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Chapter 12.1/12.3‘๑’

It has been three mortal days since my wedding day. Each day has been agonizing. I miss seeing Saratan. This time it felt horrible compared to not seeing her before. For some reason I was attracted to her when I found out I was to marry her. I didn’t know what that was back then. Now, I know. I’ve become attached to her. It’s not her new profound beauty that I’m attracted to, but her mysterious personality. It is also the sense that she is mine.

I want to take back what I said to her before our wedding day. I thought being away from her will help me feel better. I thought work would keep me busy and distracted. But it is more annoying because Ida keeps trying to seduce me. I want to fire her, but her aura gives off the sense that she needs to keep this job to make a living. I can’t do that to someone who is suffering financial problems.

She failed at seducing me the other day. I threatened to fire her if she ever spoke of my wife in that way again. She quickly stopped and apologized and walked out of the room. Since that day, she’s been very careful of what she says.

Father stopped by to ask me if I am fine being head of the Underworld and running this hotel. He also asked if I was fine being a husband and if I’ve been able to manage the time difference. I lied and told him everything is going smoothly, when all I agonize about is Saratan. He told me that Queen Mother told him that Saratan is doing well and she is visiting Queen Mother to learn about the role of being Satan’s wife. Father gave me a quick wink and walked out.

It’s only been a day in the Underworld. I wonder if Saratan is meeting up with PhraWarin now that I’m gone. I need to see her face now. But I mustn’t give in.

Chapter 12.2/12.3~~~~~:]~

Sara sat across from me. She looked more tired than before. Something has been bothering her, but my goal today is to tell her what I had done to her years before. I received advice from Mhek and she had told me that girls don’t like to be lied to. I want to steal her from Kraisorn. And telling her the truth might help me.

Sara looked into my eyes uncomfortably. She needs to know that I would never take advantage of her again. She didn’t know I’ve done that in the past, but I know that if I want her for myself, I have to give her respect. I’m not a child anymore.

“Sara, I’ve done things to you that I feel awful for doing. I’m here to confess all that I’ve done and hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me,” I said to her. She looked at me questioningly. I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven. She woke up not knowing what happened the night of the carnival either, but that made her awkward around me still. “What is it?” she asked.

“Years ago, the night of the party at your school…” I’m hesitating. “You remember a snake?” Her fist began to clench. I want to reach out and hold her hands to calm her down, but I have no right to do that. “I was that snake that followed you home and scared you.” Her jaw dropped. “I caused you so much grief and nightmare. Because of that, I do not deserve to be forgiven. I just want to let you know because it’s been bugging me lately.”

She began to talk, “I had those nightmares night after night. I was lucky I didn’t go crazy because of it.”

“I know, I’m really sorry. Everything started because I wanted to agitate my brother. But, before I even wrapped myself around you, I had fallen for you because I had been keeping an eye on you.” She began to say, “You mean you stalked me?” “You can say that. I did it because I wanted to see how I can play this prank on my brother. But I soon realized that I really liked you. I like you because you were different from all the other girls that had been after me. You didn’t let people bring you down. You were mentally tough and you endured so much. But because I was so young, my jealousy I felt towards my brother took over. I still had to go through with my prank to get him pissed off. I knew that if I did something to you, he’d be very angry because he hates losing to me too. So, I hurt you in the process. I wrapped myself around you. And I kept visiting your nightmares so that you wouldn’t forget me. Even the day that met at the funeral service again, I spoke comfortably with you because I had interrupted your sleep. Now, I know that I’ve been a jerk for doing all that you. It’s too late to take you from my brother. I know that once you’ve made up your mind, you won’t change it,” I said.

“This is so frustrating!” she stated. “I can’t believe that a prank was that important to you.”

“I know. And it gets worse. The night at the amusement park, I couldn’t keep my hands off you. I kissed you without your permission.” I said. “What? That wasn’t a dream?” she asked. “No, but my brother saved you,” I said. “Your brother?” she looked off to the side. I can tell she’s thinking of him. My heart feels like it is ripping. Knowing that stealing her might be impossible now; I sense that maybe stealing her isn’t the right thing to do. I had failed at treating the girl I love right. I’m such an asshole to her. I’m still an asshole for thinking of stealing her. Do I want to be an asshole?

“Now that I’ve told you everything, I am relieved of the stress. If you don’t want to see my face again, it’s alright,” I said. “I will go now.”

I am relieved to get that off my chest. I still want her, but I can’t force her to be with me. Stealing her and making love to her will be wonderful. It’d make my brother mad. But it will hurt her if she doesn’t feel the same way about me. I am hoping she will forgive me and perhaps maybe feel the same way I do about her. But it’s only a dream. She will never betray PhraKraisorn. Especially since she married him. Not me. If she doesn’t love me, friendship might be my only option.

Chapter 12.3/12.3 ~A~

I had a feeling that PhraWarin was the one who made my skin crawl. I just felt chills when he touch my hand at the memorial service. At that time I didn’t know about all this paranormal stuff. Now that I know, it makes me mad.

I don’t know why this day is going by so slow. I feels like I’ve been up for days straight. Everything is so dark down here. I miss the sunlight. I want to see the sunshine. If there’s no sunshine up there, I want to see clouds. I want to feel the rain. The breeze. Maybe not seeing PhraKraisorn since last night, it’s making things go by so slow. Not getting what I want, I can handle. But not being able to be with my husband is terrible. What we had last night was indescribable. It was scary hearing about it through our wedding prep, but when it happened, it felt right.

I don’t think I’m missing the sex. I’m missing him. Falling asleep next to him felt natural. Felt like I was there before.

I hear noises. Oh my, Father is being mean to that poor woman on the ground. She’s crying her eyes out.

“I did it because I wanted you to love me!” she cried out. “Then you didn’t care about me so I stopped caring about your son!” Father responded, “You took it out on my son. You dumped him as if he weren’t yours. You wanted money and to be free of him. Now you return asking me to forgive you for leaving him? What kind of mother are you?” She responded, “I deserve to die.”

Suddenly PhraWarin jumped in and hugged his mom. “You’re back!” He looked up at his Father who looked the other way. “This is my mom. I don’t care if she left me. From what I remember, you took me from her!” PhraWarin shouted.


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Chapter 13.1/13.2 ~A~

Minutes before I had walked back from work and saw a woman crying on the ground as Father yelled at her. Her voice seemed familiar, as if I heard it before. I decided to spy, even though I always ignored his interactions with the lost souls that had to face him in the chambers. But, I had a feeling I had to listen in to this one. Sure enough, when she lifted her head up, I knew it was my mother immediately. She came back for me and Father isn’t giving me to her.

Sure, I’m pissed that she gave me to my Father, but she’s still my mother. I love her.

“Fine, take your mom. You see to it that she stays out of trouble here,” said Father.

Wow, PhraWarin’s mother had returned. I am so happy for him. The look on his face when he stood up for his mother sent me goosebumps. I can see deep down that he is really a nice guy. Nobody else seems to see past that front that he gives off. He is an honest person despite his desires for sex.

I must know what happened and why he doesn’t get along with PhraKraisorn. I must know more about PhraWarin.

“Queen Mother is ready for you,” said Jane as I walk through the satin curtains to Queen Mother’s living quarters. Queen Mother sat in her black and gold dress and robe waiting for me on the giant gold arm chair. She smiled at me and tells me to sit down and I do as she orders.

“I know you have a question you want to ask me. Say it child,” she said. I don’t want to be too blunt, but I have to know about this family. I feel as though I had to be here to fix or figure something out.

“PhraKraisorn and PhraWarin are half brothers. It all started years ago. I was married to Artit for a year and we were so in love. I had a hard time conceiving a child. So, I suggested to Artit that he finds a new woman to have a baby with. I know how he really wanted a child. Since I was the infertile one, I felt obligated as a wife to give him what he wants most. I found several women for him, but none of them satisfied his needs. Until, one day I found Kraisorn’s mother. The difference I saw in her was that she understood everything fully. I also knew that Artit liked her when he first saw her. They had a connection. It was apparent that they are meant to be. I couldn’t stop that connection. It had already been written. Artit was meant to have two women he loves in his life. She found out about his identity and was calm about it. She was the only human that we allowed down here at the time. Soon, she conceived Kraisorn. Artit was so happy. I was happy that we finally had a baby. However, several months later, I started to feel sick. Without even trying, I was pregnant too. I however, had a miscarriage. But three months later, I conceived again. We were very careful. Artit brought in a midwife and nanny to care for me during this new pregnancy. I pretty much had to stay in my quarters for months because he was afraid that even if I walked out I would lose the baby. Sainam was the midwife that cared for me. Soon, I noticed that Artit took interest in her. I asked her to be his mistress because I felt that she liked him too. A few weeks later, she told me she was pregnant with his baby. She was off the case for a while, but she insisted on continuing her care of me. Artit decided it was okay to do that. I loved her dearly. She was wonderful. Then something happened between her and Kraisorn’s mother that caused his mother to want to return to the mortal world. I felt so much stress at the time. I knew it was bound to happen. I had contractions that day. Eventually I passed out and when I awoke, my baby had passed. I was so devastated. I couldn’t keep a baby. Artit told me that we can keep trying, but I told him I don’t want to have to deal with losing another child again.”

I felt pained for Queen Mother. She had shared her husband with someone else and she lost her baby. I don’t know if I could be like her. I’d feel used if PhraKraisorn does that to me. But then again, we’re not in love like Queen Mother and Father were when they got married. Everything is merely arranged. Who knows? He might have been written to have more than one soulmate. I’m just the first one who had to marry him.

My room feels so empty. It’s so depressing in here. It’s awkward not having to do anything. I just sit here and take lessons from Queen Mother about my duties. I miss my mom. She told me I will soon find the one… and I married…

Kraisorn, I want things to work out. At first I thought it was ridiculous to get married to a stranger, but when we were together, it felt comforting. I miss that dearly. I must get out of this room and find him. Get a glimpse of him at the very least and tell him how I feel. Where is he though? It’s only been a day and it feels like weeks!
“What are you doing here?” I turn around and PhraWarin is standing so tall in his perfection looking at me. He held onto his mother’s hand and guided her towards me.

“I, I..umm,” I started to say.

“You're looking for my brother aren’t you?” PhraWarin continued. “If he hasn’t been around for days, it means he’s avoiding you.”

I don’t understand. Days? It’s only been a few hours. My face must’ve showed some confusion. He chuckled at me and let go of his mother’s hand. He walked towards me and whispered, “You know, a day down here is like 3 days up there?” His hot breath flowed through my ear canal. My heart skipped a beat because I was so shocked. He continued, “I don’t want to say this, because anything you and my brother do together gives me a heartache, but your ceremony literally took 3 days.”

My heart thumped so loud, I think PhraWarin can hear me. That meant the night we spent together, that last step…he was with me for more than a day? No wonder today feels like forever.

“I want to go to see him, take me to go see him” I told PhraWarin. His face turned a bit sour and he began, “Doing that will hurt me more. Why would I take you to go see my brother?”

PhraWarin turned around and headed back towards his mother. She stood there silently looking at me. Her face was unreadable. I don’t know if she was mad, sympathetic or what. She kept looking at me. They kept walking and she turned to look at me once more and gave a grin. I was confused about that grin.

I started to feel weak, my legs are wobbly and I don’t know if I can stand any longer. Why am I such a weak person? My legs are giving out! Someone caught me.

“Okay, I’ll take you to go see him,” PhraWarin said to me as I laid in his arms staring into the sincerity in his eyes.

I asked him what made him change his mind and he said, “I don’t want you to be sad. I don’t want a bad relationship with you.”

I gave him a quick smile before darkness overtook me.

Chapter 13.2/13.2‘๑’

I’ve had it. I can’t stand not seeing her anymore. It’s been a week now! I could handle this before, why am I so weak?

“Marriage does that to you,” my Father announced as he appeared at my door.

He walked closer and sat down in front of me. He began to tell me that Queen Mother has reported to him that Saratan looked so melancholic. Father cleared his throat, “She’s fainted. She’s been out for a day.”

My heart raced with worry. A whole day? “Did she not eat?” I asked Father. “She must’ve not. I didn’t tell her about the time difference. I feel so crappy now.”

Father calmed me down and told me that she has eaten, but very little. He also told me it’s his fault for not telling Saratan either about the time difference. “Go see her,” my Father said.

I want to see her so bad, I began to teleport to the house. Just before entering the door, I realized I will be breaking my words to her. But she’s not well. She has to forgive me for that. Father grabbed my shoulder suddenly. “Son, I don’t know what kind of deal you made with Sara, but she’s your wife. You have to take care of her no matter the circumstances. Don’t hesitate. Don’t think so much. Have you given her a chance and listened to what she has to say?”

My heart is racing, a week without seeing her beautiful face, without hearing her voice. My heart longs to see her again. The torment I put myself through for avoiding her. There are clanks and sounds of the corridors. I bumped into Saratan’s maid, she bowed before me and begged pardon for bumping into me. “I was in a hurry to grab some washcloths. Let me go tell…” she began to say. I put my hand up to stop her and continued on my way.

At the door I can imagine her sleeping there. The door swung open and there she was sitting there on the bed that we shared our night together. She looked down upon the man resting his head against the bed…holding her hand. The gaze she gave him was that of compassion, love…

I don’t know what came over me, but I never felt this much pain. My heart hurt so much. My heart is pounding, pounding with rage. The way she looked at him made me angry. The heat in my face is scorching hot. This feeling has never overtaken me this much before. I feel my body moving, though I want to stop. I can’t control it.



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Chapter 14.1/14.4‘๑’

“I was worried sick, but I see that you are taken care of,” I said to Saratan. My heart was filled with rage. I can’t be angry at her because I had told her she could be with anyone she wanted. I am angrier at myself for not being able to control this feeling. She really had him by her side. She chose him. I hate this sight. I hate it more than anything. How can she? How can I? Everything is chaotic, I don’t know what this feeling is. I just hate it! I can’t control it! I can’t look at her directly. I don’t know if she lifted her head to look at me.

PhraWarin fidgeted and my eyes soared to his hands gripping hers tighter as he turned to look at me. His eyes were glassy, as if he had been crying. His eyes pitch black. He sensed my anger and his senses picked up on defense mode.

Chapter 14.2/14.4~~~~~:]~

I know he is angry. He is mad with jealousy. I know I should let go of Sara, but my selfishness and my want is as much as his anger. Perhaps if she sees him this angry, she will not love him anymore. This side of him is surely shocking to her. He hasn’t been this furious since the time I stole his toy sword when I first arrived.

His roar rang and echoed against the walls of the room. Everyone definitely heard it. I think he is insane with rage. I can’t let him hurt her. I remembered how hard it was for Queen Mother to stop him when he was angry with me. He caught her hair on fire…yet she still forgave him. I know I said I’d take Sara to see him, but how can I let him near her now? He might hurt Sara without knowing it. I have to protect her.

Chapter 14.3/14.4 ~A~

That sound, I don’t like it. His eyes…are black. There’s fire within. I can’t look away. He isn’t looking at me, but I can’t look away from his eyes. They’re terrifying. But the shock of seeing him again is more overwhelming than the fear I should be sensing from him. The grip on my hand is starting to burn. I want him to let me go, I’m trying to tug it out, but he won’t let me go.

“What is all this?” cried Queen Mother at the door. Only her voice can make me turn away from those fiery eyes. Another loud roar and a mirror shattered to the floor. “PhraWarin, let go of Sara’s hand. Come with me,” said Queen Mother.

PhraWarin loosened his grip, but turned to look at me with worry. “I don’t want to let you go.”

I looked up at him. I don’t know what kind of fury I will face, but I am ready to take it on. “Let me go, please.”

He closed his eyes and roared with hurt. He let go of my hand and started to walk. Before he could get far, he screamed with pain. I looked at him and I can feel my eyes bulging. Fire caught his hand, the very hand he had held me with.

“Stop it PhraKraisorn! Don’t hurt your brother. Let him go. Calm down and talk things over. Don’t act childish,” cried Queen Mother. She raced into the room and blew on PhraWarin’s hand to distinguish the fire. PhraWarin turned back to look at me as Queen Mother guided him out.

PhraWarin is kind at heart, just not everyone sees it. I see it. I want to cry. He deserves to be heard. He held onto my hand so tight because he actually cares about me. But, I didn’t want that care. I want to face my husband. The husband that I fear most at the moment. The husband that I miss seeing all day, the husband that can’t see that it isn’t want he thinks it is. I hate that he would think I would actually be disloyal to him and go with his brother.

He stepped closer to me, fire still in his eyes. I heard a thud from the door that made my heart jump. Tears are flowing down my eyes. It’s for all the emotions that I’ve built up in the minutes since I’ve been awoken. He’s back and I’m thankful for that.

“You know he’s the one when even though you seem to think you hate him, you still want him most,” my mother once told me.

His face only millimeters from mine, my eyes dilated. The fire hasn’t ceased; the fear, the anger, the love I have for him is mixed up and it’s overwhelming.

He opened his mouth to reveal such sharp teeth. It’s scares me. But I am willing to let him do as he wills.

PhraKraisorn pushed me onto the bed. His hot breath hissed through my ears. “I can’t control myself because of you.” He buried his face into the crescent of my neck. I closed my eyes as I felt burns from his touch. He body was as hot as fire. I’m beginning to take back what I just said. Maybe this is too much for me to bare. I can’t handle this pain. I want to handle it, but I’m human. It burns. His lips aren’t soft like our first night. It’s rough and felt prickly. He tore my night gown off beneath him. I gasped in astonishment at how quickly he tore the thick fabric away from me. I tried to clutch at it before it fell to the floor. Am I supposed to be afraid of the one I love? His lips suddenly touched mine. Instead of fire, it felt ice cold. It burned. My eyes wide opened and his wide open, still fire. My eyes got even more watery. My vision is blurring.

Chapter 14.4/14.4‘๑’

My body is hot all over. I can’t control the heat. I want her so bad. I can’t stop myself. I have to take off my clothes. It’s preventing me from touching her the way I want. Her eyes staring at me, wet with tears. Instead of being stone cold like at the beginning, she began to wiggle and seem to be pushing me off. I released my hands away from her body and placed them next to her head. “You’re hurting me!” she managed to gasp.

I quickly closed my eyes as I heard those words. When I reopened them, her eyes had closed, and one last single tear slid down her cheeks. She laid still. What am I doing? What is wrong with her? My body is turning cold.

Her weak body laid perfectly still beneath me. My senses are coming back and I began to shake. What have I done? I hurt her. Stupid me! I hurt her! I am a monster. Why did I think I can control myself? Why did I lie to myself all these years? I’m not the good guy. Her arms are red from my touch. Her lips blue, her skin paler than usual.


Don’t go…I love you.


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Chapter 15.1/15.2‘๑’

What have I done? I’m so angry with myself right now! I hurt the one I love. How can I be such a monster?

Her weak body laid perfectly still beneath me. My senses are coming back and I am shaking. What have I done? I hurt her. Stupid me! I hurt her! I am a monster. Why did I think I can control myself? Why did I lie to myself all these years? I’m not the good guy. I’m a selfish bastard, always wanting things for myself.

Her beautiful face, I have turned pale. Her lips are merely blue now and not rosy as they once were. Her breathing has gone weak. My eyes are blinded by the tears that are flooding them.

A knock came at the door. I sensed it was Queen Mother again, and another being with her. PhraWarin.

I got up and quickly dressed myself. I looked back once more at my Saratan who I have abused. I don’t deserve her one bit.

As I swung the door open, Queen Mother and PhraWarin stood and gazed at me. “You hurt her!” shouted PhraWarin. “We sensed it as we were walking. Her cries rang loud in my ears, she felt trapped within your grasp.”

I could not talk back to him, I know he is right. All I can do is look down at the ground, unable to face him. Queen Mother reached out and placed her hand upon my head. “Son, you had nothing to fear. She loves you. But, you let jealousy get in the way.”

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t tell them, “I know.” Spontaneously, my brother reached over and grabbed my shoulder. I got the chills from it, but then with a gentle squeeze, I felt warm. He actually has a heart. He isn’t so bad. PhraWarin spoke, “She loves you. My heart aches every time she calls out to you. I know that you comforted her that night, I followed her too. But the one she called out for in her dream was you!”

Queen Mother spoke, “Make it up to her son.”

Chapter 15.2/15.2 ~A~

I awoke feeling warm. I had no pain. Perhaps it was all a dream. But that nightmare felt so real. I didn’t like that feeling. Someone is in the room with me. My throat is so dry. “I want water,” I said. The ruffling sound stopped and a gentle walk came near. I tried to turn my head, but my neck ached. This reminded me of the one time I caught the flu and ached all over. A hand I recognize gently lifted my neck and sat me up. The sudden lift made me dizzy. But it eased. His hand lowered around my waste and a cup with a straw came to my mouth. I sucked on it and felt relieved as the water slid down my throat. I cleared it and sounds finally produced. “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry,” said PhraKraisorn. “I’m sorry I hurt you so much.”

So that wasn’t a dream? I wanted to talk more but my voice gave way again. I wanted to tell him not to be sorry. But to make things better in the future. Perhaps I am too optimistic. My mom told me that someone is out there for me. I waited and waited. Someone finally appeared in my life…and was I too easy to give my love away to him? Especially after Queen Mother told me we are meant to be together? No. Without a doubt we are meant to be with each other. This sickness is making me question myself too much. I don’t doubt that they are wrong about this.

This is our first fight as a married couple.

PhraKraisorn spoke and said, “You’ve been out for hours. Days in human world. I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. This selfish guy wants to be here for you. You can tell me what you want after you get better. You don’t have to stay with me if you don’t want to. I’m prepared for the consequences.”

Why am I losing my voice now? Were my final words to him, “Thank you?” I want to say more than that. But a thank you was all I managed to say? Pathetic.

He set me down to lie in bed. His hands held mine as he sat and looked into my eyes. Why am I so weak? Being heart sick really gets to people. And to think all these years I had wanted to fall in love. Now that I am married, “I haven’t even heard the words of ‘I love you’. We didn’t even have a proper date. I worked in his office with some slutty secretary by our side. I had his brother who tried to steal me away from him. Funny life. I can’t believe all this is real. I think I’m chuckling and going crazy.

PhraKraisorn is looking at me funny and then I believe my eyes are closed.


I’m awake again, I feel so much better now. Wow, how long have I been sleeping? I’m wearing something different. Something lighter now instead of that heavy nightgown. My body doesn’t ache anymore and I feel so relaxed.

“I love you Saratan,” said PhraKraisorn, as I opened my eyes.

His head was lowered so he didn’t see that I had awoken. “I really do, I can’t leave you alone, I can’t let you go to anyone else.” Then he cleared his throat and tried another line. This was so hilarious. He then let go of my hand and walked towards the door.

I can’t let him go.

“Don’t go, I love you,” I cried out.

He turned around and looked at me as I got up and stood in front of our bed.

I felt rejuvenated now and now I know he loves me. He was practicing those lines thinking I was still out of it, but hearing him practice it is so darn adorable. How can I deny such a handsome guy? Besides, the last time I was awake, he told me it had been days in the human world. That is almost like days of practicing those lines if I was asleep for a few more hours here.

I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. My head nestled against his chest for he was so tall compared to me. He was warm. “I love you, don’t leave me.”

I can hear his heart pounding, which I was unable to hear before. He gently wrapped his arms around me and held me. He was silent. But, I wanted him to do more than that. I have to make the first move.

I looked up at him. He had tears in his eyes. I let go of his waist and brought my hands up to his neck, and stood on my tip toe to try and reach his lips. I still couldn’t reach, but he got the memo and lowered his lips towards mine.


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OMG!!! This ch was just too sweet!!! I loved how she yelled out that she loves him too!!! :kiss3: Aggghhh, too cute!!! :heart:
I'm glad she finally said something. Their relationship development is kinda weird. They're both bipolar or something haha. She was like enchanted by him at the funeral, but then she didn't want to marry him because she didn't like the whole 'arrangement' thing, though she longed to get married one day. Perhaps I made her character weak from the beginning, kinda insecure. I want to make her stronger. And I'll make it work somehow. She did hold up when Ida messed with her at the office & she didn't show emotion when she ate with Kraisorn during lunch. They hardly spoke to one another, and when they did they were both lost. They both didn't know how to get their feelings across. Which I kinda like now that I think about it because it means they really do like each other a lot. Like a crush, too afraid to admit to each other until now.

Awwwwws......... So cute. Can't wait for more. Wish someone practices telling me they love me 2 <3 ;D.
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I know, after writing that, I was thinking I want Dan to tell me that. More cute scenes to come. I could end this already, but there's more. Gotta have some action/drama or something. I don't want this to be lovey dovey. I can't believe it's already 15 chapters & not much has been revealed yet. Thank you for reading :) I love knowing that people are reading my bad grammar & it encourages me to continue.

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PLwae update soooonnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully the next part is worth it. The scene is pretty long. I feel embarrassed to post it now because I think my sister is going to read it. I am thinking of putting those in as a spoiler kind of thing, but if she reads it, she'll click on it anyways. The most r rated scene that I've ever written, pretty detailed. I stopped myself from putting in hardcore. I just don't know if I can go that far. @ least not yet. Not this early.


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Chapter 16.1/16.7‘๑’

She parted her soft lips for me. I slid my tongue into the warmth of her sweet mouth. The kiss was different from other kisses I’ve ever given or received. This time, she had told me she loves me. She initiated this kiss, which shocks me. I didn’t have to force this kiss upon her. Her tongue is so gentle, so sexy that I gave a low groan. My hands instinctively caressed her long silky black hair and the small of her back. I pulled her closer to me and our mouths separated as the sudden heat startled her. I can feel her chest rise and fall against mine. She stared into my eyes and I into hers. She took her soft hands and gently wiped my tears away. My heart pounded faster as all this news intensified my longing for her. Her eyes told me to touch her. I gazed down towards her lips, oh how I want to devour it. As I was so focused on her lips, she had let go of my shoulders and moved her hands towards my collar. The touch made me shiver. I felt myself heating up, sweat began to creep out of my skin follicles. Saratan grabbed my shirt and unbuttoned the first button. She slowly moved to the second. I felt tortured having to wait to release the tension filling my groin. But, this is too sensual to rush. She deserves my tender love and care. Not selfish savagery.

The touch of her hand on my chest made me shiver. She moved her hand behind my back and moved lower towards my waistline. I moaned at the touched. Saratan then let go and grabbed my arm to push it off of her. She slowly took steps back towards our bed with luring and wanting eyes. We haven’t said one word to one another since the initial kiss. We both want the same thing and no words had to be spoken to know exactly what the other has to do.

Her nipple stuck through under the satin nightgown I had put on for her. I dressed her lightly for she sweated so much from fever. When I changed her, I could not help but want to touch her as a man would want to touch a woman, but I resisted. Now, she is inviting me. I can’t say no any longer.

Saratan grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it up slowly over her thigh, her waist, her naval. She paused as it reached the under of her breasts. I stepped closer to her and pulled my shirt off. I proceded to unbuckle my belt as she moved the nightgown over her breasts, her neckline, her plump soft lips, her rosy cheeks, her luring eyes, her soft black hair. The nightgown dropped to the floor and she stood beautifully naked in front of me. The pressure in my groin was unbearable, I had to pull my pants down and let it hang. I stood in front of her now and she wrapped her arms around me as she motioned me to kiss her again. I did as she desired.

Chapter 16.2/16.7 ~A~

This kiss lengthened and he used his tongue to stroke the roof of my mouth. This kiss was love, so tender. I felt the hardness pressed against me and knew he wanted me just as badly as I want him. I still remember the first night. I want to remember this moment just as much. He lifted his mouth from mine and I grabbed his hand before he could unbutton his trousers. I put it around my waist and reach down to unbutton for him. I grabbed his manhood and pulled out its full length, ready for me. This must’ve satisfied him because he moaned louder than before. He buried his face in the hollow between my shoulder and neck. It felt ever so gentle. I pulled him even closer to the bed and imbedded my fingers into his hair. His lips moved lower and closer to my nipples. His mouth covered it and it felt so good. I closed my eyes as the pleasure overwhelmed me.

He then let go and pulled his pants down. He picked me up in his arms and looked straight into my eyes. His brown eyes, with a hint of silver. He was human. He placed me down gently against our mattresses and caressed my body with his hands, his tongue, his mouth.

Chapter 16.3/16.7‘๑’

I can tell she enjoys what I’m doing to her. I in turn love that I am giving her pleasure. I want to make this special even though I am dying to enter her so fast. With more gentle kisses to hide my nervousness. But I stopped suddenly because I really want to enter her. I looked into her eyes, controlling myself. I can’t let her see my demon eyes. She’ll be afraid again.

Finally her first words to me, “I love you Khun PhraKraisorn”. I hate that she calls me PhraKraisorn. It’s as if we have no intimacy at all. But I’m letting it slide this time. I’ll just correct her. “Please, don’t call me Khun anymore,” I chuckled. “And please, don’t put Phra in front of my name.” Call me Kraisorn…better yet, something more intimate.”

I knew she began to panic and feel like she messed up. I can sense her want of me and she didn’t want things to end between us. “Sweet, sweet…don’t cry.” I brushed kisses against her lips while the hotness in my shaft burned me. She widened her hips for me, which signaled she’s ready for me. I felt the inside of her thigh. She moved it against my hard member and said, “Please, I want to give myself to you.” I penetrated her slowly, an inch, then another. She gasped as I fully entered her. “Am I hurting you?” I asked. She opened her eyes and shook “no.” I pulled back and drove forward again, trying to keep my movements easy and smooth. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply at every thrust. Her hands caressed my back, my hair, the sensations were overwhelming. No one has given me this much pleasure. Only her.

I buried my face in the curve of her shoulder. I know I can’t hold on any longer. I spoke in tongues that she cannot understand, I’m sure of it. She gasped louder and wrapped her arms around me tighter. She tightened around me as I brought her to her climax. Her quiet lovemaking made me embarrassed for my loudness. She made me want her even more. She keeps me wondering. Perhaps one day, she’ll break loose of her shell. Her initiation today already surprised me. That’s a step. I began to imagine more we can accomplish in the future since today has made me addicted. I know I won’t be able to stop myself after today. Her love confession to me.

The temperature rose, I felt the sweat trickling down my forehead, her eyes and the faces she made excited me. I pushed in one more time and gave her all I can give. I stayed inside her for a moment and then glided out and rested on top of her.

My breathing rapid, slowly calming down. My head laid on top of her breasts as her chest rose and fell. Her heart ringing through my ear.

Chapter 16.4/16.7 ~A~

I will never forget what just happened between us. Even though he did not repeat his practice lines to me, I felt his love for me with what he had given me. Our wedding night was wonderful, but today made me secure. I know he loves me and it wasn’t a duty or a rule. He’s mine and I’m his. He’s the one for me. I know he is.

His hot breath felt warm against my breasts. I want him to kiss me again. I’m so selfish. But a girl in love is selfish nonetheless.

Chapter 16.5/16.7‘๑’

I don’t know what came over me, but I started to kiss her breasts, her nipples, it hardened against my lips. I want her again. Selfish me. My tongue trailed to her shoulder, her neck, her chin, and then to the sweet lips. She parted her lips for me again and I kissed her more. My hands caressed her thighs as she opened herself for me She moved one of her legs, wrapped it behind my gluts and pushed me to my side. Soon, I laid on my back as she pressed down on me. She let go of my lips and placed her hand on my shoulders. “I feel so embarrassed,” she said. I smiled at her and told her, “I’m your husband, you’re in control of me. I want to give you the best of everything. Enslave me,” I said. A smile crept on her face and her cheeks grew blush. That made me hard again and I could feel her wetness against me.

We made love again and when it was over, she laid in my arms as I wrapped myself over her, trapping her.

Chapter 16.6/16.7 ~A~

“Remember our wedding night?” I asked. “It’s okay if you don’t.” He placed his finger on my lips, “I remember, how could I forget?” “I really wished you didn’t leave me,” I said. “You assumed everything and that hurt,” I confessed. “If I weren’t ready to marry you, I wouldn’t have done it. Was I that weak in your eyes? To follow everyone’s wishes but my own?” I asked. He responded, “No sweet, I just, well, I just thought you didn’t want to marry me because you were forced to. I wanted you to be happy, but I was selfish and still married you. I could’ve said no, but I wanted you. I married you because I wanted you. I’m so selfish.” I understood him now. I remembered what happened the day our wedding arrangement was announced. I had cried and ran off because he refused marrying me. I thought I was happy that he refused, but I now know that I cried because I didn't like him refusing me. Something attracted me to him no matter how much I tried to deny it. On our wedding day, I felt the jitters because I was selfish too. I married him even though I didn’t know if he loved me or not. But I married him anyways because I wanted to be married…but I wanted to marry no one other than him. I was selfish.

“Don’t leave me,” I said to him. “From now on, I promise to fulfill my duties as a wife. So, don’t go too long from me.”

He held me tighter and I fell asleep secure in his arms. Entrusting that he won't disappear when I wake up.

Chapter 16.7/16.7‘๑’

I awoke to Saratan fidgeting, trying to get out of my grasp. I had kept her so warm in my grasp. I opened my eyes and she stopped moving. I smiled and brushed my lips against hers. She smiled and her eyes glowed. I felt hot again as I pressed against her, but a knock came at the door. "Let me go," she said. So I did. She got up out of bed and she lit up a sconce. Her beautiful naked body, glowing. I lighted up the rest of the sconces for her and she turned to look at me with a match in her hand. Her face priceless. She blew out the match and walked to the closet to grab a robe. Every movement made me want her not to answer the door. I could get up and dress her, but my erection wouldn't cease and the maids had food for us. I turned away from her and calmed myself down. When I was ready, I dressed myself quickly and walked to the chair to sit down. Once she finished dressing, she moved from the closet and saw me sitting in the chair. "How did you do that?" she asked, shocked that I was already dressed before she was.

"You know how," I told her. She responded, "Why did you make me dress myself, when I could've gotten dressed quicker so the maids don't suspect?"

I chuckled. They already know something went down if I'm already sitting here with her and her cheeks so rosy. "I wanted to see you naked for a bit longer," I said.

She blushed even more.

We sat and ate together. Our emotions for one another overflowing. She’s my wife, my beautiful wife. The days without a decent meal made her gulf down her food. She’s not as shy. She made jokes that made me laugh, amused by her innocence. After one more day together, I explained that from now on, I will come to her whenever I am back from work. She gave a weak smile. But gave me a kiss before helping me dress for work. Before I walked out, she hugged me from behind. Her embrace sent chills up my spine. I didn’t want to leave her for work. But I can’t be selfish and not provide for her at all.

“Boss, how was being gone for days?” asked Ida. She gave a chuckle. “When is your honeymoon anyways? It must suck just getting married and she fall sick. Don’t tell me she got pregnant before you two got married. No wonder she gave me the eyes.”

I should be mad at Ida, but I'm not. In fact, her statement made me chuckle. Saratan gave her the eye and I didn’t even notice. My wife was jealous of me before we got married. How could I have been so stupid. I suck at reading women.

PhraWarin walked into my office. “Sup? You two were together forever. I had to do some of your work for you. Even your night work. You owe me.”

I started to see PhraWarin in a different light. No matter how much grief I give him, he goes about our next encounter as if there was never any tension between us. How can he hide his emotions? I sucked at it.

“I’m sorry,” I said to him. I’ve never apologized to my brother before. It took a lot of pride to say that.

He sat down in front of me and looked at me. “It’s no biggie. It kept me occupied, my mind off of things. Not thinking about what you and Sara are doing. You know?” I smiled. “And thank you,” I said.

PhraWarin pulled out an envelope. He set it down on my desk and got up towards the door. “It’s your wedding present. From me.”

I opened the envelope and it was two tickets to fly out to a beach house for a week stay. Inside was a note, “I want my love to be loved.”

January 8...Well, I did it. Decided to post a love making scene. No experience with sex, so I don't know if it's too much or too little emotion pouring. I've written r scenes before, but not in this much detail. Most of them were brief. This took up two or more pages. Especially, writing in first person is so hard! Ahh. My little sister is probably going to read this. Very embarrassing. At least it's not as hardcore as what I originally planned. Since I already started writing this, I have to finish & stick with the original storyline. Demons aren't so bad. They're fallen angels after all. Aren't angels beautiful?


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Awww I'm blushing on the hot sex scene! Seemed like they had one hell of a good time Hahaha!

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Sooo good. Can't wait for more. I felt bad for phrawarin. I liked wen he said I want my love to be loved. Awws. ^_^


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Woah, i think i'm still a little too young to be reading this, but hey, who can resist :r-scene-pop-corn: rite? LOL!!! :coverlaf: I also do feel bad for Warin, hopefully u can maybe find him a girl too plz?... :wub: That'd be fair rite?... Keep up the good work by the way! :dude:


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Hahahahahh! Don't wrry much it's fine! It was totally worth it hehehhehehehehhehehehehhee ! Haha the rated scence was amazing! *pervet mind* lol! Keep up the good work! Hoping for more hehehhehehehehhehehehehhee add a BABY! Lol! I can't wait to know what happens at the beach house!!


sarNie Hatchling
Woah, i think i'm still a little too young to be reading this, but hey, who can resist :r-scene-pop-corn: rite? LOL!!! :coverlaf: I also do feel bad for Warin, hopefully u can maybe find him a girl too plz?... :wub: That'd be fair rite?... Keep up the good work by the way! :dude:
Hahahaha it's fine trust me!! Lol I hope so to bout Warin!!