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Chapter 7.1/7.3 ~A~

“Oh, umm,” Kraisorn hesitated to say. I wonder why he is getting nervous about answering me. “We’ll explain later,” he stumbled. Kraisorn quickly grabbed the napkin from his lap and dabbed it against his lips to clean off the bread crumbs that remained on his soft lips. I don’t even know why I’m so focused on his lips when I should be more concerned about the wedding ceremony he mentioned to be ‘long’. The rest of our lunch was quieter. We both had no idea what to say next. I can already imagine our life together as pretty boring. I guess a ‘boring’ man is the ‘one’ for me. But, then I can’t really blame him since I am not taking initiative to talk to him much either. Finally, he asked if I was ready to return to work. I of course felt more than relieved to be out of there. But, I had to be in the office with him the rest of the day.

Back upstairs, Ida glared at me again as we walked passed her. It is only my first day on the job and I am already hated on. I wonder if Kraisorn hates me for agreeing to marry him. He probably does because he had bluntly denied me at dinner two weeks ago. Plus, he mentioned that it’s his father’s idea for me to work in his office instead of outside the office while we rode the elevator up. I have to admit that I was a bit offended that he didn’t want me near him. Although he tried to explain that he didn’t want this marriage forced and that’s why he said that, I still can’t feel but a little hurt at these two instances: that night at dinner and today in the elevator. I’m not a gold digger. I just want to see why my Father wanted me to marry into this family anyways. One good thing about all this is that I’m actually living on the edge. But I feel like there is so much more that I will have to face.

Is it that dad wants me to change? Teach me some sort of lesson? Is mom trying to get rid of me? Ugh! Headache.

Chapter 7.2/7.3‘๑’

God damn. I’m so nervous around this girl. When she’s sleeping and having her nightmares, she’s so easy to care for. Actually, not easy, but you know? She’s asleep and I can comfort her without her knowing. I can take time to think. But when she’s awake, I find it so hard to respond to her, to act around her. I’ve never been this nervous with any woman before. She makes me feel different. Is it love? Is what I’m feeling towards her love? I know I like her, or perhaps feel sorry for her, but love? I wished it were easier to tell. Maybe dad should’ve introduced us earlier. Maybe she and I would be closer if we had known each other longer knowing that we are to be married. I don’t know why dad wanted to wait until she was ready for us to reveal everything. It makes my life so complicated.

I can’t help but glance up at Saratan when she’s working at her desk. She’s somewhat a distraction. Unlike spying on her through the projector, she’s actually here right in front of me. I can’t turn her off and on like I would back in the day. If I miss one action, one movement I can’t pause and rewind like I can before. Is Father torturing me by putting her in here? Is it some sort of challenge he’s giving me? Actually, this whole marriage thing is already a challenge. I’m glad I can look at her all I want and she thinks I’m busily working. Great thing my eyes can multitask. Good thing the computer is at an angle. I’ve caught her glance at me in the morning. Sometimes she’d pause and fold her hands on the table. Then her face would get crinkly and she’d turn her head slightly sideways in deep thought as she looked my way. Once I move just a bit, she’d immediately look back at the papers in front of her. I guess she glances at me, almost just as much as I’m glancing at her. But, she’s probably only glancing because I’m new to her. She’s in a new environment and all that’s going on between us is difficult to grasp. It’s like a dream to her. Perhaps she hopes to wake up and all of this will be over. I really want her right now. I really want her to be mine already. But, I respect her too much to do anything to her. I wish I can go up to her and touch her soft lips with mine. I wish I can go up to her and we’d look at each other in the eye, perhaps already ‘loving’ each other and consenting to one another’s courtship. I want to touch her and make her want me as much as I want her. I want to be the only thing on her mind as I touch every inch of her naked body.

Chapter 7.3/7.3 ~~~~~:]~

Driving back to my hotel is like a pain in the ass. But, I had to go and welcome my future sister-in-law into the family business. I have to make my presence known to her. Bro can’t be the only one having all the fun; a woman is handed to him just like that! What do I get? Nothing. I get this hotel that I don’t even want to run. I’d rather do something else. I kind of want to own something more fun. A nightclub sounds good.

Yeah, I’ve always been the bad one, the one that everyone feels sorry for because my mom decided to dump me and have my father take me away from her because she can’t handle caring for me on her own. Do I remember my mom? I guess. She was around, but not really. What can I do? Father suddenly sends some guy...his personal assistant to be exact, to come to my mother’s door and take me. Mother just told me she couldn’t take care of me anymore and sent me off to live with father.

I knew father had another son. My older brother. But, he wasn’t the main wife’s…Queen Mother’s kid, but some mortal/human’s kid. So, I figured I had a chance to be equal. But, I was wrong. He is dad’s favorite. Dad’s favorite woman’s son. Even Queen Mother favors Bro. I just continued to act out. But, Bro turned out to be an okay guy. Just too nice of a guy. My acting out all the time eventually made him change a bit. He still has that nice guy image though. I hate that. I always have to be the bad guy. He gets all the girls that yearn for him because he’s so polite. I just get the girls that are horny. We both put in the same efforts to satisfy these women; we both have no feelings towards any of them. Yet, both Bro and I do it for our own satisfaction. Or, at least that’s why I have sex all the time. I can’t really speak for Bro. He claims he has the same reasons as I, but he’s a bad liar.

When he came back from training, I got scared. His powers are so strong he can kill me in seconds. That’s another thing, dad was too scared to send me off to train stronger powers in fear that I will revolt or something. Yeah, I’m a bad boy, but doesn’t mean my heart isn’t good. My nannies have been pretty nice and they’ve taught me manners. Kept me in pretty good control in my opinion. Now I just put up the little brother act because I know that deep down Bro is too nice to hurt me or actually ‘kill me’ with his powers.

I overheard dad and him talking when dad summoned him to his quarters a few years back. I hid behind the wall and listened to everything they had to say to one another. If I were Bro, I’d agree to the marriage right there and then. Marriage is marriage. We can just move on to a concubine or whatever if we’re dissatisfied with the one we married. I don’t see why he had to be against it at first. Listening to that made me want to play a prank on him.

I remembered dad opening the projector for him to view. After that, I targeted where the girl was and followed her. I transformed into a bird and flew from tree to tree as she walked home from school on this long dirt road; supposedly a shortcut. I stayed silent knowing Bro was probably even more curious than I was and was probably watching over her and spying on her through the projector.

She looked average on the projector screen that Father showed Bro, but I suddenly felt my heart pounding the closer I got to her. She had this innocence that made me want to follow her more. After that, I felt like I wanted to see her all the time. But, she belongs to my brother. Father will kill me if I attempt to mess things up with her and Bro. I told one of my nannies how I felt and she led me to this cave where I can meditate. I stayed for a day and when I walked out I felt like pulling a prank on my brother again. I knew I couldn’t have her, but I can try to scare Bro a bit. I can play around with their relationship, until they get married for real. Cruel, not the least. Just a younger brother trying to be a younger brother.

Her friend had done her hair for her that night. Her dress was pretty cute. But that hair! I don’t know what kind of friend would let her friend out of the house, and to a party looking like that. I went away for a bit thinking it’s going to take a while before she leaves the party. I couldn’t stay away long, I returned within 5 minutes and sensed that she’d be out sooner than I anticipated. I could hear the conversations of the other teens in the school gym. The guys were jerks to her. Criticizing her hair. I thought, “Damn, I am the only one who can say her hair is ugly.” I even heard the friend who came with her telling this guy that she was never friends with Saratan and that she was just trying to be nice.

Sensing Saratan will rush out of the building, I blew a kiss up to the sky and Mhek (*Mhekala-rain angel) formed the clouds for me. I love having connections. She popped out and asked if I wanted lighting and all of that jazz. Mhek walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheek wishing be good luck with the prank I’m about to pull. I laughed and got ready.

Saratan walked out of the school building. I turned into a slither creature and hid in the bushes in front of the school. She didn’t know I was hiding there. I was a tiny snake at first, but Mhek whispered through the winds that I should be in bigger form and be fiercer so that Bro would be more panicked that I was touching his girl. I sensed the agony she was in and she hurriedly walked to the start of that same path she always takes. This time, the sky had fallen dark from the storm clouds that Mhek had produced. Even with all that, Saratan wasn’t afraid to take that shortcut to her house. She started to walk, and I followed her. Crawling on my stomach was a pain in the ass. But, it’s one of the quietest and fastest forms I learned to transform into and could take to follow her. Plus, it’s easier to grasp her that way.

Saratan paused for a long time and I knew she was getting scared. Did I think of stopping with my plan? Sure, I did, but I had to go through with it because I had to teach my Bro that he can’t always rely on what’s given to him without any challenges whatsoever. He was spoiled and I guess I was jealous. I still am jealous.

After walking off that night Bro came to my corridor and pretty much yelled at me. I was satisfied that he was mad. I was satisfied that he feared me as much as I feared him. Yet after he left, I still felt like I wanted to see Saratan again. Something about her attracted me. I don’t know what. Gliding between her legs made me shiver as much as she feared me. I never felt that way with anyone before. No one had been able to satisfy the same touch I felt with her that night. I continued to check up on her and talked to Presa, a dream angel, about making her dream of me so she won’t forget me. Even if she thought of me as a scary being, I wanted her to remember me. After several months, her parents took her to the temple and casted some protection spell, which caused Presa’s power to weaken and only capable of sending those dreams occasionally. It illed me that she hated dreaming of me, but I can’t blame her since I was in snake form. That hate made me want her to keep dreaming more because then she can’t ever forget me.

When Bro got caught with Saratan, I pretty much decided to take a step back too. Father was stressed that year and brought everything out on the two of us. So, I knew my limits at the time. I missed spying on her. Even though I had touched her legs, and very close to touching her arms and bosom, I wasn’t as daring as Bro for entering her room. I guess he couldn’t take the heat knowing I had touched her first. For some reason I also felt like I had to give her that privacy in her room even though I manage to get into any girl’s bed, any girls room, any girl’s house. I couldn’t enter hers.

Here I go…all the team leads lined up to greet my entrance. I walk through the back entrance way. I hate being seen by the media. Bro probably thinks I’m one cocky guy. I do things for attention, but not that much. I get tired of cameras hounding me. I get tired of women hounding me too, but what can I do? Every female wants me. Maybe even men. But that doesn’t float my boat.
Finally, in my office! The pile of files I have to look through and sign! I come into the office once or twice a week. I’m always elsewhere otherwise. When I’m in, I tend to not even bother with the files. I get those done last minute at the end of every month…that’s when dad’s assistants come pick them up to transfer to him to check up on. That man can freakin’ multitask. Why do I come in you ask?

A knock…”It’s me,” called out Kati. Kati is a maid that I hired to clean my office. She comes in for about 20 minutes to clean my office. Nobody disturbs when she’s in here. That petite slender woman enters my office and locks it behind. I leave little notes for her to read under my desk so she knows when I’ll be in.

Kati rushed over to me and I stood up and walked to her. “It’s been 7 days! Why do you make me wait?” she commented. Her nipples hardened suddenly as I pressed my lips against her neck pulse. She felt my hard flesh against her dress. “Don’t take off my shirt today,” I said to her. “Can I at least unbutton it?” she asked between kisses. I let her do as she wished and her hands quickly found my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I was ready to get to work. We only had 20 minutes to do this before people come and bother us. I picked her up and set her on the edge of my desk. She pushed all the binders off to make room. Sometimes I feel bad because she has to pick those up for me after we’re done, but that’s her job so I feel less guilty. I know. I’m a jerk. But what can I do? I get caught up in the moment.

Kati’s body arched as I continued to penetrate her over and over again. She moaned in delight and trance as we both reached climax. Finally, we are done. I gave Kati one final kiss and zipped my pants back up and walked to the restroom to clean up. I peered out at her and she continued to pick up the binders off the floor. I said some spells and hope I said it in time for her not to bare my child. I know, lucky me. No condoms needed. No birth control pills. Just some words that I learned to keep the mortals from conceiving my child. Banging Kati is like a quick stress reliever. She’s hasn’t bothered me outside my office like most women. She makes my morning go by faster when I can’t concentrate on these stupid papers.

Now to napping…I will have to get up later to perform my missions. I hope to finish all my hours tonight so I can go bother my Bro and Saratan. Bro can’t be in that office with her for hours each day without me interfering. Can he? It wouldn’t be fun.


No passion whatsoever between Warin & Kati *sigh Which bro would you rather have? Hehe. They both have their faults and their goods B)


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OMG!!! I love this one again, here i say it over and over, but really it's great! Oooh, i'd rather choose Kraisorn cuz he seems like a nice person. But, Warin is a bad boy n sometimes that's a good thing too in a story. Keep cointinuing so i can read on my weekends plz!!!:DDD :thumbsup:


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Chapter 8.1/8.3‘๑’

“Son, you have to make her fall in love with you. What is marriage without love?” asked my Father. It’s true what he is saying to me, but it’s hard when it’s someone I actually…care about. She finally acknowledges my existence and we didn’t start off ‘in love’ with each other, so it makes me nervous. Can she fall in love with me? “You have to talk to her in the office son,” stated my Father. “What, you’ve been spying on me?” I asked. Father turned around and denied he has. But his stuttering gave it away. How can he do that to me? Am I really that incapable of winning her love on my own? Am I that pathetic? Starting Monday, I will see to it that I talk to her. I can’t lose to myself. I have to make her love me.
There are voices in my office. Saratan had arrived to work on time as usual. But the voice inside isn’t Kati. It’s a man’s voice. It’s PhraWarin! He’s been away for a couple days and he’s back.

“C’mon, you have to go to the amusement park with me! It’ll be a lot of fun. My friend just added a new ride and you told me you wanted to test out the new roller coaster when it came out,” encouraged PhraWarin. How did he tell her about the park without me knowing? They’re talking as if they’ve known each other for a long time. Why is it so easy for him to strike a conversation with her when I’ve worked with her for a week now and we can’t even talk much about anything else besides work? I really am pathetic.

“Ahem,” I said as I walked in the door. I placed my hands in my pant pocket and walked to my desk. PhraWarin turned to look at me and smiled. “Hey Bro, tell her to go to amusement park with me. She needs to have some sort of fun. You don’t provide her with any sort of entertainment around here,” PhraWarin complied. I don’t want him to go with Saratan. I can’t let them go together. “No way!” I shouted. I didn’t want it to come out that loud, but Saratan looked at me annoyingly. “I can go if I want,” she stated. “Warin, you don’t need to tell him to let me go or not. I am the one to make the decision. And Mr. Kraisorn, you have no right to answer in my place.” Now she’s pissed off at me. How can I make her fall in love with me now? I’m such a fool. I can’t predict my own actions when I’m around her. I want to be the gentleman, I want to be someone she can call her future husband. But our whole situation just makes me confused. I should’ve been selfish that day and kept my mouth shut. Dad could’ve just forced us to get married and everything would be over with by now.

Ida knocked on the door and entered. “I see Mr. Warin is here, how are you sir?” asked Ida. She walked over to me and handed me my contract binders. She then walked over to Saratan and handed her several sheets of paper. “Miss Saratan, can you proofread this letter for me. I want to know if I should send it or not?” asked Ida. I turned away from them annoyed that my office room is filled up with bothersome people. Well, Saratan isn’t so much of a bother, but PhraWarin and Ida is annoying the heck out of me!

“Warin, I’d love to go the amusement park with you tonight,” said Saratan.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I warned her about PhraWarin earlier that he’s a ladies’ man and she is risking her own virginity to go with him tonight. I can’t show her how raged I am right now hearing that! She’d hate me even more than she does right now. Keep cool Kraisorn, keep cool. Hang on, is she a virgin? Why do I keep thinking perverted things again? I see too much of PhraWarin now, he’s ejecting his character on me.

“You can give this letter to him,” said Saratan. “But, I’d edit some sentences to make it more erotic than it already is.”

What is that letter that Kati gave Saratan to edit? Erotic? We’re not some porn business to talk about erotic material or write erotic letters to any of our clients.

“What erotic letter?” I asked. Saratan looked at me firmly and stated, “A letter from a lover to another lover.” I still don’t understand what she is talking about. PhraWarin laughed. “It is the hotel business after all,” he stated. Ida thanked Saratan and walked out of the office. PhraWarin went to sit in the recliner. “You don’t mind me resting in her a bit do you?” he asked me. Saratan cut in before I could answer.

Chapter 8.2/8.3~A~

“In me?” I asked Warin, unsure if he accidentally said “her or here.” He smiled at me and gave me a wink that I found very suspicious but he told me that he was joking. “I’m messing around with my Bro, making him shake a bit,” said Warin.

He is scary, but I know that deep down all of this fooling around is all an act. I can tell he is a nice guy deep down. If only he let go of that image he is trying to portray. We’ve been texting each other since I gave him my number last week. He’s hilarious to talk to. As for Kraisorn, I really have no clue what to think of him. I guess he’s not easy for me to read and it scares me. I’m to marry him and it scares me.

Oh, what makes me even more confused is the letter that Kati gave me to proofread for her. It had nothing to do with work at all. But she distinctly wrote in a red pen that stated for me not to tell anyone about it because this letter means a lot to her. I can’t let her down, I’m a girl too. I know how she feels. But the content of the letter grosses me out. Made me so mad!


Do NOT tell ANYONE!! Got it? It’s pErsonal – PRIVATE!!

My beloved Kraisorn:

I know it’s been a while since I rested in your arms after a romantic night together. It bothers me that you’ve been ignoring me and making my heart break every time I see you. Why the heart break? You’ve brought another woman in and I’m saddened to see my man with another woman. Have you forgotten the promise you made me last month? You told me you would ignore her and be a busybody so you wouldn’t have to face her. Sometimes I see that you try. But, why the lunches? Why the dropping her off and picking her up? I want to be in your arms again, feel your tender kisses upon my lips. I want you to be mine and only mine. Please beg your father to stop your marriage before my heart dies. Keep your promises to me my love.

Forever yours,



That letter just made me so angry. I used the word 'erotic' to describe it. I shouldn't have, but that was the first thing that came to my mind and Ida didn't even try to deny that the letter wasn't erotic. I know I shouldn’t be angry because he has the right to be with another woman. Besides, she came first. He should’ve just told me that he didn’t want to marry me because of her. He doesn’t have to go on pretending. He doesn't have to go through with his father’s plans, with my father’s plan. I don’t know why Father wants me to marry him. It just pains me to know that he is someone else’s and I’m the one stealing him away from her. Why is he being nice to me, why is he being a loyal son to his Father? This is all just too confusing. My feelings are so confused! I don’t know what to do. All I could think of doing was to get all my anger out and agree to the amusement park with Warin. The rides will help me forget everything at the office. It’ll help me forget the letter.

I can tell that Kraisorn is annoyed that his brother is sitting around in the office. He likes silence or something. I get afraid of moving a muscle working in his office because he’s always so focused on his work. The only time he gets up is to go out to meetings, to lunch, or walk around to greet guests. I thought he owned other hotels too, but I guess I’ve only seen him stay at this office. I’d love to see what Warin’s office looks like. I wonder if it is as tidy as Kraisorn’s. Warin’s probably isn’t.

“Hey, Sara, you want to go check out my hotel? Can she go Bro?” asked Warin. Kraisorn replied, “I don’t have the right to give her permission, remember?” He sounds kind of annoyed. I guess I should’ve have told him that earlier. I was just angry that they made me seem like I’m a possession that belongs to Kraisorn just because I’m to marry him. He does have permission though, not as my fiancé, but my boss. Oh well, I’m done with most of my work for the morning. “Sure, I’d love to check it out. How far is it from here? As long as we’re back before 1 so that I can finish my afternoon work,” I responded.

Chapter 8.3/8.3‘๑’

Saratan and PhraWarin have gone to his hotel. I want to follow them because I don’t trust my brother. He makes me feel less at ease. I wouldn’t care if he took any other girl. I’d be overjoyed if he took Kati with him. But, with Saratan? My future wife? He can’t do that, can he? His intentions are far from what he portrays. Is she so dumb as to believe that he won’t try anything on her? Ugh, I have to follow and make sure she’s okay. Make sure he doesn’t touch her in that sort of way again.

I feel like an idiot now that I’ve arrived at his hotel. I’m sure he’d take her to his office and lock his door like he does with that one maid. He thinks he’s so good at hiding her. Father already told me about her. She has tried to go to the main office and beg for a better position, but Father gave her two choices. To be fired or to keep her job. She chose to keep her job since she gets paid and she gets pleasure. Weird girl.

I’m going to turn into a spider. It’s small and I don’t make noises like an annoying fly does. His room is cleaner than usual. Very organized. He probably didn’t intend to come into the office so his staff didn’t know to prepare his work for him. Saratan is already laughing her head off at all his jokes. They’re kind of corny. But, I guess they are pretty funny. “You want some wine?” asked PhraWarin pouring himself a glass. “No thanks,” said Saratan. “I don’t drink.” Well, she’s going to have to when we get married.

PhraWarin sat down next to Saratan on the couch. He’s making his move. I knew it. Saratan might fall for him. She can’t do that to me. If she does she is no different than those other girls. What kind of woman did my dad choose for me? I thought she was this shy girl who was innocent. Maybe all those years I didn’t keep my eye on her, she turned into somebody else. Maybe all that shyness and crying was all an act at the funeral.

“Hey, I’m going to be your sister in law. So tell me, what is your brother really like?” asked Saratan. Wow, she’s thinking of me. “My Bro? He’s more like me than he thinks he is.” What does PhraWarin mean by that?

He’s reaching out and touching her hand! She’s not budging at all! How can she be this calm? Does she not know he’s trying to make a move on her? Does she want this? Next thing I know, he’ll be leaning in to kiss her. PhraWarin let go of her hand now and just placed his wine down on the table. He stretched his arm behind her now. Seriously? He making his move. His other arms are coming around to enclose her. I have to do something!

“What’s that?” asked Saratan as she turned around to look at the door. It had swung open. It was probably my anger that caused that. Sometimes the doors slam when I’m mad about something. Wow, his moves on her really made me that mad? Yes, it did. She’s mine.
Saratan returned to work later that day and I’m glad that it made her conscious enough to ask PhraWarin to bring her back to work. She made me worry. Now she’s back with him again for their date at the amusement park. I don’t know how they became so close. He gets to call her Sara, while I’m still calling her Saratan. I want to follow them to the park, but what can he do there? It’s not private like his office. But, then again, PhraWarin is sly. He can have sex anywhere. I should trust Saratan more, but what happened at the office shows me that she is vulnerable like all other women.
“How dare you let your brother get close to Saratan?” asked my Father as he barged into my corridors. I looked at my screen as PhraWarin handed Saratan a teddy bear he had won for her. He must’ve been keeping an eye on them too. She looks happy. I wished I had won that bear for her. “Get up and go stop them!” shouted my Father.
I did. Now I’m up here. She’s going to think I’m a stalker or an overly possessive man. But this is the only way to get her away from PhraWarin. It’s my Father’s orders.

They’ve gone into the fun house. Oh, PhraWarin’s lip is touching Saratan’s. He’s kissing her! She’s mine!


Not much to this chapter. I had planned for a more exciting chapter, but I got tired of typing. Chapter 9 was supposed to be hot and steamy since I already started writing it when I was brain storming. But I guess, we'll have to wait for it in chapter 10 perhaps.
She was beautiful in the ceremony today, but now she looked even more glamorous. The servants prepped her well. Saratan turned to look up at me. Her eyes twinkled as the candle lights reflected off of her pupils. I can tell that she is frustrated with everything, but she is too prideful to take back her words that she told my father that she will go through with everything in this ceremony and become my proper mate.
The vertigo is overwhelming. I didn’t realize what they call ‘mating’ can feel like this. I didn’t think I’d like him touching me like this. I don’t want him to leave me.


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AWWWWW! This was sooo good! Keep it coming plz. Still can't believe he kissed her though. Was that real or was it just something that he just thought about?! Plz keep writing!!! :yahoo:


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Chapter 9.1/9.4 ~A~

Last night was very hazy. Mom told me that I had passed out and Warin brought me home. I wonder if he did something to me because the last thing I remember…or perhaps it was just my imagination…but it seemed like he kissed me in the fun house. In my dream...I couldn’t move, I couldn’t pull back or say anything in protest. I was afraid, I felt sweat surfacing out of my pores. Not being able to move scared me; Warin's lips against mine worried me. I kept my eyes wide opened, surprised by the touch of his lips pressed against mine. His eyes were closed and he seemed to enjoy kissing me. I can feel that he tried to be sincere, but I saw the creases on his forehead worrying about something. I would've thought he paralyzed me if it weren't all a dream.

Suddenly, the mirrors in the fun house began to shatter to pieces. The sounds of the mirror breaking and falling to the ground shocked me even more than the surprise kiss. I remember Warin letting go of me. His eyes grew wide as he turned to look upward; he didn’t seem a bit worried about the mirrors crashing to the floor. It seemed so surreal. The mirrors shattered, but none of the broken pieces came anywhere near us.

Within seconds of the mirrors clanking onto the walls and floors, a tall figure leaped to the ground. I still couldn’t move, but my eyes gazed downward towards the figure with his knees bent on the ground. At that point, I knew everything had to be all in my head and I'm dreaming as usual.

The person looked up...it was Kraisorn. He looked a bit more aggressive than usual. He looked angry, something I hadn’t seen in him since I met him. I couldn’t keep my gaze off of him. He frightened me, but I kept thinking this nightmare isn’t as bad as the snake. None of this is real. But my heart still couldn't stop racing. Laughter began to ring out.

“Release her,” said Kraisorn in a deep-low tone.

Warin laughed and it echoed in the fun house. I still remember the echoes from his laughter in my ears right now. As I listened to the laughter, I felt my body begin to loosen up. I felt very limp. My body was starting to fall to the floor. I wanted to scream for help, but nothing came out. Just as I was inches off the floor, I felt strong arms catch my shoulders. I gasp in surprise by the touch and the fact that I almost crashed into the floor. I felt another hand grasp under my knee; that hand felt as if it attempted to catch me, but was a second later than the arm supporting my upper body.

I opened my eyes after a breath of relief. I then realized my head was resting on someone’s chest. I couldn’t hear a heartbeat. It seemed all too familiar. I’ve had this feeling in a dream a few weeks ago. I had a feeling I know who the person holding me was. I looked up and saw those dark black eyes again. His face filled with worry, but still the handsome face of my future husband.

“Sorry,” I turned towards the voice on the opposite side. It was Warin sitting on one knee with his hand underneath my leg.

He looked down and I turned to look at Kraisorn again. His hand came towards my forehead and the next thing I remember from that dream is darkness. Now I’m here in my room not remembering what actually caused me to have that dream in the first place. I don’t even remember what was real and what wasn’t from the amusement park. Mom told me to get ready and to head downstairs in a bit because we had to talk.

*20 minutes later – Khun Arthit is looking up at me as I am walking down the stairs. I didn’t realize he is here. Another woman sat next to him. She looks a bit older than mother by a little bit, but she is so beautiful. She sat calm and still. I think she notices my stare because now she is looking up at me. Her eyes sparkle. I see light shining from them. Closing my eyes and reopening them might make me less imaginative. The crease of her mouth is turning slightly. She has a beautiful smile. She reminds me of someone. Then, Warin turns to look at me and smiles. I see it. Their resemblance. It must be Khun Arthit’s wife.

Kraisorn turns to look at me. He isn’t smiling. He seems worried. His expression seems to be like the one I dreamt about. Except, his eyes are not black. It is rather light brown. The same light brown I've noticed when I've eaten lunch with him. Or the time he stopped me from being too close to Warin. One thing that doesn't change from the real world and my dreams is his handsome face.

“We have to tell you the truth,” my mother stated. “Please forgive me for not telling you sooner.”

I don’t understand. I found a place next to my mom and sat down. Everyone’s smile disappeared. Khun Arthit cleared his throat and began to speak.

Chapter 9.2/9.4‘๑’

I grew so angry last night seeing PhraWarin kissing my future wife. I didn’t think he’d sink that low. I would never have done that to him. I knew he liked to play around with me, but something like this went too far. He touched her before I ever did. He kissed her before I even had the chance to hold her hands with her consent. After finding out he had paralyzed her to do such a lowly thing, I wanted to attack him! Luckily Father arrived before I was about to do anything spur of the moment. I was so angry last night I could’ve killed him.

I put her to sleep. I couldn’t let her witness what was going to go down. She wouldn’t be able to handle all the shock in one day. I pushed PhraWarin’s hands off of her and picked her up, pushed the shattered glass away and sat her down. Just as I raised my hand up to hurt PhraWarin, Father appeared. He grasped my wrist and looked over at PhraWarin. PhraWarin wasn’t going to finch. He wasn’t even going to escape when I did raise my hand. He was going to accept whatever I gave him. PhraWarin got down on both knees and bowed down, he crawled closer toward my Father’s feet.

“I’m not going to apologize. I love her,” he claimed.

I couldn’t believe it. My younger brother admitting to loving someone. I thought it was all a joke. I hated the joke he was playing on me. I hate him not being serious about all of this. But something made me hint that it was a bit of the truth. It scares me that he fell for the same woman I believe I am falling for.

“You can’t have her son,” stated Father. “She is destined to be with your brother.”

“I can’t have anything! I’m always the bad son, the son that nobody wants. The son that is a burden to you. The son that isn’t worthy of being your son. I cause too much trouble. I am useless,” PhraWarin cried.

“You’re not, son,” stated Father.

“Why can’t I just have her?” asked PhraWarin. “Why can’t I just have one thing that I really want?”

Father went silent. My arm began to relax. Father let me go and I walked over to Saratan on the ground. I sat down and brushed her hair off her forehead. I thought to myself, “You can’t have her because I want her. The only thing I want now is her.” Her face was beautiful. She looked at peace in her sleep. She truly is a sleeping beauty.

Father cleared his throat. He began to tell PhraWarin that he is to find someone else to marry and that all he is feeling is lust. He is feeling jealousy and that is why he believes he is in love with the same woman I am to marry. PhraWarin cried out. I didn’t turn to look at him. I knew I couldn’t turn around. My brother had never cried like that before. I wanted to cry with him, a tear had dropped. But I couldn’t give up what is rightfully mine. Saratan is mine. I felt greedy, I still feel greedy. But he can’t have her. I love my brother, but he can’t have her. I admit I love him, but still…I think I love Saratan too much to give her to him.

“Your wedding will be moved to next week son. We have to tell her now. I don’t care if you two aren’t in love, you two have to marry or else I don’t know what Warin will do. His malice may block his judgment. I will add extra security and Warin is to remain by my side until after the wedding,” stated Father.

I picked Saratan up off the floor and brought her home. Her mother looked at me and told me she is afraid. She hadn’t been honest with her daughter about everything and it scares her. She’s afraid Saratan will hate her for not being truthful. She’s afraid her daughter will be even more afraid. Especially, since she was so afraid of what happened years ago and the nightmares that remained. She’s afraid Saratan will be frightened and go insane if she finds out who I really am.

I too am afraid.

Chapter 9.3/9.4 ~A~

Wow, everything felt unreal. Can my dad really have given me to the devil? I should be going crazy right now, but I’ve had so many nightmares that this news just feels like another nightmare. Maybe I’m dead and I’m in lala land. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything this bizarre.

My father was Mr. Arthit’s best friend. Mr. Arthit runs the underworld? Mr. Arthit fell in love with Kraisorn’s mom who is human and my dad’s classmate in high school? Mr. Arthit disguised himself as human to get close to her and eventually she fell in love with him and accepted him and went to live with him even though he married Queen Mother. Queen Mother never had a son for Khun Arthit. Or dare I say Tarn Arthit. He is allowed to have more than one wife? Queen Mother is his destined wife so she allowed him to be with any woman he wanted. All of this makes me sick. I feel so bad for her. I never caught her real name since they introduced me to her as Queen Mother. At first I thought they were joking, but the seriousness in all their faces made me think otherwise. Now Tarn Arthit is telling me I am predetermined to marry his son. That’s why I have to marry Kraisorn. Even my dad didn’t have a say in whether I am to marry him or not. Even mother didn’t have a say. It is all predetermined. By what...exactly predetermines that Kraisorn is the one for me? Everything seems so unreal. I had to excuse myself after hearing everything. Kraisorn didn’t say one word. But, instead of looking away like he usually does, he kept his eyes on me. I too, had to look at him. His face remained concerned. I felt like I had to look at him. Nothing was forcing me to look at him, but for some reason I felt comfortable looking at that face of his. Looking into those light brown eyes. They aren’t black like I’m used to seeing in my dreams of comfort, but I can tell it is still the man that I...for some reason...feel comfortable looking at.

A knock came at the door and mother walked in. Behind her, she grabbed onto another hand and pulled her in. Queen Mother smiled at me and I slightly smiled back. They closed the door behind them.

“I know you think you must be dreaming right now,” stated Queen Mother. “But we’re all real.”

I had to breathe in slowly and reality set in. This isn’t a dream.

My mother grabbed my hand and I looked into her eyes. “Is he really the one?”

She nodded a yes and my heart sank. Our wedding date is arriving quicker than planned. It will be next week.

*Two days later – I hadn’t had to go into work because I had to prepare for the long ceremony. Queen Mother came and picked me up to go to their house. This will be the first time I see my future husband’s home. The gates looks like they’re made of pearls. Like the gates of heaven. I dreamt of dad the night I found out everything and he told me not to be afraid. They are good people and that the stories and movies we watch are fictional and are all stereotypes. I will learn for myself what it is like to marry a devil. I don’t even know the correct term. For now, I will call this family ‘devils’. All the guards are wearing white.

Queen Mother held my hand and pulled it through the front door. She walks so gracefully. We’ve reached a door. It is so dark. Queen Mother took a step towards the door. Half her body became invisible and she turned to look at me. She smiled and told me that the first time I step in I feel like I’m being sucked in, but I will get used to it once I do this multiple times.

I felt like my hair is going to pull out from the roots. But now that I am in I see a place with marble walls, sandy grounds, but firm and not like the ones at the beach, I see the lights reflecting off the torches scattered throughout. I see crystal chandeliers with lights reflecting off the candles. This place is so beautiful. So calm and pleasant.

“This is my living quarters,” stated Queen Mother. “I have this area all to myself. I will show you to your future room. Perhaps we shall peek into your husbands. Umm, I mean future husband.”

*Two days later - I never did have the chance to take a look at Kraisorn’s room, let alone, his area of the underworld. Queen Mother had me sit in her room and we talked about my duties as Kraisorn’s wife. All that she told me overwhelmed me. But she told me not to worry because everyone is here to help. She told me it took her years before even knowing what to do as a proper wife. Then she smiled and told me about the ceremony.

“It was one of the best days of my life,” she smiled.

She told me that the ceremony takes 24 hours. There are 4 stages. The groom prepares in the morning separate from the bride. We then rest in our rooms listening to hymns for 8 hours. Queen Mother mentioned it was very boring. The hymns lectured about how to be proper ‘mates.” She didn’t know what it meant until stage 4 of the ceremony. Then in stage 3, the bride and groom meet at the main hall and signs contracts. They taste a pinch of blood from each other to exchange their vows and sits to listen to more chants. In stage 4, Queen Mother told me I had to prepare to spend the night with my husband. This stage is important because the water we drink earlier in the ceremony will be the proof that we are properly married. She didn’t tell me what stage 4 entailed, but she smiled and told me that enduring all those other boring stages disappeared from her mind when the ceremony completed. I will learn about it in stage 3.

Warin, or I should call him PhraWarin hasn’t been around. I still don’t know what happened at the amusement park. I don’t know if our lips touching was a dream or not. Now that I know that they both aren’t humans, what I thought I dreamt about might’ve actually happened. He was the first man I kissed if it were real. But, I will never know. I guess, I just hope it didn’t happen. I sense PhraWarin has a good heart and he is fun to talk to, but he isn’t the one. He isn’t the one for me. Or is he? Is this predestined thing all wrong? What am I thinking? Kraisorn…I mean PhraKraisorn is meant to be with me. I didn’t feel anything with that kiss from PhraWarin except for shock that it happened. Or didn’t happen. I just don’t know. I don’t have the courage to ask. I won’t ask. Because if I ask, then it means I'm unsure of this marriage.

Chapter 9.4/9.4‘๑’

I know Saratan is having her makeup trial today. I have to talk to her. I hadn’t said one word to her since she left my office. She didn’t seem to worry much that I hadn’t spoken to her. I just didn't have the courage. I was so filled with jealousy that I made her perhaps afraid of me. She will be marrying me. The man that has an inner temper that I didn't realize I carried until I met her. I was angry the first time PhraWarin pranked me. I was mad last week. But, now I’m also worried. PhraWarin isn’t joking around anymore. He really likes her, enough to betray me by kissing her. I’m glad Father is keeping him by his side. I heard that he can’t even return to his living corridors until the ceremony is over.

Saratan sat smiling in the mirror. Her smile is so beautiful. She is just so beautiful. The maids had dressed her in a satin gown that made her skin look golden. I could see the gown fall against her perfect body. She is a beautiful woman that I am too lucky to have as my own. I can feel my body tense up as I know what will happen tomorrow evening. In order for her to be my proper wife We have to finish stage 4. She will be mine. Fully mine. I can't help but smirk at the thought.

Saratan turned around and looked at me. Her smile faded. I walked towards her and her smile started to appear again. I can see that she is trying to smile and perhaps pretend like she is okay with everything. The maids pulled a chair over and Saratan eyed me to sit down across from her.

“I…” I began to say.

“We’re to be married tomorrow. I can’t believe I’m doing this. You’re the one,” she said, as calmly as she possibly can.

“If you don’t want to do this, it’s not too late to end this here,” I said.

“It is too late, I’d feel guilty for the rest of my life,” she stated. “I have too much pride to make adults spend all their effort on this and tell them I quit.”

“After the ceremony, I promise I won’t touch you again….since you don’t love me,” I stated.

Saratan went silent. “Touch me?” she asked quietly.

“The final stage of the ceremony. I promise after that, I will let you do as you please. I won’t get in your way. You can find your true love. Someone you actually love and not have to be stressed over. You won’t have to worry about me after tomorrow night.” I said.

I had to fight with myself. I don’t want tomorrow night to be the last time I touch her, but I want her to be happy. I want her to find someone she really loves. If a man can find another woman to love, like Father loved my mother…then she, the woman I care about can find the man she truly loves. If Queen Mother can handle Father being in love with another woman, I can handle Saratan being with another man. I think I can handle it. I have to handle it. She has to be happy, not forced into marriage like this.

Before Saratan can say another word, I had an inner battle with myself. I left the room with her looking at me strangely. She wanted to say something, but stopped herself and just let me walk out.

I wish she’d told me that she loved me and that our marriage isn’t forced. That she is happy to marry me and fully willing to go through with it. But, she had to tell me that she will feel ‘guilty’ for stopping the wedding. I can stop the wedding myself. But, I can’t. I waited so long to finally see her again and now my mind has only her in it. My heart, which does beat, but cannot be heard by human ears beats faster than a race car going 100mph. I want her as my wife more than ever. I need her as my queen.


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Aggghhhhh! I waited patiently and this is sooo good!!! OMG! Can't wait for the ceremony to start already!!! Still, i can't believe he kissed her and then to say that he loves her too?! OMFG!!! I want more already!!! :worthy:


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Aggghhhhh! I waited patiently and this is sooo good!!! OMG! Can't wait for the ceremony to start already!!! Still, i can't believe he kissed her and then to say that he loves her too?! OMFG!!! I want more already!!! :worthy:
:highfive: soo agree with u.. love this ff. :cloud9:


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Chapter 10.1/10.2‘๑’

Marriage is before me. I know all the rules, all the requirements of being the next leader. But, who is to say I want to keep it that way? I may be obedient, but there are things that can’t be forced in life. I can’t feel but ashamed that I just made that statement because…I am not stopping Saratan from marrying me. But, I want her to myself, at least, for tonight. Then, I will have to keep my word to her. I won’t touch her again. I won’t interfere with what she wants next. She can do as she pleases without me interfering. I hope I can keep my word. I have to. I’m such a hypocrite.

The servants opened the curtain and my eyes caught on Saratan. She sat gracefully on the mat awaiting my arrival. Her eyes sparkled as she shyly smiled at me. She looked away slightly as she noticed my gaze never left her. My bride is so beautiful. Her lips shined from the gloss and the closer I got to her, the more sweet her scent. All eyes fixed on me as I reached her. Before stepping forward one more step to be next to her, Queen Mother stopped me. She held my hand and gently whispered in my ears. She told me that I will be very tired for the rest of the ceremony and everything must go according to the boring lecture I listened to earlier today or else we’ll both have to start over with the ceremony.

She whispered, “I have faith that my daughter-in-law will not give up on the rest of the ceremony, but you mustn’t give in to your own guilt.”

It is as if she could read my mind. I’ve already come this far, Saratan belongs to me; Queen Mother's words gave me strength. I will not screw up the ceremony. I went to sit next to Saratan and couldn’t help but look at her as she kept her modest bow. We sat for hours on our knees. When asked to do so by the minister, I reached for her hand. Her hands felt clammy and warm. She glanced up shyly and mumbled an apology. “No worries,” I said to her. I picked up the needle and poked her ring finger. She winced for a bit at the prick, but I quickly took her finger to my mouth. I sucked on her finger and tasted her blood. It tastes sweet, I didn’t want to let go; savoring the taste of it. Eventually I let go afraid everyone would think I was a vampire of sort.

Her blood now flows through me and she will prick my finger in a moment. Everyone cheered as the first exchange occurred. Her face blushed pink as I let go of her finger. The minister told her to pick up the needle. My heart raced as I knew this vow meant we are another step closer to being husband and wife. She picked up the needle and hesitantly picked up my hand. Her hands are still clammy, but now it shook with nervousness. The needlepoint struck my finger and I winced. She almost dropped the needle afraid of my movement. But she slowly set the needle down and raised my hand to her mouth. She seemed to be in deep thought. She hesitated, but the onlookers cheered her on. She glanced around and focused on her mother, then at Queen Mother. Finally, she looked into my eyes. I could see my own reflection in those dark brown eyes of hers. I almost pulled my hand back in response to her hesitancy. But, I want her to be with me. I stayed selfish and her lips touch my fingertip. She gently sucked on my finger and released it. She placed my hand down and the crowd chanted ‘congratulations’ to us both. We turned towards our parents and accepted blessings from all of them. My brother sat still next to father without saying one word to either of us until it was his turn.

“May you both find true happiness,” he said.

Saratan looked down. My guilt grew even more thinking that she isn’t happy marrying me. I can stop it all. But, Queen Mother had advised me not to give in to my guilt. I trust her fully and I will keep going to the final stage. It is only until midnight that Saratan will have to endure me and then I can keep my words to her. For now, not even a kiss…

The servants came to retrieve Saratan from her seat. They knew she would stumble from sitting too long. I wanted to reach up and help her, but Father told me I mustn’t until the final stage. PhraWarin looked irritated and turned away. “You know what to do next. I will let you know when she is prepped. It mustn’t take long for them to prepare her for you. The servants are fast,” said Father. He then looked over at Queen Mother who blushed slightly. I’ve never seen her that way with Father before. They are usually so stiff in front of each other.

I had toured the room for the final stage in our marriage ceremony the night before. I wanted this room to be perfect for her. It’ll be her living quarter here and I wanted it to be a room where she will like. I hope she’ll like it even after our final stage…because it may be the room she drenches seeing everyday while she lives here. Our marriage will not be finalized until she is mine for the night.

“Sir, she is ready,” said the servant who knocked at my door. I am finally going to see her. What we are about to do will be very awkward. Our time to get to know each other shortened and now here I am, about to face her, do things to her that she may not be comfortable with. Today, she has to go through with the rest of our courtship...mating.

The servants opened the door to her bedroom. Two of them greeted me with a smile and walked out the door. I peered inside the room and my eyes rested upon the beauty that sat in the line of my vision. The servants had tied her hair to the side with her long curls resting upon her bare left shoulder. She was beautiful in the ceremony today, but now she looked even more glamorous. Saratan pressed her lips together in nervousness. I know she’s nervous, just as much or even more than I am. Her gaze fixed on me and I noticed the twinkle in her eyes again. This time the reflection of the candlelight made them sparkle even more. I can tell that she is a bit frustrated with her decision, but she is too prideful to take back her decision. I walked up to her slowly and sat down.

“Are you ready,” I asked her? “I am,” she responded, as calmly and most confidently as she possibly could.

My heart raced as I reached up to unbutton the silk cloak. My hands shook as the first button unhooked. I could feel her getting even more nervous. Once the third button released, I paused. I looked back up at Saratan and hesitated. Do I really want to do this to her? She asked why I stopped and told me to keep going. “I’m not too dumb. I know what we are about to do and I consent to it. Don’t worry about anything,” she said. I kept hearing Queen Mother’s advice and decided to keep going because my heart now raced so fast I can’t stop myself from not having her. I yearn for her to be mine. I don't know how many times I've repeated that line.

As the fourth button came undone, I began to see a hint of her bare breasts. I swallowed hard as I’m trying to be gentle and move things slow for her first night with me. Actually…her only night with me. I touched the seam of her silk gown and pried it open to reveal her naked top. The next thing I knew, I dived in to kiss her neck. The sweet smell of the perform lured me in more. She opened her collar to me as I gently gave her the sweetest kisses I could. I then grasped the back of her for support and lowered her down to our bed. Her legs rested between mine and I could feel myself getting warmer…no hotter…and harder on top of her. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. I leaned down and touched her lips with mine.

All I can think about is her. Her lips are so sweet and she responded to my kisses as if she is a pro. Our tongues touched and I can no longer be gentle. I am filled with hunger and desire for her. My arms wrapped around and I made my grasp even tighter. Saratan laid completely still despite of the tightness of my embrace and I teased her by bringing my lips back to her sweet neck again. I am determined to go lower, but did not want to do anything that she is not willing to. She seemed to notice my urgency and exclaimed, “Do as you please, don’t be afraid that I will pull away. I am committed to going through with this and I will not take back my words. I am yours.” Those words sparked my curiosity for more of her, I hadn’t revealed the rest of her yet and I can feel my adrenaline rushing. I wanted to moan and let out my frustrations and longing for her, but she remained taut and made me feel like this is her duty. She did not make me feel wanted. This frustrated me more and I felt like I had to pry off the rest of her clothes and enter her. I can feel myself getting harder at the thought of her not wanting me as much as I want her. I lifted myself off of Saratan hoping she’d call out my name and yearn for me, but she didn’t even let out the slightest clue of whether she wants me at all. I blew out the candle and don’t care if she doesn’t want me. I want her. Our room filled with darkness and I undressed myself quickly and returned to lie on top of her.

I asked, “Are you afraid of the dark?” She replied, “I’m ready for anything.” Her voice seemed a bit shaken and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I have to do something. I can’t be gentle like I had planned. My hands reached between her legs and I raised her gown up above her waist. “A man, that’s what I am. I’m sorry if I hurt you tonight, but I can’t take it any longer,” I somehow roughly said to her. I found her lips and kissed her with passion. She didn’t fight back. My hand found the lips between her thighs and I slid my finger in. I felt her twitch and she let go of my lips. “I’m sorry,” I whispered to her. “They say it’ll be a bit painful at first, keep going,” she replied.

After about 10 strokes and my hot breath against her face, I told her I can’t hold it any longer. She placed her hand on my shoulder blade and pulled my chest down towards her. I can feel her nipples press against me and her hot breath against my collar bone. “I’m ready,” she said. With her permission, I caressed the side of her body and her cheek as she held me with both arms. I steadily penetrated her and felt her whimper a soft cry. “Don’t be afraid,” I said to her, “if it’s too painful, let me know and I will stop.” She closed her eye and pressed her lips together to take in what I wanted to offer her. I kept going slowly at first, wanting her to eventually adjust. After a few moments, Saratan opened her eyes and lifted her head slightly to touch my lips with hers. I quickly responded to her rough kisses and reached for her thighs and lifted them up around me. She held herself tightly around me and soon moved to my rhythm. I let go of her lips and found the top of her shoulders and initiated biting kisses. I can feel myself filling up with pressure that I need to release. I roughly tore my mouth away and held my head back; her body suddenly tightening around me, her hands squeezing my shoulder blade, and her sharp cry made me spasm uncontrollably.

I could feel Saratan breathing hard, she held onto me tightly still after my release. We paused for a moment and let our heart rate drop before. I pulled myself out of her and pressed my forehead against hers. I don’t know what to say to her. It was the best time in bed I’ve ever had with any woman. I want to do this with her more than just tonight. But I’m a man of my word. Our breaths still in sync with one another, calming down; she gently let go of my waist slightly and moved it back up to my shoulder blades, holding them there lightly. I quickly shifted off of her and she let go of my shoulder blades. I lifted myself off of her completely and rolled over flat on my back. After a moment, she tried to get up.

“Where are you going?” I asked her. “I’m going to put on clothes,” she replied. “No need for that, just lay with me until the ceremony is over. Then you can dres,” I sort of pleaded to her. I grabbed our bed sheets and covered us both. After what seemed like a few moments Saratan drifted off to sleep. I can hear her relaxed breathing. I still have til midnight to be with her before I break my words. I want to hold her again. I turned to look at Saratan and she shifted to her side and wrapped her arms around me in her sleep. I want to hold her, so I did. I glided her to my arms and held her.

Chapter 10.2/10.2 ~A~

The vertigo is overwhelming. I didn’t realize what they call ‘mating’ can feel like this. I didn’t think I’d like him touching me like this. I don’t want him to leave me. That lecture that I endured really was worth what I felt last night. I want to be a diligent wife like Queen Mother. I will let Kraisorn…err umm PhraKraisorn do as he wills.

I remember how gentle he was with me and how intense everything got. His kisses, his body, his warmth. I loved every moment of it. I want to be with him. But, how can someone like me let him know that? He had said he’d not touch me again after tonight.

Wait a moment; I don’t feel anyone here anymore. My eyes are open now and I am completely dressed in the most luxurious and comfortable fabric gown I ever experienced. My room is lit brightly with sconces. And PhraKraisorn is nowhere to be found.

- - - - - - - -
Well, finally something r rated. It's supposed to be my most r rated ff. If only I can write faster like I used to. Can't believe it has taken me 6 months to write this!! I'm soooo slow now. Still can't feel but a little weird writing scenes like this. Makes me nervous every time I write them.


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Wow,wow,wow!!! That's all i gotta say for this ch! Wasn't expecting all this good stuff here...hehehe (fan) Anyways, this ch is really hot, oh wait i already mentioned that :r-scene-pop-corn: And i'm assuming to hear bout a :baby-scene-pop-corn: soon?! Keep up the hot stuff going!(I mean good stuff)...XDDD


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Loving the update andd... I miss you! This FF section is so quiet lately without you and all the lovely authors :)


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Well, finally something r rated. It's supposed to be my most r rated ff. If only I can write faster like I used to. Can't believe it has taken me 6 months to write this!! I'm soooo slow now. Still can't feel but a little weird writing scenes like this. Makes me nervous every time I write them.

I love the update :drool: btw talking about slow....i took more than 1 yr w/ my 2nd ff n I'm barely finishing it. >.< i guess....we can't rush writing. :D


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so sorry for not updating lately. I will try to write the next chapter and get it up sometime this week...if not, I will for sure post something next week. So behind on this.


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Chapter 11.1/11.3~~~~~:]~

Sara’s face glowed as I walked through the curtains to her. She sat so still, yet I saw the excitement in her eyes. She smiled at me as I stepped closer to her. The shimmer in her eyes proclaimed her happiness. I sat down gently beside her as our eyes locked. Sara blushed as I kept my eyes on only her. Father and Queen Mother finally interrupted our gaze and our ceremony lasted hours, but seemed like time passed by quickly because we’re so in love with one another. As we bowed down to our parents, and to my older brother, I could not stop from grinning. He had given me his bride because she did not love him. She loves me.

Later that night, I knew what I was in for. Sara will be waiting for me in our living quarters and I cannot do anything but imagine what I had in store for her. I want to teach her the ways of being my partner in life. I just know she’d be wonderful.

Sara stood before me as I walked into our room. Her face blushed with excitement. I walked closer to her, feeling my groin heat up from the thought of reaching her, stroking her, holding her in my embrace all night long.

She is my wife.

Our eyes locked on one another. I leaned down to kiss her soft lips. So tender, so innocent. I opened my eyes and moved my mouth towards her ears and whispered, “It’s a kiss from your husband. Open your mouth a bit and I will show you what a kiss really is.” Sara obliged and opened her mouth for me to slide my tongue into hers. I kissed her with every love and tenderness I can offer her. She responded well and I cannot hold myself together any longer. All I want at this moment is to press myself against her. Give her what I want and what she has been waiting for. I quickly picked her up off her feet and walked her over to our bed. All while kissing her, teasing her, and whispering nothing but sweet words to my loving wife.

I felt the curves of her waist and moved my hand to her thigh. “I love you,” I whispered to her. “I love you too,” she responded. I tore her sleep gown open and pressed myself on top of her, ever so gently. I felt the sweat drip off my forehead from nervousness. I never felt nervous with anyone like this. My lips touched the peak of her nipple and she ran her finger through my hair…

“I love you!” Why did my brother get to marry her? I really love Sara. She is the person I want to spend my life with. Why did she have to marry my brother? What I just dreamed, is that what he did with her last night? I’m sure I would’ve been a better bedmate. I’ve had more experience. But, damn. I would be better for her than him. She doesn’t even love him. Why Sara? Why did you agree to marry him?

I have to shower. Get this out of my head. The thought of them together is too much for me right now.

“Warin, don’t be like this. She is your brother’s wife. Just leave them alone. You had your chance with her, but you decided to joke around with her instead of telling everyone your true feelings,” said Pattaya. She is my nanny. She knows me best and I know she is right. “I know you are a rebel and you think that you can just go in and steal her away from your brother or something after they’ve already gone through with the ceremony,” said Pattaya.

“You’re right,” I said to Pattaya. “I can steal her away.” I just had to smirk at the thought. This will be fun. If I can’t have her as my own right now, she can be mine later. Right?

Chapter 11.2/11.3‘๑’

I rested with Saratan until I knew she was in deep sleep. I had tired her out last night. We only made love one time, I wanted more, but I can’t force her to do more if she doesn’t want it. I gently slid her out my arm and walked to a dresser to find a nice gown fit for my wife. That word has a nice ring to it. We’re married.

I rolled up the sleeves of one arm and slipped it on. I gently picked up her head and shoulders to guide the gown behind her and slipped on the other sleeve. She grinned in her sleep and I knew how exhausted must be. I laid her back down on the bed and buttoned up the gown. I started with the lower button closest to her sweet woman scent that I wanted to pleasure once more. I buttoned to her bellybutton that I wanted to tickle and make her laugh…as if we are a happy couple. It is only in my dreams that this would ever come true for us. Then her breasts, full and tender, and perfect. I put on the last button, just slightly showing a bit of cleavage, in case she gets hot the rest of the night. I wish I could stay with her past midnight. But, I had made a vow to let her be. Do as she wills. She has already agreed to marry me against her will…through her guilt. Now, I will let her do as she pleases without my interference.

“Kraisorn, your wife must not be satisfying. You’re here at work already?” asked Ida.

I was annoyed by her comment. My wife is satisfying in bed. I want more of her. Stupid me, why did I have to tell her that I’ll leave her alone after our wedding night?

“You can have me anytime,” said Ida

I glared at her, but as I did, I suddenly saw Saratan stand in Ida’s place before me. I must be going crazy. I had to scratch my eye and indeed, I imagined it was Saratan. “Leave me alone,” I told Ida.

“You know, I see Warin looking at her. I heard that he didn’t go into office today. He seems so desperate for Sara. I’d be weary if I were you. If he gets to her, you’re done for,” remarked Ida. “She seems into him too. I’m a woman, we women, know each other’s thoughts.”

My heart pounded with fury. She’s my wife. She can’t be with anyone else. But no! Stupid me! I had to go tell her she can go with anyone she pleases. I don’t want that anymore. I don’t want her with anyone else but me. But what will she think of me if I take back my words?

“I know you’re a beast inside,” stated Ida. “Take your desires out on me. I’m free.”

Chapter 11.3/11.3 ~A~

“Ahh,” I screamed as someone grabbed at my wrist. Dark eyes stared at me. My heart beat so fast. His hands covered my mouth. I began to calm down and saw that it was PhraWarin.

“Shh, I’m sorry to have grabbed you like this, but I’m not supposed to walk these corridors, since it’s your private halls,” stated PhraWarin. “I had to come here and tell you what is on my mind.”

I glanced at him and gave him assurance that I will not panic or tattle on him. He slowly lifted his hand off my mouth and glided them to the side of his body. I, instead grabbed his wrists and pulled him along to follow me. I found a sitting area and led him to sit with me. “I must confess,” he started to say.


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