. It is quite a relief. He won’t sign until our lawyers and theirs go through the contract. We should celebrate sometime next week.” Ploy was growling at him now. “I’m kind of serious, what’s wrong with you guys?”
Ploy whipped out her phone, “what is this?!”
“Your phone? And that’s a cute puppy as your lock screen?” Gun asked placing his hands in his pocket, “look, I just wanted to come and see Can personally to tell him....”
She pulled her phone back then a few clicks later showed her phone screen again to, “the suspense is killing me. Do you know something that you want to tell us?”
Gun walked closer to her to take the phone out of her hand. “Oh, that. Nothing.” He shrugged, pretending to be cool about it. “I bumped into Pream when I went to grab breakfast.” He looked at the caption of the photo and smiled.
The caption read: My breakfast date.
Gun looked up, “is it wrong that I had breakfast with her?”
“What does she mean ‘date’?” Ploy questioned yanking the phone back. “What did you guys talk about?”
“I think it’s just a joke when she said ‘date’’- obviously since we’re not dating. And we didn’t really get to talk.” Gun explained, “we sat down and I received a call about the client I’ve been trying to add-- so I ran out of there as quickly as I could.”
Can picked his head up from the table, “really?”
“What?” Gun asked again. “Are you interested in Pream?”
Can looked at Gun and exclaimed, “God no! Just worried about her.” Then he held his hands up at Ploy and muttered only she could hear, “like cousinly-in-law love.”
“What was that?” Gun asked seeing Can’s mouth move but not hearing anything.
“Nothing.” Can said as he got up from his desk. “Why don’t we celebrate over dinner tonight?” With his hands behind his back he waved Ploy to leave. “Around six-thirty.”
Gun snorted, “yea right. Fish with a side of bitter charcoal.”
“Alright, I’m out of here. Sounds like rich people’s problems.” Ploy swiped the keys off Can’s desk. “Girl’s night out, I can’t drink and sit on a scooter.”
“You let her drive your car?” Gun asked.
“Ploy does whatever Ploy wants to do is what I’ve learned about her.” Can said resolutely, “also, the less you argue about her antics, the less damage she’ll return your car or anything else she took and plans on returning back to you.” She threw up a peace sign and grabbed her pink luggage to wheel out.
The older cousin eyed the luggage and Can threw his hands up to cover his face, he knew it was coming. “Nice luggage. Where can I get one of those for Charlie?”
“One of a kind. I got it from a second hand store.” She shouted over her shoulders.
When the door closed Gun slowly turned to face his cousin who was now blushing. “I’m sorry, so when the insane amount that we spent for hotel bill was paid for with my credit card, was that all on Ploy?” Can went to the corner of the office and hid his face. Nothing was what his cousin thought, but how’s he supposed to deny anything that looked like the truth?
“So, dinner.” Can laughs. “I meet you at your house?”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream greeted Charlie’s teacher and talked a little bit until Jim arrived. “How are you feeling Jim?”
“Excellent Ma’am.” He opened the door for them. “How was breakfast and lunch?”
“It was delicious.” Pream smiled, “Gun joined me for a little bit as well before he took of to meet with a potential client.” The driver missed a step. “Are you sure you’re good Jim?”
He cleared his throat, “yes ma’am.” He closed the door for Pream and wiped his eyebrows. “I’m going to get fired.” He mumbled.
Charlie sat next to Pream and held her during the drive.
“Jim?” Pream surprised him in the silence of the car, she saw that he looked up into the mirror as he drove, “Gun mentioned that the steak was burnt, and he had to eat fish that he doesn’t like. Could you please let the kitchen staff know that he doesn’t want fish when he’s home?” She saw him frowning, “what is it?”
“The housekeeper and the staff already started dinner, and it’s fish…”
Gun is coming home tonight? Of all nights that she’s going out? “Do we have anything else in the fridge that could be made as another entree?” Jim shrugged, “alright, I’ll check the refrigerator before I get ready to go out so I know what we’ll be grocery shopping for this weekend.”
Charlie gulped. Pream can’t be home this weekend!
As they got closer to home, Pream wrapped her arms around Charlie and they spoke about the upcoming class trip. Pream didn’t have a choice, she’d have to go with them to keep an eye out on her daughter. She chuckled to herself. More like it was required or else Charlie isn’t allowed to go on the field trip. And it wouldn’t be fair to her if she was stranded at home for the day and not enjoy what her classmates enjoyed.
Once they arrived home, Charlie bounded up the stairs to change out of her school clothes.
Pream handed the backpack to the nanny and headed into the kitchen. “Noun, Jai?” The housekeeper and the younger girl followed her into the kitchen. “Gun told me he hates fish.” Noun missed a step and Jai held on to the counter and her head. Pream took that as they were guilty and knew Gun didn’t want to eat fish. At the beach he ate everything else but fish. She looked at the food prepped. “Have the fish been marinated?” The kitchen girl, Sonny, shook her head. Pream was relieved, “let’s try it this way. Since I won’t be home tonight, why don’t we go ahead and store the fish.” Pream poked around in the refrigerator. “Let’s go ahead and use the prawns that are in here.” She pulled out some mushrooms and bell peppers. We don’t have time to skewer then, so let’s make a stir fry with the marinade instead?” She looked up from the fridge and saw their shocked faces. “What’s wrong?”
“Today is the first day you’re cooking in the kitchen,” Jai said with her hands on her chest. “You’re cooking?”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty Four
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Where did you get the car from?” Pream asked as Ploy drove in. “Is this Can’s car?”

“Of course. Where else would I get a car for girl’s night out?” Ploy said as if it explained everything. She held her hands out as Charlie ran to her and gave her a big hug. “Oh man! Everytime I see you, you’re just getting taller.”

Pream smiled. “Are you sure you’re going to remember to take a bath before you go to bed tonight?”
Charlie gave her the thumbs up. “I’ll even wash behind my ears without being told.”

The nanny rolled her eyes. Pream laughed as Mai realized Pream could see her. Charlie looked at Pream then turned to look over her shoulders.

“Maybe we should wait a little longer?” Pream suggested. “I want to make sure Can gets here before we leave…. wait.” She pointed at the car, “how is Can getting here?”

“Gun is scooping him up.” Ploy shrugged, “they should be here soon. Plus I want to catch the movie during dinner so that it’s not as packed! We could grab a late dinner afterwards. Then we can drink at my bar.”

“Your bar?” Pream smiled, “the bar you work at?”

“Same difference.” She shrugged and waved bye to Charlie. “Come on. Quit dawdling.”

Pream gave Charlie another hug. “I’m a phone call away if you need anything.”

Charlie smiled, “I’ll be good tonight.”

“Mai, let me know if I need to return home, please?” The nanny nodded her head as she watched Pream get into the car herself. Ploy was texting someone. “Don’t tell me you’re inviting people I don’t remember out.”

“Pft.” Ploy waved. “I don’t really have other friends. Just acquaintances.” She looked at her phone again. “Oh! We better go, I don’t want crappy seats in the theatre.”

“What are we watching anyways?”

Ploy signaled to turn out of the driveway, “something about friends with benefits?”

Pream gave her a side glance, “you’re kidding right? Do we usually watch that kind of movie?”

“Every chick flick that comes out, we’re on it like parsley topping off a dish.” Ploy said driving away.

Charlie and Mai were still standing at the foyer when they heard the gates open again.

Can sighed as Ploy’s message was received.

“Why are you sighing for?” Gun asked as he turned and waited for his gates to be open.

“Nothing.” Can said putting away his phone. A few minutes earlier Ploy was letting him know that they were about to leave. And of course in all caps he told her to LEAVE NOW! He inwardly kicked himself, yelling at her just means he’s going to get a surprise in his car that he wouldn’t want from her at all.

“Why is Charlie standing out here?” Gun asked as he handed his keys to Jim. He waited a beat to see if his daughter would run in to the house or not without acknowledging him. She paused and then let out her heart stopping smile. Gun felt relief when her little feet ran up to him and jumped off the last step into his arms. He spun her around in circles before she laughed and giggled but also letting him know she was getting dizzy.

He looked up as some of his staff stepped out of the house to look at him. They still had a demeanor of “you mess with Charlie, you mess with us.” He cleared his throat. “Dinner almost ready?”

Jai nodded her head and went back into the house. The others following her. Gun looked over at Can, “It’s like I’m not their boss anymore the way they treat me.”

“Your household is irreplaceable.” Can shrugged.

“I can always try.” Gun murmured as he carried his daughter into the house.

Can scoffed, “yeah, right, I’d give them two days before Charlie scares them out of your house without asking for pay.”

“I’m going to wash up real quick. I’ll see you at dinner Can?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t have let you drive me here like a granny if I didn’t intend on staying with you.” Can laughed then scratched his head as his cousin walked up the stairs. Then under his breath he added, “how else am I supposed to keep an eye on you.” Charlie had her arms crossed when he looked back at her. “Wow, warrior stance.” He laughed and ran to swing her up. She gave him a quick hug then told him she had to wash up for dinner too. He put her down and watched her run up the stairs, “when did she want to shower before dinner?”

Nanny Mai who was on the bottom step smiled over her shoulders, “since she promised Pream to do it without asking. And she even volunteered to wash behind her ears on her own.”

Can stood with his hands on his hips in awe. “Our little angel is growing up right.” He was proud like Charlie was his own daughter. He’d been there with Gun to help with Charlie until school got so busy for him. Now work. All because Gun wanted to keep his distance from his daughter. He continued to stand there even when Noun walked by. She stood to the side looking up the banister as he was doing and wondered what he was staring at for so long. She eventually left when Sonny needed her help in the kitchen.

Charlie splashed around in the water but it wasn’t the same. She wanted Pream to return already. She sniffled and Mai looked up from her magazine, “are you okay miss? Did you get soap in your eyes?” Charlie shook her head and went back to splashing in the water again. The nanny knew what Charlie was thinking. Mai also knew that Pream is probably going to check her phone every few minutes thinking she’s going to need to come back home, worried that something is going to happen to charlie. She set an alarm on her phone for every two hours until Charlie sleeps to message Pream that everything is okay at home.Even though Charlie already misses Pream. What’s going to happen to her little miss when Pream will really leave?

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun looked at the food on the table and was relieved when it wasn’t anything burned that was in front of him. Can dug in like he hadn't eaten since yesterday. Gun scooped some up with a careful bite. He looked at the prawns again, “I’ve tasted these before.”

Can looked at up as he was scooping up more food, “it’s your house man, I’m sure you’ve had it plenty of time.”

“No, I know how my household makes their food.” God, how he knows what it tasted like before they started torturing him with food he couldn’t stand to eat. “This tastes like the prawns Pream made at the beach.”

Sputtering out his food, Can held a napkin up to his mouth. Charlie opened her eyes widely. She was more aware now that her dad had brought up the food. She frowned, sure, the one time Pream makes food for them he would ruin it for her by mentioning it reminded him of Pream. She pouted, she missed Pream now. Again, she was over it, now she was missing Pream again. Sighing loudly she took a gulp of her water.

After righting himself Can leaned in towards Gun, “I think secretly you miss Pream, that’s why you think this tastes like the one she marinated at the beach.”

Gun frowned at the prawn looking back at him. He knows he is right. It does taste like it. Just not on a grill but stir-fried. Or maybe he’s just tripping off of really good food, finally, served in his home. Charlie was stirring her dinner around when Gun asked if she was okay. She nodded her head but kept her face low.

“How about we go out and grab dessert?” Gun suggested. Can agreed more eagerly than Charlie, “don’t tell me it’s another new shop.”

He reassured his cousin, “no, this one is a few months old, so it shouldn’t be as busy on a weekend since others are searching for new places to take pictures of their food.”

Gun arched his eyebrows at him. “Isn’t that still called ‘new’?”

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ploy bounced around on the sidewalk, “so, what did you think of the movie?”

“It figures she’d get with the guy, no matter what happened between them.”

“Oh my god, don’t ruin my mood.” Ploy grabbed Pream’s arms. “Dinner?”

Pream shook her head, “I’m not really hungry.” She glanced down at her phone. Mai had texted her that Charlie was eating dinner.

“Fine with me,” Ploy said and pointed to a little table on the side, “street food then?”

Pream agreed and looked at what they had to offer. Chinese food. “chow fun for me.”

“Wow. Going extra greasy today are we?” Ploy laughed then shouted, “Uncle? One duck fried rice and one beef chowfun.”

“Hey Ploy?”

“Yea?” She asked as she forked some of Pream’s noodles.

“When you get a morning off, can you help me to get my ID replaced?”

She choked as she slurped the noodle. “What?”

“I still can’t find my ID and cards.” Pream said, “I can only shop from places that takes credit cards.” She started ticking things off in her hands, “when I go to the market, even the maids that goes with me hold the money for grocery shopping. Fees for school, random things we have to buy. They always give it to me, shouldn’t I be the one giving them money or Gun giving me money instead of the house staff?.”

“Isn’t that all you really need to worry about?” Ploy asked as she avoided her friends eyes. “I mean Gun has a school allowance for Charlie, house allowance to buy things. Gun leaves a credit card at home in case the household needs something and he didn’t leave money for the housekeeper or nanny to use. Just use the card, he pays the bill without questioning it. Between you and Charlie, he won’t think anything amiss with spending and charging on his card. He’s barely even home to notice anything.”

“Ploy?” Pream asked. “What kind of wife am I?”

“A pretty good one, from what I’ve seen.” Ploy sighed and thought to herself that you’re just not really anyone’s wife.

“Then why is Gun never home?” Pream asked again. “It doesn’t look like we’re in any kind of marriage troubles.” She stabbed a broccoli, “when we do see each other, it feels nice.” Pream stuffed the broccoli in her mouth.

Ploy choked again, this time on her fried rice, “come again?”

“It feels nice when we’re together. Like we’re supposed to be together or something.” She found a beef slice and gave it to Ploy. “Like when he’s nearby, I feel like everything is going to be okay-- even if I don’t remember anything, the future without my past is going to be just fine..”

Ploy blinked rapidly. “No-memory Pream is falling in love with her elusive husband?” Pream nodded her head. “the husband that you never see? The husband that you don’t really know at all?”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty Five
“I told you, it’s a nice feeling when he’s around.”

“Is that why you’re sulking in to your chow fun?” Ploy asked feeling her friend’s pain, “because you don’t see Gun?”

Pream shook her head, “I think it’s everything. Why can’t I remember anything at all? I want to know how I met you, Can, Gun… My daughter’s birth. You know, I don’t even know when her birthday is?”

“Do you want ice cream?” Ploy asked as Pream’s eyes started to water. “Ice cream always cheers you up.”

“See? I didn’t even know ice cream cheers me up.” Pream cried. Ploy looked around as people at other tables were looking at them. “It’s pathetic! I don’t remember anything.” She stabbed another broccoli as she cried.

“It’s going to be okay.” Ploy patted her shoulders and handed her another napkin.

Pream shook her head refusing the napkin, she flung her arms and the broccoli flew off her fork.

Can rubbed his head with one hand and the other held a broccoli, “where did this come from?” He looked around and so did Charlie and Gun.

“I just want to remember.” She dropped the fork and placed her head into her hands.

Ploy grimaced from the way Pream’s shoulders were shaking. She was crying hard and Ploy didn’t know what else to do but pat her back, rub her arms and hand her more napkins.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Hey Pim.” Gun said as he spooned some ice cream from his daughter’s cup. “How are you? Your skin isn’t red anymore?”
“No, thank goodness.” Pim sighed. “Okay, so the picnic, I think is do-able for next week. Would Can be coming too?”

“I’m not sure, I didn’t ask him since I didn’t know his presence was needed.” Gun scooped  little more whip cream up, “I thought You, me and Charlie was enough already.”

Charlie frowned at him over the ice cream cup. He’s not trying to take her out on a date with that witch, is he?

Pim let out a throaty laugh, “no silly, it’s for Air.”

“Air?” Gun rubbed his neck, “I think he’s seeing someone right now.” Can frowned at his cousin.

“Don’t be silly.” Pim smiled into the phone, “if it’s the carnival girl, I don’t think that’s going to work out in the long run, do you?”

“I’ll see what I could do.” Gun said rubbing his ears, “so we’re doing the picnic thing then huh?” He smiled, “tell me where, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Great. I can’t wait to step out of the house again without someone looking at me like I’ve caught some disease with this rash.”

Gun nodded his head at the phone even though Pim couldn’t see him then said his goodbye.

Charlie pushed her ice cream to the center of the table and tol Gun she was done. “But you just got it.”

“I know, but I’m not hungry anymore.” Charlie said as Can angled his camera this way and that. “I’m tired now.”

“You okay?” Gun asked reaching across the table and feeling her forehead, “you’re not sick are you? Do you feel like you’re getting sick?”

Charlie just blinked at her father. This was also Pream’s reaction when she thought there was something wrong with her. If she’d bet anyone that Pim wouldn’t react this way if she wasn’t herself, no adult would believe her. “May I go home please?”

“You didn’t want to see anything else tonight? Feed the birds at the petting zoo? Throw darts at the balloons where the carnival is?” Can asked as he watched Gun withdrawing from Charlie again. The little girl only shook her head and then looked out the window. “It’s still early, what would you like to do?”

“Go home” Charlie whispered. “I want to go to bed.”

Gun frowned at his daughter but agreed to take her home, He picked her up and the three walked out of the shop quietly. As they turned one corner, Ploy and Pream arrived at the other corner.

Ploy pointed up at the ice cream shop sign, “it’s not a new place, it won’t be crazy packed, and we could head over for some drinks afterwards. Dance the night away if you want.”

“What flavor ice cream do I like?” Pream asked.

Smiling widely Ploy answered, “you don’t have a favorite ice cream. You like them all.”

“Really?” She was astounded by that answer. “How do I not have a favorite flavor?”

“It’s not fair to all the flavors if you only eat just the one.” She chuckled, “you never were picky about your food.”

Pream wrinkled her nose, “why do I sound like a weird girl?”

“You’re not.” Ploy laughed. “Really.”

“Do I not have other friends?”

Ploy shrugged. “School friends I know of. Co-workers I hear you mention. But other than that, I don’t really know why you don’t have other friends.”

“Could you re-introduce me to some of my classmates?”

“I’m sure I could.” Ploy paused. “I don’t think they’ll take kindly to…”

“To what?”

“You’re not yourself. You were able to be patient with them.” Ploy held his hands up, “I could barely stand those girls. You were always okay with everything.” Pream gave a disbelieving look to Ploy. “It’s true. They made fun of me for no education, having two jobs and having an abusive drunk father.” Pream looked at her and Ploy shrugged it off. “You don’t hate people. It’s just not in your blood. Even when Gun threatened you to stay away from Charlie, you still felt bad for the daddy-daughter duo.” Ploy covered her mouth, she almost let slip other things too.

“I’m sorry. What?” Pream asked. “Why? Why would he do that?”

“Look it’s in the past. Don’t over exert yourself.” Ploy sat patting Pream’s hand. “Really, you’re with Charlie now, let’s not ruin it.”

“Then why doesn’t Gun stay at home?”

“He’ll be home soon.” Gun was almost down with the fixing the other company, he actually will be returning soon-- from what Can had told her. “Gun bought another company to merge with his, he’s there incorporating and weeding out the department and team members.” She sighed, by then, she’d hopefully remove Pream from the picture. She can’t do this to her friend anymore. What made them think they could do it, she didn’t know. “Please don’t think anything else, I don’t want you having headaches again.”

“If I’m not someone that hates people, why would Gun and I be so separated right now? I sleep in a different room across the hallway. Not just right down the hallway, but all the way down at the end.”

Ploy sighed, “Pream, sometimes it’s best to just leave it as is. I want you happy. I don’t want you thinking about all these negative things. Positive Vibes. You’re happy now, I don’t want you to overthink things.” When you do find out, you won’t be this happy person she knows now. Hell, they might not even be friends anymore.

Pream nodded and then pointed to an ice cream flavor she wanted.
  Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“She was fine earlier.” Mai said as she stepped out of the room. “I think she’s just worried about Miss Pream.”

Can looked at the closed door. “I know she’s faking sleep in there, but let her know that Pream will be home later.” Mai nodded her head and stepped back into Charlie’s room. Can made his way downstairs and found his way to Gun’s little personal bar. “She’s probably tired. Long week at school and all.”

“Yes, because life as a six year old is hard.” Gun said downing whatever it was that was in his glass. “Everytime, I’m home for a little bit, she’s behaving as if it’s the end of the world.” Gun poured another finger length of shot. “I thought we were fine after the beach, I thought she was my Charlie again.”

“Dude,” Can said taking the glass away before Gun could take another gulp, “you left her for the week and didn’t return to call or check up on her. She’s not the plague you know.”

“I thought her seeing less of me is helping?” Gun asked placing his hands into his head, “the school told me she’s doing a lot better now. Mai told me she aced her math test. God know how much she hates math.”

Pream, Can thought. It was all Pream’s doing. And with her out of the house, it’s caused Charlie to withdraw just as Gun is doing now. Pream was also probably going to be the undoing too for the Injaiuea’s. “Let’s drink elsewhere.”

“Why?” Gun said pointing to his supply, “I have a bar at home for a reason.”

“I don’t want Charlie to see you drink when you’re unhappy.” Can said turning his cousin around to head out, “she’s capable of picking up habits easily, and I do not need my niece to be an alcoholic when she’s old enough.”

“I don’t want to go outside tonight Can.” Gun said rubbing his face, it’s a Friday and he was tired. He wanted a night in to himself. Why can’t his cousin just let him be?

Can grabbed the car keys from the hook, “because you don’t need to be in here being all hostile. You need to let out some stress.”

“If you take me to one of those massage places, I’m going to kick your ass.”
“Please, I don’t do those places.” Can scoffed. “First ten rounds are on me if you need that much tonight.”

Gun got in on the passenger seat and buckled up. He wasn’t even in the mood to argue with his cousin.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Why do you keep bringing me here?” Gun asked as they walked by a long line. The end was nowhere in sight. “Is your girlfriend working tonight?”

“Ploy isn’t my girlfriend,” Can said as they moved up the line, “she’s having girl’s night out with Pream, she wouldn’t come to her work establishment for a night out, would she?” He thought a moment, come to think of it, she just might come to her work place to hang out.

Gun placed his hands in his pocket when the security walked by with a flashlight and stopped right in front of them. “Hey! Ploy’s guy friend right?”

“Can.” He said annoyed that he was referred to as just ‘Ploy’s Guy Friend’. He had a name, yet no one seemed to bother remembering it.

“Why are you in line?” He asked waving Can and Gun out of the line. “See Tom in the front, he’ll let you in.”

The guys thanked him and walked straight to the front. “Ploy’s guy?” Gun asked as they were shown to a table. “You really sure you want to deny anything between you and her?”

“How are you feeling now?” Ploy asked as they walked to the bar. “You good?”

Pream shrugged. “I’m sure this will be the best I am tonight.”

“You’re ruining girl’s night out for me.” Ploy said pulling her friends arm, “the bartender just made a new drink. It’s really good, I want to show you.”

“Can’t I just call it a night? I might be too old for this.” Pream said looking around at everyone dressed up for the club, she was dressed like she was about to go shopping for grocery.

“One, you’re not old.” Ploy said waving at the security guard and by-passing those in line. “Two, you’re my friend and it’s my right to get you drunk as my friend.” And then drag you to sleep on the couch at the condo, pray that you have a bad hangover and not wake up till Sunday night-- maybe even sneak you back into Gun’s house before he leaves to work on Monday. Times like these, she also wished she had no memory and just pretended like this never existed, never happened, and never planned.

Tom pointed at a table gave Can a hearty pat on the back, nearly knocking him down on the chair. “Uh.” Can raised his hand to stop him when he heard someone ask what they were doing here? He turned around with the raised hand now clenched. “Right, of course you’d come to work for your night off?” He muttered placing both his hands on his hips now to glare at Ploy.

Pream was looking out towards the dance floor when she heard Can’s voice over the loud music. Sipping her drink she glanced over her shoulder to find Ploy poking Can in the chest, but with the loud music, she couldn’t hear anything. She looked passed the two arguing and found Gun looking out into the dancing crowd as well. He looked lost, he looked confused. Welcome to my world buddy, she thought. She walked over to him and handed him her drink, “it’s pretty good.”

Gun looked away from the crowd and noticed that Pream was standing next to him and offering him her drink. The straw was extended to him and he sipped automatically. “Wow, that’s sweet.”

“Ploy gave me two already.” Pream said turning back to the folks dancing and watched them all move. She took another sip from her straw.

“Take your cousin and leave!” Ploy said as she jabbed Can in the side. “I don’t want her drunk crying or asking questions!”

“We just got in!” Can argued, “what do you want me to do, drag him to the bar next door instead?”

“Gross, that bar sucks!”

Can placed his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes, “what do you want me to do woman?”

“You’re not allowed to drink tonight!” Ploy said pointing her finger at him. “You get him drunk then drag him out of here.”

“Like you’re faring any better.” Can said nodding over to Pream, “she’s looks to be in a stoop right now.”

Ploy watched as Gun placed an order for his drink and sat down watching everyone. He seemed out of it tonight. “On a serious note, what’s gotten into him?”



sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty Six
“Oh my god, what did she do now?”
Can shrugged, “nothing. She just didn’t want to see Gun.”
“We should pull out.” Ploy said as Gun inhaled his drink and ordered another. “I don’t want to do this to Pream anymore.”
“How do you propose to do this?” Can asked. “Pream is chaperoning a field trip next week.”
Ploy slapped his arms, “how did I let you talk me into this?” She wrinkled her neck and shook her head as Gun downed another drink and ordered something else. “At this rate, you won’t even need to get him drunk, he could do it on his own.”
Can looked over as the waiter brought a bottle out in a bucket and gave Gun a few cups. “Crap.”
Pream watched as the waiter brought a bottle out and then watched again as Gun poured a few glasses. “I hope you’re planning on sharing that?”
He handed her a glass without saying a word and then drank the first cup, then grabbed the second cup. Pream looked over at Can and Ploy as they stood their distance. Before Gun could take another drink she held out her glass. He looked at it then wondered what he was supposed to do. “Did you get that client?” He nodded his head. “Then, cheers to you.” He tapped his glass to hers and drank deeply. Pream looked at his hands when he did. No ring tan line either. She held out her glass again for a refill.
As he filled her glass she asked, “was Charlie born out of wedlock?”
Gun choked on his drink. “I’m sorry, what?”
“Was Charlie out of wedlock?” Pream asked. “I don’t remember.”
He scratched his head. “What?”
“I mean, I knew before right?” Pream asked looking at his ringless finger as he scratched his head.
He saw that she really wanted to know. “Not out of wedlock, just a loveless marriage- a sham of a marriage.”
“Horrible night so far,” Can started to complain, “a broccoli smacked me in the forehead earlier tonight when we went to grab ice cream.”
“Oh my goodness, out near the chinese booth?” Ploy said as she placed her hands on her mouth.
“How’d you know?” Can asked then pointed a finger at her, “did you throw it at me?”
“No,” Ploy said laughing and shaking her hands and head at him, “Pream was having a little no-memory tantrum and it flew into the air off her fork somewhere. I swear!”
“Amusing, I’m sure. To someone who wasn’t the recipient of a greasy broccoli slice on their forehead.”
Pream tilted her head. “Oh.” She thought a moment, “was the marriage that bad?” Was that why they lived apart? Arranged marriage? No, Ploy told her she was middle classed. Who in middle class gets involved with an arranged marriage?
“Pretty much.” Gun nodded his head slowly. “But I love Charlie all the same, nothing can take fatherhood away from me.”
“Pride of being a father.” Pream pinched her lips, “I’m sorry it was a loveless marriage.”
Gun laughed then, “why are you pouting for? It’s not your fault.”
“It’s not?” Gun laughed again, “why do you keep laughing at me?”
“It’s cute that you’re trying to take the fault for something that isn’t your fault.”
So it wasn’t her fault? The marriage not working wasn’t hers to be blamed on? Pream was confused. Did she love him one sided? Were they only just friends now? Loveless marriage? Was that why he was never around her. She frowned into her glass and took a seat across from him.
Not realizing that Pream assumed she is his wife he held his glass up in toast and then drank to himself. “It may look like it, but Charlie, I love very dearly. The marriage might’ve been not so spectacular for me, but Charlie is my world. You told me once that I work way too hard for something that Charlie might not even appreciate. By the time I get to retire early, she may have a life of her own to not include me.”
“I said that?” Pream asked. “I warned you?”
“You, well the other you, knew Charlie better than I did.” Gun said as Can and Ploy came back to sit with them. He reached to pour them a drink as well. Pream just sat there staring at the ringless finger.
Ploy waved a co-worker over. “Hey, can you bring some water pitchers too please?” She looked at Gun and Pream, my goodness, I’ve created a monster, she thought to herself and sighed.
Can watched as his cousin continued to pour, “how is your liver doing?”
“Still working.” Gun sighed as he placed the bottle down.
“Can we just talk instead?” Can asked pulling the bottle closer to him, “I mean the business is almost done, we’re supposed to celebrate next week after he signs.” He opened up a menu, “and I plan on stuffing something in you to absorb some of that alcohol.”
Ploy slapped the menu, “you’re upset because you’re playing DD.”
“Designated Driver always chooses food.” Can said slapping her hands away from the menu.
Gun looked around the room. “You want to talk in here?” He gave his cousin a doubtful look, “the music is about to burst my eardrums and I could barely hear you.”
“You guys are ruining my girl’s night here.” Ploy muttered. She glanced at Pream who was looking down at her hands. “Come on Pream, let’s go.” She reached across the table and pulled Pream up.
“We just got here.” Gun said looking around. A lot of folks were looking at them. “I think that guy is checking Pream out.”
Ploy followed Gun’s line of vision. “That’s why I wanted girl’s night. How are we supposed to talk to people with you guys around?”
Walking around the table to Ploy’s side she whispered, “we’re letting guys hit on us?”
“Yes!” She looked down at the two guys sitting down, “these guys are busy moping around and boring, what fun is it if they’re not going to make us SMILE!” With the last word she stomped on Can’s foot and the girl’s walked out of the bar.
“I’ve never had anyone say outright that I’m boring.” Gun began laughing.
“I think you’re drunk.” Can said hopping up on one leg.
Gun shook his head, “I’m not, we walked by a sign earlier for a  late night scavenger hunt.”
“What sign?” Can asked as he signed the receipt, he was only kidding about the first ten rounds, his cousin would get a bottle for it. Shaking his head he went after Gun when his cousin grinned and went after the girls.
Pream was walking with Ploy when she felt someone grab her hands and tug her away from her friend. “Hey!”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Jan was saying goodbye to her friends at the hotel entrance when she thought she saw her nephews run by, both holding hands with a girl. She followed them with her eyes and asked the driver to follow them.
Gun had his hands on his waist looking around. “I swear it was this tree. This is the oldest tree in the neighborhood.”
Ploy eyed him dubiously, “I’m sorry, how did you know this is the oldest tree? Our clue didn’t give us much hints here.”
“I was here for the ceremony when they celebrated this tree’s birthday.” Gun said walking around the trunk again.
Pream grabbed her phone and shined her light up the tree branches. “Is that it?”
The three others joined her under the branch and exclaimed that it was the next clue.
“How are we going to get that down?” Ploy asked looking around, “that tree is not climbable and it’s a little late to go find a ladder somewhere.” When she laid eyes on her friends again they were all pointing at her, “what?”
“You’re going up there.”
Aghast, “I don’t think so. I told you that tree isn’t climbable.”
“You could climb Can.” Gun rationalized. “Hop on his shoulders.” Pream nodded her head in agreement.
“Why do I have to climb him?”
“You’re the smallest.” Pream explained. “I’m sure it’s easier for you to go up.”
Muttering under her breath as she watched Can squat down, “always picking on the smaller person for a big person’s job.”
“We’re not giants. Now shut up and hold on.” Can grunted as she pulled his hair up. Gun and Pream stood on both sides of them to make sure Can could stand and that Ploy wouldn’t fall off.
Ploy dropped the clue down for Pream to catch. She was still on Can’s shoulders when she opened the envelope to read it. She was slapping away at Can’s head and shoulders like a drum as the deciphered the clue.
Jan looked out her rolled windows. In the moonlight she saw one girl on her younger nephew’s shoulders as the older one was leaning over another girl’s shoulders. “What are they doing? That’s very improper of them. And at this late of an hour?” Flaring her nose she dialed Gun’s phone.
Gun pulled his phone out of his pocket and glanced quickly at his phone before putting the phone away. He went over what the clues could mean again with Pream as Ploy tugged Can’s hair to put her down.
“He hung up on me!” His aunt was miffed. “Take me to them now!’ She ordered her driver. By the time they got around the bushes and closer to where they last were, she had lost sight of them. “This is unacceptable!” She looked at her watch again before making a call to another number.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Second place, not bad.” Pream said holding onto their vase as a consolation prize.
Ploy pouted, “I’d have preferred the shopping spree those other winners won.”
Pream hugged the vase, “I happen to like this vase very much, thank you.” She smiled at everyone.
“That’s because nobody wants it like you do.” Can said as flicked his finger against the vase, “seems sturdy enough.”
Gun shrugged, “I don’t need anymore vases in my life. They all look the same to me.”
Smiling at the vase Pream shrugged, “I don’t care what you guys think, I still like it.”
“So you’ve told us.” Gun smiled and his stomach growled. The girls laughed. “Sorry, I guess I didn’t eat that much during dinner.”
Pream frowned, “You didn’t like dinner last night?”
“No, it was great, it was just that Charlie was pouting.” Gun smiled. “I can grab a quick bite to eat before we head back home.”
“She probably misses her mother.” Pream said handing the vase to Gun and stepping away from the group to dial out on her phone.
“How would Pream know if Charlie misses her mother or not?” Gun asked pointing at Pream.
Ploy grimaced as she smacked Can for help.
“Intuition man.” Can stuttered, “Charlie seems to always act out when you ditch her for another girl.”
“She was fine until you answered your phone tonight.”
“You think Charlie doesn’t like Pim?”
Can rolled his eyes, “Pim never gave Charlie a chance.”
“No way, she’s always fine with Pim. Look how long Pim’s…”
“Dude, she never hangs out with Charlie, I told you, she always plans something that doesn’t include your daughter or keeps her at bay. A distance that Mai and Charlie could be in the vicinity but never with you guys.”
“You’re saying Pim purposely plans things out that Charlie won’t get an opportunity to prank her?” Ploy snorted, “man she’s good. Too bad though, she’s missing out on all of Charlie’s potential.” Referring to his daughter’s prank.
Gun pulled his phone out as it rang and handed the vase back to Pream when she returned to the group and left them to speak on the phone to the side.
“Charlie’s still asleep. But Mai said she’s okay.” Pream frowned as Can and Ploy gave her a pitying look. “What?”
“Hey Pim.” Gun said looking over his shoulders at the group. “It’s pretty late, are you okay?”
“Where are you at right now?” Pim asked, no hesitation.
“I’m out with some friends.” Gun answered.
“Female friends?”
He frowned, “yes, you know of them. Ploy and Pream but Can is here too.”
“You mean your employee, not your friend.”
Gun sighed, “I knew them before Pream worked for my company.”
“That doesn’t change the fact that they’re women.”
“It’s pretty late Pim, did you need something?”


I love it. Gun is opening his heart to Pream more. LOL at Gun and Pream when she was asking him. He didn't answer so she would know. I love how you beat around the bushes in that scene. :)


sarNie Adult
Charlie's so cute. I'm looking forward to the field trip scene! Oh maaaaaaan. I can only imagine what Gun would do once he learns that Pream thinks they're married! hahaha. I'll be waiting patiently for the update. 


040156 said:
Charlie's so cute. I'm looking forward to the field trip scene! Oh maaaaaaan. I can only imagine what Gun would do once he learns that Pream thinks they're married! hahaha. I'll be waiting patiently for the update. 
Me too. I'm sitting here imagining the things he'll do as well. My mind going all over the place. :)


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twenty Seven
“Your aunt called to report that you were with two unknown females behaving embarrassingly in public.”
Gun shook his head, “we were in a scavenger hunt. I don’t know how that could be embarrassing.”
“Your aunt called to tell me so that if anyone else saw you, I wouldn’t be angry at your behavior with other women.”
“What other women?” Gun repeated, “I haven’t kissed them or slept with them. I’m not like that. It’s as Im saying, we were in a scavenger hunt.”
“So there’s nothing to be worried about?”
Gun laughed, “no, nothing to be worried about.”
Pream watched as Gun dug his toe in the dirt as he was on the phone. “Isn’t that how guys act if they’re on the phone with a woman?”
Ploy and Can turned around to see Gun smiling into the phone.
“Gun and I don’t wear wedding rings?”
Ploy looked up at Can, “look…”
“You guys never had a ceremony.”
“So we just signed some papers and called it a day?” Pream questioned.
Can shrugged, “something like that.” It was more like signing the hospital exit papers and called Pream Charlie’s mom and Gun’s secret wife. So secret, Gun doesn’t even know he had a wife.
“As much as I like to just swipe a card.” Pream said pulling out Gun’s credit card, “but I don’t want to keep using his money.” She looked at her two friends, “can you guys take me to make a new identification card and let me know where I could find my bank information at, please?”
Can didn’t reach out for the card, “look, Gun has that for the household to use. He doesn’t care how it’s spent. As long as it’s not on something ridiculously crazy like buying a house or a car.”
“‘Household’, Can,” Pream said sticking the card back into her purse, “I’m not property.”
Ploy held up her hands, “I have work Monday, but maybe Can could take a morning off to help you?”
“I would?” Can echoed as Gun made his way back to them. “Sure, I’d be more than happy to help you out.”
“I wonder where they could be though.” Pream frowned, “how about work? Maybe work can get me back into jogging my memory?”
“Are we on your memory thing again?” Gun asked as he waved the group on. “You sure you want to go back to work?”
Memory thing? That’s rude. Pream shrugged. “if it’s not working out, I could step away again, yes?”
Gun sighed, “I’d rather you not overtax yourself. I want you to take some more time off.” Pream was going to open her mouth again, “I’m sure HR is helping you out with your medical leave payments right?”
“I don’t know.” Pream said confused, “I didn’t know I was getting paid for my leave.”
Gun looked at Ploy, “I’m sure, it was being taken care of for you when you were in the hospital.” Ploy smiled like a dork and pointed to a noodle cart. “Come on, I think I’m hungry too.” Subject change. The end. She pulled Pream to see what selections were left.
“Hey,” Can started, “do you mind if I take Monday morning off?”
“What’s going on?” Gun asked as he grabbed the utensils to wipe and set around the table. “Personal time off?”
“Kind of.” Can shrugged, “little miss bozo can’t take her friend to get her ID replaced, so I was involuntarily volunteered to take Pream.”
Gun looked at Pream as she smelled the vegetables. Why is she smelling the vegetables? “Sure, as long as you’re back before the conference call after lunch.” Can rubbed his ears, “what is it now?”
“I don’t want to go with you next weekend.” He was honest.
“I already told Pim you’re not going.”
He shook his head, “no you didn’t. You just said that I might be seeing someone.”
“Aren’t you and Ploy…?”
Can looked up as the girls plopped down. “No.” He said looking away from Ploy as she glanced at him. “It’s not like that at all.”
Gun frowned as Ploy handed Can a drink and mixed the sauce for him. He’s pretty sure they’re in some kind of something.
They all turned to look around.
“Dao.” Gun said as he looked back at his table. “It’s pretty late, what are you doing out by yourself?”
“I’m not alone silly.” She plopped down next to him and flirtatiously slapped his arms. “My friend is finding a parking spot, I just came to save us a place to eat.”
At a random hole i the wall street food joint? Gun had his suspicions his aunt called Dao as well. For someone who hated people talking bad of her family, she sure shares the news with others easily. Pream raised her eyebrows at Gun who seemed to be uncomfortable by the girl’s action.
“Dao, this is Pream and Ploy.” The girl barely gave them a glance before turning her attention back at Gun and placing her hands on Gun’s. He shook her off easily and scooted away from her, only for her to scoot closer again to him.
Her friend eventually joined them and sat next to Can. “This is my friend Kim.” The girl quickly linked arms with Can like she knew him.
Ploy wasn’t as discrete as Pream when she gave Can a death glare. “Uh.” He cleared his throat and introduced Kim to Ploy and Pream. He slowly removed the girl’s arm from his and got up to sit next to Ploy. Making sure that Ploy was closest to Kim, a buffer of sorts. Ploy reached to grab Can’s drink then thunked his sauce to splatter on the girl.
“Watch it.” Ploy said as she grabbed Can another set of utensils, “these sauces get crazy and not just on your tastebuds too.”
Pream watched as Gun scooted to the edge of his seat. “Why don’t you sit here Gun?” She patted the spot next to her and would be buffered by Can and Ploy. “It looks like your friend needs a lot of space if you’re falling off the edge there.”
“Friend?” Dao scoffed.
Pream scooted for Gun as he got up to sit with her, “well, yea.” She looked around the table, “isn’t that what you are?”
The food came then. “Are you joining us?” Ploy asked. “We only ordered for four.”
“Uncle, two more please.” Kim said when Ploy scooped up her bean sprouts to throw into Can’s bowl. Can grabbed his shrimps and tossed it into her bowl. “You guys are ‘friends’?”
“It’s not the ‘with benefits’ kind,” Ploy said as she slurped her noodles, “if that’s what you’re imposing.” She stuck her chopstick into her noodles and challenged the girl, “why? You interested?”
Kim frowned at Dao her friend didn’t say anything about the guys being taken when she was called out tonight, “I didn’t realize you guys were taken, I’m sorry.”
Dao waited for the old man to place the bowl in front of her before saying, “they’re still single.”
Pream who was enjoying her noodle in peace and quiet slowly looked up, “I’m sorry. Who is single?”
Ploy looked at Can as Pream started to talk.
“Do we need a ring on our fingers to say that he’s taken?” Pream asked looking from Kim to Dao. “Granted, I’m sure you ladies are very nice on the inside-- somewhere. But you just can’t assume someone is available to just call dibs on.” Gun was looking up at Dao and Pream now. “You can’t also just throw yourself at someone who doesn’t reciprocate what you’re feeling. Did you not notice how awkward it was for him to move away in his own seat to get away from you?”
Dao opened her mouth but Pream shushed her. “We were here, minding our own business, trying to grab something to eat. We don’t mind that you’ve joined us, but you’re making me feel the opposite of welcoming you to our table.”
“This is a public place.”
“And I understand that. But this table has four little benches, all four benches were taken.” She looked around the table. “Now Gun and I are on one bench, Can and Ploy are on another bench. I don’t know about you, but I like my elbow room when I eat my noodles. I’m now sharing my elbow room space with Gun.” She waved her hand dramatically in the air. “Now please shut up and eat.”
“Well, I never!” Dao said slamming her hand down on the table. “You’ve got some really rude friends here Gun!”
Gun opened his mouth to speak, but Pream shushed him instead. In awe, he just watched Pream talk. “Who said I’m just a friend?”
“Shit… we’re about to get busted.” Ploy muttered as Can leaned in to her with a grimace.
“Do you think we’re just friends?” Pream pointed at Gun, “did he tell you we’re just friends?”
Ploy closed her ears with her hands, Can close his eyes with his hands, and Gun closed his mouth with his hands.
“What?” Dao shrieked.
“I guess you haven’t heard?” Pream continued. “Gun is mine. And I don’t take lightly to losing things.” Just like my memory. Cheers to a new one. She looked at her friends and tilted her head at their actions. “Well?”
I’m hers? She’s clearly lost her mind, Gun thought inwardly.
“If you’re not going to acknowledge anything then I’m leaving.” Pream said grabbing her purse and vase to stand up.
Can slapped Gun’s back to wake him up from his daze, “wait.” He stopped Pream, “sit back down, you haven’t finished your food yet.” She huffed and continued to make her way from the bench, “Pream!” He reached out for her, but when she turned around and glared at him he turned that hand around to scratch his head instead, “Dao.” He resigned, “I’m with Pream.”
Pream came back with a triumphant look on her face and placed her belongings back on the table. “That wasn’t so hard to say now was it?”
Dao clenched her fist around the chopstick before storming away from the table with Kim running after her.
“Why did you do that for?” Gun asked as if he was dumbly amazed by her.
Pream frowned at him and continued to eat her food, “she was horrible. Can’t she tell when she’s not wanted?” Then she jabbed her chopstick in his direction, “and you, you can yell at me to stay away from Charlie, but you can’t yell at her to stay away from you?”
Gun blinked, “you remember?”
“No,” Pream said looking at Ploy and Can who she could tell were in some kind of shock. “I didn’t remember, Ploy told me earlier tonight.”
“Oh.” Ploy let out a sigh of relief.
“You told me to stay away from Charlie?” Pream asked as she slurped her soup. “Do you mind explaining why?”
Gun shrugged as he sipped his broth, “she was becoming a nuisance. Everytime I forbade her to see you, she does something a little more outlandish than before.” Pream tilted her head to listen, “she’s already changed schools three times since.”
Pream frowned, “wouldn’t that be a clue that she needed to be with me?”
“She had to learn that she couldn’t always be with you.” Gun countered, “even I wasn’t enough for her.”
“Okay…” Pream asked for further clarification, “you’re telling me, you cut your daughter off of me-- then you go and disappear from her life too?” Gun paused in eating his food, “I’m sorry, are you listening to yourself?” He placed his spoon down and sighed, “one of us will have to be in her life or both of us, you can’t just wean her off of me or you. She’s six years old!”
“She burned the school.”
Pream crossed her arms, “so you’re willing to make her into some kind of sociopath instead of letting her be with either me or you?”
“I just thought she’d get over you when you were gone…”
“GONE!?” Pream repeated slamming her palms down on the table. “Look what it’s done to Charlie. Look what it’s done to me!” Gun looked away guiltily. “You were the reason I got into an accident wasn’t it?” Pream pointed at Ploy, “she avoided me when I asked, so I’m making a deduction of why. Why you were the only one that didn’t visit me in the hospital, why for the longest time I didn’t see you anywhere but that beach!”
Can turned his head to whisper, “this Pream is kind of scary.”
“Well, you’re going to have to stop this Pream from talking before she blurts out something Gun will kill us about.” Ploy whispered back.
He studied Pream yelling at Gun, “no. I think this is working.”
“What?” Ploy asked.
“I think this Pream is getting through to my cousin.”
Ploy looked between Pream and Gun. “How can you tell?”